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author of Lore, Mcdidne and Miracles 

With the clarity of a physicist and the compassion of a gifted healer with 
fifteen years of professional experience observing 5,000 clients and students, 

Barbara Ann Brennan presents the first in-depth Study of the human 
energy field for people who seek happiness, health and their full potential. 

Our physical bodies exist within a larger “body/’ a human energy 
field or aura, which is the vehicle through which we create our experience 
of reality* including health and illness. It is through this energy field that 
we have the power to heal ourselves. 

This energy body — only recently verified by scientists, but long known to 
healers and mystics - is the starting point of all illness. Here, our most powerful 
and profound human interactions take place, the precursor and healer 
of all physiological and emotional disturbances. 

Hands of Light is your guide to a new wholeness. It offers: 


a new paradigm for the human in health, relationships and disease. 


an understanding of how the human energy field looks* functions, is 
disturbed, healed and interacts with friends and lovers. 

training in the ability to see and interpret auras. 

medically verified case studies of healing people from all walks of life 
with a variety of illnesses. 


gu id el i lies for heal i ng the self and Others, 

the author^ personal and intriguing life adventure which gives us a model 
for growth, courage anti possibil ities for expanded consciousness. 

US $24.95 / £35,ys GAN 

ISBti Q-55J-3t53*-J 

A Search for Meaning, 

G rowth and Chrm#; 



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Simultaneous hardcover and 
trade paperback edition ! June 198$ 

Pleiades Books edition published 1987 

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Copyright © 1987 by Barbara A. Brennan . 

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Brennan, Barbara Ann. 

Hands of light. 

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1. Spiritual healing. 2. Aura. I. Title. 

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30 29 28 27 26 25 24 23 22 

This book is dedicated to all travels on the path homeward. 

Love is the face and body of the Universe. It is the connective tissue of 
the universe, the stuff of which we are made. Love is the experience of 
being whole and connected to Universal Divinity. 

All suffering is caused by the illusion of separateness, which generates 
fear and self-hatred, which eventually causes illness. 

You are the master of your life. You can do much more than you 
thought you could, including cure yourself of a "terminal illness." 

The only real "terminal illness" is simply being human. And being 
human is not "terminal" at all, because death is simply transition to 
another level of being. 

I want to encourage you to step out of the normal "bounds" of your 
life and to begin seeing yourself differently. I want to encourage you to 
live your life at the cutting edge of time, allowing yourself to be born 
into a new life every minute. 

I want to encourage you to allow your life experience to be lightly 
dusted with form. 


Foreword xv 

Part I 


Chapter 1 The Healing Experience 3 

Chapter 2 How to Use This Book 9 

Chapter 3 A Note on Training and the Development 

of Guidance 13 

Part II 


Introduction The Personal Experience 19 

Chapter 4 Parallels Between How We See Ourselves and 

Reality and Western Scientific Views 21 

Chapter 5 History of Scientific Investigation into the Human 

Energy Field 29 - 

Chapter 6 The Universal Energy Field 37 

Chapter 7 The Human Energy Field or Human Aura 41 

Part III 


Introduction The Therapeutic Experience 59 

Chapter 8 Human Growth and Development in the Aura 61 

Chapter 9 Psychological Function of the Seven Major Chakras 71 

Chapter 10 Chakra or Energy Center Diagnosis 81 

Chapter 11 Observations of Auras in Therapy Sessions 89 

Chapter 12 Energy Blocks and Defense Systems in the Aura 101 

Chapter 13 Aura and Chakra Patterns of the Major 

Character Structures 109 




Part IV 


The Cause of Illness 


Chapter 14 

The Separation of Reality 


Chapter 15 

From Energy Block to Physical Disease 


Chapter 16 

The Process of Healing, an Overview 


Chapter 17 

Direct Access of Information 


Chapter 18 

Internal Vision 


Chapter 19 

High Auditory Perception and Communication 

with Spiritual Teachers 


Chapter 20 

Heyoan's Metaphor of Reality 


Part V 



Your Energy Field Is Your Instrument 


Chapter 21 

Preparation for Healing 


Chapter 22 

Full Spectrum Healing 


Chapter 23 

Healing with Color and Sound 


Chapter 24 

Healing Transtemporal Traumas 



Part VI 


Transformation and Self Responsibility 


Chapter 25 

The Face of the New Medicine: Patient 

Becomes Healer 


Chapter 26 

Health, a Challenge to Be Yourself 


Chapter 27 

The Development of a Healer 





All colored plates appear as an insert between 
text pages 44 and 45. —£- 

Figures and tables are listed in order by chapter: 

6-1 The Effect of Lapis on Plant's Aura 38 

6- 2 Check of Phantom Leaf Effect 39 

7- 1 The Normal Aura (Colored plate) 

A. Three Layers 

B. Seven Layers 

7-2 Location of Chakras 44 

A. The Seven Major Chakras 

B. The Twenty-one Minor Chakras 



11-2 Auras Seen in Therapy Sessions (Colored plate) 

A. An Eleven-Year-Old Child Playing 

B. A Wfoman Experiencing Strong 
Feelings Associated with the Death 
of Her Father 

C. Anger Being Expressed 

D. Anger Turned Inward 

E. Etheric Mucus Caused by Sniffing 


The Seven Major Chakras, Front and 

Back Views 



The Seven Layer Auric Body System 47 


Major Chakras and the Area of the Body 

They Nourish 



Metabolic Path of Incoming Primary Energy 49 


The Etheric Body 

(Colored plate) 


The Emotional Body 

(Colored plate) 


The Mental Body 

(Colored plate) 


The Astral Body 

(Colored plate) 


The Etheric Template Level 

(Colored plate) 


The Celestial Body 

(Colored plate) 


The Ketheric Template Level 

(Colored plate) 


Aura Around Fingertips 



Normal Aura of a Baby 



Adult and Child's Chakras 



Major Chakras and Associated 

Psychological Functions 



Dowsing Chakra with a Pendulum 



Energy Center Diagnosis 



Intensive Retreat Case Study Chakra 




Auras in Motion: 

(Colored plate) 

A. Normal Aura 

B. Musician Performing 

C. Man Lecturing on His Favorite 

D. Man Speaking with Passion 
About Education 

E. Woman After Core Energetics Class 

F. Man Who Often Wears a Shirt 
This Color 

G. Woman Meditating to Increase Field 

H. Pregnant Woman 

E Man Who Had Taken Many LSD 

G. Man Who Always Held Head at 
an Angle 

, H. Aura Appears to Have Weight 

11-3 Dissociated Thought Form 96 

11-4 Man Working on Bioenergetic Stool 97 

11- 5 Woman Defending by Creating a Pink 

Cloud of Energy (Colored plate) 

12- 1 Types of Energy Blocks: 102 

A. Blah Block 

B. Compaction 

C. Mesh Armor 

12-2 Types of Energy Blocks: 103 

A. Plate Armor 

B. Energy Depletion 

C. Energy Leak 

12- 3 Energetic Defense Systems 105 

13- 1 Major Aspects of Each Character Structure, 

Personality Makeup 111 

13-2 Major Aspects of Each Character Structure, 

Physical and Energetic Systems 112 

13-3 Major Aspects of Each Character Structure, 

Interpersonal Relations 113 

13-4 The Aura of the Schizoid Character 115 

13-5 The Aura of the Oral Character 118 

13-6 The Aura of the Psychopathic Character 120 

13-7 The Aura of the Masochistic Character 122 

13-8 The Aura of the Rigid Character 125 

15-1 Planes of Reality in Which We Exist 138 

15-2 Expression of Consciousness in the 

Auric Levels 139 

15-3 The Creative Process of Health 140 

15-4 The Dynamic Process of Disease 141 

xii Illustrations 


Chakras That Have Been Disfigured 





The Process of Inner Healing 



Shoulder Injury Seen Through Internal 




Healing of Pelvic Inflammatory Disease 

and Ovarian Cyst (Internal View) 



Internal View: (Colored plate) 

A. Pelvic Inflammatory Disease, 
Ovarian Cyst and Fibroid 

B. Fibroids and Disfigured Pubic 


Internal Viewing of Heart Problems 



Microscopic Internal Vision 



The Anatomy of Internal Viewing 



Senses of the Seven Chakras 



Our Perceptual Cone: 


A. Graphic Depiction of Our 
Perceptual Cone 

B. Spiritual Interpretation of Our 
Cone of Perception 

20-2 Defining the Boundaries of Our Perceptual 

Cone 180 

A. Cone of Perception Increased by 
High Sense Perception 

B. Cone of Perception Limited by 
Definition of Personal Reality 


Joint Exercises 



Physical Exercises to Charge and 

Open Chakras 



Breathing/Posture Exercises to Charge and 

Open Chakras 



Standing Color Meditation 



Healing Sequence 



Main Point of Foot Reflexology 



Chelation Chart 



Patient's Aura Before Healing (Colored plate) 


Balancing Right and Left Sides of the Body 

and Beginning to Run Energy into Feet 


Balancing Auric Field of Patient, Healer 



and Universal Energy Field (Colored 



Energy Flow During Chelation of Auric 




Chelating Aura Between Ankle and Knee 




Chelating Aura Between Knee and Hip 




Chelating Aura Between Hip Joint and 

Second Chakra 



Chelating Aura Between Second and 

Third Chakras 



Chelating Aura Between Third and Fourth 




Spine Cleaning 



Running Energy Deep into Auric Field 



Etheric Template Healing: Spiritual 




Ketheric Template Healing of Lymphatic 




Ketheric Template Healing: Spiritual 




Celestial-level Healing (Sixth Layer) 



Sealing the Ketheric Template Level of 

the Aura to Complete the Healing 



Patient's Aura After Healing (Colored 



Setting an Eighth Level Shield (Colored 



Sealing an Eighth Level Shield 



Color Meaning on a Soul-task Level 



Color Used in Healing 



Past Life Trauma in the Aura (Colored 



Removing Auric Mucus with 

a Crystal (Colored 



Past-life Lance Revealed as Aura Clears 



Golden Threads of Ketheric Template 




Ketheric Level of the Healed Third Chakra 



Case Study of David 



List of Exercises to 



Chapter 6 

See the Universal Energy Field 


Chapter 7 

See the Human Aura 


Chapter 8 

Sense psychic spaces 


Chapter 10 

How to diagnose the chakras 

with a pendulum 


Chapter 11 

Observe other people's auras 
Experience the apparent weight 

of the energy field 


Chapter 12 

Find your major defense 


Chapter 13 

Find your character structure 


Chapter 14 

Explore your inner wall 


To dissolve your wall 


Chapter 15 

Find the personal meaning 

of illness 


Chapter 17 

To enhance your kinesthetic sense 


To enhance your visual sense 


To enhance your auditory sense 


Chapter 18 

To establish internal vision 


1) Traveling through body 


2) Scanning a friend 

3) Meditate to open your third 


eye scanner 


Chapter 19 

Meditations to enhance experience 

of each of your auric levels 
Receive spiritual guidance 


Chapter 21 

Daily exercises for the healer to 

open acupuncture meridians 


Chapter 22 

Chapter 23 
Chapter 24 
Chapter 26 

Chapter 27 



Physical exercises to open and 
charge chakras (Levels 1-3 of 
. auric field) 190 

Visualization to open chakras 

(Level 4 of auric field) 191 

Breathing and posture exercises to 

charge and open chakras 191 

Color breathing meditation to 

charge aura 195 

Vibrating exercise for grounding 195 

Sitting meditations for centering 198 

To gather power for a day of 

healing 201 

Let guides come into your field 

for healing work 218 

Control the color you send 237 

Experience non-linear time 243 

Heyoan's meditation on 

self-healing 268 

Meditation to dissolve 

self-limitations 270 

Find your fears 274 

Find your negative beliefs 274 

Find your readiness to be 

a Healer 280 

Consider the nature of healing 280 


This is a new era and to paraphrase Shakespeare/ "There are more 
things twixt Heaven and Earth unknown to man." This book addresses 
those who are looking for self-understanding of their physical and emo¬ 
tional processes beyond the framework of classic medicine. It is focused 
on the art of healing through physical and metaphysical methods. It 
opens up new dimensions for understanding the concepts of psychoso¬ 
matic identity first presented to us by Wilhelm Reich, Walter Canon, 
Franz Alexander, Flanders Dunbar, Burr and Northrup, and many other 
investigators in the field of psychosomatics. 

The contents deal with defining healing experiences and the history 
of scientific investigations of the human energy field and aura. The book 
is unique in connecting psychodynamics to the human energy field. It 
describes the variations of the energy field as it relates to personality 

The latter part of the book defines the causes of illness and these are 
based on metaphysical concepts which are then connected to the energy 
disturbances of the aura. The reader will, also, find here a description of 
the nature of spiritual healing as it relates to the healer and the subject. 

The book is written from the subjective experiences of the author, 
who was scientifically trained as a physicist and as a psychotherapist. 
The combination of objective knowledge and subjective experiences 
forms a unique method of expanding the consciousness beyond the con¬ 
fines of objective knowledge. 

For those who are open to such an approach, the book has extremely 
rich material from which to learn, to experience and with which to ex¬ 
periment. To those who have major objections, I would recommend 
opening their minds to the question, "Is there a possibility of the exis¬ 
tence of this new perspective which goes beyond logic and objective 
scientific experimentation?" 

I recommend this book very highly to those who are excited about 
the phenomenon of life on the physical and metaphysical levels. It is the 
work of many years of devoted effort and represents the evolution of 
the personality of the author and the development of her special gifts 
of healing. The reader will be entering a fascinating domain, full of 

Ms. Brennan is to be commended for her courage in bringing her 
subjective and objective experiences to the world. 

John Pierrakos, Md. 
Institute of CORE Energetics 
New York City 


I wish to thank my teachers who are many, so I will list them in the 
order in which I studied with them. First there was Dr. Jim Cox and Ms. 
Ann Bowman, who trained me in bioenergetic bodywork along with 
many others. I spent many years training and working with Dr. John 
Pierrakos, whose work in Core Energetics built the foundation for my 
healing work that followed. He had a great influence on me in training 
me to connect the auric phenomena I was witnessing to the psycho¬ 
dynamic bodywork. Thank you, John. I am forever grateful to Ms. Eva 
Pierrakos, who initiated the particular spiritual path I practice, called the 
Pathwork. I wish also to thank my healing teachers the Rev. C.B., and 
the Rev. Rosalyn Bruyere. I would also like to thank all my students 
who, by coming to me to learn, have been my greatest teachers. 

In the production of the book itself, I thank all those who helped 
with the manuscript, and particularly Ms. Marjorie Bair for her editorial 
comments; Dr. Jac Conaway for use of his computer and Maria Adeshian 
for typing. I would like to thank Bruce Austin for final word processing. 
I am deeply grateful to Ms, Marilee Talman for her invaluable help in text 
editing and guiding the entire production process of this book. I am 
grateful for the constant personal support given to me by Mr. Eli Wilner, 
my daughter Miss Celia Conaway, and my dear friend Ms. Moira Shaw, 
who, when I most needed it, would remind me of my value. 

And most of all, I wish to thank my dear spiritual teachers who have 
guided me every step of the way and who have delivered most of the 
truth that lies in this book through me. 


Barbara Brennan is a practicing healer, psychotherapist and scientist. 
She was a research scientist for NASA at the Goddard Space Flight Cen¬ 
ter following the completion of her M.S. in Atmospheric Physics from 
the University of Wisconsin. For the past fifteen years she has been 
studying and working with the human energy field and has been in¬ 
volved in research projects with Drexel University and the Institute for 
the New Age. She was trained in Bioenergetic Therapy at the Institute 
for Psychophysical Synthesis, Community of the Whole Person, and in 
Core Energetics at the Institute for the New Age. She has studied with 
both American and Native American healers. 

Barbara is currently teaching courses and giving workshops on the 
Human Energy Field, Healing and Channelling. She has given work¬ 
shops in many areas of the United States, Canada and Europe. She 
conducts a private practice in New York City and East Hampton, New 
York. Barbara is a member of the Pathwork Community, Phoenicia, New 


Joseph A. Smith has contributed illustrations to Time, Newsweek and 
Harper's. He illustrated the book Witches written by Erica Jong. A painter 
and sculptor, he is Professor of Fine Arts at Pratt Institute in New York. 



"I maintain that cosmic religious feeling is the strongest 
and noblest incitement to scientific research." 

Albert Einstein 

Chapter 1 


During my years of practice as a healer, I have 
had the privilege of working with many delight¬ 
ful people. Here are a few of them, and their 
stories, who make the day in the life of a healer 
so f ulfillin g. 

My first client on a day in October 1984 was 
a woman in her late twenties named Jenny. 
Jenny is a vivacious school teacher about 5'5" 
tall, with large blue eyes and dark hair. She is 
known to her friends as the lavender lady be¬ 
cause she loves and wears lavender all the time. 
Jenny also has a part-time flower business and 
makes exquisite floral arrangements for wed¬ 
dings and other festive occasions. At that time, 
she had been married for several years to a suc¬ 
cessful advertising man. Jenny had had a mis¬ 
carriage several months earlier and had not been 
able to get pregnant again. When Jenny went to 
her physician to see why she was unable to con¬ 
ceive, she received some bad news. After many 
tests and opinions from several other physi¬ 
cians, it was agreed that she should have a hys¬ 
terectomy as soon as possible. There were 
abnormal cells in her uterus where the placenta 
had been attached. Jenny was frightened and 
distraught. She and her husband had waited to 
start their family until they were more finan¬ 
cially sound. Now, there appeared to be no 
chance of that. 

The first time Jenny came to me, in August 
of that year, she didn't tell me any of her medi¬ 
cal history. She just said, "I need your help. Tell 
me what you see in my body. I need to make an 
important decision." 

During the healing session, I scanned her 
energy field, or aura, using my "High Sense 
Perception" (HSP). I "saw" some abnormal cells 
inside the uterus on the lower left side. At the 
same time, I "saw" the circumstances around 
the miscarriage. The abnormal cells were located 
where the placenta had been attached. I also 
"heard" words that described Jenny's condition 
and what to do about .it. What I heard was that 
Jenny needed to take a month off, go to the 
ocean, take specific vitamins, stay on a specific 
diet and meditate daily, spending at least'two 
hours a day alone. Then after spending the 
month healing herself, she should return to the 
normal medical world and be tested again. I was 
told that the healing was completed and that 
she didn't need to return to me. During the 
healing I received information about her psy¬ 
chological attitude and how that was affecting 
her inability to heal herself. She blamed herself 
for the miscarriage. As a result, she was placing 
undue stress upon herself and was preventing 
her body from healing itself after the miscar¬ 
riage. I was told (and this is the hard part for 
me) that she should not go to another physician 
for at least a month because the different diag¬ 
noses and pressures to have a hysterectomy 
were adding greatly to the stress. Her heart was 
breaking because she wanted a child so badly. 
She was somewhat relieved when she left my 
office and said she would think about every¬ 
thing that had happened in the healing session. 

In October, when Jenny came again, the first 
thing she did was to give me a big hug and a 


4 Hands of Light 

sweet little poem thanking me. Her medical 
tests were normal. She had spent August taking 
care of friends' children on Fire Island. She kept 
to her diet, took her vitamins and spent a good 
deal of time alone practicing self-healing. She 
decided to wait a few more months and then try 
to get pregnant again. A year later I heard that 
Jenny gave birth to a healthy baby boy. 

My second client that October day was How¬ 
ard. He is the father of Mary, whom I treated 
some time ago. Mary had had a class-three Pap 
smear (precancerous condition) that cleared up 
in about six healings. She has had normal Pap 
smears for several years now. Mary, a nurse her¬ 
self, founded and directs a nursing organization 
that gives updates of skills training to nurses 
and also supplies nurses to hospitals in the Phil¬ 
adelphia area. She became interested in my 
work and regularly refers clients to me. 

Howard had been seeing me for several 
months. He was a blue-collar worker but had 
retired. He is a delightful person to work with. 
When he first came to me, he was gray and had 
constant heart pain. He had difficulty even 
walking across a room without getting tired. Af¬ 
ter the first healing, his complexion was rosy, 
and the pain went away. After two months of 
weekly healings, he was dancing again. Mary 
and I have worked together to combine healing 
by laying on of hands with herbal medications 
prescribed by a Naturopathic Physician to clear 
his arteries of plaque. On that day I continued to 
balance and strengthen his field. His improve¬ 
ment was obvious to his physicians and his 

Another client I saw that day was Ed. He 
first came to me because he had wrist problems. 
The joints in his arms and wrist were getting 
weaker and weaker. He also had pain when he 
had orgasm during intercourse. He had had a 
weak back for some time, and now the weak¬ 
ness had progressed so much that he could not 
carry anything, not even a few dishes. In the 
first healing I gave him, I "saw" from his auric 
field that his coccyx (tailbone) had been injured 
when he was about 12. At the time of the injury, 
he had a great deal of trouble dealing with the 
burgeoning sexual feelings he experienced at 

puberty. The accident diminished these, and he 
was better able to cope. 

His coccyx was jammed to the left and could 
not move in its normal way to assist in pumping 
the cerebral spinal fluid through its normal 
pathway. This caused a great imbalance and de¬ 
bility in his whole energy system. The next step 
in this degenerating process was a weakening of 
the lower back, then the middle and then the 
upper back. Each time he would weaken from 
lack of energy flow in one part of his body, an¬ 
other part would try to compensate for this 
weakness. He started carrying a lot of tension in 
the joints of his arms, and finally they gave way 
and became weak. This entire weakening pro¬ 
cess took years. 

Ed and I had a successful healing process 
over several months' time. First we worked with 
energy flow to unjam the coccyx, realign it, and 
then increase and balance the energy flow 
through his system. Little by little all his 
strength had come back. That afternoon the 
only symptom he had left was a little weakness 
in his left wrist. But before I attended to that, I 
again balanced and strengthened his whole en¬ 
ergy field. Then I spent extra time allowing heal¬ 
ing energy to flow into his wrist. 

The last client I saw that day was Muriel, an 
artist and the wife of a well-known surgeon. 
This was her third appointment with me. Three 
weeks earlier she had appeared in my office 
with a greatly enlarged thyroid. In that first ap¬ 
pointment, I again used my High Sense Percep¬ 
tion (HSP) to gather information about Muriel's 
condition. I could see that the enlarged thyroid 
was not due to cancer and that with just two 
healings combined with the medication her doc¬ 
tors had prescribed for her, the enlargement 
would disappear. I saw that no surgery would 
be needed. She confirmed that she had already 
been to several physicians, who had given her 
medication to shrink the thyroid. They said the 
medication would reduce it some, but she 
would still need surgery, and that there was a 
chance it was cancer. Surgery was scheduled the 
week after our second appointment. I gave her 
the two healings a week apart. By the time she 
got to surgery, there was no need for the opera- 

The Healing Experience 5 

tion; the physicians were very surprised. She 
came back that day to make sure everything was 
restored to normal health. It was. 

How do these seemingly miraculous events 
take place? What ami doing to help these peo¬ 
ple? The process I use is called laying~on of 
hands, faith healing or spiritual healing. It is not at 
all a mysterious process, but very straightfor¬ 
ward, although many times very complicated. It 
is a procedure that involves rebalancing the en¬ 
ergy field, which I call the Human Energy Field 
that exists around each of us. Everyone has an 
energy field or aura that surrounds and inter¬ 
penetrates the physical body. This energy field 
is intimately associated with health. High Sense 
Perception is a way of perceiving things beyond 
the normal ranges of human senses. With it one 
can see, hear, smell, taste and touch things that 
cannot normally be perceived. High Sense Per¬ 
ception is a type of "seeing" in which you per¬ 
ceive a picture in your mind without the use of 
your normal vision. It is not imagination. It is 
sometimes referred to as clairvoyance. HSP re¬ 
veals the dynamic world of fluid interacting life 
energy fields around and through all things. For 
most of my life I have been in a dance with the 
living sea of energy in which we exist. Through 
this dance I have discovered that this energy 
supports us, nourishes us, gives us life. We 
sense each other with it; we are of it; it is of us. 

My clients and students ask me when I first 
saw the energy field around people. When did I 
first realize that it was a useful tool? What is it 
like to have the ability to perceive things beyond 
the normal ranges of human senses? Is there 
something special about me, or is it something 
that can be learned? If so, what can they do to 
broaden their own perception ranges, and of 
what value is it to their lives? To answer these 
questions well I must go back to the beginning. 

My childhood was a very simple one. I grew 
up on a farm in Wisconsin. Since there were not 
a lot of playmates in my area, I spent a great 
deal of time alone. I would spend hours in the 
woods alone, sitting perfectly still and waiting 
for small animals to come up to me. I practiced 
blending in with my surroundings. It was not 
until much later that I began to understand the 

significance of those times of silence and wait¬ 
ing. In those quiet moments in the woods I en¬ 
tered into an expanded state of consciousness in 
which I was able to perceive things beyond the 
normal human ranges of experience. I remem¬ 
ber knowing where each small animal was with¬ 
out looking. I could sense its state. When I 
practiced walking blindfolded in the woods, I 
would feel the trees long before I could touch 
them with my hands. I realized that the trees 
were larger than they appeared to the visible 
eye. Trees have life energy fields around them, 
and I was sensing those fields. Later I learned to 
see the energy fields of trees and the small ani¬ 
mals. I discovered that everything has an energy 
field around it that looks somewhat like the light 
from a candle. I also began to notice that every¬ 
thing was connected by these energy fields, that 
no space existed without an energy field. Every¬ 
thing, including me, was living in a sea of en¬ 

This was not an exciting discovery to me. It 
was simply my experience, as natural as seeing 
a squirrel eating an acorn on the branch of a 
tree. I never formulated these experiences into 
any theories about how the world worked. I ac¬ 
cepted it all as perfectly natural, assumed every¬ 
one knew it, and then I forgot about it. 

As I grew into adolescence, I stopped going 
to the woods. I began being interested in how 
things worked and why things are the way they 
are. I would question everything in a quest to 
find order and to understand the way the world 
worked. I went to college, received a Master of 
Science degree in atmospheric physics, and 
then worked for NASA doing research for a 
number of years. Later I trained and became 
a counselor. It wasn't until I was counseling for 
a number of years and I began seeing colors 
around people's heads that I remembered my 
childhood experiences in the woods. I realized, 
then, that those experiences were the begin¬ 
nings of my High Sense Perception, or clair¬ 
voyant vision. Those delightful and secret 
childhood experiences ultimately led me to the 
diagnosing and healing of the critically ill. 

As I look back, I can see the pattern of devel¬ 
opment of my abilities starting from birth. It is 

6 Hands of Light 

as if my life has been guided by some unseen 
hand that brought me to and led me through 
each experience in a step-by-step fashion, very 
much like going through school—the school we 
call life. 

The experience in the woods helped broaden 
my senses. Then my university training helped 
develop my logical thinking mind. My counsel¬ 
ing training opened my eyes and heart toward 
humanity. Finally, my spiritual training (which I 
will discuss later) gave enough credibility to my 
unordinary experiences to open my mind to ac¬ 
cepting them as "real." I then began to create a 
framework with which to understand these ex¬ 
periences. Slowly, High Sense Perception and 
the Human Energy Field became integral parts 
of my life. 

I firmly believe they can become part of any¬ 
one's life. To develop HSP, it is necessary to en¬ 
ter into an expanded state of consciousness. 
There are many methods for doing this. Medi¬ 
tating is fast becoming the most well-known. 
Meditation can be practiced in many forms; it is 
important to find the form that best suits you. I 
will offer some suggested meditations, from 
which you may want to choose, later in this 
book. I have also found that you can enter an 
expanded state of consciousness by jogging, 
walking, fishing, sitting on a sand dune and 
watching the waves roll in, or sitting in the 
woods, as I did as a child. How are you already 
doing it, whether you call it meditation or rev¬ 
erie or something else? The most important 
thing here is to give yourself time to listen in to 
yourself—time to silence the noisy mind that 
constantly talks about what you need to do, 
how you could have won that argument, what 
you should have done, what is wrong with you, 
etc., etc. When that incessant babble is turned 
off, a whole new world of sweet harmonious re¬ 
ality opens up to you. You begin to blend in 
with your surroundings, as I did in the woods. 
At the same time your individuality is not lost, 
but enhanced. 

The process of blending in with our sur¬ 
roundings is another way to describe experienc¬ 
ing expanded awareness. For example, consider 
the candle and its flame again. We normally 
identify ourselves as a body (the wax and wick) 

with consciousness (the flame). When we enter 
a state of expanded consciousness, we perceive 
ourselves also as the light coming from the 
flame. Where does the light begin and where 
does the flame end? There seems to be a line 
there but where exactly is it when you look 
more closely? The flame is completely pene¬ 
trated by the light. Does the light in the room 
that is not from the candle (sea of energy) pene¬ 
trate the flame? It does. Where does the light in 
the room begin and the light from the candle 
end? According to physics, there is no boundary 
to a candle's light; it reaches out to infinity. 
Where, then, is our ultimate boundary? My ex¬ 
perience of HSP, resulting from an expanded 
consciousness, is that there is no boundary. The 
more I expand my consciousness, the more my 
HSP expands, the more I am able to see a reality 
that already is there but was earlier outside my 
perception range. As my HSP expands, more of 
reality comes into my view. At first I was able to 
see only the coarser energy fields around 
things: it reached only about an inch or so be¬ 
yond the skin. As I became more proficient, I 
could see that the field reached further out from 
the skin but was apparently of a finer substance 
or less intense light. Each time I thought I had 
found the boundary, I would, at a later date, 
perceive beyond that line. Where is the line? I 
have concluded that it would be easier to say 
that there are only layers: the layer of the flame, 
then the flame's light, then the light of the 
room. Each line is harder to distinguish. The 
perception of each outer layer requires a more 
expanded state of consciousness and a more 
finely tuned HSP. As your state of conscious¬ 
ness expands, the light you previously saw as 
dim brightens and becomes more sharply de¬ 

As I slowly developed High Sense Percep¬ 
tion over the years, I compiled my observations. 
Most of these observations took place during my 
15 years as a counselor. Having originally been 
trained in physics, I was rather skeptical when I 
first started "seeing" the energy phenomena 
around people's bodies. But since the phenom¬ 
ena persisted, even if I closed my eyes to make it 
go away or moved around the room, I began to 
observe it more closely. And so my personal 

The Healing Experience 7 

journey began, taking me into worlds that I 
didn't know existed before, completely chang¬ 
ing the way I experience reality, people, the uni¬ 
verse and my relationship to it. 

I saw that the energy field is intimately asso¬ 
ciated with a person's health and well-being. If a 
person is unhealthy, it will show in his energy 
field as an unbalanced flow of energy and/or 
stagnated energy that has ceased to flow and 
appears as darkened colors. In contrast, a 
healthy person shows bright colors that flow 
easily in a balanced field. These colors and 
forms are very specific to each illness. HSP is 
extremely valuable in medicine and psychologi¬ 
cal counseling. Using HSP, I have become profi¬ 
cient in diagnosing both physical and psycho¬ 
logical problems and in finding ways to resolve 
those problems. 

With HSP, the mechanism of psychosomatic ill¬ 
ness lies right before your eyes. HSP reveals how 
most diseases are initiated in the energy fields 
and are then, through time and living habits, 
transmitted to the body, becoming a serious ill¬ 
ness. Many times the source or initiating cause 
of this process is associated with psychological 
or physical trauma, or a combination of the two. 
Since HSP reveals how a disease is initiated, it 
also reveals how to reverse the disease process. 

In the process of learning to see the field, I 
also learned to interact with it consciously, as 
with anything else I can see. I could manipulate 
my own field to interact with another person's 
field. Soon I learned to rebalance an unhealthy 
energy field so the person might be returned to 
a state of health. Moreover, I found myself re¬ 
ceiving information about the source of a client's 
illness. This information seemed to be coming 
from what appeared to be an intelligence higher 
than myself or what I normally considered to be 
myself. This process of receiving information in 
this way is popularly called channelling. Chan¬ 
nelled information would come in the form of 
words, concepts or symbolic pictures that would 
enter into my mind when I was rebalancing the 
client's energy field. I would always be in an 
altered state of consciousness when doing this. I 

became proficient in receiving information in a 
combination of ways using HSP (i.e., channel¬ 
ling or seeing). I would correlate what I received 
in either a symbolic picture in my mind, a con¬ 
cept or a direct verbal message with what I saw 
in the energy field. For example, in one case I 
heard directly, "She has cancer," and I saw a 
black spot in her energy field. The black spot 
correlated in size, shape and location with 
results from a CAT scan taken later. This combi¬ 
nation of receiving information with HSP has 
become very efficient, and I have a very high 
accuracy in any particular description of a cli¬ 
ent's condition. I also receive information as to 
what self-help actions the client should take 
during the course of the healing process. This 
process usually entails a series of healing ses¬ 
sions that last over several weeks or months, de¬ 
pending on the seriousness of the disease. The 
healing process includes rebalancing the field, 
changing the living habits and dealing with the 
initiating trauma. 

It is essential that we deal with the deeper 
meaning of our illnesses. We need to ask, what 
does this illness mean to me? What can I learn 
from this illness? Illness can be seen as simply a 
message from your body to you that says. Wait a 
minute; something is wrong. You are not listening to 
your whole self; you are ignoring something very im¬ 
portant to you. What is it? The source of the ill¬ 
ness needs to be searched for in this way, either 
on the psychological or feeling level, on the level 
of understanding or simply by a change in one's 
state of being, which may not be conscious. A 
return to health requires much more personal 
work and change than simply taking pills pre¬ 
scribed by a doctor. Without personal change 
you will eventually create another problem to 
lead you back to the source that caused the dis¬ 
ease in the first place. I have found that the 
source is the key. To deal with the source usu¬ 
ally requires a life change that ultimately leads 
to a personal life more connected to the core of 
one's being. It leads us to that deeper part of 
ourselves that is sometimes called the high self 
or the spark of divinity within. 

Chapter 2 


This book is written primarily for those who are 
interested in self-understanding and self- 
revelation and the new healing method that is 
sweeping across this country, the healing art of 
laying-on of hands. The work presents an in- 
depth study of the human aura and its relation¬ 
ship to the healing process, both psychological 
and physical. It presents a comprehensive view 
of a way of life towards health and growth. It is 
written for health care professionals, therapists, 
clergy, and all those who consider themselves 
aspirants to better physical, psychological and 
spiritual health. 

If you wish to learn self-healing, this book 
will be a challenge, for as outlined here, self- 
healing means self-transformation. Any illness, 
whether it be psychological or physical, will 
lead you on a journey of self-exploration and 
discovery that will completely change your life 
from the inside out. This book is a handbook for 
that journey, both in self-healing and in the 
healing of others. 

For professional healers, in whatever disci¬ 
pline of the health care field they practice, it is a 
reference book to be used throughout the course 
of years. For the student, it serves as a textbook 
to be used in classes with or under the supervi¬ 
sion of an experienced healer. There are ques¬ 
tions at the end of each chapter. I suggest that 
the student of healing answer them without 
looking back at the text. This means studying 
the text and doing the exercises that are in¬ 
cluded in the text. These exercises focus not 
only on healing and seeing techniques, but also 

on self-healing and self-discipline. They are fo¬ 
cused on balancing your life and silencing the 
mind to broaden your perceptions. This book is 
not a substitute for classes in healing. It should 
be used with a class or in preparation for classes 
in healing. Do not underestimate the amount of 
work it takes to become proficient in perceiving 
the energy fields and learning to work with 
them. You will need direct hands-on experience 
and verification of those experiences by a quali¬ 
fied teacher-healer. Perceiving the Human En¬ 
ergy Field (HEF) not only takes study and 
practice, but also requires personal growth. It 
takes internal changes that increase your sensi¬ 
tivity so that you can learn to differentiate be¬ 
tween internal noise and subtle incoming 
information that can only be perceived by silenc¬ 
ing the mind. 

If, on the other hand, you have already be¬ 
gun to perceive beyond the normal sense per¬ 
ceptual ranges, this book can be used as 
verification of those experiences. Although each 
person's experience is unique, there are general 
common experiences people have when going 
through the process of broadening perceptions, 
or opening their channel, as it is often called. 
These verifications will serve to encourage you 
along your way. No, you are not going crazy. 
Others are also hearing noises from "nowhere" 
and seeing lights that aren't there. It is all part 
of the beginning of some very wonderful 
changes taking place in your life in a perhaps 
unusual but most natural way. 

There is abundant evidence that many hu- 


10 Hands of Light 

man beings today are expanding the usual five 
senses into super-sensory levels. Most people 
have High Sense Perceptions to some degree, 
without necessarily realizing it. Most can de¬ 
velop them much further with earnest dedica¬ 
tion and study. It is possible that there is already 
a transformation in consciousness taking place 
and that more people are developing a new 
sense in which information is received on a dif¬ 
ferent and possibly higher frequency. I did. So 
can you. This development in myself was a 
slow, very organic process that led me into new 
worlds and changed my personal reality almost 
entirely. I believe that this process of developing 
High Sense Perception is a natural evolutionary step 
for the human race, leading us into the next stage of 
development where, because of our newly gained 
abilities, we will have to be deeply honest with 
others. Our feelings and private realities will no 
longer be hidden from others. They already are 
automatically communicated through our en¬ 
ergy fields. As everyone learns to perceive this 
information, we will see and understand each 
other much more clearly than we do now. 

For example, you may already know when 
someone is very angry. That is easy. With HSP, 
you will be able to see a red haze around the 
angry person. To find out what is happening 
with her on a deeper level, it is possible to focus 
on the cause of the anger, not only in the 
present, but also on how it relates to childhood 
experience and to her relationship with her par¬ 
ents. Under the red haze will appear a gray, 
thick, fluid-like substance that conveys a heavy 
sadness. By focusing in on the essence of the 
gray substance, you will probably even be able 
to see the childhood scene that caused the 
deeply rooted pain. You will also see how that 
anger is harming the physical body. You will see 
that the person habitually reacts in anger to cer¬ 
tain situations, when perhaps crying is a more 
useful emotion to release in order to bring the 
situation to a solution. Using HSP you will be 
able to find the words that will help that person 
let down, connect to the deeper reality, and help 
her find a solution. In another situation, how¬ 
ever, you may see that expression of anger is ex¬ 
actly what is needed to heal the situation. 

Once we have come to this experience, noth¬ 
ing is ever again the same. Our lives begin to 
change in ways we never expected. We under¬ 
stand the relationship between cause and effect; 
we see that our thoughts affect our energy 
fields, which in turn affect our bodies and our 
health. We then find we can redirect our lives 
and our health. We find that we create our own 
experience of reality through this field. The HEF 
is the medium through which our creations take 
place. It can then be the key to finding how we 
help create our reality and how we can change 
that reality if we so choose. It becomes the me¬ 
dium through which we find ways to reach in¬ 
side to our deepest being. It becomes the bridge 
to our soul, to our inner private life, to that 
spark of the divine within each of us. 

I want to encourage you to change yofur per¬ 
sonal "model" of who you are, as I lead you 
through the world of High Sense Perception 
into the world of the Human Energy Field. You 
will see how your actions and belief systems af¬ 
fect and help create your reality for better and 
for worse. Once you see this, you realize you 
have the power to change the things you don't 
like and enhance the things you do like about 
your life. That takes a lot of courage, personal 
search, work and honesty. It is not an easy path, 
but it is unquestionably a worthwhile one. This 
book will help show you that path, not only 
through a new paradigm for your relationship to 
your health, but also for your relationship to 
your entire life and the universe you find your¬ 
self in. Give yourself some regular private time 
to experience this new relationship. Allow your¬ 
self to be the light of that candle that expands 
into the Universe. 

I have divided the book up into sections that 
focus primarily on an area of information about 
the Human Energy Field (HEF) and its relation¬ 
ship to you. As you have been reading, this first 
section deals with the place of the auric field in 
your life. What does this,phenomenon that has 
been described by mystics for so long have to do 
with you? Where does it fit in your life? Of 
what, if any, use is it? Case histories have shown 
how knowledge of this phenomenon can change 
the face of our reality. Jenny, for example, real- 

Haw to Use This Book 11 

ized that she needed to take significant healing 
time for herself before she could bear children. 
Jenny took her health and her life into her own 
hands (where it always was anyway) and 
changed a possibly unpleasant future into the 
much happier one that she preferred. This kind 
of knowledge can lead us all into a better world; 
one of love born out of deep understanding; one 
of sisterhood and brotherhood where those con¬ 
sidered enemies become friends because of that 

Part II deals more specifically with the en¬ 
ergy field phenomena. It describes the phenom¬ 
ena from the point of view of history theoretical 
science and experimental science. After these 
are dealt with thoroughly I then proceed to de¬ 
scribe the HEF from my own view, which is a 
mixture of observation and theory combined 
with those conclusions of others found in the 
literature. From this information is developed a 
model of the HEF to use for both psychological 
work and spiritual healing work. 

Part III presents my findings on the relation¬ 
ship between the HEF and psychodynamics. 
Even though you may not have been interested 
in psychotherapy or personal process in the 
past, you will find this section very enlightening 
in terms of self-discovery. It will help you under¬ 
stand not only what makes you tick, but also 
how you tick. This information is very useful to 
those who want to go beyond the normal 
bounds of psychology and body psychotherapy 
into broader views of us as human beings and of 
our energetic and spiritual reality. These chap¬ 
ters give specific frames of reference for integrat¬ 
ing the Human Energy Field phenomena into 
practical psychodynamics. Drawings of HEF 
changes during the counseling process are pre¬ 
sented. For those interested in self-discovery 
this chapter will introduce you to a new realm 
where the reality of your energy-field interac¬ 
tions in daily life will take on new and deeper 
meaning. After you read the book, you can find 
practical ways to make use of energy-field dy¬ 
namics in your relationships with loved ones, 
children and friends. It will help you under¬ 
stand more of what is going on in the office in 
interactions with those you work with. Parts of 

this section are very technical, and the general 
reader may want to skip some of the material 
(Chapters 11, 12, 13). You may want to go back 
when you have more specific questions about 
the functioning of the HEF. 

Part IV of this book deals with the whole 
issue of increasing our perceptual ranges—what 
that means on a personal level, on the practical 
level and on a broader level in terms of changing 
the society we live in. I give dear explanations of 
the areas in which perceptions can be broad¬ 
ened, of the experience of that broadening in 
each area and how to do it. I also give a theoreti¬ 
cal framework in which to place these experi¬ 
ences and the broad-scale implications for 
humankind as we as a group move into these 
changes. These changes not only affect us as in¬ 
dividuals, but they change the entire fabric of 
human life as we know it. 

Part V deals with the process of spiritual 
healing. I call it spiritual healing because it is 
always linked to our innate spiritual nature. This 
part presents healing experiences and tech¬ 
niques in relationship to the HEF. It contains 
drawings of the auric field changes during heal¬ 
ings. It clearly delineates techniques of healing 
on the different layers of the HEF. It combines 
the information on broadened perceptions, 
given in Part IV, with healing, to enable the 
healer very effectively to initiate the healing 
process in self and others. 

Because most of these techniques are not 
simple to learn, you will probably have to study 
them in a class. Written explanations of some¬ 
thing this specialized serve to help the student 
to become familiar with the subject material but 
do not claim to teach the techniques. \bu must 
have personal instruction from someone who 
knows how to do this healing before you will 
become proficient in it. Verification of your expe¬ 
rience by a qualified healer is very important. To 
become a professional healer takes a lot of train¬ 
ing in didactic, practical, and personal work. Ev¬ 
eryone who really wishes can become proficient 
in healing and channelling. You need to study 
and practice to develop your skills as in any 
other profession. I am sure that someday in the 
not too distant future there will be certified 

12 Hands of Light 

training programs in laying-on-of-hands healing 
and channelling. If you wish to become a pro¬ 
fessional healer now, you must find one and be¬ 
come an apprentice. 

Part VI gives a detailed case study of the 
healing of David, in which the client takes an 
active role in his own healing. It shows how cli¬ 
ent becomes healer. Part VI then focuses on 

practical self-healing methods and suggests the 
next steps for those who want to practice heal¬ 
ing, showing how to reestablish health and bal¬ 
ance in your life, and how to maintain it. The 
personal developmental stages of becoming a 
healer are described, which then lead to the 
questions: What is health? Who is the healer? 

Chapter 3 


I believe it is very important for the healer to 
have a lot of technical training: counseling meth¬ 
ods, anatomy, physiology, pathology, and mas¬ 
sage technique, as well as some knowledge of 
acupuncture, homeopathy and nutritional and 
herbal cures. These other counseling methods 
are almost always combined with the laying-on 
of hands, either by the healer or other health 
care professionals who are working on the case. 
The healer must have some knowledge of these 
methods to understand how they dovetail to 
make a healing a whole one, and to be able to 
communicate with the other people involved in 
the case. Various other health care methods may 
be indicated through the channel of the healer. 
The healer will need to know anatomy and 
physiology to help interpret the information she 
is receiving. Above all, the healer should be able 
to work with other medical professionals to help 
a client heal herself. 

My training included a normal B.S. in phys¬ 
ics and an M.S. degree in atmospheric physics 
from a state university. I did research with 
weather satellite instrumentation for NASA for 
five years. I completed two years of training in 
bioenergetic counseling, one year in massage 
therapy, two years of anatomy/physiology, two 
years of specialization in altered states of con¬ 
sciousness, specifically in deep relaxation tech¬ 
niques, one year of homeopathy, three years of 
Core Energetic training, five years of Pathwork 
Helpership Training and several years studying 

with various healers around the country both 
privately and in workshops. I also practiced 
working with people and their energy fields pri¬ 
vately and in groups for more than 15 years. 
Since I was already a practicing counselor, the 
means by which people could see me for heal¬ 
ing was set up. People just made appointments 
with me. More and more people requested heal¬ 
ing rather than therapy, and the counseling 
practice slowly became a healing practice. I fi¬ 
nally had to leave the psychological counseling 
work to others who focused on that, and I be¬ 
gan to accept people only for healing. 

During these years, I was also involved in 
various experiments to measure the Human En¬ 
ergy Field. Only after all of that did I feel quali¬ 
fied to practice healing in New York City and to 
begin to teach classes and workshops myself. 

To become a healer is no easy task, just as it 
is no easy task to do anything well. One needs 
spiritual as well as technical training. One must 
go through self-initiated tests that challenge the 
weak parts of one's personality and develop 
one's creative focus, longing, and intent. The 
healer may experience these tests as coining 
from the outside, but in reality that is not true. 
The healer creates them to see if she/he is ready 
and able to handle the energy, power, and clar¬ 
ity that she/he is developing in her/his own en¬ 
ergy system as she/he grows as a healer. This 
energy and power must be used with integrity, 
honesty and love, for cause and effect are al- 


14 Hands of Light 

ways at work in every action. You always get 
back what you put out. That is what is called 
karma. As the energy flowing through you as a 
healer increases, so does your power. If you put 
any of this power to a negative use, you will 
eventually experience that same negativity com¬ 
ing back at you. 

As my life unfolded, the unseen hand that 
led me became more and more perceptible. At 
first I vaguely sensed it. Then I began seeing 
spiritual beings, as if in a vision. Then I began to 
hear them talking to me and feel them touch 
me. I now accept that I have a guide. I can see, 
hear, and feel him. "He" says he is not male or 
female. "He" says that in his world there is no 
splitting along sexual lines and that beings at his 
level of existence are whole. "He" says that his 
name is Heyoan, which means, "The Wind 
Whispering Truth Through the Centuries." His 
introduction to me was slow and organic. The 
nature of our relationship grows daily, as I am 
guided to new levels of understanding. Ydu will 
see it build as we go through this adventure to¬ 
gether. At times, I simply call it metaphor. 

Throughout this book, I will share with you 
some of the more obvious examples of guidance 
and its power. Here I want to show you its sim¬ 
plicity and the way it works. 

The simplest kind of guidance comes every 
day, and many times a day in the form of dis¬ 
comfort. Heyoan says that if we just listened to 
this guidance and followed it we would rarely 
get sick. In other words, attending to the dis¬ 
comfort you feel puts you back into balance and 
therefore health. This discomfort can be in your 
body in physical form, like physical discomfort 
or pain; it could be on any level of your being- 
emotional, mental, or spiritual. It could be in 
any area of your life. 

Heyoan asks, "Where is the discomfort in your 
body/life? How long have you known about it? What 
is it saying to you? What have you done about it?" 

If you answer those questions honestly, you 
will find how much you disregard the best tool 
you have to keep yourself healthy, happy and 
wise. Any discomfort anywhere in your body/ 
life is a direct message to you about how you are 
out of alignment with your true self. 

Following guidance on this simple level 
means to rest when you are tired, to eat when 
you are hungry, and to eat what your body 
needs when it needs it. It means to take care of 
or change a life circumstance that bothers you. 
How well have you been able to structure your 
life so that you can do these things? Not so easy, 
is it? 

As you become more attentive to your per¬ 
sonal needs by listening to internal messages 
that come to you in the form of discomfort, you 
will become more balanced and clear. This will 
bring more health to you. The practice of 
listening-in will also bring on the phenomena of 
direct or verbal guidance. You may start receiv¬ 
ing very simple verbal directives from an "in¬ 
ner" voice—a voice that you hear inside 
yourself, but that you recognize as coming from 
beyond yourself. There are two important points 
about learning to follow guidance. The first is 
that you will need to practice receiving guidance 
for yourself before you are qualified to receive it 
for others. The second is that the information or 
directives that you get may be very simple and 
seem totally unimportant at first. In fact, it may 
seem like a complete waste of time to follow any 
of it. I have come to realize that there is a reason 
for this. Later, when channelling important in¬ 
formation about another person's life or specific 
information about illness, a professional chan- 
neller will get information that doesn't make 
any sense or seems irrelevant or just plain 
wrong. It may be, but most of the time this is 
the rational mind at work. The information com¬ 
ing through a clear channel is often beyond 
what the rational mind of the channeller can un¬ 
derstand. It is at those times when the channel¬ 
ler will need a lot of past experience to 
remember all the other times the information 
didn't make sense when it came through, yet 
later the information turned out to be very help¬ 
ful and understandable when all the informa¬ 
tion was in. I find now that during the hour 
spent healing and channelling I will receive in¬ 
formation in a nonlinear way that slowly over 
the hour creates an understandable picture that 
gives more information than was possible in just 
a rational or linear mode. 

A Note on Training and the Development of Guidance 15 

If you look, you will begin to recognize guid¬ 
ance throughout the greater patterns of your 
life. Why has one event followed another? What 
have you used from each? It is no accident that I 
was first trained as a physicist, then a counselor, 
and then became a healer. All this training has 
prepared me for my life's work. The training in 
physics gave me a background structure with 
which to examine the aura. The counseling 
training gave me the background to understand 
the psycho dynamics related to energy flow in 
the auric field, and also gave me an opportunity 
to observe the auric fields of many people. I 
would not have been able to bring this material 
together without those trainings. I certainly 
wasn't aware of training to be a healer when I 
was at NASA. I had never heard of such a thing, 
nor was I interested in illness. What I was inter¬ 
ested in was the way the world worked, what 
made it tick. I looked everywhere for answers. 
This thirst for understanding has been one of 
the most powerful agents guiding me through¬ 
out my life. What is your thirst? What is your 
longing? Whatever it is, it will carry you to what 
you need to do next to accomplish your work, 
even if you don't know what that work is yet. 
When a thing is easily presented to you, and it 
sounds wonderful to do and a great deal of fun, 
by all means do it. That is guidance. Let yourself 
flow free with the dance of your life. If you 
don't, you block guidance and your progress. 
There are times when my guidance is more ob¬ 
vious than other times. One particular time was 
so beautiful and profound that it has carried me 
through many a rough time since. At that point 
I was a counselor in Washington, D.C. During 
the sessions I was giving people, I began to see 
what might be termed past lives. I would see the 
individual I was working with in a completely 
different setting in a different time frame. What¬ 
ever the scene was, it was relevant in some way 
to what was going on in the person's life. For 
example, a woman who was afraid of the water 
had drowned in another lifetime. She also had 
difficulty in asking for help in this lifetime. In 
the lifetime when she drowned, nobody could 
hear her screams for help when she fell off a 
boat. This personality difficulty interfered with 

her life now more than the fear of the water. 
However, I didn't know how to handle all this 
information properly. I began praying for guid¬ 
ance. I needed to find a reliable person, or 
group of people, who could handle this infor¬ 
mation in a professional way. 

The answer came one evening when I was 
camping on the beach at Assateague Island, 
Maryland. It was a rainy night, so I had a trans¬ 
lucent plastic tarp over my head and sleeping 
bag. In the middle of the night I heard someone 
calling my name and woke up. The voice was 
very clear. "No one is there," I thought, as I 
gazed at the overcast sky. Then suddenly, I real¬ 
ized that I was looking at the plastic tarp over 
my head. With a great sweep of my arm, I 
pushed it off and fell back in utter awe at the 
outstretched stars twinkling above me. I heard 
celestial music singing across the heavens from 
star to star. I took that experience as an answer 
to my prayers. Shortly after, I found the Phoeni¬ 
cia Pathwork Center, where I moved and got the 
training I needed to interpret past life and other 
super-sensory material over the next nine years 
of my life. 

When it was time for me to have a counsel¬ 
ing practice in New York City, I knew it, because 
the internal pull to do so was so strong. Office 
space was readily available, and I wanted a 
change in my life, so I consulted my guidance 
through writing. I received a clear yes, and I 
went ahead. I was guided slowly to turn that 
counseling practice into one of healing. It hap¬ 
pened "automatically," as stated before, when 
people started coming to me and asking for 
healing. Then I received direct verbal guidance 
to stop that practice and focus on teaching and 
on writing this book to reach a larger audience. 
Following these changes is not so easy. Each 
new change challenges me. It seems that each 
time I have a "secure" life established, if is time 
to change—and therefore to grow. What is next, 
I really do not know, but I do know that I will be 
guided each step of the way. 

There is within every human personality a 
child. Everyone can remember how it was to be 
a child, to feel the inner freedom of a child and 
to experience life in a simple way. This inner 

16 Hands of Light 

child is very wise. It feels connected to all life. It 
knows love without question. This inner child 
gets covered as we become adults and try to live 
by our rational minds only. This limits us. It is 
this inner child that must be uncovered to begin 
to follow guidance. You must return to the lov¬ 
ing, trusting wisdom of your inner child to de¬ 
velop the ability to receive and follow guidance. 
We all long for freedom—it is through the child 
that it will be gained. After allowing this inner 
child of yours more freedom, you can then be¬ 
gin a dialogue between the adult and the child 
parts of your personality. The dialogue will inte¬ 
grate the free and loving part of your personality 
with the sophisticated adult. 

Scattered throughout this book you will hear 
the child and the healer/counselor/physicist 
speaking. It will help loosen your fixed reality 
and broaden your experience. This dialogue is a 
doorway into wonder. Find it in yourself and 
nurture it. 

We are all guided by spiritual teachers who 
speak to us in our dreams, through our intui¬ 
tion, and eventually, if we listen, they speak to 
us directly, perhaps through writing at first, 
then through sound, voice or concepts. These 
teachers are full of love and respect for us. At 
some point along the way, you, too, may be able 
to see them or directly communicate with them 
as I do. This will change your life, for you will 
find that you are fully and completely loved, as 
you are right now in this moment. You are de¬ 
serving and worthy of this love. You deserve 

health, happiness and fulfillment in your life. 
You can create it. You can learn, step by step, the 
process to change your life and make it full. 
There are many paths to this fullness. Ask for 
guidance as to where you need to go, or which 
path you need to follow now, and you will be 
guided. Whether you have a life-threatening ill¬ 
ness, a marital difficulty, a problem of the will, 
depression—or whether you are struggling with 
difficult situations in your chosen area of work— 
you can start changing now, right in this mo¬ 
ment. You can realign yourself with your 
deepest longing and the greatest good you have 
to offer yourself and others. Simply ask for 
help. Your requests will be answered. 

Chapter 3 Review 

1. What kind of technical training does a healer 
need? And why? 

2. What is the simplest form of guidance in 
your life? 

Food For Thought 

3. What are some of the more profound experi¬ 
ences of guidance in your life, and what ef¬ 
fect did they have on your life? 

4. How well are you able to follow your guid¬ 

5. Do you consciously listen for or ask for guid¬ 
ance for yourself? How often? 



"Miracles do not happen in contradiction to nature, 
but only in contradiction to that which is known 
to us in nature." 

St. Augustine 



As we allow ourselves to develop new sensitivi¬ 
ties, we begin to see the whole world quite dif¬ 
ferently. We begin to pay more attention to 
aspects of experience that might have seemed 
peripheral before. We find ourselves using new 
language to communicate our new experiences. 
Terms like "bad vibes" or "the energy there was 
great" are becoming household phrases. We 
start noticing and giving more credence to expe¬ 
riences like meeting someone and instantly lik¬ 
ing or disliking him without knowing anything 
about him. We like his "vibes " We can tell when 
someone is staring at us, and we look up to see 
who it is. We may have a feeling that something 
is going to happen, and then it does. We begin 
to listen to our intuition. We "know" things, but 
we don't always know how we know. We sense 
that a friend is feeling a certain way, or needs 
something, and when we reach out to fulfill that 
need, we find we are right. Sometimes during 
an argument with someone we may feel as if 
something is being pulled out of our solar 
plexus, or we may feel "stabbed." We may feel 
as if we have been punched in the stomach. Or 
it may feel like someone is pouring thick, gooey 
molasses on us. On the other hand, we some¬ 
times feel surrounded by love, caressed by it, 
bathed in a sea of sweetness, blessings and 
light. All these experiences have a reality in the 
energy fields. Our old world of solid concrete 
objects is surrounded by and permeated with a 
fluid world of radiating energy, constantly mov¬ 
ing, constantly changing like the sea. 

In my observations throughout the years, I 
have seen the counterparts of these experiences 
as forms within the human aura, which consists 
of the observable and measurable components 
of the energy field that surrounds and interpen¬ 
etrates the body. When someone has been 
"shafted" by a lover, the shaft is literally visible 
to the clairvoyant. When you feel as if some¬ 
thing is being pulled out of your solar plexus, it 
usually is. It can be seen by the clairvoyant. I 
can see it. So can you, eventually, if you follow 
your intuition and develop your senses. 

It helps in the development of this Higher 
Sense Perception to consider what modern sci¬ 
entists have already learned about the world of 
dynamic energy fields. It helps us remove the 
blocks from our brains that keep us from seeing 
that we, too, are subject to all the universal 
laws. Modem science tells us that the human 
organism is not just a physical structure made of 
molecules, but that, like everything else, we are 
also composed of energy fields. We are moving 
out of the world of static solid form into a world 
of dynamic energy fields. We, too, ebb and flow 
like the sea. We, too, are constantly changing. 
How do we, as human beings, deal with such 
information? We adapt to it. If such reality ex¬ 
ists, we want to experience it. And scientists are 
learning to measure these subtle changes. They 
are developing instruments to detect these en¬ 
ergy fields related to our bodies and to measure 
their frequencies. They measure electrical cur¬ 
rents from the heart with the electrocardiogram 


20 Hands of Light 

(ECG). They measure electrical currents from 
the brain with the electroencephalogram (EEG). 
The lie detector measures the electropotential of 
the skin. They can now even measure electro¬ 
magnetic fields around the body with a sensitive 
device called the SQUID (the superconducting 
quantum interference device). This device does 
not even touch the body when measuring the 
magnetic fields around it. Dr. Samuel William¬ 
son of New York University states that the 
SQUID offers more information about the state 
of brain functioning than a normal EEG. 

As medicine relies more and more upon 
these sophisticated instruments that measure 
impulses from the body health and disease; 
even life itself, are slowly being redefined in 
terms of energy impulses and patterns. As early 
as 1939, Drs. H. Burr and F. Northrop at Yale 
University found that by measuring the energy 
field of a plant seed (which they termed the L, 
or Life-field), they could tell how healthy the 
plant grown from that seed would be. They 
found that by measuring the field of a frog's 
eggs, they could discern the future location of 
the frog's nervous system. Another such mea¬ 
surement pinpointed the time of ovulation in 
women, suggesting a new birth control method. 

In 1959, Dr. Leonard Ravitz at William and 
Mary University showed that the Human En¬ 
ergy Field fluctuates with a person's mental and 
psychological stability. He suggested that there 
is a field associated with the thought processes. 
He suggested that variation of this thought field 
caused psychosomatic symptoms. 

In 1979, another scientist. Dr. Robert Becker 
of Upstate Medical School, Syracuse, New York, 
mapped a complex electrical field on the body 
which is shaped like the body and the central 
nervous system. He named this field the Direct 
Current Control System and found that it 
changes shape and strength with physiological 
and psychological changes. He also found parti¬ 

cles moving through this field that are the size 
of electrons. 

Dr. Victor Inyushin at Kazakh University in 
Russia has done extensive research with the Hu¬ 
man Energy Field since the 1950s. Using the 
results of these experiments, he suggests the ex¬ 
istence of a "bioplasmic" energy field composed 
of ions, free protons and free electrons. Since 
this is a state distinct from the four known states 
of matter—solids, liquids, gases and plasma— 
Inyushin suggests that the bioplasmic energy 
field is a fifth state of matter. His observations 
showed the bioplasmic particles are constantly 
renewed by chemical processes in the cells and 
are in constant motion. There appears to be a 
balance of positive and negative particles within 
the bioplasma that is relatively stable. If there is 
a severe shift in this balance, the health of the 
organism is affected. In spite of the normal sta¬ 
bility of the bioplasma, Inyushin has found that 
a significant amount of this energy is radiated 
into space. Clouds of bioplasmic particles, 
which have broken away from the organism, can 
be measured moving through the air. 

Thus, we have been plunged into a world of 
life energy fields, thought fields and bioplasmic 
forms moving about and streaming off the body. 
We have become vibrating, radiating bioplasma 
itself! But if we look into the literature, this is 
not new. People have known about the phenom¬ 
enon since the dawning of time. It is just that in 
our time the phenomenon is being rediscovered. 
It was either unknown or rejected by the west¬ 
ern general public for a time, during which sci¬ 
entists concentrated on our knowledge of the 
physical world. As this knowledge has devel¬ 
oped, and Newtonian physics given way to rela¬ 
tivity, electromagnetic and particle theories, we 
are more and more able to see the connections 
between scientific objective descriptions of our 
world and the world of subjective human expe¬ 

Chapter 4 


More than we want to admit, we are products of 
our western scientific heritage. How we learned 
to think and many of our self-definitions are 
based on the same scientific models used by 
physicists to describe the physical universe. This 
section gives a short history that shows the 
changes in how scientists describe the physical 
world, and how those descriptions correspond 
to the changes in our self-definitions. 

It is important to remember that the way the 
western scientific method works is to find agree¬ 
ment between both mathematical and experi¬ 
mental proof. If the agreement is not found, 
then the physicist will look for another theory 
until there exists both mathematical and experi¬ 
mental proof for the explanation of a set of phe¬ 
nomena. This is what makes the western 
scientific method so powerful a tool for practical 
use and leads to great inventions like the use of 
electricity and the utilization of subatomic phe¬ 
nomena in medicine like x-rays, CAT scanners, 
and lasers. 

As our knowledge progresses, there is al¬ 
ways the discovery of new phenomena. Many 
times, these new phenomena cannot be de¬ 
scribed by the theories held when they are ex¬ 
plained. New, broader theories, usually based 
on all the knowledge that has gone before, are 
postulated; new experiments are designed and 
performed until agreement between experimen¬ 

tation and the new mathematical proof is found. 
The new theories are accepted as physical laws. 
The process of finding new ways to describe 
new phenomena is always one that broadens 
our views, challenging our current limited 
thinking about the nature of physical reality. We 
then incorporate the new ideas into our daily 
lives and begin seeing ourselves differently. 

This whole section shows that the scientific 
view of reality supports the idea that we are 
composed of energy fields and, in fact, goes far 
beyond that into realms that we are just begin¬ 
ning to experience, that is, a holographic view of 
the universe. In this universe, all things are in¬ 
terconnected, corresponding to a holistic experi¬ 
ence of reality. But first let us review some of our 

Newtonian Physics 

Until recently, when the eastern religions began 
to have a greater impact upon our culture, much 
of our self-definition (largely unconscious) was 
based on the physics of a few hundred years 
ago. What I am referring to here is our insis¬ 
tence on seeing ourselves as solid objects. This 
definition of the universe, as made up of solid 
objects, was held largely by Isaac Newton and 
his colleagues in the late 17th and early 18th 


22 Hands of Light 

centuries. Newtonian physics was extended in 
the 19th century to describe a universe com¬ 
posed of fundamental building blocks called at¬ 
oms. These Newtonian atoms were thought of 
as composed of solid objects—a nucleus of pro¬ 
tons and neutrons, with electrons revolving 
around the nucleus much like the earth travel¬ 
ing around the sun. 

Newtonian mechanics successfully de¬ 
scribed the motions of the planets, mechanical 
machines, and fluids in continuous motion. The 
enormous success of the mechanistic model 
made physicists of the early 19th century believe 
that the universe was indeed a huge mechanical 
system running according to the Newtonian 
laws of motion. These laws were seen as the ba¬ 
sic laws of nature, and Newtonian mechanics 
was considered to be the ultimate theory of nat¬ 
ural phenomena. These laws held firm the ideas 
of absolute time and space and of physical phe¬ 
nomena as strictly causal in nature. Everything 
could be described objectively. All physical reac¬ 
tions were seen to have a physical cause, like 
balls colliding on a pool table. Energy-matter in¬ 
teractions, such as a radio playing music in re¬ 
sponse to invisible radiowaves, were not yet 
known. Nor did it occur to anyone that the ex¬ 
perimenter himself affects the experimental 
results not only in psychological experiments 
but also in physical ones as well, as physicists 
have now proven. 

This view was very comforting and still is to 
those of us who prefer to see the world as solid 
and largely unchanging, with very clear, definite 
sets of rules that govern its functioning. Much of 
our daily lives still run on Newtonian mechan¬ 
ics. Except for the electrical systems, our homes 
are largely Newtonian. We experience our 
bodies in a mechanical way. We define most of 
our experience in terms of absolute, three di¬ 
mensional space and linear time. We all have 
clocks. We need them to continue our lives as 
we have structured them—mostly linearly. 

As we rush about our daily lives, in an effort 
to be "on time," it is easy to see ourselves as 
mechanical and to lose sight of the deeper hu¬ 
man experience within. Ask anyone what the 
universe is made of, and he or she will most 
likely describe the Newtonian model of the atom 

(electrons spinning around a nucleus of protons 
and neutrons). However, if taken to its literal ex¬ 
tension, this theory puts us in the rather discon¬ 
certing position of thinking of ourselves as being 
composed of itsy-bitsy Ping Pong balls whirling 
around each other. 

Field Theory 

In the early 19th century, new physical phenom¬ 
ena were discovered that could not be described 
by Newtonian physics. The discovery and inves¬ 
tigation of electromagnetic phenomena led to 
the concept of a field. A field was defined as a 
condition in space which has the potential of 
producing a force. The old Newtonian mechan¬ 
ics interpreted the interaction between posi¬ 
tively and negatively charged particles like 
protons and electrons simply by saying that the 
two particles attract each other like two masses. 
However, Michael Faraday and James Clerk 
Maxwell found it more appropriate to use a field 
concept and say that each charge creates a "dis¬ 
turbance" or a "condition" in the space around 
it, so that the other charge, when it is present, 
feels a force. Thus, the concept of a universe 
filled with fields that create forces that interact 
with each other was born. Finally, there was a 
scientific framework with which we could begin 
to explain our ability to affect each other at a 
distance through means other than speech and 
sight. We all have had the experience of picking 
up the phone and knowing who it is before any 
words are spoken. Mothers often know when 
their children are in trouble, no matter where 
they are. This can be explained in terms of field 

In the last 15 to 20 years (100 years behind 
the physicists), most of us have just been begin¬ 
ning to use such concepts in describing our per¬ 
sonal interactions. We are just beginning to 
admit that we ourselves are composed of fields. 
We sense another presence in the room without 
seeing or hearing them (field interaction); we 
speak of good or bad vibes, of sending energy to 
others or of reading each other's thoughts. We 
immediately know whether or not we like some¬ 
one, whether we will get along with him or 

Parallels Between Haw We See Ourselves and Reality and Western Scientific Views 23 

clash. This "knowing" can be explained by the 
harmony or disharmony in our field interac¬ 


In 1905, Albert Einstein published his Special 
Theory of Relativity and shattered all the princi¬ 
pal concepts of the Newtonian world view. Ac¬ 
cording to relativity theory, space is not 
three-dimensional, and time is not a separate 
entity. Both are intimately connected and form a 
four-dimensional continuum, "space-time." 
Thus, we can never talk about space without 
time, and vice versa. Furthermore, there is no 
universal flow of time; i.e. time is not linear, nor 
is it absolute. Time is relative. That is, two ob¬ 
servers will order events differently in time if 
they move with different velocities relative to the 
observed events. Therefore, all measurements 
involving space and time lose their absolute sig¬ 
nificance. Both time and space become merely 
elements to describe phenomena. 

According to Einstein's theory of relativity, 
in certain conditions two observers can even see 
two events in reverse time; i.e., for observer 1, 
event A will occur before event B, while for ob¬ 
server 2, event B will occur before event A. 

Time and space are so basic to our descrip¬ 
tions of natural phenomena and ourselves that 
their modification entails a modification of the 
whole framework that we use to describe nature 
and ourselves. We have not yet integrated this 
part of Einstein's relativity into our personal 
lives. For example, when we get a psychic flash 
of a friend in trouble, say about to fall down the 
stairs, we check the time and call the person as 
soon as we can to see if she is all right. We also 
want to know if such a thing happened in order 
to validate our insight. We call, and she has had 
no such experience. We conclude that it was 
our imagination playing tricks on us, and we 
invalidate our experience. This is Newtonian 

We must see that we are experiencing a phe¬ 
nomenon that cannot be explained by Newto¬ 
nian mechanics, but we are using Newtonian 
mechanics to validate our super-sensory experi¬ 

ence. In other words, what we saw was a real 
experience. Since time is not linear, it may have 
already occurred. It may occur at the time we 
see it, and it may occur in the future. It may 
even be a probable occurrence that never mani¬ 
fests itself. Just because it didn't happen at the 
time we tried to correlate it, by no means proves 
that our insight about the possibility was wrong. 
If, however, within our insight about our friend, 
we also saw a calendar and a clock with Newto¬ 
nian time on it, our insight would be such as to 
include that information about the space-time 
continuum of the event. It would be easier to 
validate in Newtonian physical reality. 

It is time to stop invalidating experience that 
lies outside our Newtonian way of thinking and 
broaden our framework of reality. We all have 
had experiences of time speeding up or of losing 
track of time. If we become proficient in observ¬ 
ing our moods, we can see that our personal 
time varies with the mood we are in and with 
the experiences we are having. For example, we 
see that time is relative when we experience a 
very long, frightening period just before our car 
crashes or barely misses another, oncoming car. 
This time, measured by the clock, is a few sec¬ 
onds; however, to us, time appears to have 
slowed down. Experienced time is not measur¬ 
able by a clock because a clock is a Newtonian 
device designed to measure the linear time de¬ 
fined by Newtonian mechanics. 

Our experience exists outside the Newtonian 
system. Many times, we have experienced meet¬ 
ing someone after several years separation; it is 
as if we had just seen them yesterday. In regres- 
sional therapy, many people have experienced 
childhood events as if they were occurring in the 
present. We also find our memory has ordered 
events in a different sequence from someone 
else who has also experienced those events. (Try 
comparing childhood memories with your sib¬ 

The Native American culture, which didn't 
have clocks to create linear time, divided time 
into two aspects: the now and all other time. 
The Australian aborigines also have two kinds of 
time: the passing time and the Great Time. 
What occurs in the Great Time has sequence, 
but it cannot be dated. 

24 Hands of Light 

Lawrence Le Shan, from his experience test¬ 
ing clairvoyants, has defined two times: the 
regular linear time and Clairvoyant Time. 
Clairvoyant Time is the quality of time experi¬ 
enced by clairvoyants when they are using their 
gifts. It is similar to the Great Time. What occurs 
has sequence but can only be seen from the 
point of view of being or experiencing that se¬ 
quential flow. As soon as the clairvoyant actively 
tries to interfere with the sequence of events she 
is witnessing, she is immediately thrown back 
into linear time and will no longer be witnessing 
events outside the normal here-and-now frame¬ 
work. She must then refocus her attention to 
Clairvoyant Time. The rules that govern such 
movement from one time frame to another are 
not well understood. Most clairvoyants will be 
led to "read" a particular time frame of a per¬ 
son's life or past life according to the needs of 
the person. Some clairvoyants can simply focus 
on whatever time frame is requested. 

Einstein's space-time continuum states that 
the apparent linearity of events depends on the 
observer. We are all too ready to accept past lives as 
literal physical lives that have happened in the past 
in a physical setting like this one. Our past lives 
may be happening right now in a different 
space-time continuum. Many of us have experi¬ 
enced "past lives" and feel their effects as if they 
were a short time ago. But we rarely speak of 
how our future lives are affecting the one we are 
experiencing right here and now. As we live our 
life NOW, it becomes more likely that we are rewrit¬ 
ing our personal history, both past and future. 

Another important consequence of Ein¬ 
stein's relativity is the realization that matter 
and energy are interchangeable. Mass is nothing 
but a form of energy. Matter is simply slowed 
down or crystallized energy. Our bodies are en¬ 
ergy. That is what this whole book is about! I 
have introduced the concept of energy bodies in 
this book but have not stressed that our physical 
body is energy also. 


In the 1920s, physics moved into the strange 
and unexpected reality of the subatomic world. 

Every time physicists asked nature a question in 
an experiment, nature answered with a paradox. 
The more they tried to clarify the situation, the 
stronger the paradoxes became. Finally, physi¬ 
cists realized that paradox is part of the intrinsic 
nature of the subatomic world upon which all of 
our physical reality exists. 

For example, one can set up an experiment 
that proves light is a particle. A small change in 
this experiment will prove that light is a wave. 
Therefore, to describe the phenomenon of light, 
both the concept of a wave and a particle must 
be used. Thus, we now move into a universe 
based on the concept both/and. Physicists call 
this complementarity. That is, to describe a phe¬ 
nomenon (if we continue to think in such terms 
as particles and waves), one must use both 
types of descriptions. These types are comple¬ 
ments of each other rather than opposites, ac¬ 
cording to the old concept of either/or. 

For example. Max Planck discovered that the 
energy of heat radiation (like the radiator in 
your house) is not emitted continuously, but ap¬ 
pears in the form of discrete "energy packets," 
called quanta. Einstein postulated that all forms 
of electromagnetic radiation can appear not only 
as waves, but also in the form of these quanta. 
These light quanta, or energy packets, have 
been accepted as bona fide particles. At this 
stage of the game, a particle, which is the closest 
definition of a "thing," is an energy packet! 

As we penetrate deeper into matter, nature 
does not show us any isolated "basic building 
blocks" as Newtonian physics suggested. The 
search for the basic building blocks of matter 
had to be abandoned when physicists found so 
many elementary particles that they could 
hardly be called elementary. Through experi¬ 
ments in the past few decades, physicists found 
matter to be completely mutable, and on the 
subatomic level, matter does not exist with cer¬ 
tainty in definite places, but rather shows "ten¬ 
dencies" to exist. All particles can be transmuted 
into other particles. They can be created from 
energy and can be transmuted into other parti¬ 
cles. They can be created from energy and can 
vanish into energy. Where and when this hap¬ 
pens we cannot determine exactly, but we do 
know it is continuously occurring. 

Parallels Between How We See Ourselves and Reality and Western Scientific Views 25 

On the personal level, as we move more into 
the world of modern psychology and spiritual 
development, we find the old forms of either/or 
also dissolving into the form of both/and. We 
are no longer bad or good; we no longer only 
hate or love someone. Within us, we find much 
broader abilities. We can feel both love and hate, 
and all the emotions in between, for the same 
person. We act responsibly. V\fe find the old du¬ 
alism of God/Devil dissolving into a whole in 
which we find the Goddess/God within merg¬ 
ing with the God/Goddess without. Anything 
evil is not the opposite of Goddess/God, but re¬ 
sistance to the God/Goddess force. All is com¬ 
posed of the same energy. The Goddess/God 
force is both black and white, both masculine 
and feminine. It contains both, the white light 
and the velvet black void. 

As the reader can see, we are still using con¬ 
cepts steeped in dualism, but it is a world of 
"apparent" opposites that complement each 
other, not "real" opposites. In this system, the 
dualism is being used to propel us forward into 

Beyond Dualism—The Hologram 

Physicists have found that particles can be 
waves at the same time because they are not real 
physical waves like sound or water waves, but 
rather they are probability waves. Probability 
waves do not represent probabilities of things, 
but rather probabilities of interconnections. This 
is a tough concept to understand, but essentially 
the physicists are saying there is no such thing 
as a "thing." What we used to call "things" are 
really "events" or paths that might become 

Our old world of solid objects and the deter¬ 
ministic laws of nature is now dissolved into a 
world of wave-like patterns of interconnections. 
Concepts like "elementary particle," "material 
substance" or "isolated object" have lost their 
meaning. The whole universe appears as a dy¬ 
namic web of inseparable energy patterns. The 
universe is thus defined as a dynamic insepara¬ 
ble whole which always includes the observer in 
an essential way. 

If the universe is indeed composed of such a 
web, there is (logically) no such thing as a part. 
Thus we are not separated parts of a whole. We 
are a Whole. 

Recently, physicist Dr. David Bohm said in 
his book The Implicate Order that primary physi¬ 
cal laws cannot be discovered by a science that 
attempts to break the world into its parts. He 
has written of an "implicate enfolded order" 
which exists in an unmanifested state and is the 
foundation upon which all manifest reality 
rests. He calls this manifest reality "the explicate 
unfolded order" "Parts are seen to be in imme¬ 
diate connection, in which their dynamical rela¬ 
tionships depend in an irreducible way on the 
state of the whole system. . . . Thus, one is led 
to a new notion of unbroken wholeness which 
denies the classical idea of analyzability of the 
world into separately and independently exist¬ 
ent parts." 

Dr. Bohm states that the holographic view of 
the universe is a jumping-off place to begin to 
understand the implicate enfolded and explicate 
unfolded orders. The hologram concept states 
that every piece is an exact representation of the 
whole and can be used to reconstruct the entire 

In 1971, Dennis Gabor received a Nobel 
Prize for constructing the first hologram. It was 
a lensless photograph in which a wave field of 
light scattered by an object was recorded as an 
interference pattern on a plate. When the holo¬ 
gram or photograph recording is placed in a la¬ 
ser or coherent light beam, the original wave 
pattern is regenerated in a three-dimensional 
image. Every piece of the hologram is an exact 
representation of the whole and will reconstruct 
the entire image. 

Dr. Karl Pribram, a renowned brain re¬ 
searcher, has accumulated evidence over a dec¬ 
ade that the brain's deep structure is essentially 
holographic. He states that research from many 
laboratories by sophisticated analysis of tempo¬ 
ral and/or spatial frequencies demonstrates that 
the brain structures sight, hearing, taste, smell 
and touch holographically. The information is 
distributed throughout the system, so that each 
fragment can produce the information of the 
whole. Dr. Pribram uses the hologram model to 

26 Hands of Light 

describe not only the brain, but the universe as 
well. He states that the brain employs a holo¬ 
graphic process to abstract from a holographic 
domain that transcends time and space. Para¬ 
psychologists have searched for the energy that 
might transmit telepathy, psychokinesis and 
healing. From the point of view of the holo¬ 
graphic universe, these events emerge from fre¬ 
quencies that transcend time and space; they 
don't have to be transmitted. They are poten¬ 
tially simultaneous and everywhere. 

When we will speak of energy fields of the 
aura in this book, we will be using very archaic 
terms from the point of view of these physicists. 
The phenomenon of the aura is clearly both in¬ 
side and outside linear time and three- 
dimensional space. As in the case studies I have 
already presented, I "saw" the events of Ed's 
puberty when he broke his coccyx because he 
carried that experience with him in his energy 
field. The "shaft" of the lover can be perceived 
in the present energy field, and the clairvoyant 
can apparently go back in time and witness the 
event as it happened. A great many of the expe¬ 
riences related in this book require more than 
three dimensions for explanation; many of them 
appear to be instantaneous. The ability to see 
inside the body at any level with a varying reso¬ 
lution could imply the use of additional dimen¬ 
sions. The ability to perceive events from the 
past by simply asking for that information, or to 
see a probable event and then to change that 
event by intervening through the healing proc¬ 
ess, could imply nonlinear time. The ability to 
see an event that will take place in the future 
goes beyond linear time. 

In using the concept of the fields to describe 
the aura, we will be steeped in dualism; that is, 
we will separate the field from us and observe 
"it" as a phenomenon that exists as a "part" of 
us. We will use terms like "my field" and "her 
aura," etc. This is dualistic. I must apologize for 
this and say that frankly, at this point, I am quite 
unable to convey these experiences without us¬ 
ing the old frameworks. 

From the holographic framework of reality 
each piece of the aura not only represents, but 
also contains, the whole. Thus, we can only de¬ 
scribe our experience with a phenomenon that 

we both at the same time observe and create. 
Every observation creates an effect on the ob¬ 
served pattern. We are not just part of the pat¬ 
tern; we are the pattern. It is us and we are it, 
only the term "it" now needs to be abandoned 
and replaced with some other, more appropriate 
term to release the blocks we experience in our 
brains when we try to communicate. 

Physicists have used the terms "probabilities 
of interconnections" or "dynamic web of insepa¬ 
rable energy patterns." When we begin to think 
in terms of a dynamic web of inseparable energy 
patterns, all the auric phenomena described in 
this book do not appear particularly unusual or 

All experience is interconnected. Therefore, 
if we become aware of this and allow that inter¬ 
connectedness into our cognitive processes, we 
can be aware of all events independent of all 
time. But as soon as we say "we," we have fallen 
back into dualism. It is hard to experience this 
connectedness when our major experience of 
life is dualistic. Holistic awareness will be outside 
linear time and three-dimensional space and therefore 
will not be easily recognized. We must practice ho¬ 
listic experience to be able to recognize it. 

Meditation is one way of transcending the 
limits of the linear mind and allows the connect¬ 
edness of all things to become an experiential 
reality. This reality is very hard to communicate 
in words, because we use words in a linear fash¬ 
ion. We need to develop vocabulary by which 
we can lead each other into these experiences. 
In Japanese Zen meditation, the masters give 
students a short phrase to concentrate on. The 
phrase, called a koan, is designed to help stu¬ 
dents transcend linear thought. Here is one of 
my favorites: 

What is the sound of one hand clapping? 

My reaction to this well-known koan is to 
find myself stretching out into the universe on a 
pattern of unheard sound that seems to flow on 

Superluminal Connectedness 

Scientists are now finding evidence for a univer¬ 
sal, immediate connectedness within the frame- 

Parallels Between How We See Ourselves and Reality and Western Scientific Views 27 

work of science, both mathematically and 

In 1964, physicist J. S. Bell published a 
mathematical proof called Bell's theorem. Bell's 
theorem mathematically supports the concept 
that subatomic "particles" are connected in 
some way that transcends space and time, so 
that anything that happens to one particle af¬ 
fects other particles. This effect is immediate 
and does not need "time" to be transmitted. 
Einstein's relativity theory stated that it is im¬ 
possible for a particle to travel faster than the 
speed of light. In Bell's theorem, effects can be 
"superluminal," or faster than the speed of 
light. Bell's theorem has now been supported by 
experimentation. We are now talking about a 
phenomenon that stands outside Einstein's the¬ 
ory of relativity. We are trying to go beyond the 
wave/particle duality. 

So once again, as the state of the art of scien¬ 
tific equipment advances, allowing us to probe 
deeper into matter with more sensitivity, we 
find phenomena that cannot be explained by the 
current theory. When this kind of probing hap¬ 
pened in the late 1800s, the discovery of electric¬ 
ity revolutionized the world and made us think 
even more deeply about who we are. When it 
happened again in the 1940s, atomic power rev¬ 
olutionized the worlds It appears that we are 
now headed into another period of tremendous 
change. If physicists learn how this instantane¬ 
ous connectedness works, we could conceivably 
learn to be consciously aware of our instantane¬ 
ous connections with the world and each other. 
This would obviously revolutionize communica¬ 
tion. It would also drastically change how we 
interact with each other. This instantaneous con¬ 
nection may provide us with the ability to read 
each others' minds whenever we want to. We 
could know what is going on in each other and 
truly understand each other deeply. We may 
also see more clearly how our thoughts, feelings 
(energy fields) and actions affect the world 
much more than we previously thought. 

Morphogenetic Fields 

Rupert Sheldrake in his book, A New Science of 

Life, proposes that all systems are regulated not 
only by known energy and material factors but 
also by invisible organizing fields. These fields 
are causative because they serve as blueprints 
for form and behavior. These fields have no en¬ 
ergy in the normal sense of the word because 
their effect reaches across the time and space 
barriers normally applied to energy. That is, 
their effect is just as strong at a distance as it is 
at close range. 

According to this hypothesis, whenever one 
member of a species learns a new behavior, the 
causative field for the species is changed, how¬ 
ever slightly. If the behavior is repeated for long 
enough, its "morphic resonance" affects the en¬ 
tire species. Sheldrake called this invisible ma¬ 
trix a "morphogenetic field," from morph, 
"form," and genesis, "coming into being." The 
action of this field involves "action at a dis¬ 
tance" in both space and time. Rather than form 
being determined by physical laws outside of 
time, it depends on morphic resonance across 
time. This means that morphic fields can propa¬ 
gate across space and time and that past events 
could influence other events everywhere else. 
An example of this is shown by Lyall Watson in 
his book, Lifetide: The Biology of Consciousness, in 
which he describes what is now popularly called 
the Hundredth Monkey Principle. Watson 
found that after a group of monkeys learned a 
new behavior, suddenly other monkeys on other 
islands with no possible "normal" means of 
communication learned that behavior, too. 

Dr. David Bohm in the journal Revisions 
states that the same thing is true for quantum 
physics. He says the Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen 
experiment showed that there would be nonlo¬ 
cal connections, or subtle connections of distant 
particles. So there would be a wholeness about 
the system such that the formative field could 
not be attributed to that particle alone. It could 
only be attributed to the whole. Thus something 
happening to distant particles can affect the for¬ 
mative field of other particles. Bohm goes on to 
state that "the notion of timeless laws that gov¬ 
ern the universe doesn't seem to hold up, be¬ 
cause time itself is part of the necessity that 

In the same article, Rupert Sheldrake con- 

28 Hands of Light 

dudes: "So the creative process, which gives 
rise to new thought, through which new wholes 
are realized, is similar in that sense to the crea¬ 
tive reality which gives rise to new wholes in the 
evolutionary process. The creative process could 
be seen as a successive development of more 
complex and higher-level wholes, through pre¬ 
viously separate things being connected to¬ 

Multi-Dimensional Reality 

Jack Sarfatti, another physidst, suggests in Psy- 
choenergetic Systems that the way superluminal 
connectedness can exist is through a higher 
plane of reality. He suggests that "things" are 
more connected or events more "correlated" on 
a plane of reality "above" ours, and that 
"things" in that plane are connected through an 
even higher plane. Thus by reaching to a higher 
plane we may be able to understand how instan¬ 
taneous connectedness works. 


Physicists state that there are no basic building 
blocks of matter, rather that the universe is an 
inseparable whole; a vast web of interacting in¬ 
terweaving probabilities. Bohms work shows 
that the manifest universe arises out of this 
whole. I suggest that since we are inseparable 
parts of that whole, we can enter into a holistic 
state of being, become the whole, and tap into 
the creative powers of the universe to instanta¬ 
neously heal anyone anywhere. Some healers 
can do this to a certain extent by merging and 
becoming one with God and the patient. 

Becoming a healer means to move toward 
this universal creative power which we experi¬ 
ence as love by reidentifying self with and be¬ 
coming universal; becoming one with God. One 
stepping stone to this wholeness is to let go of 
our limited self definitions based on our Newto¬ 
nian past of separated parts and to identify our¬ 
selves with being energy fields. If we can 
integrate that reality into our lives in a practical 

and verifiable way, we can separate fantasy from 
a possible broader reality. Once we associate 
ourselves with energy fields, higher conscious¬ 
ness becomes associated with higher frequency 
and greater coherency. 

Using Sarfatti's model, we begin to see a 
world very much like that described later in this 
book: the world of the aura and the universal 
energy field. There we exist in more than one 
world. Our higher bodies (higher auric frequen¬ 
cies) are of a higher order and are more con¬ 
nected to others' higher bodies than are our 
physical bodies. As our awareness progresses 
into higher frequencies and higher bodies, we 
become more and more connected until we are 
eventually one with the universe. Using his con¬ 
cept, the meditative experience, then, can be 
defined as an experience of raising our con¬ 
sciousness to a higher frequency so that it can 
then experience the reality of our higher bodies, 
our higher consciousness and the higher worlds 
we exist in. 

So let us look more now at the energy field 
phenomena to see what experimental science 
can tell us. 

Chapter 4 Review 

1. How have scientific views influenced our 

2. Why is the view of a fixed physical world im¬ 
practical to us now? 

3. What was so important about Faraday's and 
Maxwell's contributions to the ideas about 
how the world works? 

4. What is superluminal connectedness and 
what is its significance in our daily lives? 

5. How can the idea of multidimensional reality 
help describe the HEF? 

Food For Thought 

6. Imagine yourself as a hologram. How does 
that unlimit you? 

Chapter 5 


Although mystics have not spoken of energy 
fields or bioplasmic forms, their traditions over 
5,000 years in all the parts of the globe are con¬ 
sistent with the observations scientists have re¬ 
cently begun to make. 

Spiritual Tradition 

Adepts of all religions speak of experiencing or 
seeing light around people's heads. Through 
such religious practices as meditation and 
prayer, they reach states of expanded conscious¬ 
ness which open their latent High Sense Percep¬ 
tion abilities. 

Ancient Indian spiritual tradition, over 5,000 
years old, speaks of a universal energy called 
Prana. This universal energy is seen as the basic 
constituent and source of all life. Prana, the 
breath of life, moves through all forms and gave 
them life. Yogis practice manipulating this en¬ 
ergy through breathing techniques, meditation 
and physical exercise to maintain altered states 
of consciousness and youth far beyond their 
normal span. 

The Chinese, in the 3rd millennium b.c., 
posited the existence of a vital energy which 
they called Ch'i. All matter, animate and inani¬ 
mate, is composed of and pervaded with this 
universal energy. This Ch'i contains two polar 

forces, the yin and the yang. When the yin and 
yang are balanced, the living system exhibits 
physical health; when they are imbalanced, a 
diseased state results. Overly powerful yang 
results in excessive organic activity. Predomi¬ 
nant yin makes for insufficient functioning. Ei¬ 
ther imbalance results in physical illness. The 
ancient art of acupuncture focuses on balancing 
the yin and the yang. 

Kabbalah, the Jewish mystical theosophy 
which began around 538 b.c., refers to these 
same energies as the astral light. Christian reli¬ 
gious paintings portray Jesus and other spiritual 
figures surrounded by fields of light. In the Old 
Testament, there are numerous references to 
light around people and lights appearing, but 
over the centuries these phenomena lost their 
original meaning. For example, Michelangelo's 
statue of Moses shows kamaeem as two horns on 
his head rather than the two beams of light the 
word originally referred to. In Hebrew, this 
word can mean either horn or light. 

John White in his book Future Science lists 97 
different cultures that refer to the auric phenom¬ 
ena with 97 different names. 

Many esoteric teachings—the ancient Hindu 
Vedic texts, the Theosophists, the Rosicrucians, 
the Native American Medicine People, the Ti¬ 
betan and Indian Buddhists, the Japanese Zen 
Buddhists, Madame Blavatsky, and Rudolph 


30 Hands of Light 

Steiner, to mention a few—describe the Human 
Energy Field in detail. Recently many with mod¬ 
em scientific training have been able to add ob¬ 
servations on a concrete, physical level. 

Scientific Tradition: 500 B.C. 

Through 19th Century 

Throughout history, the idea of a universal en¬ 
ergy pervading all nature has been held by 
many western scientific minds. This vital en- 
ergy, perceived as a luminous body, was first re¬ 
corded in the western literature by the 
Pythagoreans around 500 b.c. They held that its 
light could produce a variety of effects in the 
human organism, including the cure of illness. 

The scholars Boirac and Liebeault in the 
early 12th century saw that humans have an en¬ 
ergy that can cause an interaction between indi¬ 
viduals at a distance. They reported that one 
person can have a healthful or unhealthful effect 
on another simply by his presence. The scholar 
Paracelsus in the middle ages called this energy 
"Illiaster" and said that "Dliaster" is composed 
of both a vital force and a vital matter. The math¬ 
ematician Helmont in the 1800s visualized a uni¬ 
versal fluid that pervades all nature and is not a 
corporeal or a condensable matter, but a pure 
vital spirit that penetrates all bodies. Leibnitz, 
the mathematician, wrote that the essential ele¬ 
ments of the universe are centers of force con¬ 
taining their own wellspring of motion. 

Other properties of the universal energy 
phenomena were observed in the 1800s by Hel¬ 
mont and Mesmer, who originated Mesmerism, 
which became hypnotism. They reported that 
animate and inanimate objects could be charged 
with this "fluid" and that material bodies could 
exert influence on each other at a distance. This 
suggested that a field, in some ways analogous 
to an electromagnetic field, might exist. 

Count Wilhelm Von Reichenbach spent 30 
years during the mid-1800s experimenting with 
the "field," which he called the "odic" force. He 
found that it exhibited many properties that 
were similar to the electromagnetic field that 
James Clerk Maxwell had described early in the 

19th century. He also found many properties 
were unique to the odic force. He determined 
that the poles of a magnet exhibit not only mag¬ 
netic polarity, but also a unique polarity associ¬ 
ated with this "odic field." Other objects, such 
as crystals, also exhibit this unique polarity 
without themselves being magnetic. Poles of the 
odic force field exhibit the subjective properties 
of being "hot, red and unpleasant" or "blue, 
cold and pleasant" to the observations of sensi¬ 
tive individuals. Furthermore, he determined 
that opposite poles do not attract as in electro¬ 
magnetism. He found that with the odic force 
like poles attract—or like attracts like. This is a 
very important auric phenomenon, as we will 
see later. 

Von Reichenbach studied the relationship 
between electromagnetic emissions from the 
sun and associated odic field concentrations. He 
found that the greatest concentration of this en¬ 
ergy lay within the red and blue-violet ranges of 
the solar spectrum. Von Reichenbach stated that 
opposite charges produced subjective feelings of 
warmth and cold in varying degrees of power 
that he was able to relate to the periodic table 
through a series of blind tests. All electroposi¬ 
tive elements gave the subjects feelings of 
warmth and produced unpleasant sensations; 
all electronegative elements fell on the cool, 
agreeable side, with the degree of intensity of 
sensation paralleling their position in the peri¬ 
odic table. These sensations varying from warm 
to cool corresponded with the spectral colors 
varying from red to indigo. 

Von Reichenbach found that the odic field 
could be conducted through a wire, that the ve¬ 
locity of conduction was very slow (approxi¬ 
mately 4 meters/second or 13 feet/second) and 
that the velocity seemed to depend on the mass 
density of the material rather than on the electri¬ 
cal conductivity of the material. Further, objects 
could be charged with this energy in a way simi¬ 
lar to charging by the use of an electrical field. 
Other experiments demonstrated that part of 
this field could be focused like light through a 
lens, while another part would flow around the 
lens similar to the manner in which a candle 
flame flows around objects placed in its path. 
This deflected portion of the odic field would 

History of Scientific Investigation into the Human Energy Field 31 

also react like a candle flame when subjected to 
air currents, suggesting the composition is simi¬ 
lar to a gaseous fluid. These experiments show 
the auric field has properties that suggest it to 
be both particulate in nature like fluid and also 
energetic like light waves. 

Von Reichenbach found that the force in the 
human body produced a polarity similar to that 
present in crystals along their major axes. Based 
on this experimental evidence, he described the 
left side of the body as a - pole and the right 
side as a + pole. This is a concept similar to the 
ancient Chinese yin and yang principles men¬ 
tioned earlier, 

Observations by 20th Century 
Medical Doctors 

We can see from the preceding paragraphs that 
studies up to the 20th century were conducted 
to observe different characteristics of an energy 
field surrounding humans and other objects. 
Since 1900 many medical doctors have become 
interested in the phenomenon as well. 

In 1911, Dr. William Kilner, a medical doctor, 
reported’on his studies of the Human Energy 
Field as seen through colored screens and fil¬ 
ters. He described having seen glowing mist 
around the whole body in three zones: a) a 
quarter-inch dark layer closest to the skin, sur¬ 
rounded by b) a more vaporous layer an inch 
wide streaming perpendicularly from the body, 
and c) somewhat further out, a delicate exterior 
luminosity with indefinite contours about 6 
inches across. Kilner found that the appearance 
of the "aura" (as he called it) differs considera¬ 
bly from subject to subject depending on age, 
sex, mental ability and health. Certain diseases 
showed as patches or irregularities in the aura, 
which led Kilner to develop a system of diagno¬ 
sis on the basis of the color, texture, volume and 
general appearance of the envelope. Some dis¬ 
eases he diagnosed in this way were liver infec¬ 
tion, tumors, appendicitis, epilepsy and 
psychological disturbances like hysteria. 

In the mid-1900s. Dr. George De La Warr 
and Dr. Ruth Drown built new instruments to 

detect radiations from living tissues. He devel¬ 
oped Radionics, a system of detection, diagnosis 
and healing from a distance, utilizing the hu¬ 
man biological energy field. His most impres¬ 
sive works are photographs taken using the 
patient's hair as an antenna. These photographs 
showed internal formations of diseases in living 
tissue, such as tumors and cysts within the liver, 
tuberculosis of the lungs and malignant brain 
tumors. Even a live three-month-old fetus was 
photographed in utero. 

Dr. Wilhelm Reich, a psychiatrist and col¬ 
league of Freud in the early part of the 20th cen¬ 
tury, became interested in a universal energy 
that he named "orgone." He studied the rela¬ 
tionship of disturbances of the orgone flow in 
the human body to physical and psychological 
illness. Reich developed a psychotherapeutic 
modality in which Freudian analytic techniques 
for uncovering the unconscious are integrated 
with physical techniques for releasing blockages 
to the natural flow of orgone energy in the body. 
By releasing these energy blocks, Reich could 
clear negative mental and emotional states. 

In the period of the 1930s through the 1950s, 
Reich experimented with these energies using 
the latest electronic and medical instrumen¬ 
tation at that time. He observed this energy 
pulsating in the sky and around all organic 
and inanimate objects. He observed pulsations 
of orgone energy radiating from microorga¬ 
nisms using a specially constructed high- 
powered microscope. 

Reich constructed a variety of physical appa¬ 
ratuses for the study of the orgone field. One 
was the "accumulator," which was capable of 
concentrating orgone energy and which he used 
to charge objects with this energy. He observed 
that a vacuum discharge tube would conduct a 
current of electricity at a potential considerably 
lower than its normal discharge potential after 
being charged for a long period of time in an 
accumulator. Further, he claimed to increase the 
nuclear decay rate of a radioisotope by placing it 
in an orgone accumulator. 

Dr. Lawrence Bendit and Phoebe Bendit 
made extensive observations of the HEF in the 
1930s and related these fields to health, healing 
and soul development. Their work stresses the 

32 Hands of Light 

importance of a knowledge and understanding 
of the powerful etheric formative forces which 
are the foundations of health and healing in the 

More recently. Dr, Schafica Karagulla has 
correlated visual observations made by sensi¬ 
tives to physical disorder. For instance, a clair¬ 
voyant named Dianne was able to observe the 
energy patterns of ill people and to describe 
very accurately what the medical problems 
were—from brain disorders to obstructions in 
the colon. These observations of the etheric 
body reveal a vital energy body or field which 
forms a matrix which interpenetrates the dense 
physical body like a sparkling web of light 
beams. This energetic matrix is the basic pattern 
upon which the physical matter of the tissues is 
shaped and anchored. The tissues exist as such 
only because of this vital field behind them. 

Dr. Karagulla also correlated chakra distur¬ 
bance with illness. For example, the sensitive 
Dianne described the chakra at the throat of a 
patient as being overactive, red and dull gray in 
color. When Dianne looked at the thyroid itself, 
it was too spongy and soft in texture. The right 
side of the thyroid was not functioning as well 
as the left. This patient was diagnosed through 
normal medical techniques as having Graves' 
disease, which causes enlarged thyroid, the 
right being the larger lobe. 

Dr. Dora Kunz, President of the American 
Section of the Theosophical Society, has worked 
for many years with the medical profession and 
in healing. She has observed in The Spiritual As¬ 
pects of the Healing Arts that, "when the vital 
field is healthy, there is within it a natural auton¬ 
omous rhythm," and that, "each organ in the 
body has its corresponding energetic rhythm in 
the etheric field. Between the spheres of the var¬ 
ious organs, the different rhythms interact as if 
a transfer function were occurring; when the 
body is whole and healthy, these rhythms trans¬ 
fer easily from organ to organ. However, with 
pathology, the rhythms as well as the energy 
levels are changed. For example, the residue of a 
surgical appendectomy can be perceived in the 
field. The physical tissues that are now adjacent 
to each other have an altered energy transfer 
function from the one that was previously mod¬ 

ulated by the appendix. In physics, this is called 
impedance matching or mismatching. Each ad¬ 
jacent tissue is 'impedance matched/ which 
means that the energy can easily flow through 
all the tissue. Surgery or illness changes the im¬ 
pedance matching so that the energy is to some 
degree dissipated rather than transferred." 

Dr. John Pierrakos has developed a system 
of diagnosis and treatment of psychological dis¬ 
orders based on visual and pendulum-derived 
observations of HEF. The information from his 
observations of the energy bodies is combined 
with body psychotherapeutic methods devel¬ 
oped in Bio-Energetics and with conceptual 
work developed by Eva Pierrakos. This process, 
called Core Energetics, is a unified process of 
inner healing which concentrates working 
through the defenses of the ego and personality 
to unblock energies of the body. Core Energetics 
seeks to balance all the bodies (physical, etheric, 
emotional, mental and spiritual) to effect a har¬ 
monious healing of the whole person. 

I conclude from the above, and other, work 
that light emissions from the human body are 
closely related to health. I propose that it is very 
important to find a way to quantify these light 
emissions with reliable, standardized light mea¬ 
suring instrumentation to make this information 
available to the medical profession for clinical di¬ 
agnosis and the energy itself useful for treat¬ 

My colleagues and I have conducted a num¬ 
ber of experiments to measure the HEF. In one. 
Dr. Richard Dobrin, Dr. John Pierrakos and I 
measured the light level at a wavelength of 
around 350 nanometers in a darkroom before, 
during and after individuals were there. Results 
show a slight increase of light in the darkroom 
when people are in it. In one case, the light level 
actually decreased; someone who was very ex¬ 
hausted and full of despair was in the dark¬ 
room. In another experiment, done with the 
United Nations Parapsychology Club, we were 
able to show part of the auric field on black and 
white television, with the use of a device called 
a colorizer. This device enables one to amplify 
greatly light intensity variations close to the 
body. In another experiment, conducted at 
Drexel University, with Dr. William Eidson and 

History of Scientific Investigation into the Human Energy Field 33 

Karen Gestla (a sensitive who worked with Dr. 
Rhine at Duke University for many years), in 
which we succeeded in affecting, either bending 
or attenuating, a small two-milliwatt laser beam 
with auric energy. All these experiments helped 
support the evidence for the existence of the en¬ 
ergy fields but were not conclusive. Results 
were shown nationally on NBC television, but 
further research was not conducted because of 
lack of funding. 

In Japan, Hiroshi Motoyama has been able to 
measure low light levels coming from people 
who have practiced yoga for many years. He did 
this work in a darkroom, using a low-light-level 
movie camera. 

Dr. Zheng Rongliang, of Lanzhou University 
in the People's Republic of China, measured en¬ 
ergy (called "Qi" or "Ch'i") radiated from the 
human body by using a biological detector made 
from a leaf vein connected to a photoquantum 
device (low-light measuring device). He studied 
the energy-field emanations of a Qigong Master 
(Qigong is an ancient Chinese form of health ex¬ 
ercise) and the energy field emanations of a 
clairvoyant. Results of his studies show that the 
detection system responds to the radiation in 
the form of a pulse. The pulse emanating from 
the hand of the Qigong Master is much different 
than that of the clairvoyant. 

At Shanghai Atomic Nuclear Institute of Ac¬ 
ademia Sinica it was shown that some vital-force 
emanations from Qigong masters seem to have a 
very low frequency sound wave that appears as 
a low-frequency fluctuating carrier wave. In 
some cases, Qi was also detected as a micropar¬ 
ticle flow. The size of these particles was about 
60 microns in diameter and they had a velocity 
of about 20-50 cm/second, (or 8-20 inches/ 

Some years ago a group of Soviet scientists 
from the Bioinformation Institute of A.S. Popow 
announced the discovery that living organisms 
emit energy, vibrations at a frequency between 
300 and 2,000 nanometers. They called this en¬ 
ergy the biofield, or bioplasma. They found that 
persons capable of successful bioenergy transfer 
have a much wider and stronger biofield. These 
findings have been confirmed at the Medical 
Sciences Academy in Moscow, and are sup¬ 

ported by research in Great Britain, the Nether¬ 
lands, Germany and Poland. 

The most exciting study I have seen on the 
human aura was done by Dr. Valorie Hunt and 
others at UCLA. In a study of the effects of roll¬ 
ing on the body and psyche ("A Study of Struc¬ 
tural Neuromuscular Energy Field and 
Emotional Approaches"), she recorded the fre¬ 
quency of low millivoltage signals from the body 
during a series of rolfing sessions. To make 
these recordings she used elementary electrodes 
made of silver/silver chloride placed on the skin. 
Simultaneously, with the recording of the elec¬ 
tronic signals, Rev. Rosalyn Bruyere of the Heal¬ 
ing Light Center, Glendale, California, observed 
the auras of both the rolfer and the person being 
rolfed. Her comments were recorded on the 
same tape recorder as the electronic data. She 
gave a running report of the color, size and en¬ 
ergy movements of the chakras and auric clouds 

The scientists then mathematically analyzed 
the wave patterns recorded by a Fourier analysis 
and a sonogram frequency analysis. Both re¬ 
vealed remarkable results. Consistent wave 
forms and frequencies correlated specifically 
with the colors Rev. Bruyere reported. In other 
words, when Rev. Bruyere observed blue in the 
aura at any specific location, the electronic mea¬ 
surements would always show the characteristic 
blue wave form and frequency in the same lo¬ 
cations. Dr. Hunt repeated the same experiment 
with seven other aura readers. They saw auric 
colors that corrolated with the same frequency/ 
wave patterns. Feb. 1988 results of research in 
progress show the following color/frequency cor¬ 
relations, (Hz = Hertz, or cycles/second): 








250-275 Hz plus 1200 Hz 
250-475 Hz 
500-700 Hz 
950-1050 Hz 
1000-1200 Hz 
1000-2000, plus 300-400; 
600-800 Hz 
1100-2000 Hz 

These frequency bands, except for the extra 
bands at blue and violet, are in reverse order 
of rainbow color sequence. The frequencies 

34 Hands of Light 

measured are a signature of the instrumentation 
as well as the energy being measured. 

Dr. Hunt says, "Throughout the centuries in 
which sensitives have seen and described the 
auric emissions, this is the first objective elec¬ 
tronic evidence of frequency, amplitude and 
time, which validates their subjective observa¬ 
tion of color discharge." 

The fact that the color frequencies discov¬ 
ered here do not duplicate those of light or pig¬ 
ment does not negate the finding. When we 
realize that what we see as colors are frequen¬ 
cies picked up by the eye, differentiated and al¬ 
lotted a word symbol, then there is nothing to 
indicate that the eye and the brain processing 
centers interpret color only in high frequencies. 
The ultimate criterion for the experience of color 
is the visual interpretation. However, with finer 
instruments, improved recording and data re¬ 
duction techniques, these data, now primarily 
up to 1,500 Hz, may very readily contain much 
higher frequencies. 

Dr. Hunt also stated that "chakras frequently 
carried the colors stated in the metaphysical lit¬ 
erature, i.e., kundalini-red, hypogastric-orange, 
spleen-yellow, heart-green, throat-blue, third 
eye-violet and crown-white. Activity in certain 
chakras seemed to trigger increased activity in 
another. The heart chakra was consistently the 
most active. Subjects had many emotional expe¬ 
riences, images and memory recalls connected 
with the different body areas rolfed. These find¬ 
ings give credence to the belief that memory of 
experiences is stored in body tissue." 

For example, when someone's legs are being 
rolfed, he may very well relive early childhood 
-experiences of potty training. He will not only 
remember the experience, but emotionally relive 
it. Many times parents try to potty train a child 
before the child's body has made the brain- 
muscle connections to actually control the 
sphincter muscle that regulates elimination. 
Since the child cannot physiologically control 
the sphincter, he will compensate by squeezing 
the thigh muscles. This puts a great deal of 
stress and strain on the body. Many times this 
strain is held habitually throughout life, or until 
deep bodywork like rolfing or bioenergetics is 
done. Then, when the muscle tension and 

strain is released, so is the memory. Another ex¬ 
ample of holding memory-tension is the tight 
shoulders that many of us live with. This comes 
from holding fear or anxiety in the shoulders. 
You might ask yourself, what is it that you are 
afraid you will not be able to accomplish, or 
what do you think will happen if you don't suc¬ 


If we define the Human Energy Field as all 
fields or emanations from the human body, we 
can see that many well-known components of 
the HEF have been measured in the laboratory. 
These are the electrostatic, magnetic, electro¬ 
magnetic, sonic, thermal and visual components 
of the HEF. All these measurements are consis¬ 
tent with normal physiological processes of the 
body and go beyond them to provide a vehicle 
for psychosomatic functioning. 

Dr. Hunt's measurements show definite fre¬ 
quencies for definite colors of the aura. These 
frequencies may have higher overtones that 
were not recorded due to the limitations of the 
laboratory equipment involved. 

Measurements listed above also show the 
HEF to be particulate in nature and to have 
fluid-like motion, like air or water currents. 
These particles are very tiny, even subatomic ac¬ 
cording to some investigators. When charged 
minute particles move together in clouds they 
are usually called plasmas by physicists. Plas¬ 
mas follow certain physical laws that lead physi¬ 
cists to consider diem to be a state between 
energy and matter. Many of the properties of 
the HEF measured in the laboratory suggest a 
fifth state of matter which some scientists call 

These studies show that the ordinary model 
of the body consisting of systems (like the diges¬ 
tive system) is insufficient. An additional model 
based on the concept of an organizing energy 
field needs to be developed. The model of a 
complicated electromagnetic field (EMF) does 
not completely serve this purpose. Many of the 
psychic phenomena associated with the HEF, 
such as precognition or being aware of past life 

History of Scientific Investigation into the Human Energy Field 35 

information, cannot be explained with an EMF 

According to Dr. Valorie Hunt, the body can 
be "viewed from a quantum concept of energy 
stemming from the atomic cellular nature of the 
functioning body, which cuts across all tissues 
and systems." She suggests that the holographic 
view of the HEF would be a good one. "The 
hologram concept emerging in physics and 
brain research appears to provide a truly unify¬ 
ing cosmic view of reality which demands rein¬ 
terpretation of all biological findings on another 

Marilyn Ferguson declared in Brain Mind 
Bulletin that "the holistic model has been de¬ 
scribed as the 'emerging paradigm,' an integral 
theory that would catch all the wonderful wild¬ 

life of science and spirit. Here at last is a theory 

that marries biology to physics in an open sys¬ 

Chapter 5 Review 

1. How has the HEF been measured? 

2. When did human beings first learn about the 
auric phenomenon? 

3. When was the aura first observed in the 19th 
century and by whom? 

4. How does the phenomenon of the HEF go 
beyond what today's science knows? 

5. From the point of view of theoretical and ex¬ 
perimental science today, what is a good 
model to account for the HEF phenomenon? 

Chapter 6 


When I, as an adult, again began to see the life- 
energy fields, I became skeptical and confused. 
I had not yet found the literature (referred to in 
the previous two chapters), nor had I received 
any of the guidance referred to in Chapter 3. Of 
course, as a scientist I knew about energy fields, 
but they were impersonal and defined by math¬ 
ematical formulae. Were they, really there? Did 
they have meaning? Was I fabricating my experi¬ 
ences? Was it wishful thinking, or was I experi¬ 
encing another dimension of reality that had 
meaning, was orderly and was very helpful in 
understanding my present life circumstances 
and, in fact, life as a whole? 

I'd read about the miracles of old, but they 
all happened in the past to someone I didn't 
know. A lot seemed hearsay and fantasy. The 
physicist part of me needed observation and 
control to prove these phenomena "real or un¬ 
real." So I began collecting data, i.e., personal 
experiences, to see if they fit into some logical 
form or system, as the physical world does. I 
believed, with Einstein, that "God doesn't play 
dice with the Universe." 

I found the phenomena I observed to be 
very much like the world with which I was fa¬ 
miliar, well ordered in form, shape and color 
and also clearly based on cause-and-effect rela¬ 
tionships. But there was always a little more 
there, always something left unknown, unex¬ 
plainable, a mystery. I came to realize how bor¬ 
ing life would be without the unknown mystery 
always dancing before us as we move 
through . . . what? Time and space? That is how 

I used to think. Now I see that we move through 
personal experiences of "reality"—thinking, 
feeling, sensing, being, merging, individuating, 
only to merge again in an infinite dance of trans¬ 
formation as the soul forms, grows and moves 
toward God. 

What I observed correlated with the many 
esoteric books written on the subject of the aura 
and energy fields. The colors correlated; the 
movements, shapes and forms correlated. Most 
of what I read, I usually read after making my 
observations, as if that unseen hand made sure I 
first experienced a phenomenon before reading 
about it so that I couldn't project any mental 
image I might form from my reading. I now 
firmly believe in this experience of guidance, 
which moves through and permeates my entire 
life like a song, ever carrying me on to new ex¬ 
periences, new lessons, as I grow and develop 
as a human being. 

Exercise to “See" the 
Universal Life-Energy Fields 

The easiest way to begin to observe the univer¬ 
sal energy field is to simply relax on your back 
in the grass on a nice sunny day and gaze at the 
blue sky. After some time you will be able to see 
the tiny globules of orgone making squiggly pat¬ 
terns against the blue sky. They seem to be tiny 
white balls, sometimes with a black spot, that 
appear for a second or two, leave a slight trail 


38 Hands of Light 

mark, and then disappear again. When you con¬ 
tinue this observation and expand your vision, 
you will begin to see that the whole field pul¬ 
sates in a synchronized rhythm. On sunny days 
these tiny balls of energy will be bright and 
move fast. On cloudy days they will be more 
translucent, move slowly and be fewer in num¬ 
ber. In a smoggy city they are fewer, dark, and 
very slow moving. They are undercharged. The 
most abundant and most brightly charged glob¬ 
ules I observed were in the Swiss Alps, where 
there are many bright sunny days and the snow 
covers everything in thick drifts. Apparently 
sunlight charges the globules. 

Now shift your gaze to the edge of treetops 
against the blue sky. You may see a green haze 
around the trees. Curiously, you may also notice 

that there are no globules in this haze. But if 
you look closer, you will see the globules at the 
edge of the green haze changing their squiggly 
pattern and flowing into the aura of the tree, 
where they disappear. Apparently the tree's 
aura is absorbing die tiny globules. The green 
around the tree appears in the leafing stage, 
during spring and summer. Earlier in the 
spring, the aura of most trees has a pink-reddish 
hue, similar to the color of the red buds of the 

If you look closely at a house plant, you will 
see a similar phenomenon. Put the plant under 
bright lights with a dark background behind it. 
You may see lines of blue-green flashing up the 
plant along the leaves in the direction of growth. 
They will suddenly flash; then the color slowly 

Figure 6-1: The Effect of Lapis on Plant's Aura 

The Universal Energy Field 39 

fades, only to flash again, perhaps on the oppo¬ 
site side of the plant. These lines will react to 
your hand, or a piece of crystal, if you bring 
them near the aura of the plant. As you draw 
the crystal away from the plant, you will see the 
aura of the plant and the aura of the crystal 
stretch to maintain contact. They pull like taffy. 
(See Figure 6-1.) 

I once tried to see the phantom leaf effect, 
which is so widely talked about in Kirlian pho¬ 
tography. Through the methods of Kirlian pho¬ 
tography, people have been able to photograph 
an image of an entire leaf after half of it was cut 
away. I observed the aura of the leaf. It was a 
simple aqua-blue. When I cut the leaf, the aura 
of the entire leaf turned a bloody maroon. I re¬ 
coiled and apologized to the plant. When the 
aqua-blue color reestablished itself in a minute 
or two, it showed definite signs of the missing 
part, but not as clearly as I have seen on the 
Kirlian photographs. (See Figure 6-2.) 

Inanimate objects also have an aura. Most 
personal objects become imbued with the en¬ 
ergy of the owner and radiate this energy. Gems 

and crystals show interesting auras with many 
layered and complicated patterns that can be 
used in healing. For example, the amethyst has 
a golden aura, with golden rays streaking out 
from its naturally faceted points. 

Characteristics of the Universal 
Energy Field 

As stated in Chapter 5, the UEF has been known 
and observed throughout the ages. It has been 
studied as far back in history as we are able to 
reach. Each culture had a different name for the 
energy field phenomenon and looked at it from 
its particular viewpoint. When describing what 
it saw, each culture found similar basic proper¬ 
ties in the UEF. As time progressed and the sci¬ 
entific method was developed, western culture 
began to investigate the UEF more rigorously. 

As the state of the art of our scientific equip¬ 
ment becomes more sophisticated, we are able 
to measure finer qualities of the UEF. From 
these investigations we can surmise that the 

Figure 6-2: Check of Phantom Leaf Effect 

40 Hands of Light 

UEF is probably composed of an energy previ¬ 
ously undefined by western science, or possibly 
a matter of a finer substance than we generally 
considered matter to be. If we define matter as 
condensed energy, the UEF may exist between 
the presently considered realm of matter and 
that of energy. As we have seen, some scientists 
refer to the phenomenon of the UEF as bio¬ 

Dr. John White and Dr. Stanley Krippner list 
many properties of the Universal Energy Field: 
the UEF permeates all space, animate and inani¬ 
mate objects, and connects all objects to each 
other; it flows from one object to another; and 
its density varies inversely with the distance 
from its source. It also follows the laws of har¬ 
monic inductance and sympathetic resonance— 
the phenomenon that occurs when you strike a 
tuning fork and one near it will begin to vibrate 
at the same frequency, giving off the same 

Visual observations reveal the field to be 
highly organized in a series of geometric points, 
isolated pulsating points of light, spirals, webs 
of lines, sparks and clouds. It pulsates and can 
be sensed by touch, taste, smell and with sound 
and luminosity perceivable to the higher senses. 

Investigators of this field state that the UEF 
is basically synergistic, meaning the simultane¬ 
ous action of separate agencies that together 
have greater total effect than the sum of their 
individual effects. This field is the opposite of 
entropy, a term used to describe the phenome¬ 
non of the slow decay that we so commonly ob¬ 
serve in physical reality, the breaking-down of 
form and order. The HEF has an organizing ef¬ 
fect on matter and builds forms. It appears to 
exist in more than three dimensions. Any 
changes in the material world are preceded by a 
change in this field. The UEF is always associ¬ 
ated with some form of consciousness, ranging 
from highly developed to very primitive. The 
highly developed consciousness is associated 
with the "higher vibrations" and energy levels. 

Thus, we see that, in some way, the UEF is 
not so different from everything else we know in 
nature. However, it causes us to reach out with 
our minds to understand all of the properties 
that it has. On some levels it is a "normal" thing 
like salt or a stone; it has properties that we can 
define with normal scientific methods. On the 
other hand, if we continue to probe deeper into 
its nature, it evades the normal scientific expla¬ 
nations. It becomes elusive. We think we have 
"put it in its place" along with electricity and 
other not-so-unusual phenomena, but then it 
slips out of the hand again and causes us to 
think: "What is it really? But then, what is elec¬ 
tricity anyway?" 

The UEF exists in more than three dimen¬ 
sions. What does that mean? It is synergistic 
and builds form. That is against the second law 
of thermodynamics, which states that entropy is 
always increasing, which says, that disorder in 
the universe is always increasing and that you 
cannot get more energy out of something than 
you put in. You always get a little less energy 
out of something than you put in. (A perpetual 
motion machine has never been built.) That is 
not the case with the UEF. It seems that it is 
always continuing to create more energy. Like 
the cornucopia, it always remains filled, no mat¬ 
ter how much you take from it. These are excit¬ 
ing concepts and give us a very hopeful view of 
the future as we risk sinking deeper into the 
pessimism of the nuclear age. Perhaps someday 
we will be able to build a machine that can tap 
into the energy of the UEF and have all the en¬ 
ergy we need without threat of harming our¬ 

Chapter 6 Review 

1. What is an aura? 

2. Does a penny have an aura? 

3. What does not have an aura? 

4. Describe the UEF. 

Chapter 7 


The Human Energy Field is the manifestation of 
universal energy that is intimately involved with 
human life. It can be described as a luminous 
body that surrounds and interpenetrates the 
physical body, emits its own characteristic radia¬ 
tion and is usually called the "aura." The aura is 
that part of the UEF associated with objects. The 
human aura, or Human Energy Field (HEF), is 
that part of the UEF associated with the human 
body. Based on their observations, researchers 
have created theoretical models that divide the 
aura into several layers. These layers are some¬ 
times called bodies, and they interpenetrate and 
surround each other in successive layers. Each 
succeeding body is composed of finer sub¬ 
stances and higher "vibrations" than the body 
that it surrounds and interpenetrates. 


Exercise to See the Human Aura 

The easiest way to start to sense the HEF is 
through the following exercises. If you are in a 
group of people, make a circle and holds hands. 
Allow the energy of your auric field to flow 
around the circle. Sense this pulsating flow for a 
while. Which way is it going? See which way 
your neighbor feels it going. Do they correlate? 

Now, without changing anything or moving 
your hands, stop the flow of energy. Keep it 
stopped for a while (everyone at once) and then 
let it flow again. Try it again. Can you feel the 

difference? Which do you like better? Now do 
the same with a partner. Sit opposite each other 
touching palms together. Let the energy flow 
naturally. Which way does it go? Send energy 
out your left palm; then allow it to come into 
your right. Reverse. Now stop the flow. Next try 
pushing it out both hands at once. Now suck it 
in both hands at once. Push, pull and stop are 
three basic ways to manipulating energy in heal¬ 
ing. Practice them. 

Now, drop hands; hold your palms about 
two to five inches apart; slowly move your 
hands back and forth decreasing and increasing 
the space between them. Build something up 
between your hands. Can you feel it? What does 
it feel like? Now, take your hands further apart, 
about eight to ten inches. Then slowly bring 
them back together until you feel a pressure 
pushing your hands out so that you have to use 
just a slight amount more force to bring your 
hands together. You have now touched the 
edges of one of your energy bodies together. If 
your hands are one to one-and-a-quarter inches 
apart, you have touched your etheric body 
edges together (first layer of the aura). If your 
hands are three to four inches apart, you have 
touched the outside edges of your emotional 
body together (second layer of the aura). Now, 
very carefully move your hands closer until you 
can actually feel the outside edge of your emo¬ 
tional body or energy field of your right hand 
touch your skin of your left hand. Move your 


42 Hands of Light 

right palm about one inch closer to your left 
palm. Feel the tingling on the back of your left 
hand as the edge of your energy field touches it. 
The energy field of your right hand went right 
through your left hand! 

Now, take your hands apart again and hold 
them at a distance of about seven inches. Point 
your right index finger at the palm of your left 
hand, making sure the fingertip is about one 
half to one inch away from the palm. Now, draw 
circles on your palms. What do you feel? Does it 
tickle? What is it? 

With the light dim in the room, hold your 
hand so that the tips of the fingers point toward 
each other. Hold your hands in front of your 
face at a distance of about two feet. Make sure 
there is a plain white wall for a background. Re¬ 
lax your eyes and softly gaze at the space be¬ 
tween your fingertips, which should be about 
one and a half inches apart. Do not look into 
bright light. Let your eyes relax. What do you 
see? Move your fingertips closer and then fur¬ 
ther apart. What is happening in the space be¬ 
tween the fingers? What do you see around the 
hand? Slowly move one hand up and the other 
down so that different fingers are pointing to 
each other. What has happened now? About 
95% of the people who try this exercise do see 
something. Everyone feels something. For the 
answers to the above questions, refer to the end 
of the chapter. 

After you practice these exercises and the 
ones in Chapter 9 on observing other people's 
auras, you may begin to see the first few layers 
of the aura as shown in Figure 7-1 A. Later, after 
you are used to seeing the lower layers, you can 
practice the higher sense perception exercises as 
described in Chapters 17, 18 and 19. With more 
opening in your third eye (sixth chakra), you 
will begin to see the higher levels of the aura. 
(Figure 7-1B.) 

Now that most of you have felt, seen and 
experienced the lower levels of the aura, let us 
go on to describe them. 

The Anatomy of the Aura 

There are many systems that people have ere- 

ated from their observations to define the auric 
field. All these systems divide the aura into lay¬ 
ers and define the layers by locations, color, 
brightness, form, density, fluidity and function. 
Each system is geared to the kind of work the 
individual is "doing" with the aura. The two 
systems most similar to mine are the ones used 
by Jack Schwarz, which has more than seven 
layers and is described in his book. Human En¬ 
ergy Systems, and the system used by Rev. Rosa- 
lyn Bruyere of the Heeding Light Center in 
Glendale, California. Her system is a seven- 
layer system, and is described in her book. 
Wheels of Light, A Study of the Chakras. 

The Seven Layers of the 
Auric Field 

I have observed seven layers during my work as 
a counselor and a healer. At first I could only 
see the lower layers, which are the most dense 
and easiest to see. The longer I worked, the 
more layers I could perceive. The higher the 
layer, the more expanded my consciousness 
needed to be to perceive it. That is, in order to 
perceive the higher layers, like the fifth, sixth 
and seventh, I would have to enter into a medi¬ 
tative state, usually with eyes closed. After years 
of practice, I even began to see beyond the sev¬ 
enth layer, as I will discuss briefly at the end of 
this chapter. 

My observations of the aura revealed to me 
an interesting dualistic field pattern. Every other 
layer of the field is highly structured, like stand¬ 
ing waves of light patterns, while the layers in- 
between appear to be composed of colored flu¬ 
ids in constant motion. These fluids flow 
through the form set by the shimmering stand¬ 
ing light waves. The direction of flow is some¬ 
what governed by the standing light form, since 
the fluid flows along the standing lines of light. 
The standing forms of light are themselves scin¬ 
tillating, as if they are composed of strings of 
many tiny, rapidly blinking lights, each blinking 
at a different rate. These standing light lines ap¬ 
pear to have tiny charges moving along them. 

Thus, the first, third, fifth and seventh lay- 

The Human Energy Field or Human Aura 43 

ers all have a definite structure, while the sec¬ 
ond, fourth and sixth are composed of fluid-like 
substances that have no particular structure. 
They take on form by virtue of the fact that they 
flow through the structure of the odd layers, 
and thus somewhat take on the form of the 
structured layers. Each succeeding layer inter¬ 
penetrates completely all the layers under it, in¬ 
cluding the physical body. Thus the emotional 
body extends beyond the etheric body and in¬ 
cludes both the etheric and physical bodies. Ac¬ 
tually, each body is not a "layer" at all, although 
that is what we may perceive. It is, rather, a 
more expansive version of our self that carries 
within it the other, more limited forms. 

From the point of view of the scientist, each 
layer can be considered to be a level of higher 
vibrations, occupying the same space as the lev¬ 
els of vibration below it and extending beyond. 
In order to perceive each consecutive level, the 
observer must move up in consciousness to each 
new frequency level. Thus we have seven bodies 
all occupying the same space at the same time, 
each one extending out beyond the last, some¬ 
thing we are not used to in "normal" daily life. 
Many people erroneously assume that the aura 
is like an onion, where you can peel away con¬ 
secutive layers. It is not. 

The structured layers contain all the forms 
that the physical body has, including internal 
organs, blood vessels, etc., and additional forms 
that the physical body does not contain. There is 
a vertical flow of energy that pulsates up and 
down the field in the spinal cord. It extends out 
beyond the physical body above the head and 
below the coccyx. I call this the main vertical 
power current. There are swirling cone-shaped 
vortexes called chakras in the field. Their tips 
point into the main vertical power current, and 
their open ends extend to the edge of each layer 
of the field they are located in. 

The Seven Layers and the Seven 
Chakras of the Auric Field 

Each layer appears different and has its own 
particular function. Each layer of the aura is as¬ 

sociated with a chakra. That is, the first layer is 
associated with the first chakra, and the second 
with the second chakra, and so on. These are 
general concepts and will get much more com¬ 
plicated as we delve more deeply into this sub¬ 
ject. For now we will list them to give you a 
general overall view. The first layer of the field 
and the first chakra are associated with physical 
functioning and physical sensation—feeling 
physical pain or pleasure. The first layer is asso¬ 
ciated with automatic and autonomic function¬ 
ing of the body. The second layer and second 
chakra are in general associated with the emo¬ 
tional aspect of human beings. They are the ve¬ 
hicles through which we have our emotional life 
and feelings. The third layer is associated with 
out mental life, with linear thinking. The third 
chakra is associated with linear thinking. The 
fourth level, associated with the heart chakra, is 
the vehicle through which we love, not only our 
mates, but also humanity in general. The fourth 
chakra is the chakra that metabolizes the energy 
of love. The fifth level is the level associated 
with a higher will more connected with the di¬ 
vine will. The fifth chakra is associated with the 
power of the word, speaking things into being, 
listening and taking responsibility for our 
actions. The sixth level and sixth chakra are as¬ 
sociated with celestial love. It is a love that ex¬ 
tends beyond the human range of love and 
encompasses all life. It makes the statement of 
caring and support for the protection and nur¬ 
turing of all life. It holds all life forms as pre¬ 
cious manifestations of God. The seventh layer 
and seventh chakra are associated with the 
higher mind, knowing and integration of our 
spiritual and physical makeup. 

Thus there are specific locations within our 
energy system for the sensations, emotions, 
thoughts, memories and other nonphysical ex¬ 
periences that we report to our doctors and ther¬ 
apists. Understanding how our physical 
symptoms are related to these locations will 
help us understand the nature of different ill¬ 
nesses and also the nature of both health and 
disease. Thus the study of the aura can be a 
bridge between traditional medicine and our 
psychological concerns. 

44 Hands of Light 

Location of the Seven Chakras 

The location of the seven major chakras on the 
physical body shown in Figure 7-2A corres¬ 
ponds to the major nerve plexuses of the physi¬ 
cal body in that area of the body. 

Dr. David Tansley, a radionics specialist, in 
his book Radionics and the Subtle Bodies of Man, 
states that the seven major chakras are formed at 
the points where the standing lines of light cross 
each other 21 times. 

The 21 minor chakras are located at points 
where the energy strands cross 14 times. (See 
Figure 7-2B.) They are in the following loca¬ 
tions: one in front of each ear, one above each 
breast, one where the clavicles meet, one in the 
palm of each hand, one on the sole of each foot. 

one just behind each eye (not shown), one re¬ 
lated to each gonad, one near the liver, one con¬ 
nected with the stomach, two connected with 
the spleen, one behind each knee, one near the 
thymus gland, and one near the solar plexus. 
These chakras are only about three inches in 
diameter at one inch distance from the body. 
The two minor chakras located in the palms are 
very important in healing. Where the lines of 
energy cross seven times, even smaller vortices 
are created. There are many tiny force centers 
where these lines cross fewer times. Tansley 
says that these tiny vortices may very well cor¬ 
respond to the acupuncture points of Chinese 

Each major chakra on the front of the body 
is paired with its counterpart on the back of the 

Figure 7-2: Location of Chakras 
(Diagnostic View) 

i light 

Figure 7-12: The Celestial Body 

A. Normal aura 

C. Man lecturing on his 
favorite subject 

E. Woman after core 
energetics class 

G. Woman meditating to 
increase field 

B. Musician performing 

D. Man speaking with passion 
about education 

F. Man who often wears a 
shirt this color 

H. Pregnant woman 

Soft Pastel Colors are Often 
Associated With Femininity 

Figure 11-1: Auras in Motion 

A. An eleven-year-old 
child playing 

B. A woi 

associated with the death of 

G. Man who always held H. Aura appears to 

head at an angle have weight 

Figure 11-2: Auras Seen in Therapy Sessions 

Woman Working in a Core Energetics Session 

Figure 11-5: Woman Defending by Creating a Pink Cloud of 

Multi colored 

< 0*11 


i J 

k . Seven Layers Visible B. Three Layers Visible 

Figure 7-8: The Emotional Body 


o .? 

o 5 
c o 


Figure 7-9 The Men a’Body Figure 7-10: The Astral Body 

Figure 22-21: Setting an Eighth Level Shield Showing Blue Shield Inserted at Patient's Neck, Patient Out 
of Body to the Right and Deceased Mother of Patient to the Left. 

Figure 24-2: Removing Auric Mucus With a Crystal 
Crystal Hooks Mucus and Draws It Out. 

Figure 24-6: Hands of Light 

Emotional holding 

£ £ 

^ cn 

»'Z3 O 





E B 

CO Q) 


5 « 
w c 


-Q 0) 


<« e 
£ <0 
o w 




J 8 

Tear in solar plexus 

Blocks in aura show as dark colors 
Hernia shows as tear on the 7th level of aura 

Figure 22-4: Patient's Aura Before Healing With Insert of 
Disfigured Solar Plexus Chakra 

Figure 22-6: Balancing Auric Field of Patient, Healer and 
Universal Energy Field 

Figure 22-20: Patient's Aura After Healing 

The Human Energy Field or Human Aura 45 

body, and together they are considered to be the 
front and rear aspect of one chakra. The frontal 
aspects are related to the person's feelings, the 
rear ones to her or his will, and the three on the 
head to a person's mental processes. These are 
shown in Figure 7-3. Thus chakra #2 has a 2A 
and 2B component, and #3 has a 3A and 3B 
component, and so on through the sixth chakra. 
Chakras 1 and 7 may be considered to be paired 
if one wishes, because they are the open-ended 
points of the main vertical power current that 
runs up and down the spine into which all the 
chakras point. 

The points or tips of the chakras, where they 
connect to the main power current, are called 
the roots or the hearts of the chakras. Within 
these hearts are seals which control exchange of 
energy between layers of the aura through that 
chakra. That is, each of the seven chakras has 
seven layers, each corresponding to a layer of 
the auric field. Each chalua looks different on 
each of these layers, as will be described in de¬ 
tail in the descriptions of each layer. In order for 
certain energy to flow from one layer to another 
through the chakra, it must pass through the 
seals in the roots of the chakras. Figuie 7-4 
shows the auric field with all seven interpene¬ 
trating layers, and all seven interpenetrating lay¬ 
ers of chakras. 

Energy can be seen flowing into all of these 
chakras from the Universal Energy Field (Figure 
7-3). Each swirling vortex of energy appears to 
suck or entrain energy from the UEF. They ap¬ 
pear to function as do fluid vortexes we are fa¬ 
miliar with in water or in air such as whirlpools, 
cyclones, water spouts and hurricanes. The 
open end of a normal chakra in the first layer of 
the aura is about six inches in diameter at a dis¬ 
tance of one inch from the body. 

The Function of the 
Seven Chakras 

Each of these vortices exchanges energy with 
the UEF. Thus, when we speak of feeling 
"open," that is literally true. All the major cha¬ 
kras, minor chakras, lesser chakras and acu¬ 

puncture points are openings for energy to flow 
into and out of the aura. We are like sponges in 
the energy sea around us. Since this energy is 
always associated with a form of consciousness, 
we experience the energy we exchange in terms 
of seeing, hearing, feeling, sensing, intuiting or 
direct knowing. 

Therefore, we can see that staying "open" 
means two things. First, it means metabolizing a 
lot of energy from the universal field through all 
the chakras, large and small. Second, it means 
letting in, and in some way dealing with, all the 
consciousness that is associated with the energy 
that is flowing through us. That is not an easy 
task, and most of us cannot do it. There would 
simply be too much input. Psychological mate¬ 
rial related to each chakra is brought to con¬ 
sciousness by increasing one's energy flow 
through that chakra. Too much psychological 
material would be released by a stidden flow of 
energy, and we could not process it all. We 
therefore wOrk in whatever growth process we 
are in to open each chakra slowly, so that we 
have time to process the personal material that 
is released and integrate the new information 
into our life. 

It is important to open the chakras and in¬ 
crease our energy flow, because the more en¬ 
ergy we let flow, the healthier we are. Illness in 
the system is caused by an imbalance of energy 
or a blocking of the flow of energy. In other 
words, a lack of flow in the human energy sys¬ 
tem eventually leads to disease. It also distorts 
our perceptions and dampens our feelings and 
thus interferes with a smooth experience of full 
life. We are not psychologically prepared, how¬ 
ever, to stay open without working and develop¬ 
ing our maturity and clarity. 

Each of the five senses is associated with a 
chakra. Touching is associated with the first cha¬ 
kra; hearing, smelling and tasting with the fifth 
(or throat) chakra; and seeing with the sixth (or 
third eye) chakra. This is discussed in detail in 
the chapter on perception. 

The chakras of the auric body have three ma¬ 
jor functions: 

1. To vitalize each auric body and, thus, the 

physical body. 

Ketherlc body 
(mental aspect) 

Figure 7-4: The Seven Layer Auric Body System 
(Diagnostic View) 

48 Hands of Light 

2. To bring about the development of different 
aspects of self-consciousness. Each chakra is 
related to a specific psychological function. 
Chapter 11 deals with psychological effects of 
opening specific chakras in the etheric, emo¬ 
tional and mental bodies. 

3. To transmit energy between the auric levels. 
Each auric layer has its own set of seven ma¬ 
jor chakras, each located in the same place on 
the physical body. Since each progressive 
layer exists in ever increasing octaves of fre¬ 
quency, this is possible. For example, for the 
fourth chakra, there are really seven chakras, 
each of a higher frequency band than the 
lower one. These chakras appear to be nested 
within each other like nesting glasses. Each 
chakra on each higher layer extends out far¬ 
ther in the auric field (to the edge of each 
auric layer) and is slightly broader than the 
one below it. 

Energy is transmitted from one layer to 
the next through passageways in the tips of 
the chakras. In most people these passage¬ 
ways are sealed. They open as a result of 
spiritual purification work and thus the cha¬ 
kras become transmitters of energy from one 
layer to another. Each chakra in the etheric is 
directly connected to the same chakra in the 
next finer body that surrounds and interpen¬ 

etrates it. The chakras in the emotional body 
are connected to those in the next finer body, 
the mental, etc., and so on for all seven lay¬ 

In eastern esoteric literature, each of the cha¬ 
kras is seen as having a certain number of 
petals. On closer investigation, these petals ap¬ 
pear to be small rotating vortices spinning at 
very high rates. Each vortex metabolizes an en¬ 
ergy vibration that resonates at its particular 
spin frequency. The pelvic chakra, for example, 
has four small vortices and metabolizes four ba¬ 
sic frequencies of energy, and so on for each of 
the other chakras. The colors observed in each 
chakra are related to the frequency of energy be¬ 
ing metabolized at its particular rate. 

Since the chakras serve to vitalize the body, 
they are directly related to any pathology in the 
body. Figure 7-5 lists the seven major chakras 
along the spine with the area of the body each 
governs. Each chakra is associated with an en¬ 
docrine gland and major nerve plexus. The cha¬ 
kras absorb the universal or primary energy 
(ch'i, orgone, prana, etc.), break it up into com¬ 
ponent parts and then send it along energy riv¬ 
ers called nadis to the nervous system, the 
endocrine glands and then the blood to nourish 
the body, as shown in Figure 7-6. 

The psychodynamic functioning of the cha- 

Figure 7-5 








972 Violet-White 


Upper brain. Right eye 


96 Indigo 


Lower brain. Left eye. Ears, 
Nose, Nervous system 


16 Blue 


Bronchial and vocal apparatus. 
Lungs, Alimentary canal 


12 Green 


Heart, Blood, Vagus nerve. 
Circulatory system 

3-Solar Plexus 

10 Yellow 


Stomach, Liver, Gall bladder. 
Nervous system 


6 Orange 


Reproductive system 


4 Red 


Spinal column. Kidneys 

The Human Energy Field or Human Aura 49 

kras, which will be discussed in detail, relates 
mainly to the first three bodies of the aura, 
those associated with physical, mental and emo¬ 
tional interactions on the earth plane. For exam¬ 
ple, when one's heart chakra is functioning 
properly, one is very good at loving. When the 
first chakra is functioning healthfully, one usu¬ 
ally has a strong will to live and is connected 
well to the ground. This is the person who is 
very grounded in his life. When someone's sixth 
and third chakras are functioning well, he will 
think clearly. If they are not functioning well, his 
thoughts will be confused. 

Incoming Primary Energy 

Endocrine System 

\ 1 / 


Figure 7-6: Metabolic Path of Incoming Primary Energy 

The Etheric Body (First Layer) 

The etheric body (from "ether," the state be¬ 
tween energy and matter) is composed of tiny 
energy lines "like a sparkling web of light 
beams" similar to the lines on a television screen 
(Figure 7-7). It has the same structure as the 
physical body including all the anatomical parts 
and all the organs. 

The etheric body consists of a definite struc¬ 
ture of lines of force, or energy matrix, upon 
which the physical matter of the body tissues is 
shaped and anchored. The physical tissues exist 
as such only because of the vital field behind 
them; that is, the field is prior to, not a result of, 
the physical body. This relationship has been 
supported in the observations of plant growth 
by Dr. John Pierrakos and myself. Through the 
use of High Sense Perception, we observed that 
an energy field matrix in the shape of a leaf is 
projected by the plant prior to the growth of a 
leaf, and then the leaf grows into that already 
existing form. 

The web-like structure of the etheric body is 
in constant motion. To clairvoyant vision, sparks 
of bluish-white light move along its energy lines 
throughout the entire dense physical body. The 
etheric body extends from one quarter to two 
inches beyond the physical body and pulsates 
about 15-20 cycles per minute. 

The color of the etheric body varies from 
light blue to gray. The light blue color has been 
connected to a finer form than the gray. That is, 
a more sensitive person with a sensitive body 
will tend to have a bluish first layer, whereas a 
more athletic, robust type of person will tend to 
have a more grayish etheric body. All the cha¬ 
kras of this layer are the same color as the body. 
That is, they will also range between blue to 
gray in color. The chakras look like vortices 
made of a net of light, just like the rest of the 
etheric body. One can perceive all the organs of 
the physical body, but they are formed of this 
scintillating bluish light. As in the leaf's energy 
system, this etheric structure sets up the matrix 
for the cells to grow; i.e., the cells of the body 
grow along the lines of energy of the etheric ma¬ 
trix, and that matrix is there before the cells 
grow. If one were to isolate the etheric body and 

50 Hands of Light 

look only at it, it would look like a man or 
woman made of bluish lines of light in constant 
scintillation, rather like Spiderman. 

By observing the shoulder of someone in 
dim light against a plain white or plain black or 
dark blue background, you may be able to see 
the pulsations of this etheric body. The pulsa¬ 
tion rises, say at the shoulder, and then makes 
its way down the arm, like a wave. If you look 
more closely, there appears to be a blank space 
between the shoulder and the blue hazy light; 
then there is a layer of brighter blue haze that 
slowly fades as it extends from the body. But be 
aware that as soon as you see it, it will be gone, 
because it moves so fast. It will have pulsated 
down the arm by the time you take a second 
look to check yourself out. Try again. You will 
catch the next pulsation. 

The Emotional Body 
(Second Layer) 

The second auric body (Figure 7-8), or next finer 
after the etheric body, is generally called the 
emotional body, and is associated with feelings. 
It roughly follows the outline of the physical 
body. Its structure is much more fluid than the 
etheric and does not duplicate the physical 
body. Rather, it appears to be colored clouds of 
fine substance in continual fluid motion. It ex¬ 
tends one. to three inches from the body. 

This body interpenetrates the denser bodies 
that it surrounds. Its colors vary from brilliant 
clear hues to dark muddy ones, depending on 
the clarity or confusion of the feeling or energy 
that produces them. Clear and highly energized 
feelings such as love, excitement, joy or anger 
are bright and clear; those feelings that are con¬ 
fused are dark and muddy. As these feelings be¬ 
come energized through personal interaction, 
body psychotherapy, etc., the colors separate 
out into their primary hue and brighten. Chap¬ 
ter 9 deals with this process. 

This body contains all the colors of the rain¬ 
bow. Each chakra looks like a vortex of a differ¬ 
ent color and follows the colors of the rainbow. 

The list below shows chakras of the emotional 
body and their colors. 

Chakra 1 = red 

2 = red-orange 

3 = yellow 

4 = bright grass green 

5 = sky blue 

6 = indigo 

7 = white 

Chapter 9 gives a number of observations on 
the emotional body during therapy sessions. In 
general, the body does appear to be blobs of 
color moving within the matrix of the etheric 
field and also extending beyond it a bit. At times 
a person may throw off color blobs of energy 
into the air around him. This is especially ob¬ 
servable when someone is releasing feelings in a 
therapy session. 

The Mental Body (Third Layer) 

The third aura body is the mental body (Figure 
7-9). This body extends beyond the emotional 
and is composed of still finer substances, all of 
which are associated with thoughts and mental 
processes. This body usually appears as a bright 
yellow light radiating about the head and shoul¬ 
ders and extending around the whole body. It 
expands and becomes brighter when its owner 
is concentrating on mental processes. It extends 
from three to eight inches from the body. 

The mental body is also a structured body. It 
contains the structure of our ideas. This body is 
mostly yellow. Within this field can be seen 
thought forms. They appear to be blobs of vary¬ 
ing brightness and form. These thought forms 
have additional colors superimposed on them, 
actually emanating from the emotional level. 
The color represents the person's emotion that 
is connected to the thought form. The clearer 
and more well-formed the idea, the clearer and 
more well-formed is the thought form associated 
with that idea. We enhance these thought forms 
by focusing on the thoughts they represent. Ha¬ 
bitual thoughts become very powerful "well- 

The Human Energy Field or Human Aura 51 

formed" forces that then affect our lives. 

This body has been the hardest for me to 
observe. This may be partly caused by the fact 
that human beings are really just beginning to 
develop the mental body and are just beginning 
to use their intellects in clear ways. For that rea¬ 
son we are very conscious of mental activity and 
consider ourselves an analytical society. 

Beyond the Physical World 

In the system I use for healing (Figure 7-4), the 
lower three auric layers are associated with and 
metabolize energies related to the physical 
world, and the upper three metabolize energies 
related to the spiritual world. The fourth layer or 
astral level, associated with the heart chakra, is 
the transforming crucible through which all en¬ 
ergy must pass when going from one world to 
the other. That is, the spiritual energy must pass 
through the fire of the heart to be transformed 
into the lower physical energies, and the physi¬ 
cal energies (of the lower three auric layers) 
must pass through the transformative fire of the 
heart to become spiritual energies. In full spec¬ 
trum healing, discussed in Chapter 22, we use 
the energies associated with all the layers and all 
the chakras and pass them through the heart, 
the center of love. 

So far in this discussion, we have focused on 
the lower three layers. Most of the body psycho¬ 
therapy I have seen in this country primarily uti¬ 
lizes only the lower three layers and the heart. 
As soon as one begins to examine the upper 
four layers of the auric field everything changes, 
because as soon as you open your perception to lay¬ 
ers above the third you also begin to perceive people or 
beings who exist in those layers who do not have 
physical bodies. From my observations and those 
of other clairvoyants, there exist layers of reality 
or other "frequency bands" of reality beyond 
the physical. The upper four layers of the auric 
field correspond to four of those layers of reality. 
Again, I must reiterate that the discussion that 
follows is only an attempt at a system with 
which to explain observed phenomena; I'm sure 
in the future there will be better systems cre¬ 
ated. This one is useful to me. 

In Figure 7-41 have in general associated the 
upper three chakras with the physical, emo¬ 
tional and mental functioning of the human be¬ 
ing in her spiritual reality. That is because most 
of us only use that portion of ourselves in those 
limited types of functions. They are the higher 
will, the higher feelings of love and the higher 
knowing, where whole concepts are understood 
at once. The fourth layer is associated with love. 
That is the doorway through which we can enter 
into the other states of reality. 

However, the picture is actually more com¬ 
plicated than that. Each of the layers above the 
third is an entire layer of reality with beings, 
forms and personal functions that go beyond 
what we normally call human. Each is an entire 
world in which we live and have our being. 
Most of us experience these realities during 
sleep but do not remember them. Some of us 
can go into those states of reality by expanding 
the consciousness through meditative tech¬ 
niques. These meditative techniques open the 
seals between the roots of the chakra layers and 
thus provide a doorway for consciousness to tra¬ 
vel. For the following discussion, 1 will focus 
only on the description of the auric layers and 
their limited functions. Later on in this book 
there will be more discussions of the higher lay¬ 
ers or "frequencies of reality." 

The Astral Level (Fourth Layer) 

The astral body (Figure 7-10) is amorphous and 
is composed of clouds of color more beautiful 
than those of the emotional body. The astral 
body tends to have the same set of colors, but 
they are usually infused with the rose light of 
love. It extends out about one half to one foot 
from the body. The chakras are the same octave 
of colors as the rainbow of the emotional body, 
but each is infused with the rose light of love. 
The heart chakra of a loving person is full of 
rose light on the astral level. 

When people fall in love, beautiful arcs of 
rose light can be seen between their hearts, and 
a beautiful rose color is added to the normal 

52 Hands of Light 

golden pulsations I observe in the pituitary 
gland. When people form relationships with 
each other, they grow cords out of the chakras 
that connect them. These cords exist on many 
levels of the auric field in addition to the astral. 
The longer and deeper the relationship, the 
more cords and the stronger they are. When re¬ 
lationships end, those cords are torn, sometimes 
causing a great deal of pain. The period of "get¬ 
ting over" a relationship is usually a period of 
disconnecting those cords on the lower levels of 
the field and rerooting them within the self. 

A great deal of interaction takes place be¬ 
tween people on the astral level. Great blobs of 
color of various forms whisk across the room be¬ 
tween people. Some, of it is pleasant and some 
not so pleasant. You can feel the difference. You 
may feel uneasy about someone across the room 
who is apparently not even aware of your pres¬ 
ence; however, on another level a lot is happen¬ 
ing. I have seen people standing next to each 
other in a group pretending not to notice each 
other, when on the energy level there is a whole 
communication taking place with lots of energy 
forms moving between them. You have no 
doubt experienced this yourself, especially be¬ 
tween men and women. It is not just body lan¬ 
guage; there is an actual energetic phenomenon 
that can be perceived. For example, when a man 
or woman fantasize about making love with 
someone, say in a bar or at a party, there is an 
actual testing in the energy fields to see if the 
fields are synchronous and if the people are 
compatible. More examples of this auric interac¬ 
tion phenomenon will be given in Chapter 9. 

The Etheric Template Body 
(Fifth Layer) 

I call the fifth layer of the aura the etheric tem¬ 
plate (Figure 7-11) because it contains all the 
forms that exist on the physical plane in a blue¬ 
print or template form. That is, it looks rather 
like the negative of a photograph. It is the tem¬ 
plate form for the etheric layer, which as was 
already stated is the template form for the physi¬ 
cal body. The etheric layer of the energy field 
derives its structure from the etheric template 

layer. It is the blueprint or the perfect form for 
the etheric layer to take. It extends from about 
one and one half to two feet from the body. In 
disease, when the etheric layer becomes disfig¬ 
ured, etheric template work is needed to pro¬ 
vide the support for the etheric layer in its 
original template form. It is the level at which 
sound creates matter. It is at this level that 
sounding in healing is the most effective. This 
will be discussed in Chapter 23 on healing. To 
my clairvoyant sight, these forms appear as clear 
or transparent lines on a cobalt blue back¬ 
ground, much like an architect's blueprint, only 
this blueprint exists in another dimension. It is 
as if a form is made by completely filling in the 
background space, and the empty space left cre¬ 
ates the form. 

An example would be to compare how a 
sphere is created in Euclidian geometry to the 
way one is created in etheric space. In Euclidian 
geometry, to create a sphere one first defines a 
point. A radius drawn out from that point in all 
three dimensions will create the surface of a 
sphere. However, in etheric space, which one 
might call negative space, to form a sphere the 
opposite process takes place. An infinite num¬ 
ber of planes comes from all directions and fill 
in all space, except for a spherical area of space 
left empty. This defines the sphere. It is the area 
not filled in by all the planes that meet each 
other that then defines an empty spherical 

Thus, the etheric template level of the aura 
creates an empty or negative space in which the 
first or etheric level of the aura can exist. The 
etheric template is the template for the etheric 
body, which then forms the grid structure 
(structured energy field) upon which the physi¬ 
cal body grows. Thus, the etheric template level 
of the universal energy field contains all the 
shapes and forms that exist on the physical 
plane, except on the template level. These forms 
exist in negative space, creating an empty space 
in which the etheric grid structure grows and 
upon which all physical manifestation exists. 

By focusing on only the vibratory frequency 
of the fifth level when observing someone's 
field, one can isolate only the fifth layer of the 
aura. When I do this, I see the form of the per- 

The Human Energy Field or Human Aura 53 

son's auric field, which extends out to about two 
and a half feet from the individual. It looks like 
a narrow oval shape. It contains the entire struc¬ 
ture of the field, including chakras, body organs 
and body form (limbs, etc.), all in negative form. 
All these structures appear to be formed from 
transparent lines on a dark blue background, 
which is solid space. When tuning into this level 
I also can perceive all other forms in my envi¬ 
ronment in this perspective. That seems to hap¬ 
pen automatically when I switch my perceptual 
mechanism to this range. That is, my attention 
is first brought to the general fifth level; then I 
focus in on the particular person I am observ¬ 

The Celestial Body (Sixth Layer) 

The sixth level is the emotional level of the spir¬ 
itual plane, called the celestial body (Figure 7- 
12). It extends about two to two and 
three-quarter feet from the body. It is the level 
through which we experience spiritual ecstasy. 
We can reach it through meditation and many of 
the other forms of transformation work I have 
mentioned in this book. When we reach the 
point of "being" where we know our connection 
with all the universe, when we see the light and 
love in everything that exists, when we are im¬ 
mersed in the light and feel we are of it and it is 
of us and feel that we are one with God, then 
we have raised our consciousness to the sixth 
level of the aura. 

Unconditional love flows when there is a 
connection between the open heart chakra and 
the open celestial chakra. In this connection, we 
combine the love of humanity, our basic human 
love for our fellow humans in the flesh, with the 
spiritual ecstasy found in the spiritual love that 
goes beyond the physical reality to all the realms 
of existence. Combining these two creates the 
experience of unconditional love. 

The celestial body appears to me in beautiful 
shimmering light, composed mostly of pastel 
colors. This light has a gold-silver shine and 
opalescent quality, like mother of pearl sequins. 
Its form is less defined than the etheric template 
level in that it simply appears to be composed of 

light that radiates out from the body like the 
glow around a candle. Within this glow are also 
brighter, stronger beams of light. 

The Ketheric Template or Causal 
Body (Seventh Level) 

The seventh level is the mental level of the spir¬ 
itual plane called the ketheric template (Figure 
7-13). It extends from about two and one half to 
three and one half feet from the body. When we 
bring our consciousness to the seventh level of 
the aura, we know that we are one with the Cre¬ 
ator. The outer form is the egg shape of the aura 
body and contains all the auric bodies associated 
with the present incarnation an individual is un¬ 
dergoing. This body, too, is a highly structured 
template. It appears to my vision as composed 
of tiny threads of gold-silver light of very strong 
durability that hold the whole form of the aura 
together. It contains a golden grid structure of 
the physical body and all the chakras. 

When "tuning" into the frequency level of 
the seventh layer, I perceive beautiful golden 
shimmering light that is pulsating so fast that I 
use the term "shimmering." It looks like thou¬ 
sands of golden threads. The golden egg form 
extends out beyond the body some three to 
three and a half feet depending on the person 
with the smaller tip beneath the feet and the 
larger end about three feet above the head. It 
can expand even more, if the person is very en¬ 
ergetic. The outer edge actually looks like an 
eggshell to me; it appears to have a thickness of 
about a quarter to a half inch. This outer part of 
the seventh layer is very strong and resilient, re¬ 
sistant to penetration and protects the field just 
as an eggshell protects the chick. All the chakras 
and body forms appear to be made of golden 
light on this level. This is the strongest, most 
resilient level of the auric field. 

It could be likened to a standing lightwave of 
intricate shape and form vibrating at an ex¬ 
tremely high rate. One can almost hear a sound 
when looking at it. I'm sure a sound could be 
heard if one meditated on such a picture. The 
golden template level also contains the main 
power current that runs up and down the spine 

54 Hands of Light 

and is the main power current that nourishes 
the whole body. As this golden power current 
pulsates up and down the spine, it carries ener¬ 
gies through the roots of each chakra and con¬ 
nects the energies that are taken in through each 

The main vertical power current induces 
other currents at right angles to it to form 
golden streamers that extend directly outward 
from the body. These in turn induce other cur¬ 
rents that circle around the field, so that the en¬ 
tire auric field and all the levels below it are 
surrounded and held within this basket-like net¬ 
work. This network shows the power of the 
golden light, the divine mind that holds the 
whole field together in its entirety and its integ¬ 

In addition, in the ketheric template level are 
also the past life bands within the eggshell. 
These are colored bands of light which com¬ 
pletely encircle the aura and can be found any¬ 
where on the eggshell surface. The band found 
near the head-neck area is usually the band con¬ 
taining the past life that you are working to clear 
in your present life circumstance. Jack Schwarz 
speaks of these bands and how to tell their 
meaning by their color. Later, in the past life 
healing section, I will describe how to work with 
these bands. The ketheric level is the last auric 
level in the spiritual plane. It contains the life 
plan and is the last level directly related to this 
incarnation. Beyond this level is the cosmic 
plane, the plane that cannot be experienced 
from the limiting viewpoint of only one incarna¬ 

The Cosmic Plane 

The two levels above the seventh that I am able 
to see at this point are the eighth and ninth lev¬ 
els. They are each associated with the eighth 
and ninth chakras located above the head. Each 
level appears to be crystalline and composed of 
very fine high vibrations. The eighth and ninth 
levels seem to follow the general pattern of alter¬ 
nating between substance (eighth level) and 
form (ninth level) in that the eighth appears 
mostly a fluid substance and the ninth appears 

to be a crystalline template of everything below 
it. I have not found references to these levels in 
the literature, although they may be there. I 
know very little about these levels, except for 
certain very powerful healing practices that I 
have been taught by my guides. I will discuss 
these methods in Chapter 22. 

Perceiving the Field 

It is important to remember that as you open 
your clairvoyant vision, you will probably per¬ 
ceive only the first layers of the aura. You will 
also probably not be able to distinguish between 
layers. You will probably just see colors and 
forms. As you progress, you will sensitize your¬ 
self to higher and higher frequencies so that you 
can perceive the higher bodies. You will also be 
able to distinguish layers and be able to focus on 
the layer of your choice. 

Most of the illustrations in the next few 
chapters show only the lower three or four auric 
bodies. No distinction is made between the lay¬ 
ers. They appear to be mixed within each other 
and act together in most of the interactions de¬ 
scribed. Most of the time we have our lower 
emotions, basic thinking processes and interper¬ 
sonal feelings mixed together and confused. We 
are not very good at distinguishing them in our¬ 
selves. Some of that mixing even shows in the 
aura. Many times the mental and emotional 
bodies appear to act as one confused form. In 
the following descriptions of the therapeutic 
processes not much distinction is made in the 
bodies. However, through the therapeutic proc¬ 
ess or any other growth process, the layers of 
one's being become more distinct. The client is 
much more able to distinguish between base 
emotions, thought processes and the higher 
emotions of unconditional love associated with 
the higher auric levels. This distinction occurs 
through the process of understanding the cause- 
and-effect relationships described in Chapter 15. 
That is, the client begins to understand how his 
belief system affects the ideas in the mental 
body, how that, in turn, affects the emotions, 
then the etheric, and finally the physical body. 
With this understanding, one can then distin- 

The Human Energy Field or Human Aura 55 

Figure 7-14: Aura Around Fingertips 

guish between layers of the auric field. The lay¬ 
ers of the field actually become clearer and more 
distinct as the client becomes clearer with more 
self-understanding between physical feelings, 
emotional feelings and thoughts and acts ac¬ 

Later, in the healing sections that follow, it 
will be very important to distinguish between 
the layers of the aura. 

Answers to the Questions in . 
Exercises To See the Human Aura 

The energy almost always moves from left to 
right around the circle. It feels very unpleasant 
to stop, and usually it is impossible to stop the 
entire flow. The feeling of building something 

up between your hands is that of a tickling sen¬ 
sation with pressure, somewhat like static elec¬ 
tricity. When the energy body edges touch each 
other, there is a feeling of tingling and of pres¬ 
sure. When the energy body edge touches the 
skin, there is a feeling of tickling and pressure 
on the skin surface. When you draw circles on 
the palm, you can feel the tickling outline of the 

Most people see a haze around the fingers 
and hands when trying to sense the aura. It 
looks somewhat like the heat wave over a radia¬ 
tor. It is sometimes seen in various colors, such 
as a blue tint. Usually, most people see it as col¬ 
orless in the beginning. The energy bodies pull 
like taffy between the fingers as the haze from 
each fingertip connects to the haze at the finger¬ 
tip of the opposite hand. When you move the 

56 Hands of Light 

fingers so that a different fingertip is facing it, 
the haze will at first follow the old finger and 
then jump to the closer fingertip. (See Figure 7- 

Chapter 7 Review 

1. What is the relationship between the Uni¬ 
versal Energy Field and the Human Energy 

2. What does the etheric body look like? How 
does it differ from the emotional body? 

3. What are the three main functions of the 

4. Why is a chakra a certain color? 

5. Where is the heart of the chakra? 

6. What anatomical structures are the chakras 
related to? 

7. Describe the seven lowest layers of the auric 
field and their functions. 

8. Describe the relationship between the cha¬ 
kras and the layers of the aura. 

9. Where are the eighth and ninth chakras lo¬ 

10. Describe a chakra on the seventh layer of the 

11. Where is the main vertical power current lo¬ 

12. Which layer holds the HEF together? 

13. In which layer of the HEF do the emotions 



"The golden light of a candle flame sits upon the throne 
of its dark light that clings to the wick." 

The Zohar 



It was in the psychotherapeutic setting that I 
first consciously started seeing auras again as an 
adult. This was a setting where I was not only 
"allowed" to closely observe people, but I was 
also encouraged to do so. During my long hours 
of practice, I observed the dynamics of many 
people. This was a real privilege, because nor¬ 
mal social ethics set very clear boundaries on 
such behavior. I'm sure you have all had the ex¬ 
perience of getting interested in a particular 
stranger on a bus or in a cafeteria, when after 
only a short observation that person catches 
your eye and lets you know in no uncertain 
terms with a look that you had better stop look¬ 
ing. Now, in the first place, how did he know 
you were looking? He felt you through the en¬ 
ergy field. In the second, why did he tell you to 
stop? People get very nervous when they are 
seen. Most of us do not want our personal dy¬ 
namics to be known by others. Most of us are 
ashamed of what will be seen if another human 
being looks closely. We all have problems; we all 
try to hide at least some of them. In this section, 
I will discuss how our private experiences, in¬ 

cluding our problems, show up in the aura. I 
will relate that to body psychotherapy and to 
character structure as defined by bioenergetics. 
But first let us start at the basis of psychother¬ 
apy with childhood development. 

There have been a lot of studies done on hu¬ 
man growth and development. Erik Erikson is 
famous for his work on delineating stages of 
growth and development related to age. These 
various stages have become a part of our every¬ 
day language, such as the oral stage, adoles¬ 
cence, pubescence, etc. None of these studies 
mention the aura, for it is not known to most 
people in the field of psychology. When ob¬ 
served, however, the aura is very informative 
about a person's psychological makeup and her 
personal growth process. What is developing in 
the aura at any stage of growth is directly related 
to the psychological development at that stage. 
In fact when looked at from the auric point of 
view, that development can be seen as a natural 
outcome of what is happening in the auric 
fields. Let us look at how our energy field usu¬ 
ally develops from birth to death. 


Chapter 8 



To span the scope of human experience from 
birth to death and beyond, I will utilize both 
psychological and metaphysical traditions as-re¬ 
sources. If the metaphysics disturbs you, please 
take it as metaphor. 


The process of incarnation takes a lifetime. It is 
not something that happens at birth and is then 
finished. To describe it, we need to use meta¬ 
physical terms. Incarnation is organic soul 
movement in which higher, finer vibrations or 
soul aspects are continually radiated downward 
through the finer auric bodies into the more 
dense ones and then finally into the physical 
body. These successive energies are utilized by 
the individual in her growth throughout her life. 

Each major stage of life corresponds with 
new and higher vibrations and the activation of 
different chakras. At each stage, new energy 
and consciousness is thus available to the per¬ 
sonality for her expansion. Each stage presents 
new areas of experience and learning. Seen 
from this point of view, life is full of exciting dis¬ 
covery and challenge to the soul. 

The process of incarnating is directed by the 
higher self. This life pattern, is held in the sev¬ 
enth layer of the aura, the ketheric template 
level. It is a dynamic template which is con¬ 
stantly changing as the individual makes free¬ 

will choices in the process of living and 
growing. As growth takes place, the individual 
opens her ability to sustain higher levels of 
vibrations/energies/consciousness coming into 
and through her vehicles, her auric bodies and 
chakras. Thus, she avails herself of ever greater 
expanded realities as she progresses on her path 
of life. As each individual progresses, so does 
the whole of humanity. Each generation is usu¬ 
ally able to sustain higher vibrations than the 
last so that the whole of humanity moves in its 
evolutionary plan toward higher vibrations and 
expanded realities. This principle of progression 
of the human race is mentioned in many reli¬ 
gious texts such as the Kabbalah, the Bhagavad 
Gita, the Upanishads and others. 

The incarnation process before conception 
has been discussed by Madame Blavatsky, and 
more recently by Alice Bailey, Phoebe Bendit 
and Eva Pierrakos. According to Pierrakos, the 
incarnating soul meets with her spirit guides to 
plan the coming lifetime. In this meeting the 
soul and the guides consider the tasks she 
needs to accomplish in soul growth, what karma 
needs to be met and dealt with, and the nega¬ 
tive belief systems she needs to clear through 
experience. This life work is usually referred to 
as a person's task. 

For example, the person may need to de¬ 
velop leadership. That person, on entering into 
physical life, will find himself in situations 
where leadership is a key issue. The circum- 


62 Hands of Light 

stances for each person will be entirely different, 
but the focus would be on leadership. One per¬ 
son may be born into a family with rich leader¬ 
ship heritage, like a long line of respected 
company presidents or political leaders, 
whereas another person could be born into a 
family where leadership is nonexistent and lead¬ 
ers are seen as negative authorities to be put 
down or rebelled against. The person's task is to 
learn to accept that issue in a balanced and com¬ 
fortable way. 

According to Eva Pierrakos, the amount of 
counseling a soul has from her guides in deter¬ 
mining her future life circumstances depends on 
her maturity. Parents are chosen who will pro¬ 
vide the needed environmental and physical ex¬ 
perience. These choices determine the mixture 
of energies that will eventually form the physical 
vehicle in which the soul will incarnate for its 
task. These energies are very precise and equip 
the soul with exactly what it needs for its task. 
The soul takes on both a personal task of per¬ 
sonal learning (like leadership) and a "world 
task," which entails a gift to the world. The de¬ 
sign is so unique that by fulfilling the personal 
task one becomes prepared to fulfill the world 
task. The personal task frees the soul by releas¬ 
ing energies which are then used for the world 

For the example mentioned above on leader¬ 
ship, the individual will need to learn that qual¬ 
ity or skill before moving into a leadership role 
in her chosen field of work. She may have felt 
intimidated from a long line of ancestors who 
were brilliant leaders, or her reaction to that her¬ 
itage may be one wholly of inspiration to go for¬ 
ward in her own leadership. Each case is 
different and very personal according to the 
uniqueness of the soul which has come to learn. 

The life plan contains many probable reali¬ 
ties, which allow for wide choices of free will. 
Interwoven into this life fabric is the action of 
cause and effect. We create our own reality. This 
creation emerges from many different parts of 
our being. Creation is not always easy to under¬ 
stand from a simple cause and effect level, al¬ 
though much of our experience can be 
understood from that point of view. You literally 

create what you want. What you want is held in 
the consciousness, unconsciousness, supercon¬ 
sciousness and collective consciousness. All 
these creative forces mix to create experience on 
many levels of our being as we progress through 
life. What is termed karma is to me long-term 
cause and effect, also from many different levels 
of our being. Thus, we create from the personal 
source and group source, and, of course, there 
are smaller groups within larger groups all add¬ 
ing to the great fabric of creative life experience.' 
From this point of view it is easy to look at the 
richness of life with the wonderment of a child. 

After the "planning," the soul enters into a 
process of slowly losing consciousness of the 
spirit world. At conception an energetic link is 
formed between the soul and the fertilized egg. 
At this time an etheric womb also is formed 
which protects the incoming soul from any 
outer influences other than those of the mother. 
As the body grows inside the mother, the soul 
slowly begins to feel the "drag" of it and slowly 
becomes consciously connected to the body. At 
one point, the soul suddenly is aware of this 
connection; there is a strong flash of conscious 
energy down into the forming body. The soul 
then again loses consciousness, only to rea¬ 
waken bit by bit into the physical. This strong 
flash of consciousness corresponds with the 
time of quickening. 


Birth takes place at a unique time for the incom¬ 
ing soul. At this point, the soul loses its protect¬ 
ive etheric womb and is for the first time 
subjected to the influences of its environment. 
For the first time, it is alone in the sea of energy 
which surrounds all of us. It is touched by that 
field. The greater, stronger fields of the heavenly 
bodies also, for the first time, influence the 
soul's new energy field at the time of birth. 
And, of course, it is at this time that the sea of 
energy is now influenced by another new field 
which adds to the greater and enriches it. It is as 
if another note is sounded and added to the al¬ 
ready existing symphony of life. 

Human Growth and Development in the Aura 63 


The process of slowly awakening to the physical 
world continues after birth. The baby sleeps fre¬ 
quently during this time; the soul occupies its 
higher energy bodies. It leaves the physical and 
etheric bodies disengaged and allows them to be 
very busy doing the work of body building. 

In the early stages of life, the child has the 
job of becoming used to the limitations of physi¬ 
cal sensation and to the three-dimensional 
world. I have seen many newborns struggling 
with this process. They still have some aware¬ 
ness in the spiritual world, and I have seen 
them struggling to let go of spiritual playmates 

and parent figures and to transfer affections to 
the new parents. The newborns I have observed 
have very wide open crown chakras (Figure 8- 
1). They are struggling to squeeze themselves 
into the confinements of the tiny body of a baby. 
When I see them leave the physical body, in 
their higher bodies, they appear many times to 
be spirits of about twelve feet tall. They go 
through an enormous struggle in opening the 
lower root chakra and connecting to the earth. 

One such example of this was a boy born 
one month later than expected. After a very fast 
birth, he had a fever. The doctors performed a 
spinal tap to check for encephalitis. The spinal 
tap was administered in the region of the sacral 

Figure 8-1: Normal Aura of a Baby 
(Diagnostic View) 

64 Hands of Light 

chakra. The child was struggling to let go of two 
playmates and a spirit woman who did not want 
to let go either. In his struggle, he would open 
and connect with the earth whenever his guide 
was present. Then he would lose contact with 
his guide, see his playmates and the woman, 
and struggle fiercely between the two worlds. 
He felt more affinity with the spirit woman than 
his own physical mother at those times. In his 
struggle not to incarnate, he would throw en¬ 
ergy out the sacral chakra and to the right to 
avoid growing roots straight down through the 
root chakra (first chakra). He was able to do this 
partly because of the auric hole left from the spi¬ 
nal tap. After a time of struggle, he would again 
connect with his guide and calm down, open 
the root and start the incoming process again. 

I tried to give him healing. The first time he 
accepted some, but after that he refused. When¬ 
ever I tried to send energy into his aura he made 
a fuss. He knew what I was up to and wouldn't 
let me get near him. What I tried to do was to 
sew the hole in the sacral chakra on the seventh 
layer of his aura and redirect the energy down¬ 
ward. He wouldn't allow it. I even approached 
him when he was in deep sleep. When I got to a 
distance of about one foot, he would wake up 
and scream fiercely. It was clearly a deep strug¬ 
gle, and he wanted no one to help him with it. 
One of the secondary physical problems arising 
from this basic struggle was an intestinal prob¬ 
lem from the constant overuse of the solar 
plexus chakra associated with screaming and 
crying. He was treated for this problem after he 
finally made his choice to stay in the physical 
plane. The astrological chart of this child clearly 
shows him to be a potential leader. 

So, the incoming soul often enters and 
leaves the body through the crown chakra as it 
begins working on opening the root chakra to 
grow roots into the physical plane. The root cha¬ 
kra looks like a very narrow funnel, and the 
crown chakra looks like a very wide funnel at 
this stage. The other chakras look like small 
shallow Chinese tea cups with a narrow line of 
energy leading back into the body to the spine 
(Figure 8-1). The general field of a baby is amor¬ 
phous, formless, and has a bluish or grayish 

As a baby fixes his attention on an object in 
the physical plane, the aura tenses and bright¬ 
ens, especially around the head. Then, as his 
attention fades, the aura fades in color; however, 
it retains some of the experience in the form of 
color in the aura. Each experience adds a little 
color to the aura and enhances its individuality. 
Thus, the work of aura building is also going on 
and continues in this way throughout life so that 
all of one's life experiences can be found there. 

After birth there remains a strong energy 
connection between the mother and child. This 
connection is sometimes referred to as the germ 
plasma. It is strongest between mother and 
child at birth and will remain there throughout 
life, although it will not be so pronounced as the 
child grows. This psychic umbilicus is the con¬ 
nection through which children remain in con¬ 
tact with their parents over the years. Many 
times one is aware of traumatic experiences the 
other is having, although there may be great dis¬ 
tance between them on the physical level. 

The field of the child is entirely open and 
vulnerable to the atmosphere in which he lives. 
Whether things are "in the open" or not, the 
child senses what is going on between his par¬ 
ents. The child constantly reacts to his energetic 
environment in a manner consistent with his 
temperament. He may have vague fears, fanta¬ 
sies, tantrums or illness. The child's chakras are 
all open in the sense that there is no protective 
film over them which screens out the incoming 
psychic influences. This makes the child very 
vulnerable and impressionable. Thus, even 
though the chakras are not developed like those 
of an adult, and the energy that comes into 
them is experienced in a vague way, it still goes 
right into the field of the child, and the child 
must deal with it in some way. (See Figure 8-2 
to compare adult and child's chakra.) 

At around the age of seven, a protective 
screen is formed over the chakra openings that 
filters out a lot of the incoming influences from 
the universal energy field. Thus, the child is no 
longer as vulnerable as before. This stage can be 
seen as a child grows and individuates. It is near 
the time of the dawning of reason. 

Many times one can see how a younger child 
sits back and nestles into the lap of the mother 

Human Growth and Development in the Aura 65 

Figure 8-2: Adult and Child's Chakras 

or father. The child is being protected from out¬ 
side influences by the field of the parent. Be¬ 
cause of this vulnerability in the child, I am very 
conservative about allowing children to be in 
therapy groups with adults. The adult has no 
idea what it feels like to the child unless he has 
regressed to that state of vulnerability. I have 
seen parents unwittingly subject their children 
to unneeded psychic shock by having them ex¬ 
perience group therapy, thinking it to be a pro¬ 
gressive thing, or succumbing to group 
pressures. Adult rage shocks the child's system 
like physical shock, while grief and depression 
swamp it like a fog. 

In addition to the physical nourishment, 
breast-feeding gives etheric energy tp'the child. 
There is a small chakra in each nipple which 

supplies the baby with energy. Remember, the 
baby's chakras are not developed and so do not 
metabolize all the energies from the universal 
energy field needed to sustain life. 

Early Childhood 

As a child grows and the second chakra begins 
to develop, the child's emotional life becomes 
enriched. The child weaves fantasy worlds in 
which to live, she begins to feel like a separate 
person from the mother, and these worlds help 
create that separation. Within these fantasy 
worlds are the child's possessions. She will 
send amoeba-like projections from her etheric 
field out and around these objects. The more 

66 Hands of Light 

important the object in building the fantasy 
world, the more energy-consciousness from her 
field with which she will surround it. The object 
becomes part of the self. When this object is 
grabbed forcefully from the hand of a child, it 
tears the field and causes pain, both physical 
and emotional, to the child. 

Beginning around the age of two, the child 
sees his parents as belonging to him, "me, my 
daddy, my mommy, etc." The colors red-orange 
and rosy-pink become more visible in the aura. 
The child is learning to relate to another, learn¬ 
ing a basic kind of love. In terms of the field, the 
child is able to separate from the field of the 
mother, with an etheric umbilicus still connect¬ 
ing the two. Thus, the process of separation and 
independent identity begins. The child creates a 
fantasy space, lives in it, but still has mommy 
connected through the etheric umbilicus. She 
can still look back and see that mommy is not 
too far away. This space appears to clairvoyant 
vision as composed of energy mostly from the 
blue level, or etheric level. It is a space in which 
the child prefers to play alone, or if a playmate is 
allowed in, the playmate is carefully watched so 
as not to allow too much disturbance of the 
space. At this stage the child does not have a 
strong enough ego to maintain a real clarity be¬ 
tween self and other. She struggles to find her 
uniqueness, and yet still feels very connected to 
all things. Personal objects become ways of de¬ 
fining individuation. The private energy space 
helps this definition. Thus, when another child 
comes to visit the room of a five to seven year 
old, the hostess struggles between wanting the 
communication with another and preserving the 
image of self. So she struggles to control per¬ 
sonal objects that help define who she is and 
around which she has placed her own energy- 
consciousness. The struggle here is to recognize 
and maintain self-individuation and still feel 
connection to a different "individual." 

At around the age of seven, the child begins 
to weave a lot of gold energy into this space. 
The space becomes freer, larger, less connected 
to mommy and more open to visitors. Having a 
greater sense of self, the child now begins to see 
her similarities to other humans. She can now 

allow the "other" a greater self-expression 
within her private space. A visitor is allowed to 
create all manner of energy forms within her 
private space. This makes things more "fun" 
and "lively" and enhances fantasy life. Children 
go into the "gang" stage. One of the things that 
makes this all possible is that, by the age of 
about seven, all the chakras now have a protect¬ 
ive screen over them that filters out many of the 
energetic influences from the field around her. 
The child feels "safer" because in her auric 
bodies she really is. 

Exercise to 

Sense Psychic Spaces 

Adults also infuse their space with their energy. 
These psychic spaces are safe nests for people in 
which to live and have their being. Try feeling 
out psychic spaces that people create. You can 
learn a lot from these spaces—both about your¬ 
self and the owner of the space. Just begin to 
tune into the spaces that you regularly visit. 
Walk into your friend's room. How do you feel? 
Do you like it? Do you want to stay, or do you 
want to leave? 

If you have children, go into each of their 
rooms. Feel the difference in the energy in each 
room. How does it match your child? What of 
him does it express? Is the color right for him, or 
is it a color that you have imposed upon his 
space? Think about it. 

Try it with different stores that you go into. I 
find it impossible to stay in some stores because 
of the energy emanating there. 

Now do a little experiment with objects. In a 
small group of people (preferably people that 
you don't know a lot about), put their personal 
objects in the center and choose one that you 
are attracted to. Hold it in your hand. How does 
it feel? Heavy, warm, friendly, unfriendly, sad,; 
happy, safe, dangerous, healthy, sick? Do you;; 
pick up any images? Give yourself time to tune] 
into them. Check it out with the owner of the] 
object. I bet you are right about some of the] 
things you pick up. Practice and you will do itj 
better next time. i 

Human Growth and Development in the Aura 67 


As the child grows into latency between seven 
and puberty, the development of more mental 
faculties occurs, along with the development of 
the third chakra. More of the mental color yel¬ 
low is added to the aura at this time. Although 
this chakra is opening the mental energies and 
the child is in school, the mental energies are 
primarily used to enhance the fantasy life of the 
child. Here deep teleological urges and connec¬ 
tions to the long past development of humanity 
come into play. The child becomes the Indian 
chief, the princess. Wonder Woman. These are 
deep idealistic urges, which reveal the soul's 
longing and most likely relate to the soul's 
world task. Within these archetypal forms are 
found the deep spiritual longings of the individ¬ 
ual, the goals and aspirations, as expressed by 
the qualities played out in the backyard or the 
school playground. It is now that the first three 
centers—the physical, emotional and mental 
centers of the earth plane—are working together 
to express the first phase of the soul's incarna¬ 


The challenge of adolescence, as in all the stages 
of growth, is to find the self and remain true to 
the self throughout all the chaos of physical and 
emotional changes, sweet longings and painful 

As the child approaches puberty, large 
changes start occurring all through the body 
and the surrounding energy field. More green is 
added to the aura and the individual's private 
space. The space becomes infused with "vibes" 
from friends. As the heart chakra opens to new 
levels of feelings, and the dawning of eros and 
love emerge from deep within the psyche, the 
beautiful color of rose fill the field. The pituitary 
(third eye chakra) is activated, and the body be¬ 
gins to mature to that of an adult. All the cha¬ 
kras are affected by these changes. These new 
higher vibrations are sometimes embraced with 
e *citement by the individual and at other times 

are loathed because they bring with them new 
longing and new vulnerability that the individ¬ 
ual has not yet experienced. At times, the entire 
field will be disrupted and the chakras will be 
completely out of balance, while at other times 
everything will be flowing in harmony. Thus, 
the individual goes through great changes of 
emotional reality, and his actions express this 
confusion. At one moment he is a child, at an¬ 
other an adult. 

The individual now repeats all the stages of 
growth that he has experienced but with a dif¬ 
ference. The first three stages involved the self 
as the center of the universe. It was me, my 
daddy, my mommy, my friends, etc. Now it is 
an "I-thou" relationship. The "I" does not exist 
alone, and the "I's" welfare now depends on 
proper adjustments to the "not-I." This is parti¬ 
ally caused by the fact that the individual no 
longer "owns" the love object as he did in the 
case of his parents or toys. Now his welfare de¬ 
pends on a balancing of his actions to "con¬ 
vince" the loved one to love him, or so he 
believes. This puts a strain on the psyche be¬ 
tween who he thinks he is and who he thinks 
he ought to be (according to what he thinks she 
wants him to be, and vice versa). Of course, this 
was already going on with the parents, but it is 
brought to the surface more now because at any 
moment the loved one may choose another, and 
often does, publicly. 


By the end of adolescence, the chakras and en¬ 
ergy pattern used by the individual are now set. 
All chakras have taken on an adult form. It is at 
this point that the individual may try to settle 
down and have no more changes. Some are able 
to accomplish this and with it cause their lives to 
stagnate into safe, set, patterns of clearly de¬ 
fined and limited reality. Most people, suffi¬ 
ciently shaken by their life experiences, see that 
reality is not so easily definable and continue a 
lifelong search for meaning that leads them 
through constant challenge to deeper experi¬ 
ences of fulfillment. 

68 Hands of Light 

In maturity, the "I-thou" expands to include 
the personal family, which creates its own en¬ 
ergy form. More energies flowing through the 
throat chakra help this personal giving and re¬ 
ceiving. As time goes on, the "I-thou" can ex¬ 
pand to include the individual and the group. 
The heart can open to include not only love of 
the mate and children, but also love of human¬ 
ity. The color is seen in the aura as a beautiful 
lilac. This becomes then the integration of the 
self, the other and the group consciousness. As 
the third eye opens to higher vibrations, one be¬ 
gins to see the unity of all things and can see at 
the same time the unique preciousness of each 
individual soul within that unity. 


As the individual approaches old age and death, 
even more higher-vibration rates can be added 
to the energy bodies. People's hair turns bright 
white as the white light coursing through their 
being increases their affinity with the spirit 
world. Now, to the "I-thou" relationship is 
added a very deep personal relationship with 
God. The lower earthly energy, metabolized 
through the lower chakras, decreases and is 
steadily replaced by higher finer energies having 
much more to do with spirit than life on the 
physical plane. The person is preparing to re¬ 
turn home to the spirit world. When these natu¬ 
ral processes are understood and allowed to 
unfold from within the psyche, serenity and 
love fill the personal life of the individual. 
Things fall into place from all the growth that 
has taken place throughout the years. The solar 
plexus chakra, especially, becomes more harmo¬ 
nious. The person is able to increase his depth 
of perception that makes life (despite diminish¬ 
ing physical power) a thing of ever growing in¬ 
terest and richer experience. It is unfortunate 
that our culture, in general, does not respect 
and utilize this great resource of wisdom and 
light as do other cultures like that of the Native 
American Indians, in which the grandmothers 
and grandfathers retained the power of decision 
for the community. 


According to Phoebe Bendit, at death a lumi¬ 
nous ray flashes out the top of the head as the 
person leaves the earth plane through the crown 
chakra. This experience of going out the crown 
has often been described as going through the 
tunnel between life and death. It is seen as a 
long dark tunnel with a bright light at the end. 
This "tunnel experience" can also be said to be 
the soul going up through the main power cur¬ 
rent of the body along the spine and leaving at 
the bright light of the crown chakra. 

At death, the soul is met by old deceased 
friends and her spirit guides. At this time, the 
soul sees her whole life pass by very quickly and 
clearly so that there can be no mistakes as to just 
what happened, what choices were made, les¬ 
sons learned and what lessons still remain for 
the next incarnation. There follows a time of cel¬ 
ebration of a task completed, and some time 
spent in the spirit world before the next incarna¬ 
tion is taken on. 

After people die of a long-term illness, I 
have often seen them resting, surrounded by 
white light for some period of time after death. 
They appear to be taken care of in some kind of 
hospital on the other side. 

I have observed two people who were in the 
dying process a couple of days before their 
deaths. In both cases, the people were dying of 
cancer and had been ill for some time. The 
lower three bodies were breaking up and com¬ 
ing off the body as opalescent cloudy blobs. 
This gave the person an opalescent white look. 
The lower three chakras were also breaking up, 
with long threads of energy coming out of the 
solar plexus. The upper four chakras appeared 
to be very wide open, almost like gaping holes. 
There was no longer a shield over them. The 
people who were crossing over spent most of 
their time out of the body arid away. Apparently 
they were off with their spirit guides some¬ 
where. When the people were in their bodies, 
there were plenty of spirits around the room. In 
one case, I saw Azrael guarding the gate. When 
the person was in deep pain, I asked Azrael 
why he didn't help her die. He said, "I haven't 

Human Groivth and Development in the Aura 69 

received my orders yet/' (Azrael is the angel of 
death and looks very strong and beautiful to 
me, not terrifying as some sources have im¬ 

Heyoan On Death 

My guide has been lecturing on the death proc¬ 
ess, and I would like to quote him here. First he 
says that death is not what we have understood, 
but a transition from one state of consciousness 
to another, Heyoan says that we have already 
died, in forgetting who we are. Those parts of 
us that have been forgotten are walled off from 
reality, and we have come into incarnation to re¬ 
trieve them. So although we fear death, he says 
we have already died, and in the incarnation 
process of reintegrating with our greater being, 
we actually find more life. He says that the only 
thing that dies is death. 

During our life, we wall off experiences that 
we wish to forget. We do this so effectively that 
we do not remember many of them. We begin 
this walling-off process early in childhood and 
continue it throughout our life. These walled-off 
pieces of our consciousness can be seen in the 
auric field in terms of blocks and will be dis¬ 
cussed in the chapter on psychodynamics. Hey¬ 
oan says that the real death has already 
occurred in the form of that internal wall. 

"As you know, the only thing that separates 
you from anything is yourself. And the most im¬ 
portant thing is that death has already occurred 
in those portions of yourself that are walled off. 
That would be perhaps from our vantage point 
the most clear definition of what the human be¬ 
ing considers to be death. It is being walled-off 
and separate from. It is forgetting. It is forget¬ 
ting who you are, that is what death is. You 
have already died. You have in fact incarnated to 
bring to life those pieces of you that are already 
in what you call death, if we should ever use 
that word. Those parts have already died. 

'The process of death, that which we would 
call transition to greater awareness, can be seen 
as a process in the energetic field. We will de¬ 
scribe this now to help you understand the 

process of death from the auric point of view. 
There is a washing of the field, there is a clear¬ 
ing, an opening of all the chakras. When you 
die, you are going to another dimension. There 
is dissolution in the three lower chakras. There 
is dissolution of, and note we say dissolution, of 
the three lower bodies. Those of you who have 
watched individuals die have seen the opales¬ 
cent quality of the hands, of the face, of the 
skin. It is an opalescent mother of pearl as the 
individual is dying, and the beautiful opalescent 
clouds are wafting off. Those clouds are the 
lower energy bodies which serve to hold the 
physical body together. They are disintegrating. 
They waft off, and the chakras there are opened 
and there are cords of energy coming out. The 
upper chakras are great open holes into other 
dimensions. So this is the beginning stages of 
death where the energy field begins to separate. 
The lower parts of the energy field separate 
from the upper parts. And then during the 
three hours or so around the hour of death, 
there is a washing of the body, a baptism, a spir¬ 
itual baptism of the body where the energy is 
flushed through like a fountain right up the 
main vertical power current. A fountain of 
golden light flushes through, and all of the 
blocks are cleansed. And the aura becomes 
white gold. How will this be experienced by the 
individual who is dying in terms of memory? 
You have already heard it. A person sees his or 
her entire life wash by them. Well that's it. There 
is a concomitant energy field phenomena of the 
washing of the aura. All blocks are let go. All 
forgotten experiences of that lifetime are un¬ 
blocked. They all flow through the conscious¬ 
ness. Thus, all of the history of that lifetime 
flows through the consciousness and when the 
person leaves, the consciousness leaves. It is the 
dissolution of many of the walls that were cre¬ 
ated for the process of transformation in this 
particular lifetime. It is a tremendous integra¬ 

"With the dissolution of the walls of forget¬ 
ting within you, you remember who you truly 
are. You become integrated with your greater 
self and feel the lightness and the vastness of it. 
Thus death, contrary to popular opinion, is a 

70 Hands of Light 

very wonderful experience. Many of you have 
read the descriptions of those who have been 
pronounced clinically dead and have come back 
to life. They all speak of a tunnel with a brilliant 
light at the end of it. They speak of meeting a 
wondrous being at the end of that tunnel. Most 
have a life review and a discussion of that life 
with that being. Most reveal that they them¬ 
selves decided to return to the physical world to 
complete their learning, even though it was so 
beautiful where they went. Most of them no 
longer fear death, but look forward to it as a 
great release into serenity. 

"So it is your wall that separates you from 
this truth: What you call death is actually transi¬ 
tion into light. The death that you imagine you 
will experience can be found within your wall. 
Every time you separate yourself in any way, 
you die a small death. Every time you block 
your wonderful life force from flowing, you cre¬ 
ate a small death. Thus as you remember those 
separated parts of your being and reintegrate 
them back into yourself, you have already died. 
You come back to life. As you expand your 
awareness, the wall between the world, the wall 
between spiritual reality and physical reality dis¬ 
solves. Thus death dissolves, it is nothing but 
the releasing of the wall of illusion when you are 
ready to move on. And who you are is redefined 
as the greater reality. You are still your individ¬ 
ual self; when you drop your body, you will 
maintain the essence of self. You can feel that 
essence of self in the future/past meditations 
that are given in Chapter 27 (Self Healing). Your 
physical body dies, but you move into another 
plane of reality. You maintain that essence of self 
beyond body, beyond incarnation. And when 

you leave your body, you may feel yourself to be 
a point of gold light, but you will still feel your¬ 

Chapter 8 Review 

1. When does a soul take charge of a body? 

2. What is the significance of the moment of 
birth with respect to the HEF? 

3. What are the two main differences between 
the chakras of a small child and those of an 

4. What does the aura have to do with child¬ 
hood development? 

5. Why in relation to the aura, does a child 
scream in pain when someone grabs some¬ 
thing out of its hands? 

6. Why does a child like to sit inside of an 
adult's aura? 

7. What major developments are happening in 
the aura during the following stages of de¬ 
velopment: before birth, birth, babyhood, 
early childhood, latency, puberty, maturity, 
middle age, advanced age, death? 

8. At what age is the process of incarnation 

9. Describe the death experience as witnessed 
by HSP observers. 

Food For Thought 

10. Discuss the relationship of the HEF and a 
person's personal space. 

11. Discuss the relationship of personal bound¬ 
aries to the HEF. 

Chapter 9 


As a human being matures and the chakras de¬ 
velop, each represents the psychological pat¬ 
terns evolving in the individual's life. Most of us 
react to unpleasant experiences by blocking our 
feeling and stopping a great deal of our natural 
energy flow. This affects the development and 
maturation of the chakras, resulting in inhibi¬ 
tion of a fully balanced psychological function. 
For example, if a child is rejected many times 
when he tries to give love to another, he will 
probably stop trying to give love. In order to do 
this, he will probably try to stop the inner feel¬ 
ings of love that he is responding to with action. 
In order to do this, he will have to stop the en¬ 
ergy flow through the heart chakra. When the 
energy flow through the heart chakra is stopped 
or slowed down, the development of the heart 
chakra is affected. Eventually, a physical prob¬ 
lem will very likely result. 

This same process works for all chakras. 
Whenever a person blocks whatever experience 
he is having, he in turn blocks his chakras, 
which eventually become disfigured. The cha¬ 
kras become "blocked," clogged with stagnated 
energy, spin irregularly, or backwards (counter¬ 
clockwise) and even, in the case of disease, be¬ 
come severely distorted or torn. 

When the chakras are functioning normally, 
each will be "open," spinning clockwise to me¬ 
tabolize the particular energies needed from the 
universal field. A clockwise spin draws energy 
from the UEF into the chakra, very much like 

the right-hand rule in electromagnetism, which 
states that a changing magnetic field around a 
wire will induce a current in that wire. Grasping 
the wire with the right hand, point fingers in 
the direction of the positive magnetic pole. The 
thumb will automatically point in the direction 
of the induced current. The same rules hold true 
for chakras. If you hold your right hand over a 
chakra, in such a way that the fingers curl clock¬ 
wise around the outer edge of the chakra, your 
thumb points toward the body and in the direc¬ 
tion of the "current." Thus we label the chakra 
"open" to incoming energies. On the contrary, 
if you curl the fingers of your right hand coun¬ 
terclockwise around a chakra, the thumb will 
point outward, in the direction of current flow. 
When the chakra spins counterclockwise, the 
current is flowing outward from the body, thus 
interfering with metabolism. In other words, the 
energies that are needed and that we experience 
as psychological reality are not flowing into the 
chakra when it is spinning counterclockwise. 
We thus label the chakra as "closed" to incom¬ 
ing energies. 

Most people I have observed have three or 
four chakras spinning counterclockwise at any 
one time. Usually these become more and more 
open with therapy. Since chakras are not only 
metabolizers of energy, but also devices that 
sense energy, they serve to tell us about the 
world around us. If we "close" chakras, we do 
not let that information come in. Thus, when we 


72 Hands of Light 

make our chakras flow counterclockwise, we send our 
energy out into the world, sense what the energy is 
that we send out and say that it is the world. This is 
called projection in psychology. 

The imagined reality that we project onto 
our world is related to our "image" of what we 
concluded the world was like through our child¬ 
hood experiences; and through the mind of the 
child we were then. Since each chakra is related 
to a specific psychological function, what we 
project through each chakra will be within the 
general area that each chakra functions and will 
be very personal to each of us because each per¬ 
son's life experience is unique. Thus, by mea¬ 
suring the state of the chakras we can determine 
one's overall long-term and current life issues. 

John Pierrakos and I have related dysfunc¬ 
tion in each of the chakras to psychological dis¬ 
order. Any disturbance in the chakra, as 
measured by dowsing techniques, shows a dys¬ 
function in that particular area of psychological 
relating (see Chapter 10 for dowsing technique). 
Thus, by measuring the state of the chakras, we 
are able to diagnose the client's psychological 
needs. I also work directly with the chakras to 
effect a psychological change. Conversely, we 
have found that the psychological patterns de¬ 
scribed by therapists are connected to the hu¬ 
man energy field in predictable locations, 
shapes and colors. 

Figure 7-3 shows the location of the seven 
major energy centers of chakras used for diag¬ 
nosing psychological states. These are divided 
into mental centers, will centers and feeling cen¬ 
ters. For psychological health, all three types of 
chakras: reason, will and emotion should be in 
balance and open. The three chakras in the head 
and throat area govern the reason; the chakras 
on the front of the body govern the emotions; 
their counterparts on the back govern the will. 
Figure 9-1 gives a table of the major chakras and 
their psychological function. 

Let us look at the general areas of psycho¬ 
logical functioning for each chakra. The first 
chakra, the coccygeal center (1), is related to the 
quantity of physical energy and will to live in 
the physical reality. It is the location of the first 
manifestation of the life force in the physical 
world. When the life force is fully functioning 

through this center, the person has a powerful 
will to live in physical reality. When the life force 
is fully functioning through the three lowest 
chakras, combined with a powerful flow down 
the legs, there comes with it a clear and direct 
statement of physical potency. The coccyx acts 
as an energy pump on the etheric level, helping 
direct the flow of energy up the spine. 

This statement of physical potency, com¬ 
bined with the will to live, gives the individual a 
"presence" of power and vitality. He makes a 
statement, "I am here now," and is well- 
grounded in physical reality. The "presence" of 
power and vitality emanates from him in the 
form of vital energy. He often acts as a generator 
by energizing those around him, recharging 
their energy systems. He has a strong will to 

When the coccygeal center is blocked or 
closed, most of the physical vitality of the life 
force is blocked, and the person does not make 
a strong impression in the physical world. He is 
not "here." He will avoid physical activity, will 
be low in energy and may even be "sickly." He 
will lack physical power. 

The pubic center (chakra 2A) is related to 
the quality of love for the opposite sex that the 
person is able to have. When it is open, it facili¬ 
tates giving and receiving sexual and physical 
pleasure. If this center is open, the person will 
probably enjoy sexual intercourse and probably 
be orgasmic. However, full body orgasm re¬ 
quires that all centers be open. 

The sacral center (chakra 2B) is related to the 
quantity of sexual energy of a person. With this 
center open, a person feels his sexual power. If 
he blocks this particular chakra, whatever sexual 
force and potency he has will be weak and dis¬ 
appointing. He will probably not have much 
sexual drive, tend to avoid sex and disclaim its 
importance and pleasure, resulting in under¬ 
nourishment in that area. Since the orgasm 
bathes the body in life energy, the body will not 
be nourished in this way, and it will not receive 
the psychological nourishment of communion 
and body contact with another. 

Relationship between chakras 2A and 2B. 
The sacral acts as a pair with the pubic chakra. 
At the two points where the front and rear cen- 

Psychological Function of the Seven Major Chakras 73 

Figure 9-1 


7 Crown Center. 

6A Forehead Center..,. 

6B Mental Executive .. 


5B Base of Neck... 

4B Between Shoulder Blades 
3B Diaphragmatic Center.... 

2B Sacral Center.. 

1 . Coccygeal Center_ 


5A Throat Center... 

4A Heart Center. 

3A Solar Plexus .. 

2A Pubic Center. 

ters come together, in the heart of the chakra, in 
the spine, the life force exhibits its second most 
powerful physical urge and purpose—that of the 
desire for sexual union. This powerful force 
breaks through the self-imposed barriers be¬ 
tween two people and draws them closer to 
each other. 

So, each person's sexuality is connected to 
his life force. (This is true, of course, of all cen¬ 
ters: any of them that is blocked also blocks the 
life force in that related area.) Since the pelvic 
area of the body is the source of vitality, any 
center that is blocked in that area will have the 
effect of lowering physical and sexual vitality. 
For the great majority of humanity, the sexual 
energy moves through, charges and discharges 
in orgasm through these two sexual chakras. 


Integration of total personality with life, and 
spiritual aspects of mankind. 

Capacity to visualize and understand mental 

Ability to carry out ideas in a practical way. 

Sense of self, within society and one's 

Ego will, or will towards the outer world. 
Healing, intentionality towards one's health. 
Quantity of sexual energy. 

Quantity of physical energy, will to live. 

Taking in and assimilating. 

Heart feelings of love for other human beings, 
openness to life. 

Great pleasure and expansiveness, spiritual 
wisdom, and consciousness of universality of 
life. Who. you are within the Universe. 

Quality of love for the opposite sex, giving and 
receiving physical, mental and spiritual 

This movement revitalizes and cleanses the 
body with an energy bath. It rids the body sys¬ 
tem of clogged energy, waste products and deep 
tension. Sexual orgasm is important for the 
physical well-being of the person. 

The mutual letting go into deep communion 
through giving and receiving in sexual inter¬ 
course is one of the main ways humanity has of 
deeply letting go of the ego "separateness" and 
experiencing unity. When done with love and 
respect for the uniqueness of your mate, it is a 
holy experience culminating from the deep pri¬ 
mordial evolutionary urges of mating on the 
physical level and the deep spirituahyearnings 
of uniting with Divinity, It is a wedding-of both 
the spiritual and physical aspects of the two hu¬ 
man beings. 

74 Hands of Light 

For those who have abeady achieved such 
communion and have passed to other stages 
along the spiritual path, some spbitual disci¬ 
plines like Kundalini yoga and Tantric tradition 
state that this discharge is no longer necessary 
for the well-being of the person. (Most human 
beings are not in this category.) Many spiritual 
practices use meditation to contain, transform 
and redirect the sexual energy along different 
energy channels, moving it along the vertical 
power current up the spine to be transformed 
into higher vibratory energy which is then used 
to build the higher spbitual energy bodies. This 
is a very powerful and potentially dangerous 
practice and must be done with guidance. Gopi 
Krishna in his book Kundalini speaks of the 
transformation of his physical seed, the sperm, 
into spiritual energy, or Kundalini, in this man¬ 
ner. Many spiritual practices advocate holding 
the sperm or spiritual seed for transformation. 

Blocks in chakras 2A and 2B. Blocking of 
the pubic center may result in an inability to 
achieve orgasm in the woman who is unable 
to be open to and receive sexual nourishment 
from her mate. She will probably not be able to 
connect to her vagina and may not enjoy pene¬ 
tration. She may be more inclined to enjoy clito- 
ral stimulation than penetration. She may also 
want to always be the aggressive one in the sex¬ 
ual act, i.e., be on top and initiate the majority 
of the movement. Her distortion here is that she 
must always be in control. In a healthy state she 
would want to be active sometimes and recep¬ 
tive at other times, but in this case she uncon¬ 
sciously fears her partner's powers. With gentle, 
patient caring and acceptance from her mate, 
she can slowly, over a period of time, open her 
pubic chakra to receiving and enjoying penetra¬ 
tion. She must also go through the deeper feel¬ 
ings of fear and withholding from her mate that 
accompany her condition to find the images 
from which such feelings come as described ear¬ 
lier in this chapter. I am not implying that the 
woman should not be aggressive in sex. I am 
speaking more about a type of imbalance in giv¬ 
ing and receiving. 

A severe block in the male in the pubic cha¬ 
kra is usually accompanied by premature or¬ 
gasm or inability to achieve an erection. The 

male is afraid on some deep level to give his full 
sexual power and, thus, withholds it. His en¬ 
ergy flow often gets interrupted, dogged or re¬ 
directed toward the back, out the sacral chakra, 
so that in orgasm he shoots energy out the pos¬ 
terior second chakra instead of out the penis. 
This experience is sometimes painful, resulting 
in an aversion to orgasm and an avoidance of 
intercourse. This precipitates difficulties on 
other levels with his mate, as it does with the 
nonorgasmic woman. Many times, of course, 
through the law of "like attracts like," these peo¬ 
ple find each other and share this mutual prob¬ 
lem. Too many times the "pseudo" solution has 
been to blame the other person and try to find 
another mate. This only perpetuates the situa¬ 
tion until the "owner" of the problem has to fi¬ 
nally admit ownership. At this point, the work 
of digging out the originating images or beliefs 
can begin. 

It is a blessing in these cases to have an ac¬ 
cepting, understanding and strongly committed 
mate. If both people, instead of blaming the 
other, admit their difficulty, they can then focus 
on giving love, understanding and support to 
their partner and thus develop a new form of 
mutuality. This kind of growth takes time and 
patience. It takes true giving without making 
demands that one's desires be fulfilled by the 
other person. Then, as mutual trust and self- 
respect grow from giving up blame and from 
giving love, sexuality usually opens up and 
grows into a nourishing exchange. It is not unu¬ 
sual for one of these centers to be dosed when 
the other is open. Many times this is just how 
the pairs (front/back) of chakras work in people. 
There will be an over-functioning in one and an 
under-functioning in the other, because the per¬ 
son cannot tolerate the power of having both as¬ 
pects of a chakra functioning at the same time. 
For example, for some people it is very difficult 
to feel both tremendous sexual power and be 
very open to giving and receiving from another 
in lovemaking. Many times sexual power turns 
into fantasy rather than allowing the moment to 
unfold by immersing the self into the partner's 
depths and personal mysteries. Human beings 
are infinitely beautiful and complex wonders. 
Very rarely do we allow ourselves to simply 

Psychological Function of the Seven Major Chakras 75 

wander uninhibited into that beauty and won¬ 
derment. The accompanying psychological 
problems from imbalance in chakra 2A and 2B 
result in unsatisfactory life circumstances. 

For example, when the rear center is strong 
in a clockwise direction and the front center is 
weak or dosed, the person will have a strong 
sex drive and probably a great demand for sex¬ 
ual relations. The problem is that the large 
amount of sexual energy and drive is not accom¬ 
panied by an ability to give and receive sexually. 
Thus, it will be very hard to satisfy a strong 
drive. If the rear center is strong in a counter¬ 
clockwise direction, the same is true; however, 
the drive will probably also be accompanied 
with negative images, perhaps even violent sex¬ 
ual fantasies. This, of course, makes the drive 
even harder to satisfy, and the owner of such a 
configuration may do a lot of sublimating in or¬ 
der to avoid the issue altogether because of 
shame of such inner feelings. On the other 
hand, the person may have many sexual part¬ 
ners and then miss the possibility of deep com¬ 
munion between two souls in the sex act. The 
person may break commitments or not be able 
to make any commitments regarding sex. 

The solar plexus (chakra 3A) is assodated 
with the great pleasure that comes from deeply 
knowing one's unique and connected place 
within the universe. A person with an open 
chakra 3A can look up to the starry heavens at 
night'and feel that he belongs. He is firmly 
grounded in his place within the universe. He is 
the center of his own unique aspect of expres¬ 
sion of the manifest universe and from this he 
derives spiritual wisdom. 

Although the solar plexus chakra is a mental 
chakra, its healthy functioning is directly related 
to an individual's emotional life. This is true be¬ 
cause the mind or mental processes serve as reg¬ 
ulators of the emotional life. The mental 
understanding of emotions puts them into a 
framework of order and acceptably defines real- 

If this center is open and functioning harmo¬ 
niously, he will have a deeply fulfilling emo¬ 
tional life that does not overwhelm him. 
However, when this center is open but the pro¬ 
tective membrane over it tom, he will have great 

uncontrolled extremes of emotions. He could be 
influenced by outside sources from the astral 
which may confuse him. He may get lost in the 
universe and stars. He will eventually have 
physical pain in that area from overuse of that 
chakra and may eventually create a disease, 
such as adrenal exhaustion. 

If this center is dosed, he will block his feel¬ 
ings, perhaps not feeling anything. He will not 
be aware of a deeper meaning to the emotions 
that lends another dimension to existence. He 
may not be connected to his own uniqueness 
within the universe and his greater purpose. 

Many times this center serves as a block be¬ 
tween the heart and sexuality. If both of those 
are open and the solar plexus is blocked, the 
two will function separately; i.e., sex will not be 
deeply connected to love and vice versa. These 
two connect very nicely when one is aware of 
one's firmly rooted existence in the physical uni¬ 
verse and of the long historical line of human 
beings who have served to create the physical 
vehicle this person now possesses. We must 
never underestimate how deeply physical a be¬ 
ing we each are. 

The solar plexus center is a very important 
center with regard to human connectedness. 
When a child is born, there remains an etheric 
umbilicus that is connected between mother and 
child. These cords represent a human connect¬ 
edness. Whenever a person creates a relation¬ 
ship with another human being, cords grow 
between the two 3A chakras. The stronger the 
connections between the two people, the 
stronger and greater in number these cords will 
be. In cases where a relationship is ending, the 
cords are slowly disconnected. 

Cords develop between other chakras of 
people in relationship also, but the third chakra 
cords seem to be a reenactment of the depen¬ 
dent child/mother connection and are very im¬ 
portant in terms of transactional analysis in the 
therapeutic process. Transactional analysis is a 
method to determine the nature of an interac¬ 
tion you have with other persons. Are you inter¬ 
acting with them as a child would to a parent 
(child/parent)? Or are you interacting as if they 
are the child and you an adult (adult/child)? Or 
are you acting as adults? This type of analysis 

76 Hands of Light 

reveals a lot about your personal reactions to 
other people. The nature of the chakra cords 
that you build in your first family will be re¬ 
peated in all the following relationships that you 
create later. As a child, the child/mother cords 
represent just that, the child/mother relation¬ 
ship. As an adult, you will most likely grow de¬ 
pendent child/mother cords between you and 
your mate. As you move through life and ma¬ 
ture, you gradually transform the child/mother 
cords into adult/adult ones. 

The diaphragmatic center (chakra 3B), lo¬ 
cated behind the solar plexus, is associated with 
one's intention towards one's physical health. If 
someone has a strong health-love toward his 
body, and an intent to keep it healthy, this cen¬ 
ter is open. This center is also known as the 
Healing Center and is associated with spiritual 
healing. It is said that in some healers this cen¬ 
ter is very large and developed. It is also a will 
center like the one located between the shoulder 
blades and is usually smaller than the other will 
centers, except on people who have healing abil¬ 
ities. This center is associated with the solar 
plexus center, in the front, and is usually open if 
the solar plexus center is open. If a person has 
the solar plexus open and therefore is connected 
to his place in the universe, accepting that he 
fits as perfectly as each blade of grass, and the 
"lilies of the field," this person's self-acceptance 
will manifest on the physical level as physical 
health. Overall health—mental, emotional and 
spiritual—requires all centers to be open and 

You will see, as we move through the chakra 
descriptions, the front and rear aspects of each 
work together as a pair, and a balance between 
each is more important than to try to open only 
one very widely. 

The heart chakra (chakra 4A) is the center 
through which we love. Through it flows the en¬ 
ergy of connectedness with all life. The more 
open this center becomes, the greater is our ca¬ 
pacity to love an ever widening circle of life. 
When this center is functioning, we love our¬ 
selves, our children, our mates, our families, 
our pets, our friends, our neighbors, our coun¬ 
trymen, our fellow human beings and all our 
fellow creatures upon this earth. 

Through this center, we connect cords to 
heart centers of those with whom we have a love 
relationship. This includes children and parents 
as well as lovers and mates. You have probably 
heard the term "heart strings," which refers to 
these cords. The feelings of love that flow 
through this chakra often bring tears to our 
eyes. Once we have experienced this open lov¬ 
ing state, we realize how much we have missed 
it before and we cry. When this chakra is open, 
the person can see the whole individual within 
his fellow man. He can see the uniqueness and 
inner beauty and light in each individual as well 
as the negative or undeveloped aspects. In the 
negative state (closed), the person has trouble 
loving, loving in the sense of giving love with¬ 
out expecting anything in return. 

The heart chakra is the most important cha¬ 
kra used in the healing process. All energies 
metabolized through the chakras travel up the 
vertical power current through the roots of the 
chakras and into the heart chakra before moving 
out of the hands or eyes of the healer. In the 
healing process, the heart transmutes the earth 
plane energies to spiritual energies and the spir¬ 
itual plane energies into earth plane energies to 
be used by the patient. This will be discussed in 
greater detail in the chapter on healing. 

Midway between the shoulder blades, cha¬ 
kra 4B is associated with the ego will, or outer 
will. This is the center from which we act in the 
physical world. We go after what we want. 

If this center is clockwise, we will have a 
positive attitude about accomplishing things in 
life and see other people as supports for those 
accomplishments. We will then have the experi¬ 
ences to support this view because we live it. We 
will experience our will and the divine will in 
agreement. We will see the will of our friends 
aligned with our will. For example, if you want 
to write a book, you will envision your friends 
helping you and it being accepted by the pub¬ 
lishers in a way that says, "Yes, this is just what 
we were looking for." 

On the other hand, if this center is counter¬ 
clockwise, the opposite is true. We will have the 
misconception that God's will and that of other 
people is opposed to our will. People will ap¬ 
pear to be blocks in our way of getting what we 

Psychological Function of the Seven Major Chakras T7 

want or in our accomplishing something. We 
will have to go through them or run them over 
to get what we want, rather than see them as 
helping us. We would believe statements like 
"my will over yours" and "my will over God's." 
Deep-seated beliefs relating to how the universe 
functions are involved here. 

An image of the universe as a basically hos¬ 
tile place where the strong aggressors will sur¬ 
vive, sometimes boils down to "not getting my 
way means my ultimate survival is at stake." The 
person functions by control and seeks to make 
his world safe by controlling others. The solu¬ 
tion is for this person to realize how he creates a 
hostile environment through his aggression, 
and then to take the chance to let go and see if 
survival is possible without control. Taking such 
a chance will eventually lead to experiences of a 
benign, abundant and safe universe in which 
the person's existence is supported by the 

In another case, this center may be overac¬ 
tive. It could measure very large in a clockwise 
direction accompanied by a small clockwise or 
counterclockwise heart chakra. In this case, the 
person's will isn't particularly negative; it is just 
used to serve the function the heart center 
would serve. Instead of being able to let go, 
trust and love, i.e., run more energy through 
the heart chakra (4A), the person compensates 
with his will. He runs more energy through the 
rear aspect of chakra 4 between the shoulder 
blades. The person may be saying covertly, "I 
want my way without having to consider your 
humanity." This person functions mainly from 
will rather than love, or power over rather than 
power from within. It is the distortion from 
which one would "own" one's mate rather than 
be an equal. 

The throat chakra (5A), located at the front 
of the throat, is associated with taking responsi¬ 
bility for one's personal needs. The newborn is 
brought to the breast, but must suck before 
nourishment is gained. This same principle 
holds throughout life. As the person matures, 
the fulfillment of his needs rests more and more 
u pon himself. Maturity is reached and this cha¬ 
kra functions properly when one ceases to 
blame others for one's lacks in life and goes out 

to create what one needs and desires. 

This center also shows what the state of the 
person is with respect to receiving whatever is 
coming toward him. If the center is measured as 
counterclockwise, the person does not take in 
what is given to him. 

This is usually associated with an image 
about what it is that is coming to him in the first 
place. That is, if the person sees the world as a 
negative, generally hostile place, he will be cau¬ 
tious and have negative expectations about what 
is coming his way. He may expect hostility, vio¬ 
lence or humiliation rather than love and nour¬ 
ishment. Since he sets up a negative force field 
with his negative expectations, he will attract 
negative input to him. That is, if he has expecta¬ 
tions of violence, he has violence inside of him¬ 
self and, therefore, attracts it via the law of like 
attracts like, as explained in Chapter 6 on the 
nature of the Universal Energy Field. 

As the person opens his throat center, he 
will gradually attract more nourishment until he 
is able to receive so much that he will be able to 
keep his throat center open most of the time. In 
the interim, he may very well attract a negative 
input shortly after opening the center due to his 
belief that that is what will come. When he is 
able to go through this experience, connect to 
the original cause within himself and find inner 
trust again, he will reopen his throat center. This 
process of opening and closing continues until 
all the misconceptions of receiving or taking in 
are transformed into trust in a benign nourish¬ 
ing universe. 

The aspect of assimilation that occurs at the 
back of the fifth chakra (5B), sometimes re¬ 
ferred to as the professional center, is associated 
with the person's sense of self within the soci¬ 
ety, his profession and with his peers. If a per¬ 
son is not comfortable in this area of his life, 
then this discomfort may very well be covered 
by pride to compensate for lack of self-esteem. 

The center at the back of the neck is usually 
open if one is successful and well suited in one's 
work and satisfied with that work as one's task 
in life. If the person has chosen a profession that 
is both challenging and fulfilling and is giving 
his best to his work, this center will be in full 
bloom. He will be professionally successful and 

78 Hands of Light 

will be receiving support for nourishment from 
his universe. If this is not the case, the person 
will hold back from giving his best. He will be 
unsuccessful and conceal his lack of success 
with his pride. He secretly "knows" he would 
be "better" if he would either give his best or 
get a more challenging job. Somehow this per¬ 
son never does either and keeps a defense of 
pride in order to avoid the real despair under¬ 
neath. He knows that he is really not succeeding 
in life. He will probably play the role of the vic¬ 
tim, stating how life has not given him the op¬ 
portunities to let him develop his great talent. 
This pride needs to be released, and the pain 
and despair felt and also released. 

In this center, we will also uncover the fear 
of failure that blocks taking the chance to move 
out and create what one so dearly wants. This 
also holds true of one's personal friendships 
and social life in general. By avoiding contact, 
this person also avoids revealing himself and 
feeling the fear of not being liked on the one 
hand, and competition and pride like, "I'm bet¬ 
ter than you; you are not good enough for me," 
on the other. Since our feelings of rejection orig¬ 
inate inside and we then project them out onto 
the other, we avoid the other person to avoid 
rejection. Taking the chance of going for the pro¬ 
fession you long for, moving toward the contacts 
you long for and revealing your feelings about it 
are ways of releasing these feelings and thus 
opening this chakra. 

The forehead center (chakra 6A) is associ¬ 
ated with the capacity to visualize and under¬ 
stand mental concepts. This includes the 
person's concepts of reality and the universe or 
how he sees the world and how he thinks the 
world is likely to respond to him. If this center is 
counterclockwise, one has confused mental con¬ 
cepts, or images about reality that are not true 
and are usually negative. The person holding 
them projects them onto the world and creates 
his world by them. If this center is clogged and 
weak, the person is usually blocked in his crea¬ 
tive ideas simply because the amount of energy 
flowing through this center is small. If this cen¬ 
ter is strongly counterclockwise, then this per¬ 
son has the ability to generate strong ideas that 
are negative. If this is combined with a strongly 

functioning executive center, located at the back 
of the head (chakra 6B), this can create havoc in 
a person's life. 

During the therapy process of purifying or 
sorting our negative belief images, when an im¬ 
age arises in the energy system and begins to 
function dominantly, this center will probably 
spin counterclockwise, even if it is usually clock¬ 
wise. This therapy process brings the image to 
the fore and causes it to manifest in the life of 
the person. With therapeutic help, the person 
will understand and see the image clearly for 
what it is. The center will then turn around and 
will spin clockwise. Usually this type of counter¬ 
clockwise motion can be detected by the sea¬ 
soned therapist because of the unstable quality 
of feeling accompanied by the counterclockwise 
motion. It will be apparent to the therapist that 
this is not the normal state of affairs. For exam¬ 
ple, the chakra may even show a chaotic motion 
which tells the practitioner that an issue regard¬ 
ing one of his client's concepts of reality is 
strongly shaking the client's personality. 

At the back of the head, the mental execu¬ 
tive center (chakra 6B) is associated with imple¬ 
menting the creative ideas formulated through 
the center in the forehead. If the executive will 
center is open, one's ideas are followed with the 
appropriate action to cause them to materialize 
in the physical world. If it is not open, the per¬ 
son has a rough time bringing his ideas into fru¬ 

It is especially frustrating to have the front 
center (6A) open and the back one closed. One 
has many creative ideas, but they never seem to 
work out. There is usually an accompanying ex¬ 
cuse which blames the problem on the outer 
world. Usually this person simply needs train¬ 
ing on how to carry out, step-by-step, what he 
wants to accomplish. In doing this type of step- 
by-step work, a lot of feelings will emerge. "I 
can't stand to wait so long"; "I don't want to 
take responsibility for this happening"; "I don't 
want to test this idea in physical reality"; "1 
don't accept this long process of creation, I just 
want it to happen without so much work"; "You 
do the work. I'll be the idea man." This person 
probably lacked early training in how to take the 
simple steps in the physical world to accomplish 

Psychological Function of the Seven Major Chakras 79 

his chosen purpose. He is also probably resist¬ 
ant to being in physical reality and in the posi¬ 
tion of an apprentice. 

On the other hand, if this center is clockwise 
and the idea center is counterclockwise, we have 
an even more upsetting situation. Even if the 
person's basic concepts are not in reality, she 
will nevertheless proceed to carry the distorted 
concepts out with a certain amount of success. 
For example, if you believe this world is a nasty 
place where "everyone is out for himself so you 
just take what you want," and you have the abil¬ 
ity to do so because you know how to go about 
it, i.e., your executive will is functioning, then 
you may act like a criminal. In this case the 
heart is probably also clogged. Your life will 
prove your idea to a certain extent. You will be 
successful to a certain extent until you get 
caught. Or, with this kind of configuration you 
may try to make something happen that is sim¬ 
ply impossible to do in the physical world. Or, 
you may be the mover who carries out another 
person's ideas, whatever they are. 

The crown center (chakra 7) is related to the 
person's connection to his spirituality and the 

integration of his whole being, physical, emo¬ 
tional, mental and spiritual. If this center is 
closed, the person probably does not have an 
experiential connection to his spirituality. He 
probably does not have that "cosmic feeling" 
and does not understand what people are talk¬ 
ing about when they speak of their spiritual ex¬ 
periences. If this center is open, the person 
probably often experiences his spirituality in a 
very personal form, unique to that individual. 
This spirituality is not one defined by dogma or 
easily related with words. It is rather a state of 
being, a state of transcendence of the mundane 
reality into the infinite. It goes beyond the phys¬ 
ical world and creates in the individual a sense 
of wholeness, peace and faith, giving him a 
sense of purpose to his existence. 

Chapter 9 Review 

1. Describe the psychological function of each 

2. Explain what is meant by opened and closed 
chakras, as described in this chapter. 

Chapter 10 


There are several ways to discern the state of the 
chakras. In the beginning you will need to ex¬ 
plore which practice is easiest and most useful 
for you. 

The best way I have found to start sensing 
the states of the chakras is to use a pendulum. 
This device helps increase your sensitivities to 
the energy flow because it acts as an amplifier. 
The best pendulums I have found for this pur¬ 
pose are made of beechwood and are pear- 
shaped. They are one inch in diameter and one 
and a half inches long. Their energy field is dif¬ 
fused, easily permeated, and also pear-shaped. 
It is symmetrical around its vertical axis, which 
is important for this type of measurement. 
(Beechwood pendulums can be purchased from 
the Metaphysical Research Group, Archers' 
Court, Stonestile Lane, Hastings, Sussex, En¬ 

If you have developed some sensitivity in 
your hands, or enjoy touching, you can practice 
sensing the energy flowing in and out of the 
chakras through feeling them with your hands. 
This helps to get a sense of whether the energy 
is freeflowing or clogged, weak or strong. You 
can do the same thing with an acupuncture 
point by simply placing your fingertip over it. In 
this type of sensing, you may even get certain 
physical feeling responses in your own body 
that give you the information you wish to know. 

Eventually, after you develop your High 
Sense Perception to a greater degree, you may 

be able to simply look at the chakras to see how 
they are spinning (regularly or irregularly) and 
what their colors are (dark and clogged, washed 
out and weak, or clear, bright and of a strong 
tone). You may also be able to see if, and specifi¬ 
cally how, they are disfigured. You may eventu¬ 
ally be able to perceive them on each layer of the 
auric field. 

But first let us practice using the pendulum. 

Exercise to Diagnose Chakras 
with a Pendulum 

To measure the front chakras, ask your patient 
to lie on his back. To measure the back chakras, 
ask the patient to lie on his stomach. 

To measure the state of the chakra, hold the 
pendulum on a string about six inches long over 
the chakra and empty your mind of all bias as to 
the state of the chakra. (This is the hardest part 
and requires practice.) Be sure that the pendu¬ 
lum is as close to the body as possible without 
touching it. Your energy flows into the field of 
the pendulum to energize it. This combined 
field of the pendulum and your energy then in¬ 
teracts with the field of the subject, causing the 
pendulum to move. (See Figure 10-1.) It will 
probably move in a circular pattern, circumscrib¬ 
ing an imaginary circle above the body of your 
subject. It may move back and forth in an ellipti¬ 
cal movement or a straight line. It may move 


82 Hands of Light 

erratically. The size and direction of the pendu¬ 
lum movement indicates the amount and direc¬ 
tion of energy flowing through the chakra. 

Dr. John Pierrakos has found that a clock¬ 
wise movement of the pendulum denotes a psy- 
chodynamically open chakra. That means that 
the feelings and psychological experiences 
which are governed by and flow through that 
chakra are well balanced and full in that per¬ 
son's life. If the pendulum moves counterclock¬ 
wise, that chakra is psychodynamically closed, 
indicating a problem area in its corresponding 
psychological aspect. That means that the feel¬ 
ings and psychological experiences which are 
governed by a flow through that chakra are not 
balanced, because the energy is blocked, and 
probably the person has negative experiences 
associated with them. 

The size of the circle made by the pendulum 
is related to the chakra's strength and the 
amount of energy flowing through it. It is also 
related to the amount of energy the healer and 
the subject have that day. If a larger circle is cir¬ 
cumscribed by the pendulum, there is a lot of 
energy flowing through it. If the circle is small, 
there is less energy flowing through it. 

It is important to keep in mind that the size 
of the chakra is not the diameter of the circular 
figure circumscribed by the pendulum, but is in¬ 
dicated by it. The size of the pendulum's circle is 
a function of the interaction of all three fields, 
the field of the subject, therapist and pendu¬ 
lum, as mentioned earlier. If the energies of 
both people are low, all chakras will appear to be 
smaller. If the energies are high, all chakras will 
appear to be larger. One must focus on compari¬ 
son of the relative sizes among the chakras. 
Health is achieved by balancing the chakras to 
create an even flow of energy through them all. 
For health then, all chakras should be about the 
same size. 

There are many variations between the 
clockwise and counterclockwise basic forms that 
indicate various psychological states. Figure 10- 
2 is a table of the various shapes a pendulum 
circumscribes. Although at first glance this table 
may seem a bit complicated, it is really quite 
simple. Each movement circumscribed by the 
pendulum is a variation between the extremes of 

a fully open chakra (clockwise 6" diameter), C6, 
or a fully closed chakra, which is counterclock¬ 
wise, CC6. I rarely find diameters larger than 6 
inches unless the person is overusing a particu¬ 
lar chakra or is very open after a spiritual experi¬ 
ence, when most of the chakras are open. I have 
measured up to CIO (clockwise with a diameter 
of 10 inches). 

The only exception to falling between C6 
and CC6 is the completely still chakra (S) where 
the pendulum exhibits no movement at all. In 
this case, either the chakra is reversing its spin, 
or the individual has so overused or held down 
and blocked the particular psychological func¬ 
tioning associated with this chakra that it has 
ceased to spin altogether and no longer metabo¬ 
lizes any energy from the Universal Energy 
Field. This is a state that, if continued for very 
long, will most assuredly result in disease, since 
the body cannot function healthily without be¬ 
ing able to make use of outside energy. (See 
Chapter 15 on the relationship between illness 
and the chakras.) 

Any elliptical swing of the pendulum indi¬ 
cates a right/left side imbalance of energy flow 
in the body. The designations of left or right re¬ 
fer to the left or right sides of the patient's body, 
i.e., the pendulum swings upward to the left 
(CEL) or upwards towards the right (CER) side 
of the patient's body. This also indicates that one 
side of the body is stronger than the other. The 
right side (CER, CCER) represents the active, 
aggressive, "masculine" or yang nature. The left 
side (CEL, CCEL) represents the passive, recep¬ 
tive, "feminine" or yin nature of the personality. 
When the pendulum circumscribes an ellipse 
slanted up toward the right side of the subject's 
body, Dr. John Pierrakos has observed that the 
personality has its masculine aspect more devel¬ 
oped than the feminine. This person will proba¬ 
bly be "overactive" in the sense that he would 
be aggressive in moments when receptivity is; 
more appropriate. This will happen with regardj 
to issues directly related to the area of psychoH 
logical functioning governed by the particular; 
chakra which exhibits elliptical motion. ? 

In any chakra where the elliptical pendulurri 
swing is up toward the left (CEL, CCEL), the 
person is more likely to be passive in situations 

Healer's energy field 

Figure 10-1: Dowsing Chakra with a Pendulum 

84 Hands of Light 

Figure 10-2 







clockwise, 6" diameter 

Open and harmonious with clear 
perception of reality. 


clockwise, elliptical, right, 

3" diameter 

Open. Active/receptive split with active 
side of personality more developed than 
receptive. Perception of reality biased 
toward active, masculine or yang side of 


clockwise, elliptical, left 3" 

Open. Active/receptive split with 
receptive side more developed. 
Perception of reality biased toward 
receptive, feminine or yin side of 



clockwise, elliptical, vertical, 

3' diameter 

Open. With some upward displacement 
of energy toward the spiritual to avoid 
interaction with people. 


clockwise, elliptical, 
horizontal, 6 " diameter 

Open. With some compacting and 
holding down of energy to avoid 
energetic interaction with people. 



counterclockwise, 6" 

Closed and inharmonious, with active 
projections of reality. 



counterclockwise, elliptical, 
right, 3" diameter 

Closed. Split, aggressive aspect more 
developed than passive with projection 
of a passive, yang biased reality. 


counterclockwise, elliptical, 
left 2 " diameter 

Closed. Split, passive aspect more 
developed than aggressive with 
projection of an aggressive biased 


counterclockwise, elliptical, 
vertical, 3" diameter 

Closed. With upward displacement of 
energy toward the spiritual to avoid 
interaction with people. 


counterclockwise, elliptical, 
horizontal, 5' diameter 

Closed. Some holding down and 
compacting energy to avoid energetic 
interaction with people. 



Vertical, 6 ” swing 

Moving feelings and energy toward the 
spiritual to avoid personal interaction. 



Horizontal, 4" swing 

Holding energy flow and feelings down 
to avoid personal interactions. Strong 
block indicated. 

* Remember that the figure symbols are drawn as you are looking at the front of the patient's body. 

Chakra or Energy Center Diagnosis 85 

Figure 10-2, Continued 





Right, 3' swing 

Severe aggressive/passive split, 
aggressive side more developed than 



Left, 4* swing 

Severe aggressive/passive split, passive 
side more developed than aggressive. 




Chakra not functioning at all, will lead 
to pathology in physical body. 


Clockwise, elliptical, axis 
shift, 5" diameter 

Tremendous change taking place in 
person who is actively and deeply 
working on the issues involved. 

Probably preoccupied with relevant 
issues as defined by chakra function. 
Sensitive chaos. 



Counterclockwise, elliptical, 
axis shifting, 6" diameter 

Same as CEAS, with negative chaos. 

* Remember that the figure symbols are drawn as you are looking at the front of the patient's body. 

related to issues involved with the particular 
psychological aspects governed by that chakra. 
For example, if the will center between the 
shoulder blades (4B) reads passive (elliptical to¬ 
wards upper left), the person will be unable to 
reach out for what he wants. This person will 
remain passive when aggressive action is called 
for. This person will wait for someone else to do 
it, or someone else to give it to him. He will also 
not be able to stand up for his rights or his turn. 
Many times, a false humility is held up as the 
reason this person remains passive, but the 
truth is that he is afraid to be aggressive, usually 
due to some very deep images about what it 
means to be aggressive. 

The image about aggression comes directly 
from childhood experience. For example, a child 
may have had a very aggressive father, who 
would overpower or humiliate the child every 
time he reached out for what he wanted. This 
convinced the child that reaching out for what 
he wanted was not a good way to get what he 
wanted. Children are very creative, so the child 
probably experimented with ways of getting 
what he wanted, or at least of getting something 

as compensation for what he wanted. Whatever 
way works is what the child will adopt as natu¬ 
ral behavior. He will continue this behavior until 
it no longer works well in his life. Unfortunately, 
the habit is hard to break, and changing to find 
new ways takes work, because aggression is 
seen primarily as negative. Usually under all the 
passivity is a very hostile aggressive component 
of the personality that would like to blast out 
feelings without restraint and take what it 
wants. If this is done repeatedly in a therapeutic 
setting, the person will eventually be able to in¬ 
tegrate his healthy aggression with the rest of 
his personality. This aggressive work needs to 
be done simultaneously with work that turns 
passivity into healthy receptivity. 

The more the circular movement of the pen¬ 
dulum is distorted above any given chakra, the 
more severe is the psychological distortion. The 
most severe right/left split is shown by the back 
and forth movement of the pendulum at a 45 
degree angle to the vertical axis of the body (R3, 
L4 of Figure 10-2). The larger the pendulum 
movement, the greater the amount of energy 
contained in the distortion. For example, an R6 

86 Hands of Light 

measurement for chakra 4B indicates that the 
person will simply and aggressively take what 
he wants, no matter what the circumstances are. 

The same general rule for measuring sever¬ 
ity holds true of the back and forth pendulum 
swing which is either vertical (parallel to the 
body's vertical axis [V]) or horizontal (perpen¬ 
dicular to the body's vertical axis [H]). The verti¬ 
cal aspect indicates that the individual is 
diverting energy upward toward the vertical, 
which means he's avoiding personal interaction. 
The horizontal pendulum movement indicates 
the individual is holding down and compacting 
the energy flow and feelings to avoid personal 
interaction. For example, a pendulum reading of 
V5 at chakra 3A indicates that the person is foc¬ 
using his personal connection toward the verti¬ 
cal and spirituality, and avoiding a personal 
relationship with another human being. He de¬ 
fines who he is in the universe from the point of 
view of a spiritual belief and cuts out the aspect 
of being connected to another human being. 
Whereas a pendulum reading of H5 for the 
same chakra would indicate that the person is 
not connecting to anyone, not on the spiritual 
level, not on the human level. This could lead to 
personal isolation. This particular motion could 
go into a still chakra (S) from underuse and 
compaction. Strong physical psychodynamic 
work is needed in such a case. 

When an individual is focusing his psycho¬ 
logical work on a particular aspect of his being, 
either from deciding to do so from an inner 
place or forced to from some outside circum¬ 
stance, the particular chakra or chakras involved 
will probably display chaotic or asymmetrical 
movement (CEAS, CCEAS) as in Figure 10-2. 
This movement will cause the pendulum to 
swing chaotically, usually exhibiting elliptical 
motion combined with a shifting axis. At first, 
this movement may confuse the beginner; how¬ 
ever, if the pendulum is held over the chakra for 
a longer period of time, the axis shift will be 
observable. The circumscribed pattern of the 
pendulum will look like the last two items in 
Figure 10-2. Whenever this type of movement is 
observed, the therapist knows a lot is going on 
in the client. It is time to work deeply on the 
issues involved, but at the same time giving the 

client a lot of personal time and space to do his 
own self examination/transformation. If he can 
take a few days off from work at this time and be 
undisturbed by his daily routine, he will be able 
to make the best of this period of great personal 
change. I have regularly observed this phenom¬ 
enon in people undergoing deep personal trans¬ 
formation work in weeklong intensive retreats. 

As the therapist becomes more proficient in 
use of the pendulum, he will begin to observe 
more "qualities" in his measurements. The rate 
of swing (how fast the pendulum moves) indi¬ 
cates the amount of energy being metabolized 
through the chakra. With practice, the therapist 
can also "pick up" qualities such as tightness, 
tension, exuberance, heaviness, sadness, grief, 
peacefulness and clarity. A fast swing can be fast 
and tight, indicating overwork, tension and 
pressure in that area. A fast swing can also be 
combined with an exuberant feeling, indicating 
a lot of positive aggression in that area. Thus, by 
developing more acute senses to the quality of 
the energy flowing through the chakra, the ther¬ 
apist can be better informed about the client's 
state. He can tell how stable a chakra is, approxi¬ 
mately how long it has been in the state it is in, 
whether it changes back and forth between two 
states, and more. A chakra may be open 20% of 
the time, or 80% of the time. This can be 
"picked up" by the sensitively trained therapist. 
This, of course, takes practice with verification. 

Chakras go through different phases as they 
change from closed to open through the inten¬ 
sive work in therapy. The process of changing 
one's belief system redirects chakra movement. 
A chakra that is continually closed at a large 
diameter (CC6) will sometimes, over a period of 
time, decrease its diameter, turn around and 
then increase its diameter in the harmonious di¬ 
rection until it becomes C6. Or, more often a 
CC6 chakra, say in the heart or solar plexus, 
may, within as little as five minutes of deep cry¬ 
ing, turn around to C6. This type of change will 
not hold long, but, as the person continues his 
work over a long period of time, the chakra 
tends to stay "open" longer each time it is 
opened. This increases its overall percentage 
time of harmonious functioning, and the person 
will feel himself being happy for longer periods 

Chakra or Energy Center Diagnosis 87 

of time. Over a long time, the chakra will stabi¬ 
lize to the open position and will rarely close. 
The individual usually then moves on in his 
process to work on the next disharmoniously 
functioning chakra that interferes with his daily 

I have found that when a chronically closed 
chakra opens during a therapy session, it is 
common that another chakra that is usually 
open will close briefly in compensation. The 
personality is not able to tolerate the new 
"opened" state without some degree of imag¬ 
ined "protection" in the beginning. 

Intensive Retreat Case Study 

Now let us examine the chakra configurations 
actually measured in a case. This is a woman 
who came to the Phoenicia Pathwork Center in 
Phoenicia, New York, on two separate occasions 
to do a weeklong retreat that included very in¬ 
tensive work on herself. The first was in 1979, 
and the second in 1981. The second time she 
came, it was with her new husband, and they 
did very intensive couples work. The chakra 
measurements were taken before the week's 
work started, and then again after the week's 
work was completed. All measurements were 
taken when the woman was in a very quiet state 
and had been for some time. They are shown in 
Figure 10-3. To interpret these readings you will 
need to use both Figures 7-3 and 9-1 and Figure 
10-2 of this chapter on the meaning of each cha¬ 

As you can see from the readings, the most 
harmoniously functioning centers are those of 
the reason, next those of feeling, the worst those 
of the will. This means that she has a fine mind, 
which functions well, especially in its concepts 
of reality (6A) and in the integration of her per¬ 
sonality and spirituality (7). 

Her mental executive will center (6B) has a 
right/left split most of the time, meaning that 
she tends to be aggressive when it is more ap¬ 
propriate to be receptive in any given situation 
that is related to carrying out her ideas in a step- 
by-step fashion. She will decide what to do and 
proceed to do it in a step-by-step way, regardless 

Figure 10-3 














center (7) 





will (6B) 





will (5B) 

Outer ego 





will (4B) 






wfll (3B) 






will (2B) 

















Loving (4A) 






knowing (3A) 





sexual (2A) 





of whether or not it is time to start. When she 
arrived for her first retreat, this center was ag¬ 
gressive. By the time the first reheat was over, 
this center had calmed down, was no longer ag¬ 
gressive, but rather was still. This configuration 
of stillness did not hold or change to harmony 
as it often does over time. Two years later, when 
she came back, the center was again aggressive; 
and it did not change during the second retreat. 
At the time of the last reading, she still had a 
problem with being over aggressive when carry¬ 
ing out her ideas. This was the only case of no 
change in her chakras. All the other chakras 
were balanced by the end of the second retreat. 

Her other will centers showed problems, 
too, with each one of them not functioning at 
one or another time during the weeks involved. 
When she arrived in 1979, chakras 5B, 3B and 

88 Hands of Light 

2B were not functioning properly. This means 
that she was negatively aggressive in terms of 
pride (chakra 5B), self-destructiveness (chakra 
3B) and dampening her sexual power. She 
dampened her sexual power by splitting the en¬ 
ergy flow in chakra 2B into four parts (the pen¬ 
dulum showed four distinct and separate circles) 
and using it in negative ways, such as fights 
with her ex-husband. After the first retreat, the 
only improvement in her will functioning was in 
the area of pride, which had let down and be¬ 
come positive functioning in the area of her pro¬ 
fession (5B). It still had an overactive 
component, which took the place of the pride 
used to compensate for feelings of inadequacy 
in that area. When she came to the second re¬ 
treat two years later, she still carried with her 
the same issues of will. These got resolved dur¬ 
ing the course of the second intensive retreat, 
and all the will centers started to function nor¬ 

The feeling centers showed some difficulties, 
but not as much as the will. The heart center 
(4A) remained open throughout both years. 
(She is very good at loving.) The throat center 
(5A) showed trouble with taking in nourishment 
and an aggressive denial of her needs. This soft¬ 
ened by the end of the first week, and when she 
came back in two years, it had been resolved, 
mostly through establishing a very sweet rela¬ 
tionship with the man she loves. On the other 
hand, the solar plexus center (3A), which relates 
to who you are in the universe, was closed 
when she first came. It opened during her re¬ 
treat, but in the second year period, between 
retreats, it closed again. By the end of the sec¬ 
ond retreat, it was open again and metabolizing 
more energy. 

You will note that her sexual power center 
cleared when her relationship with the man she 
loves became more stable and clearly defined 
through the work in the couples retreat. 

During the first retreat, she opened her feel¬ 
ing centers and began to feel safe in the univer¬ 
sal world of feelings. In the second retreat. 

having done a lot of work on the feeling centers, 
which were not as blocked as the will centers, 
she was able to deeply confront her misuse of 
her will and rebalance it. As you can see from 
the readings, most of the chakras showed large 
diameters, which means that the person pos¬ 
sessing this energy system has a lot of power. 

It is interesting to note that the crown, third 
eye and heart centers all remained open through 
the two year period. This means that she is very 
connected to her spirituality, conceptual reality, 
and is capable of loving. The overall picture of 
her personality is that her primary clear func¬ 
tion is reason and that she compensates for and 
defends against vulnerable feelings with the 
will, which is too aggressive. 

As I said earlier, by the end of the second 
retreat, all centers except the executive will cen¬ 
ter were functioning well. As long as they stay 
that way, she will be balanced in her reason, will 
and emotional functions and will lead a more 
happy and balanced life. 

Chapter 10 Review 

1. What does a pendulum reading at C6 mean 
for the front aspect of the fourth chakra? 

2. What does a pendulum reading of CC5 mean 
for the rear aspect of the third chakra? 

3. What does a pendulum reading of V6 mean 
for the front aspect of chakra 2? 

4. What does a pendulum reading of CC4 mean 
for the front fifth chakra, physically as well as 

5. What does a pendulum reading of H5 mean 
for the rear aspect of chakra 2? 

Food For Thought 

6. If you work with someone to open their heart 
and sex centers and you succeed, why might 
they dose their solar plexus chakra? Is that 

Chapter 11 


The aura is really the "missing link" between 
biology and physical medicine and psychother¬ 
apy. It's the "place" where all the emotions, 
thoughts, memories and behavior patterns we 
discuss so endlessly in therapy are located. 
They're not just suspended somewhere in our 
imaginations, but they are located in time and 
space. Thoughts and emotions move between 
people in time and space through the human 
energy field, and learning about it is the way to 
get a handle on this activity. Let's look at some 
of the fluid energy flows of auras as people 
move through their daily lives and then in ther¬ 
apy sessions. We will concentrate on the colorful 
moving forms of the lower four layers of the 
aura and return to our discussion of chakras in a 
later chapter. 

Perceiving Colors in the Field 

When one first starts to read auras, the meaning 
of the colors may not be understood directly. 
Then, with practice, general meaning of colors 
will become dear. When the practitioner has 
more sensitivity through using her gift, she will 
also read the meaning of the colors she per¬ 
ceives. (Color will be discussed in detail in 
Chapter 23.) 

One of the earliest "explosions" of the hu¬ 
man energy field I observed remains one of the 
most vivid. In 1972 during a bioenergetics- 

primal scream intensive workshop, I watched 
Linda light up like a Christmas tree as she 
screamed about the death of her father from 
cancer. Bright beams of red, yellow, orange and 
some blues streamed from her head. I blinked 
my eyes, but it didn't go away. I squinted; I 
moved around the room; I looked for the after¬ 
image. The phenomenon was still there. I was 
seeing something. I could no longer deny the 
many experiences I had had observing apparent 
colors around people's heads. I began observing 
the phenomenon more closely. 

As I slowly became more proficient at seeing 
the aura, I started trying to correlate my findings 
with the personal state of each subject. I found 
that people flash bright colors when they are en¬ 
gaged in feelings or actions. When they are 
quiet, the auric field returns to a stable "nor¬ 
mal" state for that person. 

In general I have found that the "normal" or 
"quiescent" aura looks like Figure 7-1. It has a 
dark bluish-purple or clear pulsating layer out to 
one quarter inch or as much as one and a half 
inches from the skin. It is constantly pulsating at 
the rate of about 15 pulses per minute. The pul¬ 
sations usually form a wave-like motion down 
the arms, legs and torso. First it is surrounded 
by a light blue to gray hazy layer which is much 
brighter close to the body and fades with dis¬ 
tance from the body. The blue color generally 
turns to a yellow color around the head at about 
three to four inches in distance. There are usu- 


90 Hands of Light 

ally streamers of the lighter blue coming off the 
fingertips and toes and out of the top of the 
head. I have found that most people are able to 
see the streamers off the tips of the fingers with 
a few minutes practice and clear instructions. 
Although most of the time these streamers are 
blue, their colors vary in the red and purple ar¬ 
eas also. They may be any color. 

Exercises to Observe Other 
People's Auras 

Now that you have done the exercises in Chap¬ 
ter 7 observing the aura at your fingertips, let's 
look at other people's auras. 

Again use a darkened room—later evening 
light, not real dark. You should be able to see 
each other's faces quite easily. Ask your friend 
to stand in front of a plain white wall or a 
screen. Make sure you do not have any lights 
that you may accidentally look into. You want to 
relax your eyes. 

To see the aura, you want to use your night¬ 
time vision, as when you are walking in the 
dark and you notice that you can see things bet¬ 
ter if you do not look directly at them. You are 
using the rods rather than the cones in your eye. 
The rods are much more sensitive to low light 
levels than the cones, which are for daytime and 
bright color use. 

Look at the area of space either near the top 
of your friend's head or at the neck-shoulder 
area. Unfocus your eyes so that you are looking 
at an area of space rather than a fine line. As 
you softly gaze at a space four to six inches deep 
around the head, allow the light to come into 
your eyes. Create a sensation of allowing some¬ 
thing to come into your eyes, rather than your 
eyes reaching out to grasp something as they 
sometimes do when you try hard to see some¬ 
thing. Give yourself plenty of time. Do this with 
other people, preferably with someone who 
sees auras so that you can correlate what you 

You may think you see something, and as 
soon as you do, it will be gone before you can 
even say, "That's it!" Make sure that if you look 

away at a blank spot on the wall, you do not see 
the same thing. That is the afterimage effect, in 
which your eye will hold an image due to a com¬ 
plementary color effect or bright contrast inten¬ 
sity. The auric phenomenon is very fast and 
doesn't stay. It pulsates. You may see it flow 
down the arm or flash a color upward and out of 
the field. You may see a haze around the body 
that does not look exciting. Don't be disap¬ 
pointed; this is only the beginning. 

Pick up a pair of aura goggles at the local 
holistic book store and follow the instructions 
you find in them. They help you develop your 
ability to see and have a cumulative effect on the 
sensitivity of the eye. Cobalt blue glass is the 
best color, but hard to get. Most aura goggles 
are dark purple and work fine. 

Don't do any of these exercises too long; you 
will find yourself getting very tired after a while. 
I have found that a group of people get very 
excited when they first see something; then as 
they continue, doubts come in and each per¬ 
son's energy system tires. Soon you have a 
room full of very quiet, tired people. So just do 
a little every day. And check out what you have 
seen with the illustrations and descriptions that 

If a person has a strong feeling, his quies¬ 
cent aura will suddenly be permeated with an¬ 
other color and form correlating to his emotional 
state. Then, after the feeling tones down, the 
aura regains its original general appearance. The 
length of time this takes varies with the individ¬ 
ual and depends on several factors. If the per¬ 
son has not released the feeling, it will remain in 
his aura (usually faded) until he does. If he re¬ 
leases part of the feeling, that part will be re¬ 
leased. The colors and forms may rapidly flash 
and move out of the auric field, or they may 
simply fade away over a period of a few minutes 
or even a few weeks. They may even be colored 
over or masked by other colors and forms in a 
layered effect. Some forms, which I will discuss 
later, stay in the aura for years. Every thought, 
feeling, and experience a person has affects and 
changes his aura. Some effect always remains. 

Figure 11-1A shows the normal aura of a 
man. As he sings (Figure 11-1B), his aura ex¬ 
pands and brightens. Bright lightning-like 

Observations of Auras in Therapy Sessions 91 

flashes and sparks of iridescent blue-violet move 
off just after the movement of inhaling, before 
he starts each new line. As the audience be¬ 
comes more attentive, its general aura expands. 
Great arcs of light reach out from the singer 
to the audience, and the two auras connect. 
Mutual forms begin to build as feelings flow be¬ 
tween performer and audience. These energy- 
consciousness forms relate in structure and 
color to the mutual thoughts and feelings of the 
group and the music being created. At the end 
of the song, these forms are disconnected and 
broken up by the applause, which acts as an 
eraser to wipe the field clean for the next crea¬ 
tion. Both performer and audience are ener¬ 
gized by absorbing the energy created by the 
music. Some of this energy will be internalized 
to break blocks held in the body; some of it will 
be used for the next creation. 

As another person lectures on his favorite 
subject, his aura expands and becomes yellow- 
gold with silvery-gold or iridescent blue sparks, 
shown in Figure 11-1C. The same speaker- 
audience phenomenon occurs, this time with an 
emphasis on the mental energies, which show 
up as yellow-gold. After the lecture, his aura re¬ 
mains expanded for some time, as he is high 
from his work. There has been a mutual ex¬ 
change of energy consciousness. Some of the 
audience now vibrates more at his level. Figure 
11-ID shows the aura of a man speaking with 
passion about education. Those who listen will 
probably pick up some of his pink-maroon color. 
This occurs by a process of raising one's own 
vibrations to his level through harmonious in¬ 
duction. Love glows as a soft beautiful rose in 
the aura. It sometimes also has gold with it. 
Spiritual feelings have a range of colors: blue for 
the speaker of truth, purple for spirituality and 
silvery gold for purity. 

People sometimes radiate colors similar to 
those they like to wear. Figure 11-1E shows a 
woman after leading a core energetics class (a 
physical exercise class focused on bringing out 
feelings to help understand their psycho¬ 
dynamics). This green, which she wears often, 
is associated with physical health and healing. 
In another example, Figure 11-1F shows a man 
who often radiates a lilac color which corres¬ 

ponds to one of his favorite shirts. This color 
appears to correlate with loving feelings and 
softness in him. Figure 11-1G shows a woman 
meditating to increase the energy in her field, 
which displayed many colors, some of which 
trickled down her front in fluid motion. Her will 
center between the shoulder blades was parti¬ 
ally visible. 

When a woman gets pregnant, her field ex¬ 
pands and becomes much brighter. Figure 11- 
1H shows a woman about six months pregnant 
with a girl. The mother-to-be has beautiful soft 
balls of blue, pink, yellow and green rolling over 
each other down her shoulders. 

These are only a few examples of how the 
human energy field is bound up with and inher¬ 
ently connected to everything we see occurring 
on a purely physical and psychological level. 

Anger and Other 
Negative Emotions 

Red has always been associated with anger. 
However, one day my very happy, energetic 11- 
year-old son, full of joy while playing, looked 
like Figure 11-1A, with bright red and orange 
streamers radiating from his head. The quality 
of the color red is what denotes anger. Bright 
red orange is not anger; it is related to vibrant 
life force. The full-blown reaction of the woman 
in the primal scream workshop is depicted in 
Figure 11-2B. She is having a large number of 
feelings all at once, which accounts for so many 
colors. They are of high intensity, which shows 
in the aura as brightness and the strong rays 
emitted off the body in straight lines. 

Someone who is angry has a dark red color. 
When this anger is expressed, it shoots off the 
person in flashes like bolts of lightning or round 
sparks that move away from the person, as 
shown in Figure 11-2C. I have seen this many 
times in groups and sessions. 

In contrast. Figure 11-2D shows an example 
in which the person did not release her anger 
and pain. As the red spot emerged from the 
throat area, it slowly moved outward. A mo¬ 
ment later the group leader made a comment to 

92 Hands of Light 

her that was, in my opinion, hurtful. At this 
point, the red spot quickly moved back toward 
her body and into her heart area. When it hit 
her heart, she started crying. The crying was not 
of the cathartic type. It was rather "poor me, the 
victim." My interpretation of this event is that 
she had stabbed herself in her heart with her 
own anger. 

Fear, on the other hand, has a whitish-gray, 
prickly appearance in the aura, as in white with 
fear. It is very unpleasant looking and has a re¬ 
pulsive odor. Envy appears to be dark, dirty 
green and sticky, as in "green with envy" Sad¬ 
ness is dark gray and heavy as in the cartoons of 
people with dark clouds over their head. Frus¬ 
tration and irritability will probably have dark 
reddish tones (red with anger), but are mostly 
apparent from their irregular vibrations that beat 
against another person's energy field, causing 
very unpleasant sensations. Usually one's 
friends react to this interference by trying to 
elicit a direct expression of negative feelings, 
which are much more pleasant to deal with. For 
example, one will say, "Are you angry?" An¬ 
other will blurt out angrily, "No!" Thus some of 
this annoying interference is released. 

Effect of Drugs on the Aura 

Drugs like LSD, marijuana, cocaine and alcohol 
are detrimental to the brilliant, healthy colors of 
the aura and create "etheric mucus," as does 
disease. Figure 11-2E shows the effect of snort¬ 
ing cocaine on one person's aura. Every time he 
would snort cocaine on Saturday night, at his 
Tuesday afternoon session he would have a lot 
of gray, sticky etheric mucus on the right side of 
his face and head, while the left side would re¬ 
main relatively clear. I asked him if he used one 
nostril more than the other; he thought not. My 
repeated confrontations—I could tell whenever 
he did it—and a graphic description of his 
"etheric snot" helped him stop this habit. 

Figure 11-2F shows an aura of a man who 
had taken many LSD trips and drunk a lot of 
alcohol. The aura is dirty greenish-brown. The 
dirty green spot, which slowly moved down¬ 
ward and was not released, correlated to his 

mixed, undifferentiated, withheld feelings of an¬ 
ger, envy and pain. Had he been able to sepa¬ 
rate these feelings, understand their basis, 
express and release them. I'm sure the spot 
would have separated into brighter clearer 
shades of the corresponding colors—red, green 
and gray—and then moved off. However, due to 
the amount of dark contamination of his field, 
this man has a lot of energetic cleansing to do to 
remove his etheric mucus before he can raise his 
energy level high enough to clarify and move 
his feelings. 

An "Apparent" Weight 
in the Aura 

Figure 11-2G shows a man who also had in¬ 
dulged for years in drugs like LSD and mari¬ 
juana, with the resulting dirty green aura. The 
waste from these experiences appears in the up¬ 
per right. It appears to exhibit weight because 
he always held his head at an angle which 
seemed to balance the form. This form always 
remained in the same position, week after week. 
When I pointed it out to him, he was able to see 
it. (He used a mirror.) In order to remove this 
form, he would also (in addition to what has 
already been mentioned) have to get off drugs 
and cleanse his field. In addition to bodywork, I 
recommend fasting and a cleansing diet. He 
would then be able to increase his energy field 
strength and be able to break into this accumu¬ 
lated waste to dissipate it. . 

An interesting display of "apparent" weight 
associated with mucous consistency is shown in 
Figure 11-2H. This woman had been a "good 
girl" type for years and finally just reached her 
rebelliousness. She stopped being so "nice" and 
got very angry during her session. She knocked 
down the chairs in the room and even stomped 
on the tissue box, tearing it to pieces. She left 
the session feeling liberated. However, the next 
week she contracted and withdrew very deeply 
and came into my office with a terrible head¬ 
ache. She moved carefully and held her shoul¬ 
ders up around her ears. At this point, I 
observed a large "blob" of mucus on top of her 
head. Apparently the mucus had been released 

Observations of Auras in Therapy Sessions 93 

in the earlier session and had accumulated 
there. (The phenomenon of toxin release from 
bioenergetic work is well known. Strong en¬ 
ergy flow releases toxins held in the tissues. 
Sometimes people get "sick" after deep work. 
That sickness is called the "Flukey Flu") My 
client was no longer "rebellious" but now ex¬ 
hibited the rather masochistic behavior of self¬ 
punishment. I suggested starting the session 
with physical movement. I asked her to bend 
forward in a kind of whipping motion with her 
upper half. As she did so, the mucus ball 
sprang forward, extending about two and a half 
feet in front of her. She started to fall forward as 
if from a large weight (Figure 11-2H). She 
caught herself, and then the mucus sprang back 
to her head as if pulled by elastic. She almost 
fell over backwards. She was too afraid to repeat 
the movement, so we did a lot of bodywork foc¬ 
using on feeling her legs, standing firmly on her 
feet, and feeling connected to the earth support¬ 
ing her. This process is called grounding. By the 
end of the session the mucus had distributed 
itself in a thin layer over her body. Her headache 
was gone. It took several weeks of bodywork to 
rid her of the entire mucus layer. 

Exercise to Experience Apparent 
Weight of the Energy Field 

An exercise done often in Aikido classes will 
help you have an experience of the effect of 
weight in the aura. 

Have two people stand on each of your 
sides. They are going to try to pick you up by 
grasping your upper arm at the top and at the 
bottom. When they pick you up for all of these 
exercises, make sure that they do it in a way that 
lifts you straight up, rather than pushing you to 
one side first—that may break your roots. 

First do it for practice to see how heavy you 
feel. Sense how easy/difficult it is for them to 
pick you up. Now take some time to send your 
energy field upward. Think "up"; focus on the 
ceiling. When you have a good focus that you 
can keep there, ask them to try to pick you up. 
Was it easier? 

Now give yourself time to focus on increas¬ 
ing your connection with the ground. Grow 
roots from your fingertips and the bottom of 
your feet into the - ground and deep into the 
earth. Concentrate on the strong and powerful 
energetic connection you have with the ground. 
When you have a very good focus, ask them to 
pick you up again. Are you heavier and harder 
to pick up? Probably. 

"Dissociated Thought Forms" 
in the Aura 

In the course of my years of bioenergetic prac¬ 
tice, I have observed a phenomenon which 1 re¬ 
fer to as moving spaces of reality. These 
"spaces" 1 find similar to those described in the 
study of topography, where a given "set" or 
"domain" contains a set of characteristics which 
then define the mathematical operations that are 
possible within that domain. In terms of psy¬ 
chodynamics, there exist "spaces of reality" or 
"belief systems" containing groups of thought 
forms which are associated with conceptions 
and misconceptions of reality. Each thought 
form contains its own definitions of reality, such 
as, all men are cruel; love is weak; being in con¬ 
trol is safe and strong. From my observations, as 
people move through daily experience they also 
move through different "spaces" or levels of re¬ 
ality defined by these groups of thought forms. 
The world is experienced differently in each 
group or space of reality. 

These thought forms are energetic, observ¬ 
able realities which radiate colors at various in¬ 
tensities. Their intensity and definition of form 
are a result of the energy or importance a person 
has given them. Thought forms are created, 
built and maintained by their owners through 
habitual thoughts. The more definite and clear 
the thoughts, the more definite the form. The 
nature and strength of emotions associated with 
the thoughts give the form its color, intensity 
and power. These thoughts may or may not be 
conscious. For example, a thought form can be 
built from constantly thinking of a fear like 
"He's going to leave me." The creator of the 

94 Hands of Light 

thought form will act as if it is going to happen. 
The energy field of the thought form will affect 
the field of the person it is about in a negative 
way. It will probably have the effect of pushing 
the person away. The more this is given power, 
by putting energy into it either consciously or 
unconsciously, the more effective it will be in 
creating the feared result. Usually these thought 
forms are so naturally a part of the personality 
that the individual doesn't even notice them. 
They begin to form in childhood and are based 
on a child's reasoning, then integrated into the 
personality. They are like extra baggage a person 
carries about within himself, not noticing their 
effect, which is very great. These conglomerate 
thought forms, or belief systems, attract many 
"effects" in one's outer reality. 

Since these forms are not deeply buried in 
the unconscious but are on the edge of the con¬ 
sciousness, they can be retrieved through such 
methods as Core Energetic bodywork, word as¬ 
sociation games and meditation. When the 
forms are brought to the focus of the conscious¬ 
ness by expressing the feelings associated with 
them and releasing those feelings, they are then 
possible to change. This process allows a clearer 
view of the assumptions about reality which 
make up the forms. When the invalid assump¬ 
tions (remember they are based on logic from 
childhood) are uncovered, seen and released, 
they can be replaced by a more mature, clear 
view of reality, which in turn leads to the crea¬ 
tion of positive life experiences. 

Within some personalities, these forms are 
interconnected and the person's consciousness 
is rarely immersed totally in one space without 
being aware of most of the others, so the person 
maintains a high degree of integration in his 
daily life. 

On the other hand, a different type of per¬ 
sonality may flow from one space of reality to 
the other with alacrity, but may not be aware of 
any connectedness between them. He may not 
be able to integrate or understand this dynamic 
flow and thus lives in confusion, especially 
when a particular chronic cyclical flow is trig¬ 
gered off internally. He may then be caught in 
an automatic sequential flow from one thought 

to the next while remaining hopelessly entan¬ 
gled and unable to free himself from this 
chronic cycle until the whole thing is played 

He may then move to a different state of re¬ 
ality only because the cyclical action of the 
thought form has exhausted all of the available 
energy. He will not know how he moved out of 
the cyclical pattern and, therefore, will probably 
be unable to extricate himself from the cycle the 
next time it is triggered. These states of reality 
can be euphoric, as in the state in which a per¬ 
son thinks he will accomplish great things and 
become famous or rich but he is not aware of the 
tremendous amount of practical work ahead of 
him before he can attain such a goal. Or it may 
be an opposite effect, in which the person sees 
himself in a much worse a state than is the case. 
In either state, he is not in truth about himself 
or his life situation. In both states he is probably 
seeing a part of himself and exaggerating it. He 
may have the potential to create all the great 
things he sees for himself in the first state, but 
much work and time is needed. On the other 
hand, in the second negative state, he sees the 
parts of himself that he needs to change, but 
forgets that change is possible. 

William Butler, in his book How to Read the 
Aura, has observed that particular thought 
forms remain stationary in the energy field until 
triggered by an internal or external energy in¬ 
put . These forms then move through the aura in 
a chronic sequence but are not released. They 
simply play themselves out and become dor¬ 
mant until gaining enough energy to move 
again. Thought forms gain energy through the 
individual's habitual semi-conscious thoughts 
and related feelings. They also gain energy by 
attracting similar thoughts and feelings from 
other people. In other words, if you continually 
judge yourself about something, your actions 
and feelings will follow your judgments and 
soon, through both, the people you know will 
get the picture and agree with you, thus send¬ 
ing you energy in the form of their thoughts and 
feelings about you which agree with yours. For 
example, if you keep telling yourself that you are 
dumb, unworthy, ugly or fat, soon others will 

Observations of Auras in Therapy Sessions 95 

agree with you. This energy is added to your 
personal stockpile until your thought form has 
enough energy (reaching critical mass) to be 
triggered. You will then fall into a state in which 
you are convinced you are dumb, ugly, unwor¬ 
thy, or fat, until the energy in the thought form 
is dissipated for the time being. Or you may, of 
course, attract an external event which will trig¬ 
ger it with an explosion of energy. In either case, 
the process is the same. Such a trigger is not 
necessarily negative, for if the individual is in a 
therapeutic process, he may be able to break out 
of his chronic cycle and break up the cyclical 
form substantially enough to handle it very well 
the next time it gets triggered. 

If the therapist is able to perceive these reali¬ 
ties and describe them or help the client de¬ 
scribe them, then the therapist may be able to 
help the client free himself as he moves from 
one reality to the next. The therapist's descrip¬ 
tion of each reality state, as the client is experi¬ 
encing it, will give the client an overview of the 
whole process. This overview will help the cli¬ 
ent create for himself an inner objective ob¬ 
server, who can also define each space as he 
goes in and out of it. From this work, the client 
and therapist will then be able to define more 
clearly the client's chronic cycle and find a way 
out of it together. They can then find a mode to 
break it next time it starts. 

For example, when a particularly schizoid 
client (see Chapter 13) is stuck in such a form, I 
simply go to the blackboard and start drawing 
and labeling these forms the moment he ex¬ 
presses them. As he repeats thoughts out loud, 
I draw an arrow from the previous thought to 
the one being expressed. Soon all the cyclical 
thoughts are depicted on the board. The outer 
surface of these forms is usually quite limited, 
meaning that the client experiences a very nar¬ 
row reality in which definitions and/or distinc¬ 
tions are seen as negative and sometimes 
flat—such as all other people appearing to be far 
away or even dangerous. Or the client may com¬ 
pletely believe that he is a victim in life. The 
breaking point comes when the client is able to 
hold one of the thoughts, which has particularly 
strong emotional content, long enough to ex¬ 

press this emotion. Usually, if the client is able 
to tolerate the anger or pain associated with the 
thought, he is able to break out and connect to 
the deeper levels inside the thought form. 

Figure 11-3 shows such an example. In this 
particular case, as I drew the forms, the client 
saw the overall picture. This greater understand¬ 
ing helped her center herself and release herself 
from the chronic cycle. She went into her anger, 
expressed it, and then saw the deeper issues in¬ 
volved. Much of the outer level of this particular 
thought form is the mask in which the person 
does not see or take self-responsibility, but 
blames others. She does this in order to appear 
"good." This, of course, leaves her powerless 
until the deeper reality, which is the heart of the 
thought form, is reached. When, from child¬ 
hood trauma, she felt that she was just plain 
"bad" inside and nothing could be done about 
it, my client understood that in the future she 
had the choice of seeing and understanding the 
whole structure, going first into her anger at 
feeling trapped, and then into the underlying 
pain in the thought form. She usually avoided 
this pain by staying on the surface of the 
thought form (and, therefore, in unreality). By 
feeling the pain, she is able to integrate the child 
inside, who feels "bad," with her inner adult, 
who knows she is not. 

Usually, expressing and releasing the feel¬ 
ings is the key to breaking out of a cyclical 
thought pattern. Most of the time these forms 
have become dissociated in the first place in or¬ 
der for the person not to experience the feelings 
contained in them. The individual spends a lot 
of effort during his daily life trying to avoid set¬ 
ting the thought form in motion, because it may 
evoke the unwanted feeling. Even though the 
person avoids situations that would evoke such 
feelings, it does not completely work, because 
he is continually recharging the thought forms. 
As an individual continues in his therapeutic 
process, over time the form becomes more and 
more connected with the rest of the personality; 
the negative aspects are transformed into posi¬ 
tive functions and integrated into the "normal" 
aura of the person as formless clear bright 

96 Hands of Light 

Figure 11-3: Dissociated Thought Form 

Cleaning the Aura During a 
Therapy Session 

Core energetic therapy is designed to help peo¬ 
ple release blocks from their auric field through 
focus and physical exertion. Figure 11-4 illus¬ 
trates just such a release. By leaning backwards 
over a padded stool, the muscles of the torso are 
stretched and begin to relax. This brings about 
an energetic release, and the block lets go. The 
client had a strong energy block in the muscles 
just in front of the spine near the diaphragmatic 
hinge. While he was working on the bioenerge- 

tic stool, this block suddenly released with a 
burst of energy. The "energy cloud" quickly 
moved up along the spine. When it reached the 
head of the client and broke into his conscious¬ 
ness, I observed his going into another space of 
reality. He began to cry and express early child¬ 
hood pain. As he expressed his feelings, he re¬ 
leased more and more of the energy cloud, and 
it moved out of his field. 

The following is a description of what hap¬ 
pens during a typical therapy session. First 
some background information on the client 
whom I will call Susan. 

Observations of Auras in Therapy Sessions 97 

Figure 11-4: Man Working on Bioenergetic Stool 

Susan was a beautiful blonde woman in her 
late twenties, a professional therapist, married, 
with a 2-year-old daughter. She and her hus¬ 
band, also a therapist, had a very nourishing 
and stable marriage and were leaders among 
their peers. They met and married very young. 
Susan's father had died accidentally two weeks 
before she was born. Her mother was left with a 
new baby and two young boys to care for. She 
had little or no income and had to ask other 
people to take Susan into their home to care for 
her. Susan grew up in two homes: one a very 
clean, ordered and strictly Christian home; the 
other, her mother's disheveled home. Her 
mother was never able to heal the wound of los¬ 
ing her husband at such an important time. She 
never married again but had many lovers. 

Susan's early marriage satisfied her need for 
a man to care for her, since she never really had 

a father. Susan also carried with her the fear that 
she would never really make a marriage work 
(like her mother) or that she had to be perfect to 
do so (as with the religious family). 

When Susan came to her session one morn¬ 
ing, she was apparently very happy and cheer¬ 
ful. She spoke about her week with her 
husband. As she spoke and moved her arms, 
she threw up a pink and white cloud of "happi¬ 
ness" (Figure 11-5). However, this happiness 
was serving to cover deeper feelings revealed by 
her energy field. My observations showed there 
was a block, seen as a dark gray spot in the solar 
plexus (stomach area), related to fear and other 
feelings. The secondary block was in the fore¬ 
head (lighter gray, indicating mental confusion), 
which directly connected to emotional pain in 
her heart (red). She displayed a lot of mental 
activity (high energy) on the sides of the head 

98 Hands of Light 

(yellow). She also had a lot of vibrant life-sexual 
energy held in her pelvis (red-orange). 

As she continued to move her arms and talk 
cheerfully in a manner that threw up pink and 
white soft clouds, the bright yellow radiating en¬ 
ergy from the sides of the head began to cover 
over or mask the gray forehead problem area. 
She was literally convincing herself that she was 
happy by masking the gray with yellow (mental) 
energy. When I described what I was seeing, 
she immediately stopped creating the "false" 
pink cloud. The gray area in the head regained 
its original range. 

Susan's composure completely changed to 
fear and emotional pain. Then she began to 
share what was really going on. Shortly before 
Susan had come to her weekly session, she had 
found out that her mother was in the hospital 
with a kind of paralysis of the eyes. The physi¬ 
cian in charge had suggested that it was a symp¬ 
tom of a serious disease, such as multiple 
sclerosis. Susan was very upset about this situa¬ 
tion and needed to have her strength to go 
through all the various feelings she was having 
about her mother. By blocking her life-sexual en¬ 
ergy in her pelvis and not allowing it to flow 
down her legs, she was blocking herself off from 
the ground and her foundation as a human be¬ 
ing on the earth. So it was important at this 
point in the session to move that energy down 
into the earth and connect her to her energetic 
foundation, the power in her legs and pelvis. 

Through leg and pelvic exercises we started 
moving the pelvic energy down her legs to build 
a base for more difficult work. This energy 
moved rapidly down the legs to connect her 
with the ground. It then flowed over the whole 
body and charged the system more evenly. As 
the pelvic block released, the change in energy 
gave her a feeling of security within her own 
sexual and life force feelings. This pelvic block 
was related to her mother, who did not deal well 
with her sexual energy. Susan was still afraid of 
being like Mom. Since Susan had a strong 
heart-sex connection, there was really no danger 
of this, which is why the energy moved so rap¬ 
idly down the legs and into the ground. Once 
that energy was grounded, Susan knew she 

could have those pleasurable feelings and still 
control them so she could choose to do with 
them what she wanted. 

Next, Susan was able to talk about the pain 
she was feeling in her heart about her mother's 
illness. She started to cry. This released the red 
from the heart area. We then proceeded to work 
on the major block located in her solar plexus, 
which was related to unfulfilled childhood 
needs, for which she in turn rejected her 
mother. Thus her energy field showed her inter¬ 
nal conflict. On the one hand, she felt pain and 
love feelings for her mother, who was at that 
time very ill, and, on the other, she felt the an¬ 
ger of rejection, as in, "You didn't take care of 
me; now why should I take care of you?" Bring¬ 
ing this conflict to consciousness and under¬ 
standing began releasing the gray area in the 

To release the dark spot in the solar plexus 
took strong bodywork. Susan bent backwards 
over the bioenergetic stool to stretch and loosen 
the block. Then she did strenuous movements 
thrusting the upper half of the body forward 
and down to regurgitate the block and all it sym¬ 
bolized. It symbolized not only the rejection of 
her mother, but also Susan's intent to blame her 
mother for all the deprivation she had ever expe¬ 
rienced. Susan maintained a "safe" state of dep¬ 
rivation in her current life; the childhood 
deprivation had been replaced through habit by 
self-deprivation. The dark spot (four inches in 
diameter) in the solar plexus lightened and 
spread to a larger area (eight inches in diame¬ 
ter), but some of it remained in the energy field, 
indicating that this issue was not resolved com¬ 
pletely. This dark spot would take a long time to 
release because it contained major life issues. 

What I am referring to when I say a "safe" 
state of deprivation is that she felt comfortable 
with some deprivation. That seemed normal to 
her. We human beings feel safest in whatever we 
consider the norm to be, whether or not it is 
actually normal; that norm is established in our 
childhood environment. 

For example, with Susan that "norm" was 
manifesting itself through her living space. As a 
child there was confusion about her home. 

Observations of Auras in Therapy Sessions 99 

Which was her real home? Neither really was. 
The problem persisted. She had lived in an un¬ 
finished house for almost all of her eight-year 
marriage. She had never really had a completely 
finished and furnished home that was hers. 

As her therapy progressed, Susan's living 
space became more harmoniously furnished 
and beautifully finished. It was truly, in her 
case, an outer manifestation of an inner state. 

From these energy-field observations you 
are probably beginning to see the connection be¬ 
tween illness and psychological problems more 
dearly. We stop our feelings by blocking our en¬ 
ergy flow. This creates stagnated pools of energy 
in our systems which when held there long 
enough lead to disease in the physical body. 
This will be discussed in greater detail in Part IV. 
The connection between therapy and healing 
becomes obvious when disease is seen in this 
way. The broad view of the healer encompasses 
the totality of the human being. In healing there 
is no separation between body and mind, emo¬ 
tions and spirit—all need to be in balance to cre¬ 
ate a healthy human being. The healer focuses 
on physical, psychological and spiritual mis- 
function. It is impossible to do healing without 
affecting the psychological levels of the person¬ 
ality. The more the healer understands the psy¬ 
chodynamics of her dients, the more the healer 
will be equipped to help the clients heal them¬ 

Chapter 11 Review 

1. What is an energy block? 

2. How is an energy block created in the HEF? 

3. How can you tell when a block in the HEF is 

4. How can you tell someone is releasing feel¬ 
ings as opposed to holding them? 

5. Which happens first—the auric phenomena 
or the physical? 

6. In what color/colors do the following emo¬ 
tions appear in the aura? Fear, anger, love, 
joy, confusion, envy, hatred. 

7. Which color is best in the aura? Vibrant, 
bright red near the pelvis or nice, rich green 
near the chest-solar plexus area? 

8. What is the effect of marijuana smoking on 
the aura? Short-term? Long-term? 

9. What is a dissodated thought form? 

Food For Thought 

10. Do exerdses (observing other people's au¬ 
ras) and describe what you see. 

11. Trace from beginning to end the cycle of one 
of the thought forms that you get caught in. 
What initiated it? What is its origin? How 
can you break out of it? What deeper feel¬ 
ings does it cover and defend you against 

Chapter 12 


After observing many blocks in people's fields, I 
began to categorize them into types. I found six 
general types of energy blocks. I also began to 
notice that people use their fields in defensive 
ways to protect them from an imagined unpleas¬ 
ant experience. They organized their entire auric 
fields into what I call an energetic defense sys¬ 

First let us look at the six types of energy 
blocks I have observed. 

Types of Energy Blocks 

Figures 12-1 and 12-2 show how these blocks 
appear to me. The "blah" block (Figure 12-1 A) 
is a result of depressing one's feelings and en¬ 
ergy till they stagnate and cause an accumula¬ 
tion of body fluids in that area. The body tends 
to bloat there. This block usually does not have 
high energy but is rather of low intensity, which 
is usually associated with despair. If this block 
continues, a possible resulting disease would be 
colitis or angina pectoris. Its color is usually 
gray-blue. It feels sticky and heavy, like mucus. 
There is anger there also, usually the blaming 
kind. The person has given up and feels power¬ 
less. For example, a woman who was unhappily 
married and gave up her career for the marriage 
had such a block. Now in her fifties, she found 
it impossible to go back into the business world 
and start a career. Instead she simply blamed 

her husband for her unhappiness. She de¬ 
manded that her daughters do what she had 
never done. She tried to live her life through 
them, but of course it didn't work. 

The compaction block (Figure 12-1B), which 
suppresses feelings, on the other hand, contains 
a lot of accumulated rage, like a volcano. It is 
dark red in color, usually appearing quite omi¬ 
nous to the observer, who normally does not 
want to be the recipient of the volcanic eruption. 
This energy block results in an accumulation of 
body fat or body muscle in the area. If this com¬ 
paction continues long enough, it may result in 
diseases like pelvic inflammatory disease. The 
person is usually aware of the rage and feels 
trapped because release of rage is associated 
with humiliation. One woman I saw concluded 
in childhood that to have sexual feelings would 
bring on humiliation. Her father humiliated her 
with regard to her sexuality when she was 
young. The result was that she blocked her 
powerful sexual feelings and held them tightly 
in her pelvis. The held sexual feelings slowly 
turned to rage. When the rage was not released, 
due to fear of humiliation, the accumulation of 
stagnated energy in her pelvis brought on infec¬ 
tion. After years of chronic small infections, she 
was finally diagnosed as having pelvic inflam¬ 
matory disease. 

The mesh armor (Figure 12-1C) is an effec¬ 
tive block in that it helps the person avoid feel¬ 
ings, especially fear, by quickly moving the 


102 Hands of Light 

A. Blah block 

B. Compaction 

Figure 12-1: Types of Energy Blocks 

blocks around when she is challenged either in 
a life situation or in therapy. For example, if the 
therapist tries to release a block through exercise 
or deep massage, the block will simply move to 
another part of the body. This type of blocking 
probably will not initiate disease as readily as 
the other types of blocks. Everything will ap¬ 
pear to be wonderful in this patient's life. She 
will be successful in the world, have a "perfect" 
marriage and model children, yet she will have 
the vague sense that something is missing. This 
person will be able to tolerate deep feelings for 
only a short period of time before pulling herself 
out of them. Finally, she will probably create 
some crisis in her life to break into her deeper 
feelings. This crisis can take any form, like a 

sudden unexpected illness, an accident or an af¬ 

The plate armor, shown in Figure 12-2A, 
holds all types of feelings by freezing them. 
They are held in place around the body by a 
field of generalized high tension. It effectively 
helps the person build a well-structured life on 
the outer level. The body will be well con¬ 
structed; muscles will tend to be hard. On the 
personal level, life will not be so fulfilling, be¬ 
cause the plate armor effectively nullifies all feel¬ 
ings. This creates high tension all over the body, 
which can result in several different types of dis¬ 
ease: ulcers from overwork or heart problems 
from physical "pushing" in life without per¬ 
sonal nourishment. Because the person cannot 

Energy Blocks and Defense Systems in the Aura 103 

Figure 12-2: Types of Energy Blocks 

feel his body well, e.g., the tension in his long 
muscles, he will probably overstress his mus¬ 
cles, causing shin splints or tendonitis. This per¬ 
son will also have a "perfect" appearing life that 
is lacking a deeper personal connection. He will 
also probably eventually create some kind of life 
crisis, like those mentioned above, that will help 
him connect to his deeper reality. A heart attack 
does this nicely for some men. For example, I 
know a very successful businessman who 
owned several magazines with very large circu¬ 
lations. He was so busy working that he became 
disconnected from his family. After his heart at¬ 
tack, his children came to him and said, "You 
have to stop or you will die. Teach us to help 
you run your business." He did, they learned 

and the family was brought back together. 

The energy depletion block (Figure 12-2B) is 
simply a decrease of energy flowing down the 
limb in the direction of the distal end. The per¬ 
son cuts off the limbs by simply not allowing the 
energy to flow there. This results in weakness of 
the limb and, in some cases, even physical un¬ 
derdevelopment in that area. This person will 
avoid use of the limb to avoid the feelings of 
weakness, and then the deeper associated feel¬ 
ings, like not being able to stand on his own feet 
in life, or the feeling of failing in life. 

The energy leak (Figure 12-2C) occurs when 
the person squirts his energy out of the joints 
instead of allowing it to flow down the limb. He 
does this (unconsciously) to decrease the energy 

104 Hands of Light 

flow through his limbs to the point where he 
will not have the strength or feeling to respond 
to certain experiences in his environment. The 
reason he does not want to respond is based on 
a childhood conclusion that response is either 
improper or even dangerous. For example, as a 
child, if he reached for something he wanted, he 
may have been slapped on the hand. Again, 
weakness in the limb (and also poor coordina¬ 
tion) results, with avoidance of the use of the 
limb. Both of these latter types of blocks also 
result in coldness in the limbs. The person is 
usually very vulnerable in the areas where the 
energy leak occurs. This type of block results in 
joint problems. 

Just what kind of blocks a person develops is 
dependent on many things, including personal¬ 
ity and childhood environment. All of us use a 
combination of several of these blocks. Which 
are your favorites? 

Energetic Defense Systems 

We all create blocks because we see the world as 
unsafe. We block in patterns that involve our 
whole energy system. Our energetic defense 
systems are designed to repel, to defend aggres¬ 
sively or passively against an incoming force. 
They are designed to show power and thus 
scare off an aggressor, or they are designed to 
get us attention indirectly, without admitting 
that is what we want. 

Examples of energetic defense systems 
which I have observed are shown in Figure 12- 
3. These defense systems are employed when 
the individual feels endangered. 

With the "porcupine" (usually whitish-gray 
in color), the person's aura becomes spiny and 
painful to touch. It is sharp. Many times, when I 
have put my hand on someone when he did not 
want it there, I could feel the spines going 
through my hand. Most people respond to this 
defense by distancing. 

In the "withdrawal" form of defense, the 
portion of the person's consciousness and aura 
that is being threatened simply leaves his body 
in a cloud of light blue energy. The eyes will 

have a glazed look, although he pretends to be 
fully there listening to you. 

The same is true for the person who is "be¬ 
side himself." This particular configuration is 
more long-term than withdrawal, which may 
last only for a few seconds up to hours. The 
"beside himself" manifestation usually lasts for 
a longer period, perhaps days or even years. I 
have seen people who have been partially out of 
their bodies for years from some trauma or early 
surgery. In one case, a young woman had open- 
heart surgery at the age of two years. She was 
twenty-one when I worked with her to help her 
energy fields to seat themselves more firmly in 
her body. Her higher bodies would partially dis¬ 
connect and float out, up and behind her. This 
disconnection resulted in a disconnection from 
her feelings. 

Verbal denial is associated with much en¬ 
ergy, usually yellow, in the head, a severe neck 
block and depleted energy in the lower half, 
which is pale and still. In order to keep the sta¬ 
tus quo, the person stays active verbally so as to 
sustain some feeling of being alive. This verbal 
exchange keeps the energy flowing in the head. 

Oral sucking is closely related to verbal de¬ 
nial in that it is effective in sucking energy from 
those around in order to fill the person's own 
field, which he usually is unable to do from the 
natural surrounding environment. In other 
words, there is something amiss in the person's 
ability to metabolize the orgone supply from the 
surrounding atmosphere, causing him to need 
predigested energy from others. One can feel 
this form of sucking in verbal prattle that is bor¬ 
ing and exhausting to the recipient, or see it in 
the "vacuum cleaner" eyes that some people 
possess. These people love to be around others 
in some form of socializing. There are other peo¬ 
ple who need to discharge an excess of energy 
(masochist types) who make good partners with 
the oral suckers. Together, they fill each other's 
needs quite nicely. (See Chapter 13.) 

The hooks I have seen on some people's 
heads usually are on people who have a psycho¬ 
pathic character structure and who are in the 
process of being confronted by, say, a group of 
people. They become very threatened in such a 

106 Hands of Light 

situation and form a "hook" on the top of the 
head. If things really get hot, they will throw the 
"hook" at whomever they see as the aggressor. 
This "hook" is usually accompanied with a ver¬ 
bal statement. On the other hand, if this type of 
person wants to confront someone, she may 
very well try to grasp the other by the head with 
mental energy. The possible effect on the person 
being confronted is to be held within the con- 
fronter's energy field until the latter is sure her 
point is being made and accepted as she wishes. 
This type of defense/offense is very threatening 
to the recipient because, from all appearances, 
she is being approached logically with very ra¬ 
tional steps leading to the "right" conclusion, 
but the "between-the-lines" message being con¬ 
veyed is that the recipient had better agree. This 
kind of exchange is usually accompanied with 
the underlying implication that the person being 
confronted is "bad" and wrong, and the con- 
fronter is "good" and right. 

'Tentacles" are oozing, slippery, silent and 
heavy. They reach for your solar plexus in an 
effort to capture your essence and pull it out, to 
be devoured by the seeker of security. This per¬ 
son is full of his own essence but doesn't know 
what to do with it, because he feels that allow¬ 
ing it to move means humiliation. Thus he is 
caught in despair and even loses touch with his 
own essence. He may adopt the silent, brooding 
stance for a while. Then the "tentacles" work at 
his own essence, pulling him down. The silent 
brooding is very noisy, however, on the ener¬ 
getic level. He stands out in a room full of peo¬ 
ple who are actively having fun. Soon he will be 
surrounded by those who wish to help him, and 
he will unconsciously, but cleverly and gra¬ 
ciously, thank each person for the help offered, 
saying why it won't work and ask for other sug¬ 
gestions. And so the game goes on. The tenta- 
cled person thinks he needs something from the 
outside, but what he needs is to give out. He 
may then try verbal arrows to provoke someone 
to anger. These arrows are not only verbally 
painful, but also energetically painful, flying 
through the air and striking the recipient very 
precisely and effectively. The archer uncon¬ 
sciously hopes this will cause enough pain to 
elicit anger, which will then give him an excuse 

to release his own anger in such a way as to 
avoid humiliation. In this willful, precise, men¬ 
tal way, he tries to humiliate the other person 
and, at the same time, avoid having feelings in 
the lower half of his body. 

The person who uses "hysterical defense" 
will gladly respond to the "arrows" by explod¬ 
ing. The hysterical type will explode in a way 
that will impinge upon everyone's field with 
lightning bolts and explosions of color in such 
fury as to threaten and intimidate with the sheer 
force of power and chaos. His purpose is to clear 
the room of everyone. 

The person using "boundary containment" 
will simply remove himself from the situation, 
while strengthening and thickening his bound¬ 
ary in order to remain unaffected. The message 
thus conveyed is one of superiority! Another 
may simply state his supremacy with a strongly 
ordered, well-controlled, power/will display 
which blows up and lights up his aura, so that 
there is no question of who is in charge here, 
and who is not to be tampered with! 

Exercises to 

Find Your Major Defense 

Try each of these defense systems out; which 
ones do you use? Try it with a group of people. 
Everyone walk around the room in each of the 
defense systems. How familiar is each one? 
Which ones do you use for different occasions? 

There are probably many more defense sys¬ 
tems in use. You can undoubtedly think of some 
others yourself—ones that you use, and ones 
used by your friends. The important thing to re¬ 
member is that all of us use them, and that we 
all agree, whether consciously or unconsciously, 
to interact with each other in these ways. No 
one is forced into these interactions; they are all 
voluntary. On some levels of our personalities, 
we even enjoy them at times. We need not be 
frightened when we see them in each other. We 
always have the choice to respond tolerantly 
rather than defensively. We must remember that 
there is always a reason why someone is 
defending—to protect some vulnerable part of 

Energy Blocks and Defense Systems in the Aura 107 

himself that he wishes to keep under control 
and hidden, either from us or himself, or both. 
We develop most of these systems early in life. 
As shown in Chapter 8, the aura of a child is not 
fully grown any more than his body. It, too, de¬ 
velops and goes through stages of development 
as the individual grows, and, as it does, basic 
character patterns, representing both strengths 
and vulnerabilities, become clear. 

Chapter 12 Review 

1. Name and describe six major types of energy 

2. List the major defense systems and how they 
work. Which do you use? Are the ones you 
use effective for you? What would be a better 
way for you to handle your life experience? 

Food For Thought 

3. Upon what personal belief system is your 
major defense based? 

4. How would your life be better/worse if you 
didn't use your defense system? 

5. List the types and locations of blocks you 
have created in your body/energy system. 
What childhood experiences is each related 

Chapter 13 




Character structure is a term that many body 
psychotherapists use to describe certain physical 
and psychological types of people. After much 
observation and study, Wilhelm Reich con¬ 
cluded that most of the people he treated could 
be fitted into five major categories. He found 
that people with similar childhood experiences 
and child/parent relations had similar bodies. 
He also found that people with similar bodies 
had similar basic psychological dynamics. These 
dynamics were dependent not only on types of 
child/parent relations, but also on the age at 
which the child first experiences life so traumati- 
cally that it begins to block its feelings and 
therefore the flow of energy and to develop the 
defense system that will become habitual. A 
trauma experienced in the womb will be ener¬ 
getically blocked or defended against very dif¬ 
ferently than one experienced in the oral stage 
of growth, in toilet training or in latency: This is 
only natural because the individual and his field 
are so different at different stages of life. (See 
Chapter 8.) 

In this section, I will give some basic de¬ 
scriptions of each character structure, including 
etiology, body forms and their auric configura¬ 
tions. I will also discuss the nature of the higher 
self and personal life task of each structure as far 
as that can be done. Each person's higher self 

and life task is unique, but some generalizations 
can be made. 

The higher seif of a person is seen as the 
divine spark, within, of the Godself within each 
individual, the place where we are already one 
with God. There is a divine spark in every cell of 
our physical and spiritual being which contains 
this inner divine consciousness. 

The life task is seen in two forms. First, on 
the personal level, there is a personal task, 
which has the purpose of learning to express a 
new part of one's identity. The parts of the soul 
that are not one with God help form the specific 
incarnation in order to learn how to be one with 
the creator and still remain individuated. The 
world task is a gift that each soul comes into this 
physical life to give to the world. Many times it 
is the same as the life's work that comes natu¬ 
rally early on. An artist brings his art, a physi¬ 
cian the gift of healing, a musician his music, a 
mother her nurturing and love, etc. At other 
times the person has to strive, through many 
changes of work, to step into what she can fi¬ 
nally realize is her life's work. The power and 
clarity with which the life task is taken on de¬ 
pends a great deal on accomplishing the per¬ 
sonal task of learning. 

The individual's body is the crystallization in 
the physical world of the energy fields that sur- 


110 Hands of Light 

round and are part of each person. These en¬ 
ergy fields contain the task of each soul. The 
character structure can then be seen as the crys¬ 
tallization of the basic problems or personal task 
a person has elected to incarnate and to solve. 
The problem (task) is crystallized in the body 
and held there so that the individual can easily 
see and work with it. By studying our character 
structure as it relates to our bodies, we can find 
the key to heal ourselves and find our personal 
and world task. 

The basic malady I have found in all the peo¬ 
ple I have ever worked with is self-hatred. Self- 
hatred is, in my opinion, the basic inner illness 
in all of us, but just how that self-hatred and 
nonacceptance of the self manifests is shown in 
the different character structures. As we work to 
understand our dynamics on a daily level, we 
can learn to accept ourselves through this proc¬ 
ess. We can go through years of living by God's 
will (the God within), by the truth, and by 
love—these are all steps to self-realization—but 
until we can love unconditionally we are not yet 
home. This means starting with the self. Can we 
love ourselves unconditionally even though we 
see our shortcomings? Can we forgive ourselves 
when we make a mess of things? Can we, after 
making a mess, get right up and say, "Well, I'll 
have to learn from that one." "I am a woman/ 
man of God." "I realign myself with the light 
and keep going through whatever it takes to 
find my way back to my Godself inside and 
home." So with that in mind, let us turn to the 
character structures, knowing that to address 
the deeper issues that relate to why each of us is 
a certain type or combination of types of charac¬ 
ter structure in the first place, will probably take 
a lifetime. 

Working together Drs. A1 Lowan and John 
Pierrakos originally categorized the major as¬ 
pects of the character structures on the physical 
and personality levels. To these John Pierrakos 
added the spiritual and energetic aspects. He 
changed the meaning of the character structures 
by adding the spiritual dimension of human¬ 
kind to the purely biological and disease ele¬ 
ments that Reich had developed. As part of this 
work, Pierrakos related chakra function to the 
character structures. I carried that work further 

and developed the general auric patterns of each 
character structure, as shown in Figs. 13-5 
through 13-8 and the energetic defense systems 
given in Chapter 12. 

Figures 13-1, 13-2 and 13-3 give tables 
showing the major characteristics of each struc¬ 
ture. These tables were compiled by the bioener- 
getic training class given by Dr. Jim Cox in 1972 
and by the core energetic training class given by 
Dr. John Pierrakos in 1975, in which I was 
studying. I have added the energy field informa¬ 
tion from my own work. 

The Schizoid Structure 

The first character structure (first in the sense 
that the major cutoff of life energy flow took 
place earliest) is called the schizoid structure. In 
this case, the first traumatic experience took 
place before or at birth, or within the first few 
days of life. The trauma is usually centered 
around some hostility received directly from a 
parent, such as anger in a parent, a parent not 
wanting the child or trauma during the birthing 
process—such as the mother becoming emotion¬ 
ally disconnected from the child and the child 
feeling abandoned. The range of such events is 
great; a slight disconnection between mother 
and child for one child could be very traumatic, 
whereas it may not have the slightest effect on 
another. This is related to the nature of the in¬ 
coming soul and what task it has chosen for it¬ 
self in this lifetime. 

The natural energetic defense used against 
this trauma at this stage of life is simply to draw 
back into the spirit world from which the soul is 
coming. The defense is developed and used for 
this type of character structure, until it is very 
easy for the person simply to withdraw into 
someplace "away," which is into the spirit 
world. (See Figure 12-3.) This defense becomes 
habitual, and the person uses it in any situation 
in which he feels threatened. To compensate for 
his defense of flying away he tries to hold him- ; 
self together on the personality level. His basic- 
fault is fear—fear that he has no right to exist. In* 
interacting with others, be they the therapist orj 
friends, he will speak in a depersonalized lan-j 

Aura and Chakra Patterns of the Major Character Structures 111 

Figure 13-1 




ARREST OF Before or at Birth Babyhood Feeding Early Childhood Autonomy Stage Puberty Genital 



Hostile Mother 



Hold Together 

Hold On 


Sex to Feel 

Sex for Closenei 

Life Force, 

& Contact 






Be Nurtured 


& Fulfilled 







"I will be split." 

"I'll make you 
give it." 

"I won't need" 


Unity vs, 

Need vs. 






Own Needs & 


Stand on Own 
Two Feet 

guage, in absolutes, and tend to intellectualize. 
This only brings on more experience of being 
separate from life and not truly existing. 

When he presents himself for therapy, the 
presenting complaint will be a great deal of fear 
and anxiety. In working in therapy, the issue 
will be that to feel that he exists, he must feel 
unity, but to survive he believes he must split. 
Thus he has a negative intent to split. This cre¬ 
ates the double bind: 'To exist means to die." To 
resolve this problem in therapy, he needs to 
strengthen the boundaries that define who he is 
and to feel his strength in the physical world. 

In the therapeutic process, after the client 
stops trying to be a nice guy to the therapist and 
begins to work, the first layer of personality en¬ 
countered will be the blaming part, sometimes 
called the mask, which says, "I'll reject you be¬ 
fore you reject me." After the work of digging 
deeper into the personality has been done, base 
emotions sometimes called the lower self or 



Sexual Denial 


Forced Feeding 
& Evacuation 

Betrayal of Heart 

Hold Up 

Hold In 

Hold Back 



Sex with 


Strong Interest 



in Pornography 




Be Supported 

Be Independent 

Have Feelings 

& Encouraged 


Feelings of 



No Feelings 

"My will 

"I love 

"I won't 

be done." 



Will vs. 

Freedom vs. 

Sex v$. Love 




Be Assertive 

Connect Heart 

Be Free 

to Genitals 

Open Spiritual 

shadow self will say, "\bu don't exist either." 
Then, when resolution begins, the more highly- 
developed part of the personality, sometimes 
called the higher power or higher self of the per¬ 
sonality, emerges to say, "I'm real." 

People with schizoid characters can leave 
their bodies easily and do so quite regularly. On 
the body level, the result is a body that appears 
to be a combination of pieces, not firmly held 
together or integrated. These people are usually 
tall and thin, but in some cases can have heavy 
bodies. The tension in the body tends to be in 
rings around the body. Joints are usually weak, 
and the body is usually uncoordinated, with 
cold hands and feet. The person is usually hy¬ 
peractive and ungrounded. There is a main en¬ 
ergy block at the neck, near the base of the 
skull, which usually looks dark gray blue. There 
is usually energy squirting out the skull base. 
Many times there is twisting in the spine, 
caused by a habitual twisting away from mate- 

112 Hands of Light 

Figure 13-2 



















"Ring" Tension 
Weak Joints 

Cold Hands/Feet 



Frozen at 
the Core 


6th Front 
3rd Front 
2nd Rear 




Beside Himself 



Collapsed Chest 

Smooth Muscles 

Cold Chest 

Low Energy 

In the Head 

6th Front 
2nd Front 




Oral Sucking 
Verbal Denial 

Inflated Chest 
Top Heavy 

Top Half 
Lower Half 

Cold Legs/Pelvis 

Followed by 

Upper Half 
of Body 



4th Rear Aspect 




Mental "Grasp" 

Head Forward 


Cold Buttocks 

Boiling Inside 

6th Front 
3rd Front 




Silent Brooding 


Rigid Back 
Pelvis Tipped 

Plate Armor 
Mesh Armor 

Cold Pelvis 

(High Energy) 

On Periphery 
Withheld from 
the Core 

Will Centers 
6th Front 








rial reality as the person partially flies out of the 
body. The body has weak, thin wrists, ankles 
and calves and usually is not connected to the 
ground. One shoulder may be larger than the 
other (even without playing tennis). Many times 
the head is held to one side and there is a vague 
look in the eyes, as if the person is partly some¬ 
where else. He is. He may be sometimes re¬ 
ferred to as "flaky." Many of these people 
started masturbating early in childhood, finding 
that a way to connect to the life force was 
through their sexuality. It helped them feel 
"alive" when they could not connect to others 
around them. 

What the person with a schizoid character 
has avoided through the use of his defense sys¬ 
tem is his inner terror, the terror of annihilation. 

Of course he could not deal with it as a baby 
because he was completely dependent upon 
those whom he found terrifying, or by whom he 
had felt completely abandoned in his greatest 
hour of need the birthing process. As a baby the 
schizoid character felt direct hostility from at 
least one of his parents, the people he de¬ 
pended on for survival. This experience initiated 
his existential terror. 

The schizoid character can find release from 
his inner terror of annihilation when he, as an 
adult, realizes that his terror is now more related 
to his inner rage than to anything else. This rage 
comes from continuing to experience the world 
as a very cold, hostile place where isolation is 
forced upon anyone who wants to survive. A 
part of the schizoid being fully believes this to 

Aura and Chakra Patterns of the Major Character Structures 113 

Figure 13-3 















Withdrawal into 




Withdrawal into 






of Control 



a Holding Back 






Whining Disgust 







("You should") 






double bind 

"T<b exist means 
to die." 

"If I ask, it's not 
love; if I don't 
ask, I won't 
get it." 

"I have to be 
right or I die" 

"If I get angry. 

I'll be 

humiliated; if I 
don't. I'll be 

"Either choice 
is wrong." 


'Til reject you 
before you 
reject me." 

"I don't 
need you" 

"I won't ask" 

"I'm right; 
you're wrong." 

"I'll kill (hurt) 
myself before 
you do." 

"Yes, but. . . " 


"You don't 

'Take care 

"I will 

"I will spite and 

"I won't 


exist either." 

of me." 

control you." 

provoke you." 

love you." 


"I'm real." 

"I'm satisfied, 

"I give in." 

"I'm free" 

"I commit." 

"I love." 

be the essence of material reality. Under this 
rage is the great pain of knowing that what he 
needs is loving, warm connection and nourish¬ 
ment from other humans; but in many cases he 
has not been able to create that in his life. 

His terror is that his own rage will cause him 
to blow apart into pieces that will scatter into the 
universe. The key for him is to face his own rage 
little by little without flying away in defense. If 
he can stand on the ground and allow the terror 
and rage to come out, he will release the inner 
pain and the longing for connection with others 
and make a place for self-love to come in. Self- 
love takes practice. We all need it no matter 
what combination of character structures we 
way be. Self-love comes from living in ways that 
do not betray oneself. It comes from living ac¬ 
cording to one's inner truth, whatever that may 
be. It comes from not betraying oneself. It can 
be practiced through simple self-love exercises 
given in the final section. 

The Energy Field of the 
Schizoid Structure 

The schizoid structure is characterized mainly 
by energy-field discontinuities like imbalances 
and breaks. The main energy of the person is 
held deep within the core of the person and is 
usually frozen there until therapy and healing 
work is done to free it. Figure 13-4 shows the 
thin and breaking line of the etheric body of this 
structure with energy leaks at the joints. Its 
color is usually very light blue. The next layer 
and mental bodies are seen to be either tightly 
held and frozen at times or, at other times, mov¬ 
ing around randomly without a balanced energy 
between front and back, right and left. The field 
is usually brighter with more energy on one side 
and on the back of the head. The spiritual 
bodies of the schizoid are usually strong and 
bright with many brilliant colors on the sixth 
layer of the aura, or celestial body. The oval 

114 Hands of Light 

form, or ketheric template layer, is usually very 
bright in appearance, with a color more of silver 
than gold. It usually has diffuse boundaries and 
is not fully inflated with a narrowing of the egg 
shape at the feet, where there is sometimes 

The aura's imbalance, which is found pri¬ 
marily in the lower three bodies, extends to the 
chakras in the schizoid person who has not be¬ 
gun process work; many chakras are counter¬ 
clockwise. This means that they send more 
energy out than they take in. The disturbed cha¬ 
kras correspond to qualities in the character 
structure that need transformation. Chakras that 
are clockwise (open) are usually asymmetrical, 
meaning that those chakras are also not func¬ 
tioning in a balanced manner even though they 
are "open." More energy will flow through one 
part of the chakra than another part. This im¬ 
balance is usually lateral; that is, there may be 
more energy flowing through the right side of 
the chakra than the left side. The person would 
therefore tend to be more active or possibly even 
more aggressive than receptive in the area of life 
governed by that chakra. This asymmetry has 
been described in Chapter 10 in terms of active/ 
receptive splitting. A diagonal or elliptical figure 
measured by the pendulum indicates an asym¬ 
metrical chakra that appears to clairvoyant vi¬ 
sion as shown in Figure 13-4. 

The chakras that are usually open are the 
rear sexual center (second), the solar plexus 
(third), the forehead (sixth) and the crown (sev¬ 
enth). The sixth and seventh centers are associ¬ 
ated with mental and nonphysical spirituality to 
which the person is usually very oriented in his 
life. He also functions through will (second cha¬ 
kra). These chakra configurations are variable 
and change during a person's transformational 
work. As the individual opens more to being in 
the third dimension and living in the physical, 
more of the chakras open. Many times the rear 
sex center is not open in the beginning of the 

The lower part of Figure 13-4 shows the rela¬ 
tive degree of bright energy active in the brain 
area. The brightest, most active place is the oc¬ 
cipital or rear area, and the least is the frontal 
area. The second most active chakra is the third 

eye and third ventricle area of the brain, which 
are connected by a bridge of brightness between 
the two. Then come the side lobes, which are 
associated with language. There are large gen¬ 
eral areas of the brain that appear to have low 

The low energy in the frontal area can be 
seen by the blank, "gone" look often seen in the 
schizoid. He usually directs his energy up the 
spine and out the back of the head in the occipi¬ 
tal region, creating the energy bulge towards the 
back of the head. This is a way of avoiding here- 
and-now contact in the physical plane. 

The energetic defense systems primarily 
used by the schizoid are the porcupine, with¬ 
drawal, and being beside oneself, as described 
in Chapter 12, Figure 12-3. Of course a person 
with any structure can use the various defenses 
at various times. 

The Higher Self and Life Task 
of the Schizoid Character 

In the personal growth process, it is always im¬ 
portant to be very honest with the self as to the 
self's shortcomings, to work on them to trans¬ 
form them. But it is not healthy to dwell on the 
negativities of the self for very long. One must 
always balance the attention to these parts that 
need transforming with attention to finding the 
nature of the higher self, supporting it, enhanc¬ 
ing it and allowing it to come forth. After all, 
that is what transformation is all about, isn't it? 

People who are or have some schizoid char¬ 
acter in their personality makeup are usually 
very spiritual people. They have a deep sense of 
the profound purposes of life. Many times they 
seek to bring the spiritual reality into the mun¬ 
dane lives of those around them. They are very 
creative people, with many talents and many 
creative ideas, who could be compared to ^ 
beautiful mansion with many rooms, each roor$ 
tastefully and richly decorated in a different 
style, culture or period. Each room is elegant ii) 
its own right because the schizoid has had man) 
lifetimes in which he has developed this wick 
range of talents (decorated rooms). The probleri] 

116 Hands of Light 

is that the rooms do not have doorways between 
each other. To get from one room to the other, 
the schizoid must climb out a window and 
down a ladder and up another ladder and into 
the window of the next room. This is very in¬ 
convenient. The schizoid needs to integrate his 
being, to build doorways between the beautiful 
rooms so that he has easier access to all the 
parts of his being. 

In general, one might say that the personal 
task of the schizoid character is related to facing 
his inner terror and rage, which blocks his abil¬ 
ity to materialize his tremendous creativity. His 
terror and rage actually keep the parts of his 
person separate because he fears the powerful 
coming together of all his creative talents. His 
task is also related to materializing, or making 
manifest, his spirituality in the material world. 
This may be done through expressing the spirit¬ 
ual reality through his creativity, e.g., writing, 
inventions, helping people, etc. These tasks are 
very individual and must not be generalized. 

The Oral Structure 

The oral character is created when normal devel¬ 
opment is arrested during the oral stage of 
growth. The cause is abandonment. In child¬ 
hood he experienced the loss of his mother, ei¬ 
ther by death, illness or withdrawal. The mother 
gave to the child, but not enough. Many times 
she "pretended" to give—or gave in spite of her¬ 
self. The child compensated for the loss by be¬ 
coming "independent" too early, many times by 
talking and walking very early. Thus, he be¬ 
comes confused about receptivity and is afraid 
to ask for what he really needs because deep 
inside he is sure it will not be given. His feelings 
of needing to be taken care of result in depen¬ 
dency, tendency to cling, grabbiness and de¬ 
creased aggressiveness. He compensates by 
independent behavior that collapses under 
stress. His receptivity then becomes a spiteful 
passivity, and aggression becomes greed. 

The person with an oral structure is basically 
deprived, feels empty and hollow and doesn't 
want to take responsibility. The body is undevel¬ 

oped with long, thin, flaccid muscles and 
slumps in weakness. The person does not look 
adult and mature, has a cold depressed chest 
and shallow breathing, and his eyes may suck 
your energy. Psycho dynamically, the personal¬ 
ity holds on and clings to others against the fear 
of being abandoned. He is not able to be alone 
and experiences an exaggerated need for the 
warmth and support of others. He tries to get it 
from the "outside" in order to compensate for 
the tremendous feeling of inner emptiness. He 
suppresses his intense feelings of longing and 
aggression. His rage over the abandonment is 
held in. Sexuality is used to get closeness and 

The oral person has experienced many dis¬ 
appointments in life, many rejections of his at¬ 
tempts to reach out. He thus becomes bitter and 
feels that whatever he gets is never enough. He 
cannot be satisfied because he is trying to satisfy 
an inner longing which he denies by compen¬ 
sating with something else. On the personality 
level, he demands to be nurtured and fulfilled. 
In interacting with others, he will speak in indi¬ 
rect questions that evoke mothering from an¬ 
other. But this does not fill him because he is an 
adult, not a child. 

His presenting complaint when entering 
therapy is passivity and fatigue. In working in 
therapy the issue will be to find nourishment in 
his life. But to get his needs met, he believes he 
must risk abandonment by or pretense from an¬ 
other. Thus his negative intent will be "I'll make 
you give it to me" or "I won't need." This in 
turn creates the double bind, "If I ask, it's not 
love; if I don't ask, I won't get it." To resolve this 
problem in therapy, he needs to find and own 
his needs and to learn to live his life in such a 
way that his needs get met. He needs to learn to 
stand on his own two feet. 

In the therapeutic process, the first layer of 
personality encountered will be the mask. It 
says, "I don't need you" or "I won't ask." After 
the work of digging deeper into the personality 
is done, the lower self or shadow self will say, 
'Take care of me." Then, when resolution be¬ 
gins, the higher self of the personality emerges 
to say, "I'm satisfied and fulfilled." 

Aura and Chakra Patterns of the Major Character Structures 117 

The Energy Field of the 
Oral Structure 

The Oral Character (Figure 13-5) tends to have a 
depleted field, which is calm and quiet. The 
main energy is located in the head. The etheric 
is held tightly near the skin and is also light blue 
in color. The emotional body is also held in, 
with not much color, and has a generally de¬ 
pleted quality. The mental body is bright and 
usually yellowish. The higher levels of the aura 
are not very bright. The outer egg form (seventh 
layer) is not entirely inflated, not bright, with a 
silvery-golden glow more to the silvery side and 
depleted around the feet area. 

The chakras may be mostly closed or de¬ 
energized in an oral person who has not done 
much process work. He will most likely have the 
crown and the forehead center open, which ac¬ 
counts for his mental and spiritual clarity. If he 
has done personal growth work, he may have 
his front sexual center open as well. Thus he is 
interested in sex and has some sexual feelings. 

The configuration of activity in his energy 
field in the head is shown at the bottom of the 
page, Figure 13-5. This shows that most of the 
energy is located in the frontal and side lobes of 
the brain, and the least energy at the rear in the 
occipital regions. Thus the oral character is cen¬ 
tered on intellectual and verbal activity and not 
on physical activity. 

The defense mechanisms primarily used by 
the oral are those of verbal denial, oral sucking 
and possible verbal arrows used to get attention, 
rather than to provoke rage—that is, unlike the 
way the verbal arrows are used by the person 
with a masochistic structure as stated in Chapter 
12 . 

The Life Task and High Self 
of the Oral Structure 

The oral character needs to learn trust in the 
abundance of the universe and reverse the proc¬ 
ess of grabbing. He needs to give. He needs to 
give up the role of the victim and to acknowl¬ 

edge what he does get. He needs to face his fear 
of being alone, go deep into the void within and 
find it teaming with life. When he owns his own 
needs and stands on his own two feet, then he 
will be able to say, "I have it," and allow the core 
energy to open up and flow. 

The inner landscape of an oral character is 
like a fine musical instrument, like a Stradivar- 
ius. He needs to finely tune his instrument and 
compose his own symphony. When he plays his 
unique melody in the symphony of life, he will 
be fulfilled. 

When the higher self is released, the oral 
characters can make good use of his intelligence 
in creative work in the arts or sciences. He will 
be a natural teacher, because he is very inter¬ 
ested in so many things, and can always connect 
what he knows with love direct from the heart. 

The Displaced or 
Psychopathic Structure 

In his early childhood, the person with a dis¬ 
placed structure experienced a covertly seduc¬ 
tive parent of the opposite sex. The parent 
wanted something from the child. The psycho¬ 
path was in a triangle with the parents and 
found it hard to get support from the parent of 
the same sex. He sided with the parent of the 
opposite sex, could not get what he needed, felt 
betrayed and then compensated by manipulat¬ 
ing that parent. 

His response to that situation was to try to 
control others anyway he could. To do this he 
must hold himself up, and even lie if need be. 
He demands to be supported and encouraged. 
But in interacting with others he will dictate di¬ 
rect manipulation like, "You should . . to 
evoke submission. This does not lead to sup¬ 

In its negative aspect, the person with this 
structure has a tremendous drive for power and 
need to dominate others. He has two ways of 
getting this control: by bullying and overpower¬ 
ing or by undermining through seduction. 
Many times his sexuality is hostile with a lot of 

Figure 13-5: The Aura of the i 

Aura and Chakra Patterns of the Major Character Structures 119 

fantasy. He has invested in an ideal picture he 
has of himself and has strong feelings of super¬ 
iority and contempt, which covers deep inferior¬ 
ity feelings. 

His presenting complaint when entering 
therapy are feelings of defeat. He wants to win. 
But to be supported means to surrender, and 
that, he believes, means defeat. Thus his nega¬ 
tive intent is, "My will be done." This creates 
the double bind of, "I have to be right or I die." 
To resolve this problem in therapy, he needs to 
learn to trust. 

In the therapeutic process, the first layer of 
personality encountered will be the mask. It 
says, "I'm right; you're wrong." After digging 
deeper into the personality, the lower self or 
shadow self will say, "I will control you." When 
resolution begins, the higher self of the person¬ 
ality emerges to say, "I give in." 

The upper half of the body seems blown up, 
and there is a lack of flow between the upper 
and lower half of the body. His pelvis is under¬ 
charged, cold and tightly held. There is severe 
tension in the shoulders, base of skull and eyes; 
his legs are weak, and he is not grounded. 

The psychopathic structure holds up against 
fear of failure and defeat. He is torn between his 
dependency on people and his need to control 
them. He fears being controlled and used and is 
afraid to be put in the position of victim, which 
is totally humiliating to him. Sexuality is used in 
power play; pleasure is secondary to his con¬ 
quest. He tries not to express his needs by mak¬ 
ing others need him. 

The Energy Field of the 
Psychopathic Structure 

The main energy is located in the upper half of 
the body. His energy level is first hyperactive 
and then collapses. The person with a displaced 
structure (Figure 13-6) has a general field that is 
depleted at the bottom in all auric levels and en¬ 
ergized at the top; thus the egg shape is dis¬ 
torted in this way also. The etheric decreases in 
fullness toward the feet and is generally of a 
darker blue color and stronger tone than that of 
the schizoid and the oral. The emotional body 

also is fuller at the top. The mental body pro¬ 
trudes toward the front of the body more than 
towards the back, whereas the emotional body 
may appear to have a bulge at the will center 
located between the shoulder blades, which is 
usually greatly enlarged. The higher auric layers 
are also stronger and brighter on the upper half. 

The chakra configuration in a psychopathic 
structure generally shows open will centers at 
the shoulder and neck base, with the will cen¬ 
ters between the shoulder blades extremely 
large and overused, open frontal center and 
crown center, with most of the others closed, 
especially the feeling centers. The rear sexual 
center may be partially open. Thus he functions 
primarily through mental and will energy. 

The energy activity in the brain is strong and 
bright in the frontal lobes. This energy activity 
decreases towards the back of the head and is 
very still and usually rather dark in the occipital 
region. This indicates the person is interested 
primarily in intellectual pursuits and not in 
body activity other than in a way that serves the 
active will. The intellect is also used to serve the 

It is from these powerful frontal lobes that 
the psychopath sends out energy arches that 
reach toward another's head to hold him in the 
mental grasp type of defense. He also engages 
in some verbal denial. He may explode into a 
volcanic rage similar to that used in the hysteri¬ 
cal defense system, but in a controlled, balanced 
energy form that does not contain that same 
kind of chaos. 

The Life Task and Higher Self 
of the Psychopathic Character 

The psychopath needs to find true surrender by 
gradually deflating and letting go of his upper 
half and his tendency to control others and by 
giving in to his deeper being and sexual feel¬ 
ings. With this, he can satisfy his deep longing 
to be in reality, make contact with friends and 
feel like a human being. . 

The inner landscape of the psychopathic 
character is full of fantasy and adventures of 
honor. Here those who win are the ones with 

Aura and Chakra Patterns of the Major Character Structures 121 

the most truth and honesty. The world revolves 
around noble values, which are upheld through 
perseverance and valor. How he longs to bring 
this into the physical environment of his real 
world. He will someday. 

When his higher self energies are released, 
he is very honest and has a lot of integrity. His 
highly developed intellect can be put to use to 
solve disagreements by helping others find their 
truth. Through his honesty, he can lead others 
to their honesty. He is very good in managing 
complicated projects and has a big heart full of 

The Masochistic Structure 

In childhood, the love the masochistic personal¬ 
ity was given was conditional. His mother was 
dominating and sacrificing—even to the extent 
of controlling his eating and excretory functions. 
The child was made to feel guilty for any self- 
assertion or attempt to declare his freedom. All 
his attempts to resist the tremendous pressure 
put on him were crushed; he now feels trapped, 
defeated and humiliated. His response to this 
situation was to hold in his feelings and his crea¬ 
tivity. In fact he tried to hold everything in. This 
lead to anger and hatred. He demands to be in¬ 
dependent, but when he interacts with others, 
he uses polite expressions delivered with whin¬ 
ing disgust to indirectly manipulate others. This 
evokes teasing from others. The teasing then al¬ 
lows him to become angry. He already was an¬ 
gry, but now he has been given the right to 
express it. Thus he is caught in a cycle that 
keeps him dependent. 

On the negative side, this person is one who 
suffers, whines and complains, remains submis¬ 
sive on the outside, but will never really submit. 
Within are blocked strong feelings of spite, neg¬ 
ativity, hostility, superiority and fear that he will 
explode into violent rage. He may be impotent 
and have a strong interest in pornography. A 
woman is likely to be nonorgasmic and feel her 
sexuality is unclean. 

His presenting complaint when entering 
therapy is tension. He wants release from his 
tension, but unconsciously believes that releas¬ 

ing it and accepting what is inside leads to sub¬ 
mission and humiliation. Thus his unconscious 
negative intent is to remain blocked and to "love 
negativity." This leads to the double bind of "If I 
get angry. I'll be humiliated; if I don't. I'll be 
humiliated." To resolve this problem in therapy, 
he needs to become assertive, be free and to 
open his spiritual connectedness. 

In the therapeutic process the first layer of 
personality encountered will be the mask that 
says, "I'll kill (hurt) myself before you kill (hurt) 
me." After some therapy work is done exploring 
this inner landscape, the lower self will become 
conscious. It says, "I will spite and provoke 
you." This will eventually release the higher self 
which resolves the situation with, "I'm free." 

Physically he is heavy and compacted with 
overdeveloped muscles and shortening of the 
neck and waist. He carries strong tensions in the 
neck, jaw, throat and pelvis, which is tucked un¬ 
der. His buttocks are cold. His energy is choked 
in the throat area, and his head thrusts forward. 

Psychodynamically, he holds in and gets 
stuck in a morass in which he whines, com¬ 
plains, holds back feelings and provokes. If his 
provocation is successful he will have an excuse 
to explode. He is not conscious of his provoca¬ 
tion and thinks he is trying to please. 

The Energy Field of the 
Masochistic Structure 

His main energy is internalized. He is hypoac- 
tive and yet boiling inside. The masochistic 
structure's field (Figure 13-7) is fully inflated. 
The etheric body is dense, thick, coarse and 
shaded to the gray colors rather than the blue. 
The emotional body is full, multicolored and 
fairly evenly distributed, as is the etheric body. 
The mental body is large and bright even on the 
lower part of the body. The intellect and emo¬ 
tions are more integrated. The celestial body is 
bright all around the body with colors of mauve, 
maroon and blue. The egg is fully inflated and 
has a dark golden color. The egg is a bit over¬ 
weight toward the bottom and forms more of an 
oval shape than an egg. Its outer edge is 

activity pattern 
in brain 

of the Masochistic Character 
iagnostic Views) 

Aura and Chakra Patterns of the Major Character Structures 123 

strongly defined with somewhat too much ten¬ 
sion and thickness. 

The chakras that are usually open in a maso¬ 
chist before starting core process work are the 
forehead, the solar plexus and, possibly, a parti¬ 
ally opened rear sexual center. He thus func¬ 
tions in the mental, emotional and will aspects 
of the personality. The energy activity pattern of 
the brain shows activity in the frontal, parietal 
and ventricle areas, with some of this activity 
extending to a small central area in the occiput, 
which is surrounded by a less active area. De¬ 
fense systems commonly employed by the mas¬ 
ochist are the tentacles, silent obvious brooding 
and verbal arrows. 

The Life Task and Higher Self 
of the Masochistic Character 

The masochist needs to free himself from humil¬ 
iation by freeing his aggression. He needs to ex¬ 
press himself actively in whatever way suits his 
fancy whenever he wants to. 

The inner landscape of a masochistic charac¬ 
ter is like filigreed silver and gold. His creative 
force expresses itself in delicate intricate de¬ 
signs, each of personal distinction and taste. 
Each nuance is important. When he brings this 
highly developed creativity out, the world will 
be awed. 

His higher self energies are full of caring for 
others. He is a natural negotiator. His heart is 
big. He is very supportive and has a lot to give, 
both in energy and understanding. He is full of 
deep compassion and at the same time has a 
great capacity for fun and joy. He is capable of 
creative playfulness and lightness. He will bring 
out all these gifts and excel in whatever he 
wants to do. 

The Rigid Structure 

In childhood, the person with a rigid character 
structure experienced rejection by the parent of 
the opposite sex. The child experienced this as a 
betrayal of love because erotic pleasure, sexual¬ 

ity and love are all the same to the child. To 
compensate for this rejection, the child decided 
to control all the feelings involved—pain, rage 
and good feelings—by holding them back. To 
surrender is a scary thing for this person, be¬ 
cause it means releasing all these feelings again. 
Thus he will not reach out for his needs directly, 
but will manipulate to get what he wants. Pride 
is associated with feelings of love. The rejection 
of sexual love hurts his pride. 

Psychodynamically, the rigid person holds 
back feelings and actions in order not to look 
foolish. He tends to be worldly, with a lot of 
ambition and competitive aggression. He says, 
"I'm superior, and I know everything." Inside is 
a deep terror of betrayal; vulnerability is to be 
avoided at all costs. He is afraid of being hurt. 

He holds his head high and backbone 
straight with pride. He has a high degree of 
outer control and a strong identification with 
physical reality. This strong ego position is used 
as an excuse to avoid letting go. This person 
fears the involuntary processes within the hu¬ 
man being that are not determined by the ego. 
The inner self of the individual is walled off 
from the outpouring and inpouring of feelings. 
He will have sex with contempt, not love. 

In holding back his feelings, he only creates 
more pride. He demands love and sexual feel¬ 
ings from others, but when he interacts with 
them, he seductively uses qualifiers to remain 
uncommitted. This leads to competition, not 
love. His pride is then hurt, and he becomes 
more competitive. He is in a vicious cycle that 
does not get him what he wants. 

His presenting complaint in therapy (if he 
comes at all) is that he has no feelings. He wants 
to surrender to feelings, but he believes they will 
only hurt, so his negative intent is, "I won't sur¬ 
render." He chooses sex over love but that 
doesn't satisfy him. This leads to the double 
bind of "Either choice is wrong." To surrender 
will hurt; to remain in pride will not allow feel¬ 
ings. To resolve this problem in therapy, he 
needs to connect his heart to his genitals. 

In the therapeutic process, the mask will say, 
"Yes, but. . ." After some time, the lower self or 
shadow self will emerge into the conscious. It 
will say, "I won't love you." Then as feelings be- 

124 Hands of Light 

gin to flow as a result of bodywork, the higher 
self will resolve the situation by stating, "I com¬ 
mit, I love." 

The body is harmoniously proportioned, 
highly energized and integrated. It can have two 
types of blocks—plate armor, like steel plates on 
the body, or mesh armor, like a suit of chain 
mesh over the body. The pelvis is tipped back 
and cold. 

The Energy Field of the 
Rigid Structure 

The main energy is held on the periphery and 
away from the core. He is hyperactive. The per¬ 
son with a rigid structure (Figure 13-8) is char¬ 
acterized by his balance and integration, shown 
in the aura by a strong bright aura that is for the 
most part evenly distributed over and through¬ 
out the body. The etheric field is strong, wide 
and even, with a bluish-gray color and medium 
coarseness. The emotional body displays a calm 
balance and is evenly distributed. It may not be 
as colorful as some of the other structures if the 
person has not worked to open his feelings. It 
may be larger in the back of the person, since all 
the centers are open there. The mental body is 
developed and bright. The celestial body may 
not be very bright if the person has not opened 
much to unconditional love or his spirituality. 
The causal or ketheric template egg is strong, 
resilient, very well shaped and brightly 
colored—golden-silvery with a predominance of 

The chakras of the rigid character that are 
probably open before beginning process work 
are the rear will and sexual chakras and the 
mental chakras. He thus lives primarily by his 
mind and will. The crown and solar plexus may 
or may not be open. As the person starts proc¬ 
ess work and opening to his feelings, the front 
feeling centers begin to open. 

The brain activity pattern shows a lot of ac¬ 
tivity on the sides and the central rear portion of 
the brain. In some cases the frontal lobes are 
just as active, depending on the area of life the 
person has decided to concentrate on. If it has 

been intellectual pursuits, then this area will 
also be as bright and active; if not, it will usually 
be the second most active area. If the person has 
pursued development in the arts, like painting 
or music or other creative forms, I find the side 
lobes brighter. I find that as people work in their 
process, grow and become more enlightened, 
the activity patterns of the brain become more 
balanced with activity at the side, frontal and 
occipital area. The bridges begin to build di¬ 
rectly through the head to form a cross when 
observed from the top. When a person begins to 
develop his spirituality and have spiritual expe¬ 
riences, say in meditation, I find more activity 
growing in the central brain area. 

Energetic defense systems most used by the 
rigid person are power-will display, boundary 
containment and sometimes hysteria (shown in 
Figure 12-3). 

The Life Task and Higher Self 
of the Rigid Character 

The rigid character needs to open the feeling 
centers and allow his feelings to flow and be 
seen by others. He needs to share his feelings, 
whatever they are. This will allow energies to 
flow into and out of the core of his being and 
release the uniqueness of the Higher Self. 

The inner landscape of the rigid character 
holds adventure, passion and love. There are 
mountains to climb, causes to champion and 
loves to be romanced. Like Icarus, he will fly to 
the sun. Like Moses, he will lead his people to 
the promised land. He will inspire others with 
his love and passion for life. He will then be a 
natural leader in most any profession he desires. 
He will be capable of deep contact with others 
and the universe. He will be able to play in the 
universe and enjoy life fully. 

It is very helpful to keep the general charac¬ 
ter structure of your patient in mind when giv¬ 
ing a healing. This will help you as a healer to 
approach the healing specifically for each per¬ 
son and to make the healing most efficient. Just 
approaching the healing in terms of each pa¬ 
tient's relationship to boundaries is very helpful. 

126 Hands of Light 

The person with a schizoid character structure 
will need to have his boundaries identified and 
strengthened. He also will need to have his spir¬ 
itual reality confirmed. High Sense Perception 
helps a lot with this. The schizoid's aura also 
needs to be charged up, and he needs to be 
taught how to hold a charge. The energy leaks 
need to be stopped. The oral character's aura 
needs to be charged up and the chakras need to 
be opened. The boundary needs to be strength¬ 
ened. The person needs to be taught how it feels 
to be open, so that he can learn to keep the cha¬ 
kras open through exercise and meditation. The 
oral person needs a lot of touching. The person 
with displaced character structure needs to 
charge the lower half of his field, open the lower 
chakras and learn to live more through the heart 
rather than the will. It is very important to be 
very tender with sexual issues with the dis¬ 
placed character structure. The second chakra 
must be dealt with with care, understanding 
and acceptance. The healer must be very sensi¬ 
tive and careful when touching the lower half of 
the body. The person with a masochistic energy 
field needs to learn to move and release all the 
energy he has blocked. His boundaries must be 
respected above all. Never touch without per¬ 
mission. The more of the healing he can do for 
himself, the faster and better he will heal. His 
healing will always be related to creativity, 
which is hidden inside and needs to be brought 
out and expressed. The rigid character's aura 
needs softening. This person needs to open the 
heart chakra and connect to love and other feel¬ 
ings. The second layer of the aura needs to be 
activated and its activity brought to conscious¬ 
ness. This must be done slowly by the healer, 
allowing feelings to be experienced for short 
periods at a time. The deeper core energies of 
the personality need to be reached through 
laying-on of hands. It is important for the healer 
to lovingly accept the personality when her 
hands are on the body. 

Beyond Character Structure 

As each person works on himself psycho- 
dynamically, physically and spiritually, the aura 

changes. The aura becomes balanced, the cha¬ 
kras open more and more. Images and miscon¬ 
ceptions about reality within our negative belief 
system clear away, creating more lightness, less 
stagnation and higher vibrations in the energy 
field. The field becomes more resilient and fluid. 
Creativity increases as the efficiency of the 
energy-metabolizing system grows. The field ex¬ 
pands and deeper changes begin to occur. 

Many people begin to have a beautiful 
golden-silvery point of light in the center of the 
head that grows into a brilliant ball of light. As 
the person develops, this ball grows larger and 
extends beyond the body. It seems to be the 
seed kernel that brings light to and develops the 
celestial body into a brighter more advanced or¬ 
gan, which begins to perceive and thus to inter¬ 
act with reality beyond the physical world. The 
location of this light seems to be in the root area 
of the crown and third eye chakras, where the 
pituitary and pineal glands are located. As the 
mental body grows brighter, sensitivities to real¬ 
ity beyond the physical develop. One's way of 
life changes to a natural flow of energy exchange 
and transformation with the universe. We begin 
to see ourselves as a unique aspect of the uni¬ 
verse, completely integrated with the whole. 
Our energy system is seen as an energy trans¬ 
formation system, which takes in energy from 
the environment, breaks it down, transforms it 
and then resynthesizes it and sends it out into 
the universe in a higher spiritual state. Thus, we 
are each living transformation systems. Since 
the energy we transform has consciousness, we 
are transforming consciousness. We are truly 
spiritualizing matter. 

Character Structure and Life Task 

Each character structure is a model of a transfor¬ 
mation system gone awry. First we block the en¬ 
ergy. It becomes clogged and slowed down 
within our energy systems. We do that by living 
according to our negative beliefs. We really are 
out of reality a lot of the time because we live 
and react to the universe as we think it is, not as 
it really is. But this does not work for long. We 

Aura and Chakra Patterns of the Major Character Structures 127 

create pain in our lives by doing this. Sooner or 
later we hear the message that we are doing 
something wrong. We change ourselves and our 
energy systems to alleviate the pain. We unclog 
our systems and transform the energy. In doing 
this we not only help to clear away our personal 
negative beliefs, but we also affect those around 
us in a positive way. We thus transform energy. 

When we begin releasing our blocks, we do 
our personal task. This frees our energy so that 
we can do what we have always wanted to do in 
life: that deep longing we have had since child¬ 
hood, that secret dream, that is one's life task. 
That which you have wanted to do more than 
anything in your life is your life task. It is what 
you came here to do. By clearing away your per¬ 
sonal blocks, you pave the way to accomplish 
your deepest longing. Let your longing lead 
you. Follow it. It will bring you happiness. 

You have designed your body and your en¬ 
ergy system as a tool to perform your life task. It 
is made up of a combination of energy- 
consciousness that best suits what you have 
been incarnated to do. No one else has that 
combination, and no one else wants to do pre¬ 
cisely what you want to do. You are unique. 
When you block the flow of energy in your en- 
ergy system that you created for your task, you 
also block your task. The general patterns of 
blocking that people do is called character struc¬ 
tures and defense systems. These are all ways 
by which you habitually separate yourself from 
what you came to do on the world task level. 
They are also direct manifestations of what you 
don't know about life that you have come here 
to learn. Therefore you have your lesson crystal¬ 
lized into your body and your energy system. 
You have built and fashioned your schoolroom 
according to your own specifications. You live 
inside it. 

As you will learn, energy blocks lead eventu¬ 
ally to physical disorder. Conversely, these dis¬ 
orders can be traced to your character structure 
or the way you block your creative energies. 
Therefore whatever your illness may be, it is di¬ 
rectly related to your life task. Your illness is di¬ 
rectly related, through your energy system, to 
your deepest longing. You are sick because you 
are not following your deepest longing. So I ask 

again, what is it that you most long to do with 
your life—more than anything else in the world? 
Find how you stop yourself. Clear away those 
blocks. Do what you wish to do, and you will 
get well. 

Exercises to Find Your 
Character Structure 

Observe yourself in a mirror. Which body type 
does your body look like? Read over each table 
and each character structure. Then answer ques¬ 
tions 7-10. 

Chapter 13 Review 

1. Describe the general HEF configuration of 
each of the five major character structures. 

2. Describe the highest qualities of each of the 
main character structures. 

3. According to auric vision, which areas of the 
brain are most active in each different char¬ 
acter structure? 

Food For Thought 

4. What is the life task of each character struc¬ 

5. How is character structure related to life 

6. How is illness related to a person's life task? 

7. Proportionately list each character structure 
that makes up your personality/body self. 
For example: 

50% Schizoid 
20% Oral 
15% Displaced 
5% Masochistic . 

10% Rigid 

8. Go through Figure 13-1. Find your person¬ 
ality traits for each item listed. 

9. Go through Figure 13-2. Find your physical 
and energetic traits for each item listed. 

10. Go through Figure 13-3. Find how you re¬ 
late with other people from your character 
structure for each item listed. 

128 Hands of Light 

11. From the answers to the preceding three them to question 11 above. 

items, what could your personal task be? 13. Now do items 7-12 for each of your pa- 
Your world task? tients. 

12. If you have any physical disorders, relate 




"And though the Lord give you the bread of adversity, and the water of affliction, yet shall 
not thy teachers be removed into a comer any more, but thine eyes shall see thy teachers. 

"And thine ears shall hear a word behind thee, saying, this is the way; walk ye in it, when 
ye turn to the right hand, and when ye turn to the left." 

Isaiah 30:20-21 



From the perspective of a healer, illness is the 
result of imbalance. Imbalance is a result of for¬ 
getting who you are. Forgetting who you are 
creates thoughts and actions that lead to an un¬ 
healthy lifestyle and eventually to illness. The 
illness itself is a signal that you are imbalanced 
because you have forgotten who you are. It is a 
direct message to you that tells you not only 
how you are in imbalance but also shows you 
the steps that will take you back to the real self 
and health. This information is very specific if 
you know how to secure access to it. 

Illness can thus be understood as a lesson 
you have given yourself to help you remember 
who you are. Immediately you will think of all 
kinds of exceptions to this statement. But most 
of them will limit you to a perception of reality 
that only includes this particular lifetime and 
only life in the physical body. My scope is, how¬ 
ever, a more transcendental one. The above 
statements can only be understood in a whole 
and healthy way if you already accept yourself 
as existing beyond the physical dimensions of 
time and space. The statements can only be felt 
as loving, if they also include you as a part of 
the whole, and therefore the whole. They are 
based upon the idea that individuation and 
wholeness are the same. That is, a priori the 
whole-is made up of the individual parts, and 
the individual parts are therefore not only part 
of the whole, but like a hologram are in fact the 

During my own personal growth process 
that took place over the years while I was mak¬ 

ing energy-field observations as a counselor, 
two major changes occurred that drastically 
changed my way of working with people. The 
first was that I began to receive guidance during 
sessions from spiritual teachers as to what to do 
in the sessions, and I began to look and ask for 
specific kinds of information pertaining to dif¬ 
ferent levels of the aura. The second was that I 
began to develop what I call "internal vision"; 
that is, I could see into the body somewhat like 
an x-ray machine. My practice slowly turned 
from that of a counselor to that of a spiritual 

Healing became first an extension of the 
therapy and then the central core of all therapy 
because it reaches all the dimensions of the soul 
and body far beyond that which the therapy was 
able to do. My work became clear. I was healing 
the soul or becoming a channel to help the soul 
remember who it is and where it is headed in 
those times it forgets and gets off track in dis¬ 
ease or illness. This work has, for me, become 
very fulfilling, full of ecstasy in the experience of 
high energies and angelic beings who come to 
heal. At the same time, it is challenging to face 
the pain of terrible physical illness, which the 
healer must experience to some extent in order 
to heal. I had to let myself see the tremendous 
energy and soul imbalances that many people 
live with. Humanity carries with it terrible pain, 
loneliness and deep longing to be free. The 
work of the healer is a work of love. The healer 
reaches into these painful areas of the soul and 
gently reawakens hope. S/he gently reawakens 


132 Hands of Light 

the ancient memory of who the soul is. S/he 
touches the spark of God in each cell of the 
body and gently reminds it that it is already 
God and, already being God, it inexorably flows 
with the Universal Will towards health and 

In the next few chapters, I will discuss the 
process of illness and the process of healing as 

seen from the point of view of the Spiritual 
Teachers. I will share with you some of my expe¬ 
riences of spiritual guidance in the professional 
setting and discuss in detail High Sense Percep¬ 
tion, how it works and how you can learn it. I 
will also present Heyoan's view of reality. All of 
this is important to understand in order to learn 
the healing techniques presented in Part V. 

Chapter 14 


As can be seen in Chapter 4, the idea presented 
by Newtonian mechanics that the universe is 
composed of separated building blocks of matter 
became outmoded in the early 20th century. 
Much evidence has been presented by our scien¬ 
tists that shows that we are all always intercon¬ 
nected. We are not separate beings; we are 
individuated beings. It is only our old Newto¬ 
nian habits of thinking that lead us to these con¬ 
cepts of separation from the whole. They simply 
are not true. Let me show you an example of 
what interpreting self-responsibility from the 
point of view of separateness can do. 

Suppose a small child contracts AIDS from a 
blood transfusion, for example. If that event is 
interpreted from the separation point of view, 
one may say, "Oh, poor victim." From the popu¬ 
larized version of self-responsibility one might 
say, "Oh, he created it, so it is his fault" But 
from holism one would say, "Oh, what a hard 
lesson that brave soul and family have chosen to 
learn from their greater reality. What can I do to 
best help them? How can I best love them? How 
can I help them remember who they are?" Any¬ 
one who approaches life in this manner finds no 
contradictions between responsibility and love 
and a great deal of difference between responsi¬ 
bility-and blame. 

The view from individuation and holism 
promises respect and acceptance of whatever 
other fellow human beings experience. On the 
contrary, statements like "Oh, you created your 
cancer; 1 wouldn't do a thing like that" are 
niade from the perspective of separation, not in¬ 

dividuation. Separation promotes fear and vic- 
timhood; fear and victimhood only support the 
illusion of powerlessness. Responsibility and ac¬ 
ceptance promote power, power from within to 
create your reality. For if you unconsciously had 
something to do with making things the way 
they are, then you can have a great deal to do 
with creating things the way you want them to 
be. Let us look at the processes of forgetting 
more clearly. 

As children, only a small portion of our in¬ 
ternal experience is verified by those around us. 
This creates an internal struggle between self- 
preservation and confirmation from others. As 
children, we needed a lot of confirmation; we 
were m a learning stage and that learning was 
based on confirmation from the outside world. 
As a result we either created secret fantasy 
worlds, or we rejected much of our unconfirmed 
inner reality and found a way to store it for later 
verification. Another way to explain the process 
is that we blocked off our experiences, be they 
images, thoughts or feelings. Blocking effec¬ 
tively walls us off from that portion of experi¬ 
ence, at least temporarily. We wall ourselves off 
from ourselves. This is another way of saying 
we forget who we are. In Chapters 9 and 10 we 
dealt extensively with blocks in the auric field. 
The effect of these blocks when seen from the 
auric point of view is to disrupt the healthy flow 
of energy throughout the auric field and eventu¬ 
ally to cause disease. They become what is 
sometimes called stagnated soul-substance. 
They are "blobs" of energy-consciousness that 


134 Hands of Light 

are cut off from the rest of us. Let us look at this 
process using the Gestalt idea of the wall. 

Whenever you experience discomfort, you 
are in some way experiencing the wall you built 
up between the greater integrated you and a 
part of yourself. That wall serves to hold back a 
portion of yourself that you do not want to enter 
into your experience of the moment. With time, 
the wall grows stronger, and you forget that it is 
a portion of yourself that is walled off, i.e., you 
have created more forgetting. It begins to appear 
that what is walled off is something from the 
outside, that the wall appears to hold back some 
dreaded force from the outside. These internal 
walls are created over eons of soul experiences. 
The longer they stand, the more they appear to 
be keeping something other than self away from 
the self. The longer they stand, the more they 
appear to create safety, but the more they solid¬ 
ify the experience of separation. 

Exercises to 

Explore Your Inner Wall 

To explore your walls, you can use the following 
exercise. Bring to memory a particularly un¬ 
pleasant situation, either one you are struggling 
with currently or an unresolved one from the 
past. Begin to experience what that situation felt 
like, picture it in your mind, hear the words or 
sounds associated with that experience. Find 
within that experience the fear it contains. Fear 
is the feeling of being separated. As you are able 
to bring yourself back into that state of fear, be¬ 
gin to perceive also a wall of fear. Feel it, taste it, 
see it, smell it. What is its texture, its color. Is it 
light or dark, sharp or hard? What is it made of? 
Become the wall. What does it think, say, see, 
feel? What does this portion of your conscious¬ 
ness believe about reality? 

Heyoan has given the following explanation 
of the wall: 

"We will go back to the idea of the wall that 
you yourself have fashioned in order to maintain 
what you considered at the time of fashioning 
an inner equilibrium, but that actually maintains 
an outer disequilibrium, as in a dike, or in locks. 

where one level of water is higher than the 
other. So you may see yourself behind this wall 
and a great flood, a great pressure of power of 
some form on the outside, with you inside. Your 
wall then makes up for that which you feel you are 
lacking on the inner level. In other words there is 
this great power coining towards you and you 
think you have less power than it has. Then you 
make a wall to protect you as, when in the medi¬ 
eval ages, the walls of the castles were being 
stormed. You who are inside the wall must first 
explore the essence of this wall, for it is fash¬ 
ioned of you. It is fashioned of your essence and 
it is full of statements, statements of what you 
must do in order to remain safe. Now, the won¬ 
derful point about all of this is that this wall is 
fashioned of your essence and contains power 
within it. That power can be transformed and 
redistributed as a foundation for the power of 
the inner self. Or it can be seen as a stairway 
into the inner self where that power already ex¬ 
ists. That is another way of saying it, depending 
upon which metaphor suits you best. And so 
you sit behind your wall of safety, and at the 
same time you sit in your wall of safety, because 
you are that wall. It is, then, the bridge of con¬ 
sciousness between what you as the wall say 
and what you as the inner person who is being 
protected say. 

Exercise to 
Dissolve Your Wall 

Hold a conversation between you the wall and 
you the person inside. When that is thoroughly 
done, then we suggest you hold the same con¬ 
versation between you and what is beyond the 
wall and even the wall and that which is beyond 
and continue these conversations until there be¬ 
comes a flow through that wall. 

"Now you can see this wall symbolically on 
the psychodynamic stage. You can also see it as 
representative of that wall between who you are 
and who you think you are, for you are that 
power on the other side of the wall, too, in 
whatever form it is. You have power within it, 
not power over it. The wall represents the belief 

The Separation of Reality 135 

in power over, the power of separation, which is 
one of the greatest maladies of the earth plane at 
this time, the disease of power over. And so, if 
you can find this metaphor within you and 
without you on not only the psychodynamic 
level but the spiritual level and the world level, 
you can use it as a tool for self exploration and 
healing. You can use it as a tool for remembering 
who you are." 

Let us look at the wall from the auric field 
point of view. As was said earlier, the wall can 
be seen as an energy block in the aura. In the 
process of going into the wall, experiencing it 
and enlivening it, you are also enlightening the 
block. The block seen in the auric field begins to 
move and stops disrupting the natural energy 

These blocks exist on all the levels of the 
aura. They affect each other from layer to layer. 
Let us now look at how a block in one layer of 
the aura—which, of course, would be expressed 

in the reality of that layer, i.e., thought, belief or 
feeling—can eventually cause an illness in the 
physical body. 

Chapter 14 Review 

1. What is the cause of illness? 

Food For Thought 

2. What is the nature of your inner wall? 

3. Hold a conversation with your wall. What 
does your wall say? What does the part of 
you that sits behind the wall say? What does 
the part of you that sits without the wall say? 
What is the wall protecting you against? 
What is the nature of your power that you 
have locked away in your wall? How can you 
release it? 

Chapter 15 


Dimension of Energy 
and Consciousness 

Looking at ourselves with a broader perspective 
than we did before, we see that we are much 
more than our physical bodies. We are com¬ 
posed of layer upon layer of energy and con¬ 
sciousness. We may sense that internally. A 
clear graphic description of our self-experience 
of feelings and thoughts is presented in this 

Our inner spark of divinity exists in a much 
higher plane of reality and advanced conscious¬ 
ness than that of our everyday consciousness. 
We are this higher consciousness just as much 
as we are our everyday consciousness. This 
higher consciousness can be tapped into with 
practice. Once it is found, it is no surprise. One 
has the sensation of "Oh, yes! I knew that all 
along." Our divine spark has supreme wisdom; 
we can use it to guide our daily life, growth and 

Since the aura is the medium through which 
creative impulses from our higher realities are 
precipitated down into the physical reality, we 
can use the auric field to bring our conscious¬ 
ness back up (in vibration) through its layers 
into the reality of the Godself. To do this, we 
need to know more specifically how these crea¬ 
tive impulses are transmitted, layer by layer, into 
our physical world to help create our daily expe¬ 
rience of life. 

First, let us consider again just what the aura 
is. It is much more than a medium or a field. It 
is life itself. Each layer is a body, just as real, 
alive and functioning as is our physical body. 
Each body exists in a conscious reality that is in 
some ways like, and in some ways unlike, the 
physical reality. Each layer is, in a sense, in a 
world of its own, yet these worlds are intercon¬ 
necting and exist immersed within the same 
space in which we experience our physical real¬ 

Figure 15-1 lists the planes of reality in 
which we exist and which correlate with each of 
the auric layers or bodies shown in Chapter 7. 
The physical plane is composed of four levels: 
the physical, etheric, emotional and mental lev¬ 
els. The astral plane is the bridge between the 
spiritual and physical, and the spiritual plane is 
above it and has gradations of enlightenment 
within it. As already stated in Chapter 7, we 
have at least three layers in our spiritual 
bodies—the etheric template level, the celestial 
level and the ketheric template level. 

Creation or manifestation takes place when a 
concept or a belief is transmitted from its source 
in the high levels down into the more dense lev¬ 
els of reality until it becomes crystalized into 
physical reality. We create according to our be¬ 
liefs. Of course what is taking place on the lower 
layers also affects the higher ones. In order to 
understand the process of creating health or dis¬ 
ease, let us look again more closely at how con- 


138 Hands of Light 

Figure 15-1 


(as related to the layers of the aura) 

Spiritual Plane 




















Lh P 
X! *4J 

60 fO 




Astral Plane 

Gradation of Light 

Physical Plane 
Mental Level 
Emotional Level 
Etheric Level 
Physical Level 

Ketheric Template Level 
Celestial Level 
Etheric Template Level 

sciousness manifests on each layer of the auric 

Figure 15-2 lists how consciousness ex¬ 
presses itself on each auric layer and the state¬ 
ment that consciousness makes. On the physical 
level, consciousness takes the form of instinct, 
automatic reflexes and the automatic function¬ 
ing of internal organs. Here consciousness 
makes the statement, "I exist." At the etheric 
level, consciousness is expressed in terms of 
sensations like physical pleasure or pain. Un- 
pleasurable sensations such as cold and hunger 
are signals that something is needed to rebal¬ 
ance our energy in order to flow once again in 
harmony. At the emotional level, consciousness 
is expressed in basic primal emotions and reac¬ 
tions like fear, anger and love. Most of these 
emotions relate to the self. On the mental level, 
consciousness is expressed in terms of rational 
thinking. This is the plane of the linear analytic 

On the astral level, consciousness is experi¬ 
enced as strong emotions that extend beyond 
the self and the other to encompass humanity. 
The astral plane, an entirely different world, is 

the plane where astral travel takes place, and, as 
described by people who have experienced it, 
that plane differs from the physical plane in the 
following ways: objects have fluid form; light is 
radiated from objects rather than being primar¬ 
ily reflected off them; and to travel, one need 
only concentrate on where one wants to go and 
stay focused on that place. The direction shifts 
with the focus, so that if you shift your focus, 
you shift your direction. Concentration power is 
very important on this plane! 

The differences and similarities between the 
physical and astral planes would not be surpris¬ 
ing to the physicist, since the laws that govern 
the astral plane would be based on natural law 
governing a medium of finer substance, higher 
energy and faster vibrations. These laws would, 
of course, correlate with those we know in our 
physical world. I propose that our physical laws 
are, in fact, simply special cases of general laws, 
the cosmic or universal laws which govern the 
entire universe. 

On the spiritual plane there is yet another 
world with its own reality, one that seems, from 
my limited view of it, to be far more beautiful/ 

From Energy Block to Physical Disease 139 

Figure 15-2 




Expression of 






I know. 



I am. 




I love 










I will. 




I love 







I think. 





I feel 







I feel 






I exist. 



I am 


full of light and loving than ours. On the fifth 

layer, the etheric template, consciousness ex¬ 
presses itself as higher will, with which we will 
things into being through the power of naming 
and defining them. On the celestial level, con¬ 
sciousness expresses itself as higher feelings like 
universal love, that is, love that goes beyond hu¬ 
man beings and friends into a universal love for 
all life. On the seventh level, consciousness is 
expressed in higher concepts of knowing or be¬ 
lief systems. This is where the initial creative im¬ 
pulse begins from our knowing, not just linear 
knowing, but integrated knowing. 

The basic primary creative force is initiated 
in the highest spiritual body and is then moved 
into the astral body. Or, from another point of 
view, one might say that the finer substances 
and energies in the spiritual bodies induce har¬ 
monic resonance in the astral which then in¬ 
duces harmonic resonance in the lower three 
bodies. This process continues all the way down 
into the frequency level of the physical body. 
(The phenomenon of harmonic induction is that 
which occurs when you strike one tuning fork 
and another in the room will sound.) Each body 
expresses this impulse in terms of its conscious 
reality at its own level. For example, a creative 
impulse from the spiritual moving into the astral 
will be expressed in terms of broad feelings. As 
it moves into the lower frequency layers, it will 
be first expressed in terms of thoughts, then 
specific feelings, then physical sensation, and 
the physical body will respond automatically 
through the autonomic nervous system. It will 
either relax if it reads a positive impulse or will 
contract if it receives a negative one. 

The Creative Process of Health 

Health is maintained when the creative force 
coming from human spiritual reality is directed 
according to universal or cosmic law (Figure 15- 
3). When the ketheric body is aligned with 
greater spiritual reality, it manifests the divine 
knowing of that reality. The statement made is, 
"I know I am one with God." It is the experience 
of being one with the creator, yet being individ¬ 
uated at the same time. This reality then in¬ 
duces the feeling of universal love in the 
celestial body. This feeling of being one with 
God in turn creates an alignment of the individ¬ 
ual will in the etheric template with the Divine 
will. This in turn is expressed in the astral level 
as love for humanity. The experience of love for 
humanity will influence the mental layer and in¬ 
form the perceptions of reality in the mental 
body. This vibration in the mental body is then 
transmitted by the laws of harmonic induction 
and sympathetic resonance down into the mat¬ 
ter and energy of the emotional body, which 
then expresses itself as feelings. If perception of 

140 Hands of Light 

Figure 15-3 


KETHERIC TEMPLATE BODY .... Divine Knowing: 

CELESTIAL BODY.Divine Loving: 


ASTRAL BODY.. Loving: 

MENTAL BODY.Clear Thinking: 

EMOTIONAL BODY.. Real Feeling: 

I know I am one with God. 

I love life universally. 

Thy will and mine are one. 

I love humanity. 

Clear thinking used to implement love and 

Natural unblocked flow of feelings 
corresponding with Divine Reality, 
creates: love 



Natural metabolism of energy, which 
maintains the structure and function of the 
etheric body; yin/yang balanced, creates: 
We're OK. 


Beingness: Natural metabolism of chemical energies, 

balanced physical systems, creates: physical J 

reality is consistent with cosmic law, the feelings 
will be harmonious and accepted by the person 
and allowed to flow. They will not be blocked. 

This flow then is transmitted down into the 
etheric body, which responds in a natural har¬ 
mony. The result is pleasurable body sensations 
that promote natural metabolism of energy from 
the Universal Energy Field. This energy is 

needed to nourish the etheric body and to main¬ 
tain its structure and function. A natural balance 
of the yin/yang energies in the etheric body is 
also maintained. With this balance, the natural 
sensitivity in the body, coming from the natural 
flow of feelings, leads to increased awareness of 
body sensations, which in turn leads to follow¬ 
ing proper diet and exercise. The healthy etheric 

From Energy Block to Physical Disease 141 

Figure 15-4 



I believe I am 

Believes he is 

Tangle or teat 


superior 1 


to others 


in 7th layer 


I love what 


Loves being superior 

Weak or blocked 


I believe 

Celestial Light 


I will my beliefs 


to be 

Distortion in 


into being 



Etheric Template 


I desire according 


Desires to 

1 3 

Blocks in Astral 

to my beliefs 

be superior 

dark forms, 

stagnated energy 


I think according 

I think can 


Disturbance of 

to my beliefs 

I think can't be superior 

form of mental 



body, dissociated 

thought forms 


I feel according 



Dark blocks of energy 

to my beliefs 



stagnated of depleted 





1 / 


I am according 


Tangles, breaks or 

to my beliefs 


disruptions in etheric 

layer (imbalance of 

yin/yang) overcharge in 

solar plexus 


I exist according 


?ase f 

Physical illness 

to my beliefs 

like ulcers 

body then supports and maintains a healthy 
physical body, in which the chemical and physi¬ 
cal systems remain balanced and functioning 
normally, perpetuating physical health. In the 
healthy system, the energies in each body re- 
main balanced and support the balance in the 
°ther bodies. Health is thus maintained; i.e., 
health attracts more health. 

The Dynamic Processes 
of Disease 

In the diseased system (Figure 15-4) the same 
step-down process is at work. However, after 
the primary creative force moves out from hu¬ 
man spiritual reality, it becomes distorted and 
then acts against universal law. This distortion 

142 Hands of Light 

occurs when the primary creative impulse im¬ 
pinges upon an energy block or distortion 
within the aura. As soon as the primary creative 
impulse becomes distorted on its way into the 
denser layers of the auric bodies, it continues to 
be distorted as it is transmitted to succeeding 
levels. I have seen the primary distortions as 
high as the seventh layer of the aura, where they 
appeared as tears or tangled lines of light. These 
"spiritual distortions" are always related to be¬ 
lief systems acquired in this lifetime, or in other 
lifetimes, and are therefore karmic. I see karma 
simply as life experience created from belief sys¬ 
tems that have been carried over from one life¬ 
time to the next until they are cleared and 
realigned with the greater reality. 

A distorted seventh layer is related to a dis¬ 
torted belief system. An example could be, "I 
believe I am superior." This distortion affects the 
celestial layer by blocking celestial love and dis¬ 
torting it. Then the person may love being supe¬ 
rior. Light on the celestial level might appear 
very weak. This will affect the fifth layer of the 
field, which will be distorted. The person will 
try to be superior. The astral level will respond 
with the desire to be superior, which will cause 
blocks or dark blobs of stagnating energy in the 
astral body. The mental body will give the per¬ 
son the thought that he is superior. Luckily no¬ 
body can fool himself all the time, so sooner or 
later the opposite is brought to mind. If I'm not 
superior, then I must be inferior. A mental im¬ 
passe is created in the person, which is also a 
distortion in the structure of the mental body. 
There is a splitting of the life force into two di¬ 
rectly opposing currents, and the person falls 
into a dualistic split. Another example of this 
conflict is, "I can't do it" yet "I can do it." Thus, 
we have a mental impasse set up in the mental 
body. This impasse is expressed in energy and 
vibrations. If the impasse is not solved by the 
individual, it may become a dissociated thought 
form and fall into unconsciousness. This will af¬ 
fect the emotional body (through inducted vi¬ 
bration as described earlier) and cause fear, 
because the person cannot solve the problem. 
This fear is based on unreality and is unaccepta¬ 
ble to the person. It is therefore blocked and af¬ 
ter some time may also become unconscious. 

Since there is no longer a free flow of feelings in 
the emotional body, where more dark blobs of 
stagnated or very weak energy will appear, this 
disruption will be precipitated down into the 
etheric body in the form of tangled or torn lines 
of light force. Since these are the lines of force, 
or the grid structure, upon which the cells of the 
physical body grow, the problem of the etheric 
body will be transmitted into the physical body 
and become disease in the physical body. 

In our example (Figure 15-4), this fear could 
disrupt the etheric at the solar plexus, causing 
an overcharge of yin in that area if the person is 
not able to solve this particular dilemma. This 
disruption, if allowed to continue, will cause a 
disruption of the metabolism of chemical ener¬ 
gies in the physical body, causing physical sys¬ 
tems to become imbalanced and eventually 
diseased. In our example, the overcharge of yin 
in the solar plexus could cause increased acidity 
in the stomach and eventually ulcers. 

Thus, in the diseased system the imbalanced 
energies in the higher bodies are progressively 
transmitted down into the lower bodies, eventu¬ 
ally causing disease in the physical body. In the 
diseased system, the sensitivity to the body sen¬ 
sations is decreased and can lead to insensitivity 
to the body's needs, manifesting through im¬ 
proper diet, for example, which can create a 
negative feedback loop of more imbalanced en¬ 
ergies. Each body that is disrupted or imbal¬ 
anced also has a disruptive effect on the 
neighbor above it. This disease tends to create 
more disease. 

The observations I have made through High 
Sense Perception show that on the even-numbered 
layers of the field, disease takes the form of the blocks 
described earlier in this book—undercharged, over¬ 
charged or clogged dark energy. On the structured 
layers of the field, disease takes the form of disfigura¬ 
tion, disruption or entanglement. There may be holes 
in the grid structure on any of the odd-numbered lay¬ 
ers of the aura. Drugs affect the aura a great deal. 
I have seen dark energy forms in the liver left 
from drugs taken for various previous diseases. 
Hepatitis leaves an orange-yellow color in the 
liver years after the disease is supposedly cured. 
I have seen the radiopaque dye used to observe 
the spine that was injected into the spinal 

From Energy Block to Physical Disease 143 

column to diagnose injury ten years after injec¬ 
tion although it is supposed to be cleared by the 
body in a month or two. Chemotherapy clogs 
the whole auric field, but especially the liver, 
with greenish-brown mucus-like energy. Radia¬ 
tion therapy frays the structured layers of the 
auric field like a burned nylon stocking. Surgery 
causes scars in the first layer of the field and 
sometimes all the way to the seventh layer. 
These scars, disfigurations and clogs can be 
healed by helping the physical body heal itself; 
if they are left distorted, the physical body will 
have a much more difficult time healing itself. 
When an organ is removed, the etheric organ 
can still be reconstructed and serve to keep har¬ 
mony in the auric bodies above the physical 
body. I would imagine that someday, with more 
knowledge of the auric field and biochemistry, 
we may be able to cause organs that have been 
removed to grow again. 

Since the chakras are the points of maxi¬ 
mum energy intake, they are very important fo¬ 
cal points of balance within the energy system. 
If a chakra is imbalanced, disease will result. 
The more imbalanced a chakra is, the more seri¬ 
ous the disease. As shown in Chapter 8, Figure 
8-2, the chakras appear to be vortices of energy 
made up of a number of smaller spiral cones of 
energy. Adult chakras have a protective screen 
over them. In a healthy system these spiral 
cones spin rhythmically in synchronicity with 
the others, drawing energy from the UEF into 
their center for the body's use. Each cone is 
"tuned" to a specific frequency that the body 
needs to function healthfully. However, in a dis¬ 
eased system these vortices do not work syn¬ 
chronistically. The spiral cones of energy that 
make up these vortices may be fast or slow, 
jerky or lopsided. Sometimes breaks in the en¬ 
ergy pattern can be observed. A spiral cone may 
be fully or partially collapsed or inverted. These 
disturbances are related to some dysfunction or 
pathology of the physical body in that area. For 
example, in a case of brain disorder, Schafica 
Karagula observed in Breakthrough to Creativity 
that one of the smaller vortices of the crown cha¬ 
kra was drooping down instead of standing up¬ 
ward in a manner she had found to be normal. 
The matrix within the brain of the individual 

also showed "gaps" where the energy had to 
jump across. This "spark gap" corresponded to 
the part of the brain that had been surgically 
removed. John Pierrakos in "The Case of the 
Broken Heart" reports observing disorder in the 
heart chakras of patients with angina pectoris 
and coronary heart disease. The chakras, in¬ 
stead of being bright, whirling vortices, ap¬ 
peared to be clogged with a dark, sluggish 

Some specific examples of my observations 
of disfigured chakras are given in Figure 15-5. 
The first (Figure 15-5A) shows the configuration 
of every hiatal hernia I have observed. The solar 
plexus chakra has eight smaller vortices. The 
small vortex located on the left side of the body, 
in the upper left quadrant, looks like a spring 
that has been sprung. This disfiguration appears 
all the way out to the seventh layer of the field. 
Figure 15-5B shows the tip of one of the smaller 
vortices has been pulled out. I have witnessed 
this in many chakras. It appears in the first cha¬ 
kra when there has been some damage to the 
coccyx. It appears in the solar plexus chakra 
when there has been a severe psychological 
trauma. Many times it appears as postsurgical 
trauma in a chakra in the area where the surgery 
has been performed. Figure 15-5C is a clogged 
chakra. Everyone who has angina has clogged, 
darkened energy in the heart chakra. The three 
people who have AIDS that I have observed 
have the first and the second chakras clogged, 
and sometimes the entire field, including all 
seven layers, depending on how far the disease 
has progressed. A torn chakra, like that shown 
in Figure 15-5D, has appeared in every cancer 
patient I have seen. Again the configurations 
listed here go out to the seventh layer. A chakra 
can be torn, and the cancer may not appear in 
the body until two or more years later. The pro¬ 
tective shield is completely ripped away from 
this chakra. In people who have very serious 
forms of cancer, I have seen the seventh layer 
torn from the feet all the way through chakras 
one, two and three and into the heart chakra. 
The effect of a torn seventh layer is loss of a lot 
of energy from the field. In addition to energy 
loss, the patient is subject to all kinds of outside 
influences that affect him not only psychologi- 


From Energy Block to Physical Disease 145 

cally, but physically. The field is unable to repel 
incoming energies that are not healthy for the 
system to assimilate. Figure 15-5E shows an ex¬ 
ample where the entire chakra is pulled to one 
side. I have seen this often in the first chakra, 
where people have connected their energy to 
the ground mainly through one leg, while the 
other leg is weak. This is also usually associated 
with a coccyx that has been jammed over to one 

I am beginning to think that each vortex of a 
chakra supplies a specific organ with energy. I 
have noticed that every time there is a distur¬ 
bance in the pancreas, there is also a distur¬ 
bance in a certain vortex on the left side of the 
solar plexus chakra just below the one associ¬ 
ated with hiatal hernia, whereas when the dis¬ 
turbance is in the liver, a different vortex in the 
same chakra is affected, one near the liver. 

Figure 15-5F shows a disfiguration that oc¬ 
curred from a heavy therapy marathon. After 
spending a week in group therapy with her son 
who is a drug addict, this woman came home 
with one vortex of the solar plexus chakra 
wedged open. It was pale with almost no spin 
and no protective screen. Since I saw the prob¬ 
lem the week after the experience, I was able to 
repair the aura before additional damage oc¬ 
curred. If I had not, eventually this woman 
would have had problems in the liver, the organ 
related to the weakened vortex, or she would 
have healed it somehow herself. 

There are many more configurations that can 
occur. Many, as you can see, are simple struc¬ 
tural misalignments. I have seen chakras that 
are actually pulled inside out, greatly expanded 
or greatly reduced in size. All eventually result 
in disease, and all are related to an energy- 
consciousness or expression of the individual's 
belief system and experience, as discussed ear¬ 
lier. In other words, disease at any layer of the 
field will express itself in that level of conscious¬ 
ness. Each expression is some form of pain, be it 
physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. Pain is 
the built-in mechanism that alerts us to correct a 
situation. It brings our attention to the fact that 

something is wrong and makes us do something 
about it. If we have not listened to ourselves be¬ 
fore, if we have continued to ignore what we 
know we want or need to do, eventually pain 
will help us do it. Pain teaches us to ask for help 
and healing and is, therefore, a key to the edu¬ 
cation of the soul. 

Exercise to Find the 

Personal Meaning of Your Illness 

A key question in this healing-education process 
is: "What does this illness mean to me? What is 
the message to me from my body? How have I 
forgotten who I am?" The disease is a specific 
answer to the question, "How does this pain 
serve me?" 

We all create disease to some extent in our 
physical bodies. If you look back at the original 
cause, it is always based on forgetting who we 
are. As long as we believe that we must be sepa¬ 
rated in order to individuate, we will continue to 
create disease. Again, we are right back to 
where we started from—the holistic or holo¬ 
graphic view of the universe. 

Chapter 15 Review 

1. What is the relationship between psychoso¬ 
matic illness and the aura? 

2. What is the basic cause of all disease as seen 
from the HEF point of view? 

3. Describe how disease is created through the 
Human Energy Field. 

Food For Thought 

4. Take a few minutes to meditate on how the 
disease process may be occurring in your 
body. Describe it. 

5. How have our beliefs shaped our experiences 
and what role does our HEF play in this crea¬ 

Chapter 16 


What the healer has to offer the patient and the 
medical profession are three things: a. different 
and broadened view of the causes and cures of 
disease; access to information about any given 
life or medical situation that may not be availa¬ 
ble through other means; and working directly 
with the patient to enhance the patient's healing 
abilities. No matter how miraculous the result, 
the healer really induces the patient to heal him¬ 
self through natural processes, even though 
they are beyond what is considered to be natural 
for those who are not familiar with healing. Your 
body and your energy system move naturally to¬ 
ward health. The healer has ways and means to 
evoke health. The physician, of course, also 
works with these principles. But with the bur¬ 
den of so many impersonal cases, and con¬ 
stantly being faced with illness, many medical 
doctors become oriented towards the cure of a 
specific set of symptoms, which sometimes may 
not be the same as orientation towards health. 
To the healer, health not only means health in 
the physical body, but also balance and har¬ 
mony in all parts of life. 

The process of healing is really a process 
of remembering—remembering who you are. 
Within the aura the process of healing is a proc¬ 
ess that rebalances the energies in each body. 
When all the energies in each body are bal¬ 
anced, health occurs. The soul has learned its 
particular lesson and, therefore, has more cos- 
mic truth. 

There are two major approaches to healing 
today. One is "inner" healing, which establishes 
balance and health in all levels of the person by 
focusing on and dealing directly with the physi¬ 
cal, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of 
the human being, how he creates his belief sys¬ 
tems and reality. The other is "outer" healing, 
which helps reestablish balance in the different 
layers of the aura, including the physical body 
systems, by applying energy distilled from the 
Universal Energy Field. 

I suggest the "inner" healing is most impor¬ 
tant but that the "outer" healing methods are 
needed to supplement this process. 

The Process of Inner Healing 

The process of inner healing rebalances the en¬ 
ergies in each body by focusing on the expres¬ 
sion of that imbalance, correcting it and 
repairing the appropriate layer of the aura 
through laying-on of hands. (See Figure 16-1.) 
This realignment in each body helps reestablish 
balance in the others. 

The process of inner healing, called full 
spectrum healing, is discussed at length in 
Chapter 22. Here we will briefly describe it. 

In the healing of the ketheric template level, 
the faulty belief system is brought to conscious¬ 
ness and challenged. Healing is done on the 
seventh layer of the field. This healing consists 


148 Hands of Light 

Figure 16-1 



7th layer 

Challenges faulty belief system. 


6th layer 

Sits in Universal Love. 


5th layer 

Realigns individual will to 
Divine Will. 


4th layer 
chelation, love 

Gives love and acceptance. 


Chelation and 
of thinking 

Challenges dualistic thinking 


Chelation and 
redirection of 
emotional flow 

Reexperiences blocked feelings 
and pain to release energetic 
flow of feelings. 


Chelation and 
structure repair 

Releases energy flow and 
vibrations in etheric body. 
Restructures it. Rebalances 
metabolism of orgone in etheric. 



Revitalizes and nourishes 
physical body with energy, 
rebalances chemical processes, 
which rebalance physical 
systems. Health. 

mainly of repairing and restructuring this body 
wherever needed. Repair of the seventh layer 
automatically opens the sixth layer for more ce¬ 
lestial love. 

On the celestial level, the healer sits in celes¬ 
tial or universal love and simply channels it to 
the patient. 

On the etheric template level, the auric body 
is realigned through spiritual surgery. This has 
the effect of realigning the will to the Divine 

On the astral level, healing takes place 
through chelation and love. The healer sits in 
the reality of love of humanity and channels en¬ 
ergy to the patient. This allows the mental level 
to begin relaxing and letting go of some de¬ 

On the mental layer, the healer challenges 
the faulty thinking processes that create im¬ 
balance on that level. These thinking processes 
are based on the logic of the child who experi¬ 
enced the trauma. When the adult becomes 
aware of them, they are easily seen for what 
they are and can be replaced by more mature 
thinking processes. The healer works to restruc¬ 
ture that layer of the auric field by helping the] 
client to imagine new solutions to old problems.j 
On the emotional layer, using a chelatiort 
technique, the healer helps the client to deal 
blocked feelings. Sometimes the patient relive| 
old traumas and experiences all the blocked feelf 
ings during the healing. Sometimes the traumajD 
are removed without the patient's becoming 
aware of them. .fa 

The Process of Healing, an Overview 149 

On the etheric layer, there is straightening 
and repair to be done to restructure that layer, to 
reestablish a sense of well-being and strength. 

To work directly on the physical body, exer¬ 
cises, body positions and voice are used to re¬ 
lease physical blocks, for example, muscle 
tension, fat or weakness. 

In the process of full spectrum healing, all 
the bodies are worked on together. This process 
is done in private sessions or sometimes in 
groups with a healer. In this process, health in 
the physical body usually appears last, after the 
other bodies have been balanced. This may take 
one session or a year of sessions. 

You may wonder how healers can do all this. 
It is because they have access to an enormous 
amount of information through an expanded 
state of consciousness. 

The Process of Outer Healing 

To enhance and accelerate this basic healing, 
outer healing methods are used (and in many 
cases very much needed), for the physical 
symptoms generated by the faulty belief sys¬ 
tems cannot be left alone until the belief system 
is corrected. It is sometimes necessary to pro¬ 
vide outer healing to save the person's life. 
However, if the "inner" healing is not also done 
and the faulty belief system not challenged, ill¬ 
ness will again precipitate into the physical 
body, even after present symptoms have been 

With the advancement of the practice of ho¬ 
listic medicine, many healing methods are being 
developed and are proving to be reliable. Many 
physicians are emphasizing diet, food supple¬ 
ments like vitamins and minerals, exercise and 
health maintenance programs to keep people 
healthy. Health care professionals like homeo¬ 
paths, chiropractors, acupuncturists, kinesiolo¬ 
gists, masseuses and other body workers are 
practicing all over the country to help people 
maintain their health. People are becoming 
more conscious of regular fitness programs of 
^ercise and regular health checkups to catch 
an y possible difficulty before it becomes serious. 

Laying-on of hands healing is now being prac¬ 
ticed around the country in many forms. People 
are interested in shamanism and other ancient 
forms of healing. Psychic surgeons regularly 
visit this country and work with hundreds of 
people. We are in a health care revolution. Why? 

With the advent of modern technology and 
the loss of the family doctor, medicine became 
depersonalized. The family doctor took respon¬ 
sibility for a family's health by being familiar 
with the family's history, sometimes for genera¬ 
tions. Today a physician can't even remember 
the names of his patients because he has so 
many. With this change to what is many times a 
wonderful technology that saves many lives, the 
physician cannot possibly take responsibility for 
each patient's health. That responsibility has 
fallen back on the patient himself, where it 
ought to be. This is the basis for the health care 
revolution. Many people want to take more re¬ 
sponsibility now for their health. To make this 
change a smooth one, the best way is to inte¬ 
grate the methods that are available, so that 
healing can become very personal again, as it 
was at one time in our history. 

How Healers and Physicians 
Can Work Together 

With healers and physicians working together, it 
is possible to take advantage of the best technol¬ 
ogy and the best personal attention available for 
each patient. Let us see how it would work. 

Healers can assist physicians in the three 
ways mentioned in the introduction to this sec¬ 
tion. They are: giving a broader view of the 
causative factors involved in any illness; provid¬ 
ing information that cannot be obtained through 
the present standard methods or that cannot be 
obtained by those methods in the time required; 
and providing laying-on of hands to balance the 
energy system of the patient and to enhance 
and accelerate the healing. Many times this last 
effort helps the patient gain the strength neces¬ 
sary to save his life. 

In clinical practice, the healer can work di¬ 
rectly with physician and patient in making the 

150 Hands of Light 

first diagnosis to pinpoint the problem, give an 
overall view of how the energy system is out of 
balance (and thus how serious the problem is), 
provide a broader view of the causative factors 
involved and work with the patient on the 
meaning the illness has in his life. 

The healer's methods of diagnosis will be 
discussed in the next chapter. The healer can re¬ 
ceive recommendations through use of High 
Sense Perception about the kinds and amounts 
of specific drugs to be taken, supplementary 
healing techniques, diet, food supplements and 
exercise. The healer can follow the case with the 
doctor and again through the use of High Sense 
Perception, make recommendations as to how 
that dosage and other supplements need to be 
changed week to week, day to day, or even hour 
to hour. In this fashion, the healer and physi¬ 
cian together can achieve a level of "fine-tuning" 
in the care of the patient never before imagined. 
The healer can observe the patient's energy field 
to tell how the drug or other healing methods 
used are affecting the patient overall. 

I have done a little of this work and it has 
been very effective. I have met a healer, Mietek 
Wirkus, who worked in this way for three years 
with physicians in a clinic affiliated with the 
"IZICS" Medical Society in Warsaw, Poland, 
that was set up specifically to do this work. It 
was very successful and is still in operation. Rec¬ 
ords kept by this clinic show that laying-on of 
hands, called bioenergotherapy (BET), is most 
effective in nervous system diseases and the dis¬ 
eases which were consequences of migraine, in 
healing bronchial asthma, noctural enuresis, 
hemicrania, nervous illness, psychosomatic dis¬ 
eases, gastric ulcer, some kinds of allergies, liq¬ 
uidation of ovarian cysts, benign tumor, sterility, 
arthritic pains, and other kinds of pain. BET 
helps to relieve the pain caused by cancer and 
decrease the amount of pain medication or tran¬ 
quilizers taken by the patient. Good effect has 
also been observed in treatment of deaf chil¬ 
dren. In almost every case the doctors discov¬ 
ered that after BET treatment, patients became 
more quiet and relaxed, pain was gone or re¬ 
lieved, and the rehabilitation process (especially 
after surgery or infection) was accelerated. In 
this country, many healers are beginning to 

work with physicians. Dr. Dolores Krieger intro¬ 
duced laying-on of hands to the nurses at New 
York Medical Center years ago, and they prac¬ 
tice it in the hospital. Rosalyn Bruyere, director 
of the Healing Light Center in Glendale, Califor¬ 
nia, has entry to many hospitals to practice heal¬ 
ing and is involved with several research 
projects to determine the effectiveness of laying- 
on of hands for various types of illness. 

Another type of research would be through 
the use of High Sense Perception to help re¬ 
searchers find the causes and cures of illnesses 
that now seem incurable, such as cancer. With 
internal vision, which is discussed in the next 
chapter, the healer can observe the disease proc¬ 
ess at work inside the body. What a wonderful 
tool to assist research! 

With the use of High Sense Perception, the 
healer can tell which of the many holistic heal¬ 
ing methods will work best for each patient by 
observing its effect on the aura. By recommend¬ 
ing that the patient focus on the most effective 
methods for him, healing will be accelerated. 
For example, in my observations I have noted 
that different methods or remedies work on dif¬ 
ferent levels of the auric field. Aubrey Westlake 
in his book The Pattern of Health has designated 
which of the Bach Flower remedies heal which 
auric levels. I have observed that the higher the 
potency of the homeopathic remedy, the higher 
the auric body it affects. The higher potencies 
above 1M work on the higher four layers of the 
auric field and the lower potencies work on the 
lower auric levels. Because of the tremendous 
power of the higher potencies, young practition¬ 
ers are always taught to start with the lower po¬ 
tencies (lower energy bodies) first, and then 
work up into the higher bodies when the correct 
remedy is found. In the process of laying-on of 
hands, many healers are able to choose which 
body to work on. The same holds true for self- 
healing meditation, where one can work on all 
of the bodies. Radionics is a method to distill the] 
healing energies from the UEF with the use of 
machines which generate "rates" or "frequent 
cies." Along with radiathesia, radionics broad; 
casts energies through the UEF to patient^ 
located at considerable distances from the prac 
titioners. A blood sample or a piece of hair froir 

The Process of Healing, an Overview 151 

the patient is generally used as an "antenna." 
The radionics practitioner can choose which au¬ 
ric layer to work with. 

Chiropractic certainly reaches up through 
the first three levels of the aura, as do herbs, 
vitamins, drugs and surgery. Of course laying- 
on of hands, healing meditations and healing 
with light, color, sound and crystals all reach the 
upper levels of the auric field. Through re¬ 
search, we could learn more about how to use 
them for the best results. 

Many books have been written on these 
types of healing. For further reading, I suggest 
the following books: The Science of Homeopathy 
by George Vithoulkas, M.D., Dimensions of Radi¬ 
onics by David Tansely, M.D., Chiropractic, A 
Modem Way to Health by Julius Dontenfass, 
M.D., Traditional Acupuncture: The Law of the Five 
Elements by Dianne M. Connelly, Ph.D. 

The medical profession in this country has 
focused primarily on the physical body and has 
become expert in this field, especially in specific 
organ and organ-system diseases. Drugs and 
surgery are the major methods applied. One of 
the major problems in the use of drugs and sur¬ 
gery in healing is the tremendous side effects 
which they very often create. Drugs are pre¬ 
scribed from knowledge of the physical body's 
functioning, but they also contain energies in 
the higher realms which then, of course, affect 
the higher bodies. The effects of these drugs on 
the higher bodies have not been studied directly 
when the drugs are tested for use. Rather, the 
effects of these higher energies are only seen 
when they are finally precipitated down into the 
physical body. I have seen the aftereffect of 
drugs remaining in the aura for as many as ten 
years after the drug was taken. For example, a 
drug that was once used to cure hepatitis was 
seen to be causing immune deficiencies five 
years later. A red dye placed in the spinal 
column for exploratory purposes was inhibiting 
the healing of spinal nerves ten years later. 

Toward a Holistic System 
of Healing 

1 believe the holistic healing systems of the fu¬ 

ture will combine the tremendous body of the 
"analyzed" knowledge of the traditional medi¬ 
cal profession with the "synthesized" knowl¬ 
edge of the higher body energy systems. The 
future holistic healing systems will diagnose 
and prescribe healing for all the energy bodies 
and the physical body simultaneously as 
needed by the patient and incorporate both the 
inner and the outer healing processes. Medical 
doctors, chiropractors, homeopaths, healers, 
therapists, acupuncturists, etc. will all work to¬ 
gether to aid the healing process. The patient 
will be seen as a soul on its journey back home 
to the true self, the Godself, and disease will be 
seen as one of the ways to point the traveler in 
the right direction. 

To do this, we need to use the analytic meth¬ 
ods developed by the medical profession to 
delve into the mysteries of the higher body in 
order to gain a practical knowledge of their 
functioning and structure. We need joint re¬ 
search projects in which the higher body heal¬ 
ing methods are tested along with current 
allopathic scientific medicine to see the com¬ 
bined effects. How do allopathic drugs and ho¬ 
meopathic remedies work together? Which are 
in harmony with each other, supporting and en¬ 
hancing a cure? Which are inimical and should 
not be used together? 

We must concentrate on finding a detection 
method to observe the energy bodies. Since the 
etheric is of the coarsest matter, is most like the 
physical body and is probably the easiest to de¬ 
tect, we should concentrate first on it. What a 
tremendous tool we would have if we could pro¬ 
duce a picture of the grid structure of the etheric 
to show energy balances and imbalances. With 
this information and further study, we could 
then find more practical and efficient methods 
to rebalance the energies in the etheric. In the 
future we would move on to discover methods 
to apply to the higher bodies. 

Thus we could heal the disorder before it is 
precipitated into the physical body as physical dis¬ 

Most of all, I would seek to teach health care 
professionals, especially physicians, to perceive 
the fields, so that they also can see the disease 
process in action inside the living body of the 

152 Hands of Light 

patient. Some physicians are already reaching 
out for help. They send their hardest cases to 
healers. Usually they do it covertly. It is time to 
come out of the closet and work openly as 

With highly trained and qualified people 
able to see the inner processes of the body by 
simply looking, imagine how far those people 
could carry medical research. Rather than plac¬ 
ing the emphasis on observing animals in a lab¬ 
oratory, research could be focused on the actual 
patient and his personal needs. When one is 
able to access directly ("read") the kind of treat¬ 
ment a patient needs, programs will be de¬ 
signed on a personal level for each individual's 

Heyoan has stated that "the precise sub¬ 
stance given in the precise dosage at the precise 
time for each individual acts as a transmutive 
substance to create health in the most efficient 
way, with the least side effects, and in the short¬ 
est time possible." Health here is not just physi¬ 
cal health; it is complete balance at all levels. 

Given such a potential, let us now look at 

the many different ways of securing information 

on all levels of the aura. 

Chapter 16 Review 

1. Describe the process of inner healing. 

2. Describe the process of outer healing. 

3. Upon what levels of the HEF do medicines 

4. Upon what levels of the HEF are the effects of 
medicine tested in normal medical practices? 

5. How is the potency of a homeopathic remedy 
related to the aura? Upon what auric levels 
do what homeopathic remedies act? 

Food For Thought 

6. What are the major effects of understanding 
the disease process through the HEF on med¬ 
ical practices? Include applications, psycho¬ 
dynamic functioning, patient responsibility 
and self-perception. 

7. How can healing through the auric fields be 
integrated into normal medical procedures? 

Chapter 17 


Accessing information beyond the normal 
means can help a healing enormously. It is pos¬ 
sible to get almost any kind of information one 
needs through this method. Direct access means 
just what it implies. You directly connect with 
and receive the information that you wish to 
have. This process has been labeled High Sense 
Perception, clairaudience, clairvoyance, clairsen- 
tience or psychic reading. Let us take a clearer 
look at just what that process is. 

The information coming to you comes 
through your five senses. These have been la¬ 
beled traditionally as sight, touch, taste, hearing 
and smell. Most people have developed some of 
these means to access information more than 
others. Your internal processes of thinking, feel¬ 
ing and being have a great deal to do with your 
modes of accessing information as the neurolin¬ 
guistic programmers Richard Bandler and John 
Grinder have stated in their book. Frogs to 
Princes. Your internal experience runs through 
certain habitual channels. You may work pri¬ 
marily with a combination of visual and kines¬ 
thetic processes, or auditory and kinesthetic, or 
visual and auditory. Any combination is possi¬ 
ble. You use different combinations for different 
internal process. You may know whether or not 
you think primarily in pictures, sounds or feel¬ 
ings. I recommend that you find out, because 
the way you access through the normal senses is 
the way that I would recommend that you begin 
learning to develop your High Sense Perception. 

For example, if I am given a name, first I 
hear the name, then I search kinesthetically in 

all directions until I feel a connection being 
made to that person. From that point I see pic¬ 
tures and hear information about the person 
who was named. Several years ago I could not 
do that. 

The first High Sense I developed was the 
kinesthetic one. I spent many hours doing body 
psychotherapy, touching people and their en¬ 
ergy fields. Then my discernment moved into 
"seeing." I began seeing things that correlated to 
what I was feeling. After a lot of practice I began 
to hear information. Each of these ways of ac¬ 
cess can be learned through exercises and medi¬ 
tations. By entering into a calm quiet state and 
concentrating on one of your senses, you en¬ 
hance it. It only takes practice. The hard part is 
to learn to enter into a calm state and stay fo¬ 
cused on your purpose. 

Exercises to 

Enhance Your Perceptions 

To enhance your kinesthetic sense, sit in a com¬ 
fortable meditative position and focus on feeling 
the inside of your body. Focus on body parts 
and organs. If it helps, touch the part of your 
body you are focusing on. If you tend to be vis¬ 
ual, you may want to look at the body part. If 
you tend to be auditory, you may want to listen 
to your breathing or heartbeat to help you focus. 

Now do the same for the space around you. 
With eyes closed, sit and feel the room you are 
in. Focus on, reach for or beam towards different 


154 Hands of Light 

locations in the room and different objects. If 
you need help, open your eyes or touch the ob¬ 
jects in the room, then go back to simply sitting 
and feeling. Now have a friend lead you blind¬ 
folded into an unfamiliar room. Sit and feel the 
space kinesthetically the same way you tuned 
into your body. What have you learned about 
the room? Take the blindfold off and check it 
out. Do the same for people, animals and 

To enhance your visual sense, sit again for 
meditation and, with eyes closed, look at the in¬ 
side of your body. If you have trouble doing 
this, find the sense that will help you. Touch the 
part or listen to your internal processes until you 
can get a picture of it. Now do the same for the 
room. First, with eyes open, examine details in 
the room; then, with eyes closed, create a pic¬ 
ture of the room in your mind. Now go to an 
unfamiliar room and start with eyes closed. 
What can you "see"? 

Remember, we are speaking of visual per¬ 
ception. This is different from the process of vi¬ 
sualization, which is a creative act in which you 
visualize what you want to create. 

To enhance your auditory sense, sit in medi¬ 
tation. Listen to the inside of your body. Again, 
if you need help with this sense, put your hand 
on the part you are listening to and feel it, or 
look at it. Then go outside and listen to all the 
sounds around you. If you do this in the woods, 
you will begin to hear the synchronicity of the 
sounds. Together they make a symphony. Listen 
even more closely. What else can you hear? 
Sounds that don't exist? Listen more carefully— 
someday they may have meaning for you. 
Itzhak Bentov in his book Stalking the Wild Pen¬ 
dulum writes of a high-pitched sound that many 
meditators hear. It is above the normal range of 
hearing. He was able to measure the frequency 
of this sound. 

As I developed my "seeing" abilities, I dis¬ 
covered that the pictures came in two forms. 
One is symbolic, the other literal. In the case of 
the symbolic picture, one simply sees an image 
that has meaning to the person for whom one is 
"reading." For example, one might see a nebula 
swirling in the sky or a large chocolate cake. In 
the case of the literal picture, one sees pictures 

of events or things. One can witness an experi¬ 
ence that the patient had in the past. In both the 
symbolic vision and the "reading" of an event, 
the healer takes the position of witness. That is, 
the healer enters into that time frame and wit¬ 
nesses events as they occurred. The same is true 
for the symbolic vision. The healer watches the 
vision unfold and describes it as it is unfolding. 
I call this receptive channelling. It is very impor¬ 
tant that the vision not be interpreted or dis¬ 
turbed by the healer as it unfolds. The meaning 
the vision has may be different for the healer 
and the patient. For example, if you see a sym¬ 
bolic picture, say of a scene of a blue car driving 
down the road, you don't immediately say, 
"Oh, what does that mean?" You just watch the 
car drive down the road and let the scene unfold 
before you. In this process, you will gather in¬ 
formation piece by piece and will slowly build 
an understandable picture. You may not know if 
the picture has symbolic meaning or if it is literal 
(i.e., something that actually happened or may 
happen) until later. This type of information re¬ 
ceiving takes a lot of faith. You may take as long 
as a half to one hour to build that picture into 
something that is understandable. 

On the other hand, some readers use their 
own symbols and give readings by interpreting 
them. This works only with a lot of practice, be¬ 
cause the reader must first build a dear set of 
symbols through which she can receive informa¬ 

In another type of literal seeing the healer 
sees a picture of an internal organ of the patient. 
The picture either appears on a screen in the 
healer's mind, which I call the mind-screen, or 
appears to be located inside the patient's body, 
as if the healer can see through the layers of the 
body and into the organ like an x-ray machine. 
This type of seeing I have labeled internal vi¬ 
sion. It is a very powerful tool to help describe 
an illness. With internal vision you use active 
direct access. This means you go after some spe¬ 
cific information you wish to access. For exam¬ 
ple, by using internal viewing I can look 
wherever in the body I wish to. I can decide 
where to look, at what depth, at what level of 
the aura and in what resolution or size, macro- 
to microscopic. 

Direct Access of Information 155 

Long-distance Perception 

I have found that direct access works whether 
the person is in the same room with you or at a 
distance. The longest-distance aura reading I 
gave was during a phone conversation between 
New York City and Italy. At this point in my 
experience, my long-distance readings appear to 
be pretty accurate, but the healings are not as 
powerful as when I am in the room with the 

Direct Access and Precognition 

There have been many times when people have 
asked my guide questions regarding the future. 
He always responds by saying that it is possible 
to talk about probable future reality, but not ab¬ 
solute future realities, because all of us have free 
will to create what we want in the future. He 
also says he will not predict the future, but then 
he goes ahead many times and answers the 
question that has been asked. So far most of 
these possible futures have occurred. For exam¬ 
ple, Heyoan has told someone that perhaps she 
would be interested in getting involved with the 
United Nations. She has since received two invi¬ 
tations that got her involved with the UN. An¬ 
other person was told that he could get involved 
with the diplomatic service of Mexico and that 
he would make a contact when on vacation in 
Portugal. It happened. Others were told that 
they needed to finish certain things in their lives 
because they would probably be moving. They 
are moving now, although they had not thought 
of it before. At the beginning of one particular 
healing, I was told that the person had cancer 
and was going to die. She did. It was not even 
suspected when she came to the healing, and it 
was not found until after four CAT scans, and 
about four months later. The CAT scan results 
showed the same shape, size and location of 
cancer tumor I had seen with internal vision. Of 
course I was very upset when I accessed this 
information. I did not tell the patient. I told her 
to go to her physician immediately. Unfortu¬ 
nately, I had no access to the physician. Experi¬ 
ences like these bring up issues of where the 

responsibility of the healer lies, which will be 
discussed later in this book. 

The best measuring of the process of direct 
access of information is the work done on re¬ 
mote viewing by Russell Targ and Harold 
Puthoff of Stanford Research Institute. They 
found that a viewer in the basement of the lab at 
Stanford could fairly accurately draw a map of 
the location of a target team of people, who 
were sent to various predetermined points. Targ 
and Puthoff began their experiments with 
known psychics and then found that anyone 
they chose, even the most skeptical, could do it. 
I believe that what I am doing is very similar, 
only applied to healing. 

In short, I believe most people can use some 
kind of direct accessing of information in their 
daily lives. What information would help you 
run your profession better? You can probably 
perceive it through the use of your own Higher 
Sense Perception. All of this is another way of 
saying that the human being has many ways to 
receive information and guidance—if we will 
only ask for it or be open to receiving it. 

Direct access of information has many impli¬ 
cations for the future. If we, as a species are 
learning to access information as evidence sug¬ 
gests, it will affect our entire educational sys¬ 
tem, and of course the society in which we live. 
We will go to school not only to learn deductive 
and inductive reasoning, to gather information 
and enhance memory, but we will also go to school 
to leant how to access anything we want to know at a 
moment's notice. Rather than spending hours 
memorizing things, we will learn how to access 
the information already stored in the "memory" 
of the universal energy field. In esoteric terms 
this information storage is called the akashic re¬ 
cords. These records are the energetic imprint 
fixed within the universal hologram of every¬ 
thing that has ever happened or has ever been 
known. In this type of brain function, informa¬ 
tion is not stored in our minds; it is simply ac¬ 
cessed. In this type of brain function, to 
remember means to tune in again to the univer¬ 
sal hologram and to read the information again, 
not to search one's own mind to retrieve the in¬ 

Since this information exists outside the lim- 

156 Hands of Light 

itation of linear time, as shown in Chapter 4, we 
will probably to some degree be able to read the 
future, as Nostradamus did when he predicted 
the rise of a dictator named Histler in Europe 
some two hundred years before Hitler, 

Chapter 17 Review 

1. What are the maip. ways of directly accessing 

2. Describe ways to enhance your visual, audi¬ 
tory and kinesthetic senses. 

3. If a person is kinesthetic, which type of med¬ 
itation and direct access would be best for 

him to focus on? 

4. What is the difference between actively look¬ 
ing at the aura and perceiving it symboli¬ 

5. Does direct accessing of information work at 
a distance? How far? Using physics, what ex¬ 
planations is there for this phenomenon? 

6. What is the difference between active and re¬ 
ceptive channelling or accessing of informa¬ 

Food For Thought 

7. Are you primarily visual, auditory or kines¬ 

Chapter 18 


My first internal vision experience happened 
early one morning as I was lying in bed observ¬ 
ing the interesting musde and bone structure on 
the back of my husband's neck as he lay asleep 
on his side beside me. I thought it was very in¬ 
teresting the way the muscles connected into the 
cervical vertebrae. Suddenly I became aware of 
what I was doing and quickly cut off such see¬ 
ing. I would not "return" to that level of reality 
for some time, saying that I had made it all up. 
Of course, eventually, it came back. I began 
"seeing" inside my clients. At first it was dis¬ 
concerting, but my internal vision persisted and 
so did I. The internal viewing correlated with 
other information I could obtain about the pa¬ 
tients, either from them or their physicians. 

Internal vision is the human version of the 
x-ray or nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) 
process and is just as sophisticated. Internal vi¬ 
sion includes the ability to look into the body at 
whatever depth and resolution (within a certain 
range) one wants to see. It is a new way of per¬ 
ceiving things. If I want to see an organ, I focus 
on it. If I want to see inside the organ or a spe¬ 
cific part of it, I focus on that. If I want to see a 
microorganism that is invading the body, I focus 
on that. I receive pictures of these things that 
look like normal pictures. For example, a good 
healthy liver looks dark red, just as it does with 
normal vision. If the liver has been or is jaun¬ 
diced, it will look a sickly yellow-brown. If the 
person has had or is having chemotherapy, the 
liver usually looks green-brown. Microorga¬ 

nisms look somewhat the way they look under 
the microscope. 

My experiences of internal viewing, which 
happened spontaneously at first, later became 
more controllable. I began to understand that to 
see this way I had to be in a particularly open 
state, in which my third eye (sixth chakra) was 
activated and the rest of my mind was in a com¬ 
paratively calm, focused state. I later found tech¬ 
niques that would bring on this state, so I could 
look inside the body when I chose to, provided I 
was able to get into that mental and emotional 
state. If I was tired, I might not be able to do so, 
partly because it is harder to focus and quiet the 
mind when one is tired. It is also harder to raise 
One's vibrational rate when one is tired. I also 
discovered that whether or not my eyes were 
open mattered little, except for the interference 
of additional information that would come 
through the open eyes. Sometimes this addi¬ 
tional information helps the focus; sometimes it 
hinders it. For example, I sometimes use my 
eyes to help me focus my mind on where I am 
looking. At other times, I will close my eyes in 
an effort to shut out other information that may 
be distracting my attention. 

Examples of Internal Viewing 

An example of such viewing is shown in Figure 
18-1. The upper left shows the front exterior au- 


Front view 

Exterior scan 

Interior scan 

Back view 

Figure 18-1: Shoulder Injury Seen Through Internal Vision 
(Diagnostic Views) 


Internal Vision 159 

lie view, the upper right shows the interior view 
and the lower illustration shows the rear exter¬ 
nal view. In this case, a friend of mine fell on the 
ice and hurt her shoulder. As I worked on her, I 
could see the ''auric hemorrhage" out the front 
of the shoulder where she was losing energy. 
The rear area lines of energy along the trapezius 
muscle were tangled up and needed to be 
straightened. I cupped my right hand over the 
hemorrhage to stop it and combed out the tan¬ 
gles on the back. As I was doing this, I could see 
die crushed end of the humerus, which was 
later confirmed by x-rays. This "short" (half 
hour) session healed the hemorrhage and the 
tangles to help a faster healing of the crushed 

Another example, shown in Figure 18-2, is 
an ovarian cyst which I observed to bfe about the 
size of a tennis ball, 7 cm in diameter. On Janu¬ 
ary 3 (Figure 18-2A), it looked dark bluish gray. 
This cyst had already been diagnosed by a phy¬ 
sician, but the PID (Pelvic Inflammatory Dis¬ 
ease) which showed up as dark red in the aura 
had not. By January 15 (Figure 18-2B), the cyst 
had shrunk to four centimeters, and the PID 
had been diagnosed by the physician. By Janu¬ 
ary 21 (Figure 18-2C), it was two centimeters, 
but getting blacker, and showed a strange spiral 
configuration connected to it. The patient was 
on a cleansing diet that was clearing away the 
problem. (I was not administering healing at 
this time; I was only observing the progress.) 
On January 29 (Figure 18-2D), the cyst grew to 
three centimeters, the size of a quarter, at the 
onset of menses (a common occurrence with 
cysts). By February 6 (Figure 18-2E), the cyst 
was down to one centimeter; by March 3 (Figure 
18-2F), it was completely gone, with a lot of 
good, healthy premenstrual energy to take its 
place. All these observations correlated in size 
with that of a physician's observations by pelvic 

Because of the darkness of the cyst's appear¬ 
ance in the aura on January 21, both the physi¬ 
cian and I advised that this woman take 
antibiotics. This type of illness, pelvic inflamma¬ 
tory disease (PID), over a long period of time 
(three years in this case) has been known to pre¬ 

cede the development of cancer, which we 
wanted to prevent by getting rid of the infection. 
The patient remained on a cleansing diet 
throughout the treatment. She may very well 
have been completely free of infection without 
the antibiotic, but we did not want to take a 
chance. To my internal vision the cyst was al¬ 
most black. In its early stage, cancer looks dark 
gray-blue. As it progresses, it turns to black in 
the aura. Later, white spots appear in the black. 
When the white spots sparkle and move out like 
a volcano, the cancer has metastasized. In this 
case, the cyst was getting too dark to wait for 
the cleansing diet alone to do the work needed. 

Figure 18-3A shows another case of PID, 
ovarian cyst and a fibroid tumor. As you can 
see, with HSP cysts are easily distinguishable 
from fibroid tumors, which show up in the field 
as reddish brown. 

Figure 18-3B shows an example of the use of 
remote internal viewing. At the end of one of 
my classes, a student asked if I would give her 
friend, who had two fibroids, a healing. As she 
asked, I immediately saw an internal view of her 
friend's pelvic region. I drew it on the black¬ 
board. Two months later that drawing was con¬ 
firmed when I gave the patient a healing. What I 
had seen was confirmed by the physician's diag¬ 
nosis. She had two relatively small fibroid tu¬ 
mors which appeared reddish brown in the 
aura. The one on the right was higher up and 
on the outside of the uterus, whereas the one 
on the left was lower and partially embedded in 
the uterus. What I had not seen remotely, but 
observed during the healing, was that the front 
second chakra had a break in it, probably par¬ 
tially due to the removal of the left ovary. This 
chakra was most likely disturbed before the 
ovary was removed, causing the dysfunction in 
the first place. I am sure that the surgery caused 
more trauma to the chakra. Adding to the surgi¬ 
cal trauma, women usually withdraw their en¬ 
ergy from the area where an ovary has been 
removed because they do not want to feel the 
emotional pain of losing an ovary. This type of 
blocking inhibits the natural healing process in 
that area of the body, only to make the trauma 
worse eventually. 


Figure 18-2: Healing of Pelvic Inflammatory Disease and 
Ovarian Cyst (Internal View) 

(Diagnostic Views) 

Internal Vision 161 

Precognition with 
Internal Viewing 

An example of precognition, or warning from 
the spirit teachers, happened one day when I 
was going to visit a friend. I was three blocks 
from her office when I was told that she 
wouldn't be there, that she might have had a 
heart attack and that I was needed to give her a 
healing. I found the office locked, so I went to 
her apartment where I found her in a state of 
physical pain, holding her left arm to her body. 
She had spent the morning in the emergency 
room having cardiograms. Figure 18-4 shows 
what my vision revealed to me. There was emo¬ 
tional pain and fear held in the throat and solar 
plexus, and there was stagnated energy in the 
heart area, which permeated her body and then 
went straight back through to the rear aspect of 
the heart chakra. Thoracic vertebra #5 (T5) was 
displaced to the left. This vertebra is not associ¬ 
ated with the nerves that innervate the heart, 
but is located at the root of the heart chakra. I 
could also observe a weakness in the aorta just 
above the heart. As we worked together to clear 
the stagnated energy around the heart, my 
friend let go the emotional holding in the throat 
and solar plexus areas by sharing her pain with 
me and crying. The dark energy cleared; T5 
went back into place. She felt a lot better. The 
weakness in the aorta was still there when I left, 
but has cleared considerably with time. 

Microscopic Internal Vision 

Two examples of microscopic internal viewing 
are shown in Figure 18-5A and B. Figure 18-5A 
shows the tiny rod-shaped organisms that per¬ 
meated the shoulder/arm area of a person who 
had been diagnosed as having a leprosy-like in¬ 
fection. I could see these organisms penetrating 
this area—both muscle and bone. As we worked 
to heal, a very strong lavender and then silver 
light flowed into the body and filled the infected 
area. The light caused the organisms to vibrate 
at a high rate. It appeared to knock them loose. 
Then the energy flow turned around and 
sucked them out of the body. 

In the case of an AML (acute myeloblastic 
leukemia) patient named Rose, who had been 
on chemotherapy, I could see strange-looking, 
flat, white, seedlike objects that appeared to be 
squishing the red blood cells (Figure 18-5B). 
About a year before she came to me, she had 
been told by several physicians that she would 
probably die within two weeks. At that time she 
was immediately put into intensive care and 
went on chemotherapy. She said that when they 
told her of the remaining two weeks, she saw a 
white-gold light in the room and knew that she 
was not going to die. On the label of every bottle 
of fluid, including the chemotherapy, that went 
into her during her hospital stay she wrote 
"pure love." She had no side effects from the 
chemotherapy. She went into remission. 

When she became an outpatient and contin¬ 
ued her chemotherapy, she also started having 
channelling sessions with a friend of mine, Pat 
Rodegast, who channels a guide named Em¬ 
manuel. Emmanuel told Rose to stop chemo¬ 
therapy because it was making her sick. The 
physicians said if she stopped chemotherapy, 
she would die very quickly because her blood 
tests showed she was still in remission—not 
cured. It was not an easy thing to do, but she 
decided to stop. At this point she came to me, 
and I saw the seedlike objects in her blood. Dur¬ 
ing the first healing, the seedlike objects were 
knocked loose with a blast of lavender and then 
silver light, then were all sucked out. Her next 
blood test showed her blood to be completely 
clear and normal for the first time since her di¬ 

I clearly was not the main instrument in her 
healing; my role was one of support and clear¬ 
ing the blood. Thanks to the internal viewing, I 
could reassure her that there was nothing ab¬ 
normal in her blood. This continued to be cor¬ 
roborated by her blood tests until we decided it 
was no longer important for her to see me and 
have this support. It was not easy for her to 
stand up for her truth. She needed this support 
because at the time the medical doctors, in all 
their sincerity, were quite afraid that she would 
die very quickly if she went off chemotherapy 
and told her this regularly. This is not meant to 
criticize the medical doctors; they were doing all 

Internal Vision 163 

they could do to save her life. But in this case 
there were other factors at work of which they 
were not aware. I, as a healer, had access to that 
information. They did not. This is an example 
where open collaboration between spiritual 
healers and medical doctors would serve the pa¬ 
tients well. We have a lot to give to each other to 
aid the healing process. 

The Process of Internal Viewing 

I have the following explanation of how this 
kind of seeing works. I have observed the path 
of light coming into the body with my internal 
or x-ray vision. And what I have seen is this. 
Light enters both through the third eye and 

B. The blood of a leukemia patient 

through the physical eyes and flows along the 
optic nerves as shown in Figure 18-6. This light 
is of higher vibration than visible light and can 
pass through skin. The light passes through the 
optic chiasm and goes round the pituitary, 
which sits right behind the optic chiasm. The 
light then takes two paths. One path goes to the 
occipital lobes for normal vision, and the other 
into the thalamus for oculomotor control. It has 
been my observation that by certain meditative 
and breathing techniques, one can cause the pi- 
^ tuitary to start vibrating and radiating gold auric 
light (or rose light if the person is in love). This 
vibration and gold light increase the amount of 
light branching into the thalamus area. Accord¬ 
ing to my seeing, this auric light arcs over the 
bottom of the corpus callosum and is directed 
into the pineal gland, which acts as a detector 
for internal vision. By breathing in a certain con¬ 
trolled manner that rasps air against the upper 
back throat and soft palate, located just the 
other side of the pituitary, I can stimulate the 
pituitary into this vibration. This meditative 
breathing also helps to focus my mind and to 
quiet it. It also brings gold light up the back of 
my spine from the base and rose light up the 
front. These two streams arc over each other in 
the thalamus area. This brings more energy to 
the central forehead and central areas of the 
brain with which I see. The subjective feeling of 
this type of seeing is allowing something (en¬ 
ergy, information) to come into the third eye re¬ 
gion of the head. This type of vision brings with 
it the ability to scan to whatever depth one 
chooses, with a wide range of resolution, down 
to the cellular and even viral level. 

My subjective feeling is that I have a scanner 
inside my head. It is located at the central brain 
area behind my third eye and about two inches 
back, where a line straight back from the third 
eye would intersect a line drawn between my 
temples. This seems to be the heart of the scan¬ 
ner. From this point, I can look in any direction I 
choose without moving my head; however, it 
usually helps to look directly at whatever I am 

When a patient comes to me, I do a very 
general scan over the entire body to pick up ar¬ 
eas of interest. I am attracted to the areas of the 

Internal Vision 165 

body that need attention. Then I tune in more 
finely to that area and scan it at a finer resolu¬ 
tion. To do fine scanning, I sometimes put my 
hands on the area in question. I find it easier to 
see this way. 

Sometimes I use another method. I just ask 
to see a picture of what the problem is, and I 
will receive a mental picture of the situation. 

Exercises to Establish 
Internal Vision 

1. Traveling through the body. 

The best way to practice learning internal vision 
is through deep relaxation exercises that include 
what is called traveling through the body. 

First, lie down and loosen all tight clothing. 
Deep breathe and relax. Try it again. Now take a 
deep breath and tense your whole body as 
tightly as you can. Hold your breath; then 
breathe out and let all the tension go. Do it 
again. Now repeat the tension-breath exercise, 
but tense your body only half as tight, equally 
all over the body. Breathe out and let go. 

Now, take a deep breath, and relax as you let 
it go. Repeat three times without tensing your 
body. Visualize the tension oozing off your body 
like thick honey onto the surface beneath you. 
Feel your heart slow down to a nice, slow, 
healthy beat. 

Now, imagine yourself very tiny, like a point 
of light, and enter your body wherever you 
choose. Your tiny self flows to your left shoul¬ 
der, relaxing all the tension as it goes. Your tiny 
self flows down your left arm and into your 
hand relaxing all the tension with a slight tin¬ 
gling sensation, warmth and energy. Your left 
arm is heavy and warm. 

Now your tiny self flows back up your left 
arm and down into your left leg relaxing all the 
tension there, then up your left leg into your 
right leg and back up into your right arm. Your 
whole body is heavy and warm. Now you begin 
to explore your body systems with your tiny 
self. Enter your heart and follow the blood as it 
18 pumped through your body. Does that system 
look well? Does it feel healthy? Now, travel 

through your lungs and look at the lung tissues. 
Go into your digestive organs. Follow the course 
that food takes as it enters your body. Go from 
your mouth down your esophagus into your 
stomach. How does it look? Is it getting enough 
energy? Is it balanced in the amount of digestive 
enzymes it needs? Now, follow the food out of 
your stomach into the lower stomach, then into 
the small intestine, and then into the large intes¬ 
tine. Is everything well? Now, go back up into 
your liver, your pancreas, your spleen. Are they 
all functioning well? Travel through your geni¬ 
tals. Are they getting the loving care they de¬ 

If there is any place in your body that you 
are concerned with, send the tiny self into that 
area with love and energy. Take a good look at 
that area. If it is lacking in anything, let your 
tiny self do something about it. If it needs to be 
cleaned out, clean it out. If it needs energy, let 
the tiny self send it energy. 

When you have satisfied yourself with the 
exploration and care of your body, allow the tiny 
self to grow to your normal size and merge with 
your real self. 

You can return to this type of self¬ 
exploration any time you wish. 

Bring yourself back to a normal state of 
awareness, but allow yourself to remain deeply 
relaxed, self-confident and aware. You have 
been scanning your own body. 

2. Scanning a friend. 

Sit opposite a friend in a chair. One person can 
be the observer, and the other open to being ob¬ 
served. Do a meditation to silence the mind. 
Gently allow yourself to focus on your friend. 
Keep your eyes dosed. Remember what it felt 
like to travel through your own body. Now you 
can visually travel through your friend's body. 
This will feel a bit different, because you are 
scanning from outside the body this time. 

First, scan the body to find an area you are 
attracted to. You may use your hands at first, 
but do not touch your friend. Later you will not 
need to use your hands. When you are drawn 
intuitively to an area on your friend, simply put 
more of your focus there. Allow yourself to fo- 

166 Hands of Light 

cus on the organs of that area. Believe what you 
see. You may get a color, a texture, a sensation 
or just a vague sense of something. Allow the 
pictures to come into your head. 

When you feel satisfied with what you've 
found, allow yourself to be drawn to another 
area of the body and repeat. If you are not 
drawn to another part of the body, just start 
scanning the body. 

You can scan the body by body area or, if 
you are familiar with anatomy (which you ought 
to learn if you want to be a healer), scan the 
body systems. Note what you see in your mind. 

When you are satisfied with your explora¬ 
tion, slowly come back into yourself and open 
your eyes. 

Discuss what you were able to pick up with 
your friend. How does what you picked up cor¬ 
relate with what she knows about herself? What 
doesn't correlate? Can you explain why? Per¬ 
haps the answer is in your assumptions. Per¬ 
haps the problem is in your own body. Perhaps 
you are right and your friend doesn't know 
about the situation you "saw." Now switch roles 
and let your friend observe you. Let yourself be 
passive to make it easier for her. 

3. Meditation to open your third eye scanner. 

An exercise suggested by one of my teachers, 
the Rev. C.B., is to lie on your back or sit with 
your back straight. Make sure you are comfort¬ 
able. Take a deep breath through your nose. 
First, fill your lower abdomen with air, then 
your middle chest, and then your upper chest. 
Now open your mouth as wide as you can. Hold 
the back of your tongue toward the back of your 
throat and hold your throat in such a way as to 
allow the air to escape only if it rasps against the 
upper back part of your throat near the soft pal¬ 
ate. Try to get it to rasp as far back as you can. 
The rasping sound should be fine, not gurgly. 
Do not throw your head back. Keep it directly 
on top of your spine. Slowly allow the air to 
escape from your body, first the air in the lower 
abdomen, then in the middle chest, and then in 
the upper chest. Let all the air out. Take a breath 
and relax. Repeat the rasping breath. When you 

get the hang of it, add the following visualiza¬ 

As the breath leaves your body, visualize a 
golden stream of light start in the rear pelvic 
area and run up your spine into the central brain 
area. Repeat three times with three rasping 
breaths. Now focus on the front of your body. 
The stream of light looks pink on the front of the 
body. Repeat three times with three rasping 
breaths. Notice that the two streams of light arc 
over and into the center of the brain. 

Once you have learned this exercise, do not 
do this more than three to four breaths for each 
side of your body or you may get very dizzy. 
Please treat this last exercise with a great deal of 
respect since it is very powerful. Take everything 
at a slow pace. You cannot speed up your evolu¬ 
tion in a nonorganic way. It never works (al¬ 
though most of us wish it would). 

Many times during a healing I do quick 
breathing exercises that help me raise my vibra¬ 
tions and energy so that I can see into the aura 
better, see higher levels of the aura and also 
transmit higher frequencies through my field. 
To do this, I rasp the air against the upper back 
part of my throat, but I do it by taking very 
short, fast breaths through my nose. Because I 
have practiced the above exercises so many 
times, this is now easy for me to do. I also 
sometimes take long, steady, even, in/out 
breaths without pause, and rasp air on the back 
of my throat to center my focus, clear my mind 
and balance my energy field. I call this breath¬ 
ing technique the nasal rasp breath. 

When High Sense Vision is coupled with 
High Sense Hearing, information received be¬ 
comes even more useful. 

Finding the Cause of the Illness: 
Rolling Backwards in Time 

I have discovered a way to "read" the cause of a 
particular physical problem. It combines two 
techniques. The first is the normal way we 
evoke memory. Simply remember back to when 
you were younger. Now pick a certain age, or a 
certain place you have lived in, and remember 

Internal Vision 167 

it. Now remember an even earlier time. What is 
your internal process to evoke memory? What 
does it feel like? When I remember something of 
my past, I use my mind in a particular way. I 
know what it feels like. I hold memories in ei¬ 
ther feelings, pictures or sounds. It is easy to 
"roll backwards" in time; we all do it. Most of us 
believe we can only do it for ourselves, and not for 
others. That is just a limited belief. I have discov¬ 
ered that it is this internal process, of rolling 
backwards in time, that is used to "read" the 
past history of an illness. 

The second technique is to use kinesthetic 
connection and internal vision. First, I connect 
with the particular body part in question using 
my kinesthetic sense. Then I get a picture of the 
problem area to describe its present condition. I 
hold the connection and then roll backwards in 
time, reading the past and witnessing the his¬ 
tory of the body part. As I keep witnessing back 
into the past, I finally "read" the cause of the 
problem. For example, I will see a trauma occur 
to a body part at an earlier time in the patient's 
life. Then I will see another, at an even earlier 

time, and so on. Most serious illnesses result 
from a long series of such traumas. I simply 
keep going backwards until a time before any 
trauma occurred to that part of the body. The 
first trauma that occurred is the initiating cause 
of the present problem. 

Chapter 18 Review 

1. What can be seen with use of internal view¬ 
ing? Where in the body can you see? What 

2. With internal viewing, what size ranges of 
objects can a viewer perceive? 

3. Can internal vision be used at a distance? 

4. List three exercises to learn internal viewing. 

5. What endocrine gland is the sensor for inter¬ 
nal viewing? 

Food For Thought 

6. What is the difference between visualizing 
and perceiving? 

Chapter 19 


The information I received auditorially was at 
first general, and then with practice it became 
specific. For example, I would hear words of 
love and assurance for the individual who had 
come for a healing. Later this information would 
get as specific as naming people, diseases a pa¬ 
tient had, or in some cases a diet, vitamins, 
remedies or drugs that would benefit the pa¬ 
tient. Many people who chose to follow these 
verbal instructions became well. 

The best way I know to enhance High Audi¬ 
tory Perception is to sit for guidance. Take pencil 
and paper, sit in a comfortable meditative posi¬ 
tion, center yourself and lift your consciousness. 
Formulate a question in your mind as clearly as 
you can. Focus now on wanting to know the 
truth about that question, no matter what the 
answer is. Then write the question on the paper. 
Set the pen and paper down within reaching 
distance. Focus and silence the mind. Wait for 
an answer to come to you. After some time in 
silence you will begin to receive an answer. That 
answer will come in the form of pictures, feel¬ 
ings, general concepts, words or even smells. 
Write down the answer, no matter what it is. 
You may think it is irrelevant, but keep writing. 
The form through which the information comes 
will vary. Stay with it and write. The writing will 
eventually begin to orient the incoming informa¬ 

tion to sounds. Focus on hearing directly the 
words that are coming to you. Practice, practice, 
practice. Write everything that comes to you. Do 
not leave anything out. After you are finished 
writing, put the paper aside for at least four 
hours. Later, go back and read what you have 
written. You will find it of interest. Keep a note¬ 
book for this purpose. 

After I did this every morning at sunrise for 
three months, the verbal information came so 
quickly that I couldn't write fast enough. The 
voice suggested that I buy a typewriter. Soon I 
couldn't type fast enough. The voice suggested 
that I buy a tape recorder. I did. At first, it was 
hard to go from writing to speaking the words 
out loud. The sound of my voice interfered with 
the quiet I, by that time, was able to hold in my 
mind. With practice I became clear again. The 
next step was to do it for another person, and 
then in front of a group. This was especially em¬ 
barrassing, because the way verbal channelling 
works is that the channeller can only hear the 
first few words of what is going to be said. It 
takes a lot of faith to jump into the beginning of 
a sentence, and allow the unknown rest of it to 
flow out. 

The experience of accessing information ver¬ 
bally inevitably leads to the question, "Who is 
talking?" I certainly hear a voice. Is it one I make 


170 Hands of Light 

up, or does it have another source? Best place to 
find out? Ask the voice! I did. It said, "My name 
is Heyoan, your spiritual guide." 

What does Heyoan mean? 

"The Wind Whispering Truth Through the 

Where does it come from? 


It is true that I had seen visions of spirits 
and angels before, but I had categorized them as 
visions. Now they were talking to me. Soon I 
could feel their touch, and sometimes when I 
saw them in the room, I could smell a wonder¬ 
ful fragrance. Just a metaphor, or reality? All of 
my personal reality comes to me through my 
senses, and now that they are expanded, a 
greater, broader reality exists for me. Others 
with expanded sense perceptions experience it 
too. To me it is real. You can only decide from 
your experience. 

Receiving information from a guide is differ¬ 
ent in that you enter into the metaphor that you 
are asking for information from a person who is 
wiser and more advanced than you are. The in¬ 
formation that comes through is beyond your 
understanding, but if you allow it to continue to 
come through, you will eventually understand 
it. Channelling a guide can give information be¬ 
yond the linear mind and can touch people very 
deeply; it reaches the soul beyond the human 
limitations. Usually, in the beginning of a read¬ 
ing my guide Heyoan will speak. That means I 
am doing a passive direct access. Then at a cer¬ 
tain point, Heyoan will suggest that the patient 
ask questions to make things clearer. I feel that 
this is the best sequence because guides usually 
know more about where the problems really lie 
than we do. They go right under an individual's 
defense and into the heart of the matter. There¬ 
fore, when Heyoan starts a reading, we don't 
waste time getting to the deeper information 
that is waiting to assist us. 

I also ask Heyoan questions during read¬ 
ings. I usually do this silently. I can ask for a 
picture of the situation or any specific part of the 
body, or I can ask to have a certain problem de¬ 
scribed. I even ask questions like, "Is this can¬ 
cer?" Usually I get pretty specific answers, but it 
is not always easy, especially if I am uneasy 

about what the answer might be. It is then that I 
will block the information coming through. 
Then I must recenter to go on. Now it is time for 
you to try it. 

Exercises to Receive 
Spiritual Guidance 

Sit in a meditative position with your back 
straight, but with a slight hollow in the small of 
your back. You may sit in a chair, using the back 
of the chair to rest on, or you may prefer the 
yoga position of sitting on a pillow on the floor 
with your legs crossed. Be sure it is a comfort¬ 
able position for you. 

1. If you are a kinesthetic type, close your eyes 
and simply follow your breath as it flows into 
and out of your body. Now and then you may 
want to repeat a reminder to yourself, "Follow¬ 
ing breath to center." With your mind's eye, fol¬ 
low your breath into your body and all the way 
to your center. Your senses may become height¬ 
ened, and you may want to start following the 
energy flow throughout your body. 

2. If you are a visual type, imagine a golden 
tube up and down your spine where the main 
power current of the aura is. Visualize a white- 
golden ball above your head. As you calmly 
breathe, the ball slowly sinks down through the 
tube and into the central part of your body to 
the solar plexus. Then watch the golden ball 
grow like a sun inside your solar plexus. 

You may want to continue the growth of the 
golden ball on the solar plexus. Allow it to first 
fill your body with golden light. Then let it fill 
your auric field with golden light. Continue the 
expansion to fill the room you are in. If you are 
meditating in a circle of people, see their golden 
balls expand to create a golden ring, filling the 
room. Let it expand, growing larger than the 
room, to the size building you are in, the area 
outside the building, the town or city, the state, 
the country, the continent, the earth, and be¬ 
yond. Do this slowly. Move your consciousness 
to expand the golden ball of light out to the 
moon and the stars. Fill the universe with bright] 

High Auditory Perception and Communication with Spiritual Teachers 171 

golden light. See yourself as part of that uni¬ 
verse and as one with it and therefore one with 

Now, keep the light just as bright and bring 
it back in, step by step, just as you sent it out. 
Fill your being with all that light and knowledge 
of the universe. Be sure to do this slowly, going 
step by step back in. Feel the tremendous charge 
your auric field has now. You have also brought 
back into your field the knowledge that you are 
one with the Creator. 

3. If you are an auditory type, you may simply 
want to use a mantra for the entire meditation. 
You may want to use a sacred name as the man¬ 
tra, such as Om, Sat-Nam, Jesus or "Be still and 
know that I am God." Or you may want to 
sound a note. I find that on some days it takes 
more effort to center myself, so I may use a com¬ 
bination of the above meditations to get my 
mind free of its chatter. On another day, all I 
need is a simple mantra. 

For more meditations and practices for get¬ 
ting into that quiet self-accepting state and to 
increase your sensitivity, I highly recommend 
the exercises in the book Voluntary Controls by 
Jack Schwarz. This book contains a whole series 
of such exercises geared to the western mind 
and is very effective. 

Now that you are centered and your mind is 
quiet, you are ready to sit for spiritual guidance. 

Channelling Personal Spiritual 
Teachers for Guidance 

Each person has several guides who stay with 
him and guide him throughout many lifetimes. 
In addition, one has teacher-guides who stay 
during times of specific learning and are chosen 
because of that specific learning. For example, if 
you are learning to be an artist, you are bound 
to have a few artist-type guides around for in¬ 
spiration. In whatever kind of creative work you 
are involved in, I am sure you are inspired by 
guides who are connected to that type of work 
in the spirit world, where the forms are more 
perfect and beautiful than we are able to mani¬ 
fest on the earth plane. 

To contact your guide, simply sit in the 
quiet, peaceful understanding that you are one 
with God, that a spark of God exists in every 
part of your being and that you are perfectly 
safe. This attitude allows you to reach a state of 
inner quiet that allows you to hear. 

In general, when entering a lifted state for 
guidance, I go through the following internal ex¬ 

I feel an excitement because I sense the pres¬ 
ence of a guide full of light and love. Then I 
become aware of a beam of white light above 
me, and I start lifting myself up into it. (One 
might say, I go up into it with my mind's eye.) 
My excitement diminishes as I become aware of 
a pink cloud of love coming down over me. I 
become filled with a feeling of love and security. 
I then feel myself being lifted into a higher state 
of consciousness. At this point, my body may 
make a few adjustments, like the pelvis curling 
under more (to the forward position), and my 
backbone straightening more. I may involuntar¬ 
ily yawn to help my throat chakra open. (This is 
the chakra through which one hears one's 

After more lifting, I enter into a state of holy 
serenity. Then I will usually both hear and see 
the guides. Throughout the beginning of the 
reading I will continue lifting. I usually have 
about three teachers that guide me. The person 
who has come to me for help will usually be 
accompanied by his guide or guides. 

It is the experience of light, love and serenity that 
confirms your connection to the guides. If you do not 
have it when trying to channel, then you are most 
likely not connected to your guides. 

The guide will communicate in whatever 
form is easiest for you to receive. It will either be 
in a general concept, direct words, symbolic pic¬ 
tures or direct pictures of happenings like past 
experiences or past lives. When one form of 
communication does not reach you, or you be¬ 
come afraid of what is being conveyed, the 
guides will simply shift to another form or ap¬ 
proach the subject from another angle. For ex¬ 
ample, if I fear that the words that are coming 
through have a certain meaning, or if someone 
has asked a particularly controversial question, I 
will "run away" from that place of inner peace 

172 Hands of Light 

and harmony and no longer be able to hear 
what the guide is saying. I then have to take a 
minute or two to find that place inside again. If I 
cannot pick up the words again, the guides will 
probably send me a general concept that I then 
try to explain in my own words. This slowly 
merges with their words again, and I am "back 
on line." If that doesn't work, they will come in 
with a picture that I will begin describing and 
allow the client to help find the meaning of the 
symbolic picture for himself. 

My internal experiences of verbal channel¬ 
ling is as follows. I sit in a cross-legged position, 
palms down on my thighs. First I center myself. 
To me this means kinesthetically anchoring in 
my body. It feels as if I build a strong energetic 
foundation around my lower half. Once this 
foundation is set, I begin to lift my conscious¬ 
ness by kinesthetically feeling it raise and visu¬ 
ally focus upward into the light. I also turn my 
palms upward when I do this. At a certain point 
when I am lifted, contact with the guide is 
made. Again I feel it kinesthetically. I see the 
guide behind my right shoulder, and I hear the 
first few words from that direction. When I and 
the guide are ready to begin, I lift my hands and 
hold fingertips together in front of my solar 
plexus or my heart. This balances my energy 
field and helps maintain a lifted state. The rasp 
nasal breath also helps. At this point, I usually 
begin to channel verbally. At first the words 
come from the right shoulder area. The more 
connected to the channelling process I become, 
the closer-in the words are. The guide also ap¬ 
pears to come closer. Soon, there is no lag time 
between hearing and speaking the words, and 
the apparent direction they are coming from 
moves to above and inside my head. The guide 
also visually appears to fit over me like a glove. 
The guide begins to move my arms and hands 
in coordination with the conversation. "He" 
also uses my hands to balance my energy field 
and to run energy into my chakras while "he" is 
talking. This keeps the energy high and fo¬ 
cused. My personality self seems to be floating 
off and above, listening and watching it all. At 
the same time, I feel merged with the guide, as 
if I am the guide. As the guide I feel much big¬ 
ger than the personality me, Barbara. 

At the end of the conversation, my experi¬ 
ence is one of the guide lightly disconnecting 
and lifting off, while my consciousness sinks 
downwards into my body and my personality 
self. At this point I am usually quite shy. 

The Chakra Senses 

So far I have mentioned only accessing through 
four of the normal five senses of sight, sound, 
feel and smell. It is rare, but I suppose one 
could channel through taste also. In studying 
the accessing process, I have seen that each 
mode or sense is related to a chakra; i.e., we 
access information through the sensing mecha¬ 
nism of each chakra. Figure 19-1 lists the seven 
chakras and the sense that is active through 
each one. When I observe someone channelling, 
I am able to perceive which chakra they are us¬ 
ing to get their information. That chakra is usu¬ 
ally very active and has more energy running 
through it when they are channelling. Note that 
we do not normally distinguish between the 
kinesthetic sense, feeling and intuition, but in 
my opinion, they are very different as described 
in Figure 19-1. We also don't call loving a sense, 
but I believe it is. Just begin to pay more atten¬ 
tion to what is going on when you are loving or 
"sensing love." Loving is not in the same cate¬ 
gory as other feelings. Of course loving is more 
than just a sense. It is also a way of being in 
synchronidty with other human beings. 

The kind of information you receive through 
each of your chakras is different. The first cha¬ 
kra yields kinesthetic information—feelings in 
your body like a feeling of balance or imbalance, 
shivers running up and down the spine, physi¬ 
cal pain in a body part, a feeling of illness or 
health, safety or danger. This information can be 
utilized by the healer to know what state the 
patient is in. If the healer feels illness, and she 
knows it is not hers, she will know that it is the 
patient's. She may feel the patient's leg pain in 
her own leg or in her hand when she places it 
on the patient's leg. All this kind of information 
comes through the first chakra and can be used 
very successfully if the healer clears herself so 
that her own body is a sounding board. She can 

High Auditory Perception and Communication with Spiritual Teachers 173 

Figure 19-1 





Nature of Information 







Receiving a whole concept that goes 
beyond each of the senses listed below 

Be still 
and know 

I am God 




Seeing clear pictures, either symbolic or 

- or Christ 





Hearing sounds, words or music and also 
taste and smell 





A sense of loving another 

Rose light 
of love 

Love a flower 



A vague sense of knowing that is not 
specific—a vague sense of size, shape and 
intent of being that is sensual 


of mind 



Emotional feeling—joy, fear, anger 

Meditate on 
peaceful sense 
of well-being 


and presence 

Kinesthetic feeling in your body—like 
feeling of balance, shivers, hair standing 
on end, energy running, physical pleasure 
or pain 






distinguish between her body and the body of 
her patient. If the healer feels pain in her leg, 
she had better be aware of whether it was there 
before the patient arrived or if she is picking it 
up from the patient. Of course there are disad¬ 
vantages to this method of accessing inforina- 
tion. One tires very fast of feeling everyone 
else's physical pain. 

The second chakra yields information about 
emotional states, either of the healer or others. 
Again the healer must use her own energy field 
to distinguish between her own emotional feel¬ 
ings and those of the patient. This can be 
learned with practice and a lot of good feedback. 
For example, the healer will sense what the cli¬ 
ent feels emotionally about the pain in her leg. 
The client may be angry about being sick, or she 

may be very fearful about it. She may be afraid 
that the leg pain really indicates a very serious 
condition. It is important to use this information 
because all illness is accompanied by etnotional 
feelings that need to be Cleared in some way. 

The third chakra gives vague information 
such as when someone says, "I thought you 
were going to call, and you did" or "My intui¬ 
tion tells me that I shouldn't fly on that plane 
today; something might happen." If one is sens¬ 
ing beings from another level, and the third cha¬ 
kra is being used to sense them, the person will 
get a vague sense of another presence in the 
room, its location, its general shape and size 
and its intent, i.e., friendly or unfriendly. The 
first chakra would reveal kinesthetic information 
about the presence, and the second would re- 

174 Hands of Light 

veal the feelings of the being. In the example of 
the leg pain, the third chakra will give a vague 
idea of what deeper meaning the pain has in the 
client's life and also some intuition of its causes. 

The fourth chakra yields feelings of love. 
Love that reaches out beyond the self, mate or 
family to humanity and life itself. When you are 
sensing with the fourth chakra, you can sense 
another's love and the quality and quantity of 
that love, whether they be in a physical body or 
not. One can feel the collective love of human¬ 
ity. In the example of leg pain, one would feel 
love for the client and the client's quality of love 
for herself. The chakra also gives the sense of 
connectedness to all creatures who have ever 
had leg pain. 

The fifth chakra gives the sense of sounds, 
music, words, smells and taste. This informa¬ 
tion can be very specific, depending upon 
which level of the auric field it is coming from. 
(See next section.) For example, for the client 
with the pain in her leg, the healer may very 
well receive a description of the problem in 
physiological terms like "It is phlebitis" or "It is 
a strained muscle due to a new pair of shoes 
that cause the leg to twist when the client is 
walking." The fifth chakra may also reveal a 
sound that would be very effective to use on the 
leg for healing it. 

The sixth chakra reveals pictures. These pic¬ 
tures can be either symbolic, with a very per¬ 
sonal meaning for the patient, or literal. Literal 
pictures are pictures of events that have hap¬ 
pened, are happening or will happen. They are 
also images of things that exist. When I say im¬ 
ages, I don't necessarily mean you see them as 
you do with your eyes, but you do receive a pic¬ 
ture in your mind that gives a strong enough 
impression and allows you to observe it in a way 
that might allow you to draw or reproduce it if 
you wished. For example, in the case of the leg 
pain, the sixth chakra might reveal an image of 
the blood clot associated with phlebitis, or the 
healer might simply see the strained muscle, de¬ 
pending on what the cause of the pain is. The 
image could appear on a screen in the healer's 
mind, as on TV, or it could appear to be coming 
directly from inside the leg, as it would to nor¬ 

mal sight. The sixth chakra could also reveal a 
symbolic picture that would have some meaning 
for the client but most likely not much meaning 
for the healer. The symbolic picture would ap¬ 
pear on the healer's mind-screen. The sixth cha¬ 
kra could also reveal, in picture form, the 
patient's past experience that is connected to the 
leg pain, such as an image of a child falling off a 
tricycle and bumping her leg right where the 
pain is now, say twenty years later. This kind of 
direct access is rather like watching a movie. 

Note that I have been referring to receiving 
pictures. Perceiving means receiving. Perception 
is receiving what is already there, either in sym¬ 
bolic form or in literal form. Visualizing is an 
entirely different function. The process of visu¬ 
alization is actively creating. In visualization you 
create a picture in your mind and give it energy. 
If you continue to hold it clearly in your mind 
and give it energy, you can eventually create it 
in your life. You have thus given it form and 
substance. The clearer the image and the more 
emotional energy you project into it, the more 
you will be able to create it in your life. 

The seventh chakra reveals information in 
the form of a whole concept. This information 
goes beyond the limited human senses and 
communication system. The channelled after 
absorbing and deeply understanding the con¬ 
cept, must then use her own words to describe 
what she understands. Many times, as I start to 
explain something in my own words, Heyoan 
will come in (from the fifth) and explain it in 
much dearer words than I can. The whole con¬ 
cept gives a complete sense of knowing. It is the 
experience of being one with the concept. In our 
leg pain example, the seventh chakra will reveal 
the whole life situation that the leg pain is asso¬ 
ciated with. 

Chakra Sense of Different Levels 
of Reality 

Now that you have an idea of the information 
coming through each of the chakras, let us look 
at the different levels of reality that were dis- 

High Auditory Perception and Communication with Spiritual Teachers 175 

cussed in Chapters 7 and 15. There I discussed 
the physical level of reality, the astral, the 
etheric template level, the celestial level, the 
ketheric template level and the beings who exist 
on each of these levels. I also stated that there 
are levels beyond the seventh. In order to per¬ 
ceive on any one of these levels, the chakra 
through which you wish to perceive must be 
opened on that level. If you want to see any par¬ 
ticular auric layer, then you must open your 
sixth chakra to that layer. If you want to see the 
first level of the auric field, you must open your 
sixth chakra on the first level of your aura. If you 
want to see the second level of the aura, you 
must open your sixth chakra on the second layer 
of your aura. When beginners start to see the 
aura, they usually see the first layer, because 
they open their sixth chakra on the first level of 
their aura. As they progress, they open the sixth 
chakra on the next consecutive layer and can 
then see that layer. 

Opening the chakras on levels above the 
fourth also means that you will start to perceive 
beings on other planes of existence. This is 
rather disruptive to your personal life when it 
first occurs and takes some getting used to. For 
example, many times you must choose between 
carrying on the conversation you are having and 
stopping and listening to the guide who is try¬ 
ing to talk to you at the same time. I have spent 
a lot of time in this double world existence. 
Someone who perceives the presence of beings, 
and responds to them, appears very flaky to 
those who don't. 

In order to hear a being who lives on the 
astral level you must open your fifth chakra on 
the astral level. If you want to hear a guide on 
the fifth level, then you must open your fifth 
chakra on the fifth level of your auric field. If 
you want to see an astral guide, then you must 
open your sixth chakra on the fourth level. To 
see a fifth level guide, you must open your sixth 
chakra on the fifth level, and so on. 

As was stated in Chapter 7, there are doors 
or seals between the chakra levels deep within 
the hearts of the chakras. These seals or doors 
must be opened in order to move from one level 
to the next. This is done by raising the vibra¬ 

tional level of your energy system. To increase 
and maintain your field at a higher vibrational 
level means purification work. You must keep 
your field dear and highly cleared to perceive 
the higher levels of the auric field. Doing this 
also means increased sensitivity in your daily 
life. This means a lot of self-care in terms of diet, 
exercise and spiritual practices—to be discussed 
further in Part VI. 

Each level represents another octave higher 
in vibration than the one below it. To bring your 
conscious awareness to a higher level means to 
increase the vibrational rate at which your 
awareness functions. This is not necessarily an 
easy task, for as you have seen in the material 
presented in the chapters on psychodynamics, 
every increase in energy in the system knocks 
loose blocks that take you through experiences 
that you have buried within your subconscious 
because the events were too threatening to be 
felt at the time they occurred. 

Meditations to Enhance 
Experience of Each of Your 
Auric Levels 

I have found different meditation practices that 
will enhance your experience of each of your au¬ 
ric levels. These are also given in Figure 19-1. To 
enhance your experience on the first layer of 
your aura, do walking or touching meditations 
or deep relaxation. To enhance your experience 
of the second layer of your aura, meditate on a 
peaceful sense of well-being. To enhance your 
experience of the third level of your auric field, 
do one-pointedness-of-mind exercises. To en¬ 
hance your experience of your fourth level, med¬ 
itate on the rose light of love or focus on loving a 
flower. To enhance your experience of being at 
the fifth level of your auric field, use sounding 
or listening meditations. To enhance your expe¬ 
rience of your celestial body, meditate on be¬ 
coming one with the Messianic or Christ 
Consciousness. To experience your seventh layer 
of being, sit in meditation and use the mantra, 
"Be still and know that I am God." 

176 Hands of Light 

Chapter 19 Review 

1. What is a good way to learn High Auditory 

2. How can you sit for spiritual guidance? 
Practice it at least three times this week. 

3. In what forms will your guides try to com¬ 
municate with you? Describe the process, 

4. Describe the sense associated with each of 
the seven chakras. 

5. If you want to "see" a guide on the ketheric 
template level, which chakra do you need to 
open on what level of the auric field? 

6. If you want to "hear" a guide on the astral 
level, which chakra do you need to open on 
what level of the auric field? 

7. If I were to say that I had a vague sense that 
a being was in a certain comer of the room 
and that being was not very friendly, 
through what chakra would I be sensing it? 
Upon what level of the auric field would 
that being exist? 

8. How do you open a particular chakra on a 
particular level of your field? 

9. What is the main difference between inter¬ 
nal viewing and channelling-guided infor¬ 

Food For Thought 

10. How would your life be different if you 
sought and followed guidance more? 

11. What are your main resistances to actively 
seeking guidance in your life? 

12. Ask for guidance to learn how to utilize 
guidance better in your life. What is the an¬ 

13. What is your negative belief or image of 
what bad things will happen to you if you 
follow guidance? How does that relate to 
your childhood experiences with authori¬ 
ties? How does that relate to your relation¬ 
ship to or image of God? 

14. How can precognition work if we have free 

15. How can using this kind of perception 
change your life? 

16. What is the difference between visualizing 
and perceiving? 

Chapter 20 


The Cone of Perception 

In the last chapter I discussed opening your per¬ 
ception to higher levels of reality by increas¬ 
ing the vibratory rate of your auric field. This 
idea was based on the concept of a multi¬ 
dimensional universe composed of levels of vi¬ 
brational rates existing within the same space. 
The more advanced or refined that level of real¬ 
ity, the higher the vibrational rate. I would now 
like to discuss this multi-dimensional universe 
in terms of levels of perception. 

Heyoan says that each of us has a cone of 
perception through which we perceive reality. 
One can use the metaphor of frequency to ex¬ 
plain this concept, meaning that each of us is 
able to perceive within a certain frequency 

As humans, we tend to define reality by 
what we can perceive. This perception not only 
includes all the normal human perceptions, but 
also the extensions of those perceptions through 
the instruments we have built like the micro¬ 
scope and the telescope. Everything inside our 
perceptual cone we accept as real, and every¬ 
thing outside that cone isn't real. If we can't 
perceive it, then it doesn't exist. 

Each time we build a new instrument, we 
increase our cone of perception, and more 
things are perceived and therefore become real. 
The same thing is happening here with High 
Sense Perception, but the instrument in this 
case is our own body and energy system. As we 

perceive more things through High Sense Per¬ 
ception, more things become real to us. 

I have attempted to draw a graph using the 
familiar bell-shaped curve to help describe this 
phenomenon (Figure 20-1 A). The vertical axis 
shows clarity of perception, and the horizontal 
depicts frequency range of perception. The bell¬ 
shaped curve shown in the middle of the graph 
can be used to depict the normal perceptual 
range of a human being, a group of human be¬ 
ings or, for that matter, the whole of humanity. 
Most of us have clear perceptions as defined by 
the dotted lines. Outside the dotted lines, our 
clarity is so low that we tend to discount what 
we perceive. However, if we accept everything 
we perceive, then the space under the bell¬ 
shaped curve also defines what we call the real 
universe. The dashed line shows the increase in 
perception that our instruments give us. We, at 
least most of us, accept that as reality also. 

Let us look at this from the point of view of 
what is called the Brahman and the Maya of the 
Buddhist tradition. Maya is the manifest world, 
which according to Buddhism is illusion. Brah¬ 
man is the basic reality that lies beneath Maya 
and supports what is manifest. It is not to be 
confused with Brahmin, the educated priest 
class in the Hindu caste system. Meditation is 
practiced in Buddhism in order to get beyond 
the illusion of Maya which encompasses all pain 
and to become Brahman or enlightened. Here 
we have a concept very similar to the cone of 
perception. Figure 20-1B shows the cone of per- 


Clarity of perception ^ Clarity of perception 

100 % 

i I 

1 I 

I I 

A. Graphic depiction of our perceptual cone 

B. Spiritual interpretation of our cone of perception 

Figure 20-1: Our Perceptual Cone 


Heyoan's Metaphor of Reality 179 

ception again, now interpreted from the point of 
view of Brahman and Maya. The manifest world 
of Maya lies within our cone of perception, 
while the unmanifest world of Brahman lies out¬ 
side the cone of perception. Physicist David 
Bohm's Explicate Unfolded Order (see Chapter 
4) lies within our cone of perception, and his 
Implicate Enfolded Order lies outside our cone 
of perception. 

Figure 20-2A shows the effect that High 
Sense Perception has. I have now labeled what 
we used to call unreal and nonexistent as the 
spiritual reality. As we increase our perceptual 
range to a higher levels of vibration, more of the 
spiritual (nonphysical) world becomes real to 
us. The more we use our HSP, the more we are 
able to perceive (which makes more of the spirit¬ 
ual world accessible to us), the more we come 
out of illusion and into Brahman or enlighten¬ 
ment. From this point of view, the line of the 
bell-shaped curve becomes the veil between the 
spiritual and the material worlds. Heyoan says 
healing is ultimately dissolving the veil between 
the spiritual and material worlds. 

Another very important point is that, since 
our self-definitions are based on what we define 
as real, as our reality broadens, so do we. Figure 
20-2B again shows the bell-shaped curve, but 
now I have labeled it in terms of self-definition. 
Inside the curve we have a limited self¬ 
definition—who we think we are based on our 
limited view of reality. Outside, we have a self¬ 
definition without limits, which is ultimately 
God. The line of the curve becomes the veil be¬ 
tween who we think we are and who we really 
are. Heyoan repeatedly has said that these two 
veils (between the spiritual and material worlds 
and between who we think we are and who we 
really are) are the same. It is also the veil be¬ 
tween what we call life and death. When we 
know we are spirit, we do not cease to live at 
death; rather we simply leave our physical body, 
the vehicle which we as spirit made in order to 
incarnate in the first place. At a person's death I 
have witnessed (with HSP) his spirit leaving the 
body to join other spirits in the room. At death 
the veil dissolves, and we go home to who we 
really are. 

The Manifest World 

During a reading some time ago Heyoan led me 
through an experience that explained manifesta¬ 
tion. Here is the transcript of that tape. 

Heyoan: "And what then is manifestation? 
It is related to the ability to sense what has been 
manifest. That ability relates to the One and re¬ 
lates to each person's individuation and where 
her sensing window is. What is perceived 
within that window of sensing is what you have 
defined as the manifest world. When that nar¬ 
row view through which you sense manifesta¬ 
tion expands, then the manifest world expands. 
For example, when you begin to hear our voice, 
then you can experience more of the manifest 
world. That world appears to be less solid or 
thinner, but it is still of the manifest. The ap¬ 
pearance of thinness has more to do with your 
ability to sense higher frequencies than the real¬ 
ity of higher frequencies having a quality of 
thinness. This limitation on your sensing, which 
makes the higher realities appear thinner, also 
gives you the impression that the higher fre¬ 
quencies appear to be fading back into the un¬ 
manifest. However, that is not the case." 

Barbara: "So what I am seeing is this whole 
range of sensing into what we call manifest. It is 
simply a set of sensing, when you call it mani¬ 
fest. As that range becomes higher and wider, or 
(one could use the analogy) the more the angle 
of view increases, or the more our experience 
broadens, then we are able to sense more of 
what we call the unmanifest world . . . Oh, it 
works both ways, so that when one expands to 
lower vibrations, the same is also true." 

Heyoan: "For some reason or other, human¬ 
ity has chosen to see or describe the lower vibra¬ 
tions as negativity, as darkness, as unpleasant 
forms. That is one way to do it, although it is 
simply based on the dualistic nature of the hu¬ 
man being and his perception mechanism. It is 
part of the sensing system that then sees the 
lower vibrations as negative." 

Barbara: "What about the whole long hu¬ 
man evolutionary scale?" 

Heyoan: "In terms of evolution, we would 
be speaking simply of the ability to expand the 

Clarity of perception | Clarity of perception 

Spiritual reality 

100 % 

.. Cone of perception increased by high sense perception 

Frequency of perception-► 

B. Cone of perception limited by definition of personal reality 

Figure 20-2: Defining the Boundaries of Our Perceptual 


High sense perception 
increases perceptual 

Heyoan’s Metaphor of Reality 181 

sensing window. One might say that concrete 
reality falls within the largest part of the bell¬ 
shaped curve of your perception. People tend to 
disbelieve their perceptions when they reach out 
beyond one standard deviation, or beyond the 
maximum part of the bell curve. As humanity 
progresses along its evolutionary path, the bell 
curve of perception becomes wider and wider. 
[See Figure 20-1.] The bell curve of perception 
could be considered to be a curve that shows the 
limitations of the human mind in this time of its 
evolution. We would seek to have the entire 
range of perception of the human mind func¬ 
tioning at the peak of the bell curve over all fre¬ 
quencies of perception so that expanded reality 
becomes as concrete as, say, this tape recorder 
you are holding. The bell curve of perception 
would then expand to its peak until it becomes 
flat. When the whole is reached, the manifest 
and unmanifest become one. 

"Another way to say it is: As you expand 
your cone of perception, our world becomes 
more and more manifest to you and you will 
then relate to it as part of the manifest world. 
Thus, as you continue to expand your percep¬ 
tion through your personal evolution, more and 
more of the Universe becomes manifest to you 
and you approach the Universal Oneness. In a 
sense, you are coming back home. 

'Through the expansion of perceived reality, 
the human being could and does then choose 
what frequency to perceive in and even exist in 
the manifest universe. It is a tool for under¬ 
standing the implicate order. This process is the 
game of life, one might say. When the implicate 
and the explicate order become one, due to the 
expansion of perception in the human being, 
then the state of enlightenment is reached. 

"For example, let us use this analogy: white 
chalk drawing on a white board could be like the 
unmanifest. A blackboard with white chalk 
could be like the unmanifest first breaking into 
dualism. A cream board with colored chalk 
could be like the multi-dimensional universe. 
These could be seen as steps in the evolutionary 
process of perception of the human being, or of 
who you are, or of the God/Goddess within 
perceiving him/her self. Thus, as we reach into 
broader dimensions of reality, the colors become 

more distinct and more dimensional, as in 
multi-dimensional colors within each other. 

"That is what this discussion is all about: 
teaching a new perception (High Sense Percep¬ 
tion) in humankind. Your internal vision gives 
you the choice of where to look, and what size, 
and in what frequency band. Would you look at 
the physical manifestation, or what you call the 
physical reality? Or do you want to look at the 
lower etheric, or the emotional, or up into the 
higher etheric, or even the ninth or eighth levels 
of the aura? Where do you choose to place your 
perception? You also decide on the resolution. 
Do you choose to look at a microorganism or do 
you choose to look at a macroorganism? The 
manifest God chooses to manifest only through 
perception, that is, chooses upon which part of 
the face of the dark to manifest through percep¬ 
tions. There are beings among you who cannot 
see you and whom you cannot see. They have 
chosen to live in a different window of percep¬ 
tion. Do you understand, my dear?" 

Barbara: "No, I'm getting tired. This talk is 
too linear." 

Heyoan: "That is because we are again 
squeezing this information into your narrow 
perception. Allow your perception to expand as 
we lead you into another realm of light. As you 
enter this room, see the lightness, feel the 
joy. . . ." 

From here I was led into what appeared to 
be higher and higher realms. Each realm was 
more magnificent than the one before. Each was 
harder and harder to perceive. Each was becom¬ 
ing apparently thinner and of less form. My 
guide Heyoan led me. 

We reached as high as I could perceive, at 
which point Heyoan said, "And here we stand 
before the door of the Holy of Holies, where 
every human longs to enter." 

I could see my past lifetimes floating by be¬ 
neath me as the wafted scent of jasmine in 
the night air. As each did, I could feel a pull 
to look back into the reality. Each time that pull 
felt like falling. I tried to stay with a sense of 
being, beyond Barbara, beyond time, beyond 
lifetimes . . . 

I tried to reach into the door of the Holy of 

182 Hands of Light 

Heyoan: "It is not a matter of trying to 
reach; it is a matter of allowing oneself to be 
where one already is. There is tremendous room 
here. It is a state of being beyond time and 
space. No need to rush. This is what the soul is 
asking for." 

Then I found myself entering a door be¬ 
tween two paws of the Great Sphinx. Before me 
sat Heyoan on a throne. 

Heyoan: "So, my dear, when you speak of 
healing, know that healing is opening the doors 
of perception so that one can enter into the Holy 
of Holies and be one with the Creator. It is noth¬ 
ing more, nothing less than that. It is a process, 
step-by-step, in that direction. Enlightenment is 
the goal; healing is a by-product. So, whenever 
a soul comes to you for healing, know deep in¬ 
side that this is what the soul is asking for. 

"Remember that whenever someone comes 
to you for help or healing, their words come 
through their doorway of perception. It may be 
a narrow one, or a broad one. A sore toe, a life- 
threatening illness, or a seeking of the Truth, 
that which is asked comes through the doorway 
of perception, but that which needs to be given 
is simply this: It is the answer to the longing of 
the soul. The soul is saying, 'Help me find my 
way back home. Help me find my way into the 
Holy of Holies, into the peace of the ages, into 
the Wind Whispering Truth Through the Centu- 

At this point during the meditation, I shud¬ 
dered and wept with joy. Heyoan had often told 
me that the meaning of Heyoan is the "Wind 
Whispering Truth Through the Centuries." Now 

I understood. Through the meditation Heyoan 
had led me into an understanding that I and 
Heyoan are one. I could experience this with 
every cell of my body, that I am Truth Whisper¬ 
ing Through the Centuries. 

Heyoan continued: "And so here I sit, Hey¬ 
oan, crown of jewels, each being a truth, a 
known truth. So here I exist, have always ex¬ 
isted and will always exist; beyond space and 
time, beyond confusion; manifest, yet unmani¬ 
fest; known, but not known. And so sit you 
here also every one of you. You simply long to 
know this, from where you stand within your 
limited perception." 

Chapter 20 Review 

1. Explain the concept of the window of percep¬ 

Food For Thought 

2. Given Heyoan's description of reality here, 
discuss the relationship between your inner 
wall of fear as described in Chapter 14, the 
wall between who you think you are, and 
who you really are; the veil between the spir¬ 
itual and material worlds; and the veil be¬ 
tween life and death. 

3. What is death? 

4. From Heyoan's last statement, what is the re¬ 
lationship between your guide and you? 
How is that different from your higher self? 
Your Divine spark? 



"Even greater miracles than these, 
ye shall do also." 




Now that we have a good idea of what healing is 
all about from the personal, human, scientific 
and spiritual levels, let us explore the various 
healing techniques I have learned throughout 
my years of practice. 

As always, healing starts at home. The first 
prerequisite for any healer is self-care. If you do 
healing and don't take care of yourself, you will 
probably get sick faster than in any other situa¬ 
tion. This is because healing requires a lot of 
work from your energy field, in addition to its 
importance for your own life. What I mean by 
this is that in addition to keeping you healthy 
and balanced, your field will be used as a con¬ 
duit for the healing energies that are needed by 
others. Your field may not necessarily need the 
frequencies that you will be transmitting, but 
your field will have to transmit them anyway. In 
order to transmit a certain frequency required in 
healing, your field must vibrate in that fre¬ 
quency or its harmonic. Thus in order to give 
healing, you will run your field like a roller 
coaster. You will be constantly varying its fre¬ 
quency of vibration. You will be constantly 
transmitting diff erent intensities of light. This 
will affect you. It will be good in the sense that it 
will speed up your own evolutionary process, 
because changes in frequency and intensity will 
break your normal holding patterns and will re¬ 
lease the blocks in your field. It may deplete you 
if you do not keep yourself in top condition. In 

healing, you do not generate the energy you 
transmit, but you must first raise your frequency 
to that needed by the patient in order to entrain 
the energy from the Universal Energy Field. 
This is called harmonic induction and takes a lot 
of energy and focus to do. As long as your volt¬ 
age of energy is higher than the patient's, you 
will transmit to him. If, however, you try to heal 
when you are very tired, the voltage you are 
able to produce may be weaker than the pa¬ 
tient's. Current flows from a high voltage to a 
lower one. In this way you could pick up nega¬ 
tive energies of disease from your patients. If 
you are very healthy, your system will just clear 
them by energizing them or by repelling them. 
If you are worn out, you may take longer to clear 
the low energies you pick up. If you already 
have a tendency toward a particular illness, you 
could exacerbate your own situation. On the 
other hand, if you take care of yourself, healing 
someone with the same particular disease that 
you have tendencies toward may very well help 
you learn to generate the frequencies needed to 
cure yourself. 

Studies done by Hiroshi Motoyama mea¬ 
sured the strength of a healer's and a patient's 
acupuncture lines before and after healing. In 
many cases, the healer's lines for a particular or¬ 
gan were low after the healing. However, they 
recovered their original strength a few hours 
later. Motoyama also showed that usually the 


186 Hands of Light 

healer's heart meridian was stronger after a 
healing, indicating that the heart chakra was al¬ 
ways used in healing, as will be discussed in the 
following chapters. 

In the following section I will discuss healing 
techniques for different layers of the aura, 
present some examples of healings and give 
techniques for self-care of the healer. 

Chapter 21 


Preparing the Healer 

In preparing to give a healing, the healer must 
first open and align herself with the cosmic 
forces. This means not only just before the heal¬ 
ing, but in her life in general. She must be dedi¬ 
cated to the truth and be meticulously honest 
with herself in all areas of her being. She needs 
the support of friends and some form of spirit¬ 
ual discipline or purification process. She needs 
teachers, both spiritual and physical. She needs 
to keep her own body healthy through exercise 
and healthy nourishment, balanced diet (includ¬ 
ing high intake of vitamins and minerals, which 
the body uses more of when running high en¬ 
ergy), resting and playing. Through this nour¬ 
ishment, she maintains her own physical vehicle 
in a condition that allows her to raise her vibra¬ 
tions to reach up and out to the universal en¬ 
ergy field and those spiritual healing energies 
that will then flow through her. She must first 
raise her own vibrations to connect with the 
healing energies before channelling can take 

Before starting a day of healing, it is good to 
do some form of physical exercise in the morn¬ 
ing, as well as a meditation to center oneself and 
open the chakras. This does not have to take a 
long time. Thirty to forty-five minutes is suffic¬ 
ient. The following exercises are the ones that I 
find very effective. I change them periodically to 
suit the constantly changing needs of my energy 

Daily Exercises for the Healer to 
Open Acupuncture Lines 

1.. Lie flat on your back with your arms at your 
sides, palms facing upwards. Move your feet 
slightly apart to a comfortable position. Close 
your eyes. Relax your whole body by focusing 
on each part of it, one after another. Breathe nat¬ 
urally, Focus on your breath and count—one in, 
one out, two in, two out, and so on—for five 
minutes. If your mind starts to wander, bring it 
back to the counting; if the number is forgotten, 
start at one again. 

As your attention is kept for a few minutes 
on counting breaths, your mind and body are 
gradually relaxed. 

2. The best exercise to start the day can be 
done before you get out of bed (if it doesn't 
bother your sleeping partner, but it probably 
will). Lie flat on your back, spread your arms 
out perpendicular to your body and bring your 
knees up with your feet flat on the bed. Keeping 
your shoulders down, allow your knees to fall to 
the right while you roll your head to look left. 
Now bring your knees up and let them fall to 
the left while you roll your head to the right. 
Repeat this movement until your back feels well 
stretched out. 

Joint exercises are especially good to create a 
smooth flow of energy in the acupuncture chan¬ 
nels through adjustment of the joints. Since all 


188 Hands of Light 

the meridians flow through the joints, moving 
the joints activates the meridians. These joint 
exercises were developed by Hiroshi Motoyama 
to open the acupuncture channels. They are 
given in his pamphlet, "The Functional Rela¬ 
tionship Between Yoga Asanas and Acupuncture 

3. Sit erect on the floor with your legs 
stretched straight out in front. Place your hands 
on the floor beside your hips and lean back¬ 
wards using your straight arms for support. 
Place your attention in the toes. Move only the 
toes of both feet. Slowly flex and extend them 
without moving your legs or ankles. Repeat ten 
times. See Figure 21-1A. 

4. Remain in the sitting position described 
above. Flex and extend your ankle joints as far 
as possible. Repeat ten times. See Figure 21-1B. 

5. You are still in the sitting position given in 
#3. Separate your legs slightly. Keeping your 
heels in contact with the floor, rotate your ankles 
ten times in each direction. 

6. Still sitting in the starting position, bend 
and raise the right leg as much as possible at the 
knee bringing the heel near the right buttock. 
Straighten the right leg without allowing the 
heel or toe to touch the ground. Repeat ten 
times and then do the same process with the left 
leg. See Figure 21-1C. 

7. In the same sitting position, hold the thigh 
near the trunk with both hands and rotate the 
lower leg in a circular motion about the knee ten 
times clockwise and then ten times counter¬ 
clockwise. Repeat the same procedure with the 
left leg. 

8. Bend the left leg and place the left foot on 
the right thigh. Hold the left knee with the left 
hand and place the right hand on the left angle. 
Gently move the bent leg up and down with the 
left hand, relaxing the muscles of the left leg as 
much as possible. Repeat the same process with 
the right knee. See Figure 21-ID. 

9. Sitting in the same position as in #8, rotate 
the right knee around the right hip joint ten 
times clockwise and then ten times counter¬ 
clockwise. Repeat the same process with the left 
knee. See Figure 21-1E. 

10. Sitting in the starting position with legs 
stretched out, raise the arms forward to shoul¬ 
der height. Stretch and tense the fingers of both 
hands. Close the fingers over the thumbs to 
make a tight fist. Repeat ten times. See Figure 

11. Maintain the position in #10 above. Flex and 
extend the wrists. Repeat ten times. See Figure 

12. From the same position as in #10, rotate the 
wrists ten times clockwise and ten times coun¬ 

13. Taldng the same position as #10 above, 
stretch out the hands with the palms upwards. 
Bend both arms at the elbows and touch the 
shoulders with the fingertips and straighten the 
arms again. Repeat ten times and then perform 
the same exercise ten times but with the arms 
extended sideways. See Figure 21-1H. 

14. Remaining in the same position with the 
fingertips in constant contact with the shoul¬ 
ders, lift elbows as high as possible. Then lower 
them. Repeat ten times. Now point elbows for¬ 
ward. Repeat. See Figure 21-11. 

15. In same position as #14 above, make a circu¬ 
lar movement of the elbows by rotating the 
shoulder joints. Do this ten times clockwise and 
then ten times counterclockwise. Make the cir¬ 
cular movement of each elbow as large as possi¬ 
ble, bringing the two elbows together in front of 
the chest, bee Figure 21-1J. 

Once you learn these exercises, you can 
probably do the fingers/toes, ankles/wrist at the 
same time. 

16. Now do several sit-ups, breathing out each 
time you sit up. Dp at least ten to start with. 
Work your way up to twenty. 

190 Hands of Light 

17. Reach over and touch your toes without 
bending your legs. Do this from a sitting up 
posture with your legs together, straight and in 
front of you. Do this ten times. Now simply stay 
over and hold your toes without bending your 
knees. Do this for three minutes without getting 

18. Spread your legs as wide as they will go and 
repeat the above exercise, first reaching for the 
left toes, then switch to the right side and reach 
for the right toes. Now repeat by reaching 
straight out in front of you. Hold this position 
for three minutes without getting up. 

19. Do some head and neck rolls. First look up 
and then down with your face. Repeat ten 
times. Now look to each side ten times. Then 
roll your head around first clockwise and then 
counterclockwise several times till your neck 
feels more flexible. 

20. Stand up. With your body straight and your 
feet about two feet apart, bend over to the left 
side reaching your right arm over your head and 
to the left. Repeat several times. Now bend over 
to the right reaching over with your left arm. 

Daily Exercises to Open 
and Charge Chakras 

There are three different sets of exercises that I 
know to charge and open chakras. The first set 
of physical exercises opens the chakras very well 
on the lower three levels of the aura. The second 
set opens the chakras well on the astral level. 
And the third set is a combination of breathing 
and postures that open the chakras on the 
higher levels of the auric field. 

Physical Exercises to Open 
and Charge Chakras 
(Levels 1-3 of Auric Field) 

These exercises are shown in Figure 21-2. 

Chakra 1. Stand with feet wide apart and 

toes and knees pointed out to an angle that is 
comfortable for your knees. Now bend your 
knees as deeply as you can. You should eventu¬ 
ally be able to go down so that your buttocks are 
as low as your knees. Move up and down sev¬ 
eral times. Now add a swing motion to your pel¬ 
vis. Push your pelvis as far forward and as far 
back as you can. Emphasize the forward move¬ 
ment. Rock back and forth this way three times 
as you go down. Stay down and rock back and 
forth three times while you have your knees 
bent; then rock back and forth three times on 
the way up. The most important movement of 
this exercise is the rocking when your knees are 
deeply bent. Repeat the whole thing at least 
three times. 

Chakra 2. Stand with your feet shoulder 
width apart and parallel. Now rock your pelvis 
back and forth bending the knees slightly. Re¬ 
peat several times. 

Now make believe you are inside a cylinder 
that needs to be polished. Polish it with your 
hips. Put your hands on your hips. Move then 
in a circular fashion, making sure you polish all 
sides of the cylinder evenly. 

Chakra 3. Jumping. This requires a partner. 
Hold each other's hands firmly. While one per¬ 
son supports, the other jumps up and down. 
Bring your knees up as high as possible into 
your chest when you jump. Jump continuously 
without stopping for several minutes. Rest. Do 
not bend over to rest. Switch, let your partner 
jump while you support him. 

Chakra 4. This is an isometric posture exer¬ 
cise. Get on your hands and knees as shown in 
Figure 21-2. In this position, your elbows do not 
touch the floor. Your arms are used as a fulcrum. 
Vary the angle of your legs and buttocks until 
you feel pressure between your shoulder blades 
(some men with big shoulder muscles will feel it 
more in the shoulders, so be careful). When you 
succeed in getting pressure between your shoul¬ 
der blades, then put isometric pressure in that 
place by pushing your whole body forward for a 
while, then pull backward. You can do this from 
the hips and legs. This exercise works the back 
of the heart chakra or the will center. 

For the front of the heart chakra, find some¬ 
thing large and round like a barrel, a soft couch 

Preparation for Healing 191 

back, or a bioenergetic stool to lean backwards 
over. Lean backwards over it, with your feet 
firmly planted. Relax and let the muscles of your 
chest stretch out. 

Chakra 5. Head and neck rolls. Move your 
head several times in the following directions. 
Facing forward, up and down, side to side. Up 
to the left, then down to the right. Reverse. All 
the way up to the right, all the way down to the 
left. Now roll your neck and head all the way 
around several times in both directions. 

The throat chakra also responds very well to 
sound. Sing! Make any kind of noise you like to, 
if you don't sing. 

Chakra 6. Repeat the movements for chakra 
5 with the eyes. 

Chakra 7. Rub the crown of your head in a 
clockwise direction with your right hand. 

Visualization to Open Chakras 
(Level 4 of Auric Field) 

To do this exercise, sit in a comfortable chair or 
in the lotus position on a pillow on the floor. 
Keep your back straight. First, after calming the 
mind with one of your meditation exercises, 
bring your awareness to your first chakra. Visu¬ 
alize it as a vortex of red light spinning clock¬ 
wise. (Clockwise as defined by looking at the 
chakra from the outside of your body.) It is posi¬ 
tioned directly under you with the larger end of 
the spinning cone open to the earth and the tip 
of the cone pointing into the bottom of your 
spine. As you watch it spinning, breathe in red. 
Breathe out red. Visualize the breath as red on 
the inbreath. On the outbreath, do not visual¬ 
ize, just watch what color it is. Repeat until you 
can clearly see red both on the inbreath and on 
the outbreath. If the color red is either lighter or 
muddy on the outbreath, that means you need 
to balance your red energies. If it is lighter, you 
need more red in your field. If it is muddy, you 
need to clean your lower chakra. Do this by re¬ 
peating the exercise until the ingoing and outgo¬ 
ing colors are the same. This is true for all the 

Maintaining your picture of the first chakra, 
move to the second located about two inches 

above your pubic bone. Visualize two vortices. 
One on the front of your body and one on the 
back of your body. See them spinning clockwise 
with with a bright red-orange color. Breathe in 
red-orange. Breathe it out. Repeat. Check to 
make sure the ingoing and outgoing colors are 
the same before moving on. 

Maintaining the visualization of the first two 
chakras, move up to the third at the solar 
plexus. Here visualize two yellow spinning vor¬ 
tices. Breathe in yellow. Breathe it out. Repeat 
until the yellow is bright on the inbreath and 

Move to the heart. See the clockwise spin¬ 
ning vortices in green. Breathe green in and out 
until the colors are balanced. Look down to 
make sure you can see all the other chakras (that 
you have already charged) spinning before mov¬ 
ing to the throat chakra. 

At the throat, breathe in and out blue 
through the clockwise spinning vortices. 

At the third eye chakra, see the clockwise 
spinning vortices on the front and back of the 
head as violet. Repeat the breathing exercises. 

Then move to the crown. It is opalescent 
white and sits on top of your head. It spins 
clockwise. Breathe in white. Breathe it out. Re¬ 
peat. See all seven chakras spinning clockwise. 
See the vertical power current flowing up and 
down your spine. It pulsates with your in 
breath. As you breathe in, it pulsates up. As you 
breathe out, it pulsates down. See all the cha¬ 
kras connected to it at their tips, with the crown 
chakra forming the top entrance and exit, and 
the root chakra forming the base entrance and 
exit for energy to flow through your field. See 
the pulsating energy flowing in through all your 
chakras with your inbreath. Your whole field is 
now filled with a lot of light energy. This is a 
good exercise to do before healing to open and 
charge all your chakras. 

Breathing and Posture Exercises 
to Charge and Open Chakras 
(Levels 5-7 of Auric Field) 

The most powerful exercises I have seen to 
charge up the auric field, brighten it, clear it and 

Chakra 3 

Figure 21-2: Physical Exercises to Charge and Open Chakras 

Front aspect 

Chakra 6. Repeat above movements for chakra 5 using eyes rather than head. 

Chakra 7. Stand on your head. 

Figure 21-2: Physical Exercises to Charge and Open Chakras (continued) 

194 Hands of Light 

strengthen it are those taught by the Kundalini 
Yoga people, who focus on position, breathing 
and spine flexibility. I would recommend that 
you learn them directly from a Kundalini 
Ashram if you have the opportunity. If not, I 
have simplified some of what they teach to add 
to this book. These are shown in Figure 21-3. 

Chakra 1. Sit on the floor on your heels. Place 
the hands flat on the thighs. Flex spine forward 
in pelvic area with the inhale, and backward 
with the exhale. If you like, use a mantra with 
each breath. Repeat several times. 

Chakra 2. Sit on the floor with your legs 
crossed. Grab the ankles with both hands and 
deeply inhale. Flex the spine forward and lift 
the chest; rotate the top of the pelvis back. On 
exhale, flex the spine backwards and the pelvis 
forwards near your "sit bones" Repeat several 
times, using a mantra if you like. 

Chakra 2—Another Pose. Lying on back, prop 
yourself up on your elbows. Raise both legs 
about one. foot above the floor. Open legs and 
breathe in; as you breathe out, cross legs at 
knees keeping legs straight. Repeat several 
times. Slightly raise legs and repeat again. Do 
this until your legs are about two and a half feet 
above the floor, then lower them following the 
same procedure. Rest. Repeat several times. 

Chakra 3. Sit with crossed legs; grasp the 
shoulders with fingers in front, and thumbs in 
back. Inhale and twist to the left; exhale and 
twist to the right. Breathing is long and deep. 
Make sure spine is straight. Repeat several times 
and reverse direction. Repeat again. Rest one 

Repeat entire exercise sitting on the knees. 

Chakra 3—Another Pose. Lie on back with legs 
together and raise the heels six inches. Raise the 
head and shoulders six inches; look at your 
toes; point to your toes with your fingertips, 
arms straight. In this position pant breath 
through your nose to a count of 30. Relax; rest 
for a count of 30. Repeat several times. 

Chakra 4. Sitting up with legs crossed, lock fin¬ 
gers in a bear grip at the heart center, elbow 
pointing out to the sides. Elbows move in a see¬ 
saw motion. Breath long and deeply with the 
motion. Continue several times, and inhale, ex¬ 
hale and pull on the grip. Relax one minute. 

Repeat sitting on your heels. This raises the 
energy higher. 

Be sure to tuck in your pelvis. 

Chakra 5. Sit with crossed legs, grasp knees 
firmly. Keep the elbows straight. Begin to flex 
the upper spine. Inhale forward; exhale back. 
Repeat several times. Rest. 

Now flex spine by shrugging shoulders up 
with inhale and down with exhale. Repeat sev¬ 
eral times. Inhale and hold 15 seconds with 
shoulders pressed up. Relax. 

Repeat the above exercises while sitting on 
the heels. 

Chakra 6. Sitting with crossed legs, lock fingers 
in bear grip at throat level. Inhale; hold your 
breath; then squeeze your abdomen and sphinc¬ 
ters and push energy up, as if you were pushing 
toothpaste up out of the tube. Exhale the energy 
out the top of your head, as you raise your arms 
above your head, holding same bear grip. Re¬ 

Repeat sitting on your heels. 

Chakra 7. Sit with crossed legs with arms 
stretched over the head. Interlock the fingers ex¬ 
cept for the two index fingers, which point 
straight up. Take an inbreath by pulling the na¬ 
vel point in, saying "sat." Let the breath out, 
saying "nam" while relaxing the navel point. 
Repeat in rapid breaths for several minutes. 
Then inhale and squeeze the energy from the 
base of the spine to the top of the head by 
squeezing and holding the sphincter muscles 
first, and then the stomach muscles. Hold your 
breath. Then let it out maintaining all muscle 
contractions. Relax. Rest. If "sat nam" does not 
feel right for you, use a different mantra. 

Repeat, sitting on your heels. Rest. 

Repeat without using mantra. Instead take 
short fast pant breaths through the nose. 

Preparation for Healing 195 

Chakra 7—Another Pose. Sit with legs crossed. 
Hold arms up at a 60-degree angle with wrists 
and elbows straight, palms facing up. Pant 
breathe through the nose, with a rasping breath 
against upper back part of throat for about one 
minute. Inhale, hold the breath and pump the 
abdomen in and out 16 times. Exhale; relax. Re¬ 
peat two or three times. Rest. 

Color Breathing Meditation 
to Charge Aura 

With your feet parallel and shoulder width 
apart, slowly bend and unbend your knees. 
Each time you bend your knees and go down, 
breathe out. As you come up, breathe in. Allow 
yourself to go down as far as you can without 
having your heels come up. Relax your arms. 
Keep your back straight and do not bend for¬ 
ward. Allow the lower half of your pelvis to jut 
forward a bit. 

Now stretch your arms out in front of you, 
palms down. Add a circular motion with your 
hands to the up-and-down motion you are al¬ 
ready making. Your arms are stretched out as far 
as possible on the upward motion. As you reach 
the top of your movement, bring your arms into 
the body (palms down) and allow them to re¬ 
main close to your body on the downward mo¬ 
tion. At the bottom of your movement, again 
stretch your arms out. (See Figure 21-4.) 

Add a visualization to this movement. You 
will breathe in colors from the earth up through 
your hands and feet and in from the air all 
around you. As you breathe out, you will 
breathe out the colors. Breathe each color sev¬ 
eral times. 

Start with red. When you reach the bottom 
of the next movement, breathe in red. See the 
whole balloon of your aura fill up with red. Af¬ 
ter you reach the top of your movement and be¬ 
gin moving down, breathe the color out. Now 
try it again. Can you see the red clearly with 
your mind's eye? If not, repeat the exercise till 
you do. Colors that are hard to visualize are 
most likely the ones you need in your energy 
field. Again, as in exercise 22, just watch the 

color as you breathe out; don't control it. When 
it is bright and clear, move on to the next color. 

Now breathe in orange as you move up¬ 
ward. Let it come into you from the earth up 
into your feet, into your hands and into you 
from the air all around you. If you have trouble 
visualizing these colors in your mind, get some 
color samples to look at; or it might be easier for 
you to do this with your eyes closed. Repeat the 
exercise with orange again. 

Continue the exercise through the following 
sequence of colors: yellow, green, blue, violet 
and white. Make sure you see the whole egg 
form of your aura filled with each color before 
moving to the next color. These are good colors 
for each of the chakras. If you would like to add 
even higher vibrations to your aura, continue 
with the following colors: silver, gold, platinum 
and crystalline; then come back down to white. 
All colors of this second group should have an 
opalescent quality. 

Vibrating Exercise for Grounding 

Vibrating your body means to hold your body in 
a position of tension that sets up involuntary 
physical vibrations in the body. This will in¬ 
crease energy flow and release blocks. These ex¬ 
ercises are well known in core and bioenergetic 

Stand with your feet parallel and shoulder 
width apart. After you complete the aura charg¬ 
ing exercises given above, stand and again sim¬ 
ply breathe out when you go down and in when 
you go up. Bend your knees as much as you 
can; let your legs begin to feel tired. If you keep 
doing this long enough, your legs will begin to 
physically vibrate in an involuntary way. If they 
do not, start a vibration by quickly bouncing up 
and down on your heels. Allow the vibrations to 
work up into the upper part of your legs and 
your pelvis. With practice, these vibrations will 
spread over your whole body. This is a very 
good way to create a strong energy flow 
throughout your body. Once you get the feel of 
it, you can devise exercises to cause any part of 
your body to vibrate in order to increase the en- 

198 Hands of Light 

Figure 21-4: Standing Color Meditation 

ergy flow through that part. In this case, one 
usually needs the pelvis to vibrate in order to 
enhance the earthly energies flowing through 
the first and second chakras. Later, when you 
are in a healing situation, you can slowly roll 
your pelvis back and forth (while in a sitting po¬ 
sition), then add a little short, fast vibration to 
the rolling motion. This should help the pelvis 
vibrate. You will feel the increased energy flow 
throughout your whole body. 

Sitting Meditations for Centering 

Now sit for meditation for 10 to 15 minutes. Be 
sure your back is straight and comfortable. 

A good mantra to repeat to yourself to si¬ 

lence the mind for this meditation is: "Be still 
and know that I am God." Simply keep your 
consciousness focused on that mantra. If your 
mind wanders, simply bring it back. 

Another good meditation to still the mind is 
simply counting to ten. Count one on the in¬ 
breath, two on the outbreath, three on the in¬ 
breath, four on the outbreath, until you reach 
ten. The hard part is that every time you allow 
your mind to wander and think another thought 
other than the counting, you go back to one and 
start all over again! This type of meditation re¬ 
ally lets us know just how sloppy our minds 
are! Very few people can get to ten on the first 

Now you are ready (after a large glass of wa¬ 
ter) to begin a day of healing. 

Preparation for Healing 199 

Caring for the Healing Space 

It is important to work in a dean room that has 
been cleared of low energies/ bad vibes or dead 
orgone energy (DOR) as Wilhelm Reich called it. 
If possible choose a room that is full of direct 
sunlight and has access to open air. You may 
also keep the room dean by smoking it in the 
Native American Indian tradition with sweet- 
grass and cedar or with sage and cedar. 

To smoke a room with cedar and sage, put 
some dried green cedar and dried sage plant 
into a container and set it afire. It is a Native 
American Indian tradition to use an abalone 
shell for the smoking so that all four elements— 
fire, earth, air and water—are represented. 
However, if you do not have an abalone shell, 
you can use a frying pan. When a large amount 
of the cedar and sage are burning, put out the 
fire. A lid works best. There will be a great deal 
of smoke, sending it into all the corners of the 
room. It is also a Native American Indian cus¬ 
tom to start at the easternmost part of the house 
or room and cover the room in a sunrise direc¬ 
tion (clockwise). Be sure that a door is open be¬ 
fore you start the smoking. The smoke attracts 
the DOR energy and carries it out the door. 

To complete the smoking, you can give a 
small offering of corn meal into the fire as a 
thank you. To learn more about these Native 
American Indian traditions, I refer you to Oh- 
Shinnah of the Four Corners Foundation, 632 
Oak Street, San Francisco, California 94117. Oh- 
Shinnah, by the way, smokes each of her pa¬ 
tients before working with them. This clears 
away a lot of the DOR before she starts. You can 
smoke yourself if you feel dogged. Some people 
bum epsom salts by pouring a little alcohol over 
them in a saucepan and then lighting it. Using 
the saucepan, walk around the room, patient or 

Crystals sitting around the room help collect 
dead orgone energy. They are then deaned by 
simply putting them in a bowl of one-quarter 
teaspoon sea salt and one pint spring water to 
soak overnight. Negative ion generators also 
help dear the room. Never work in a room with¬ 
out ventilation or with fluorescent lights. These 

lights generate a frequency that interferes with 
the normal pulsation of the aura causing a beat 
frequency to be set up in the field. The spectral 
range is also unhealthy. 

If you work in an unventilated or fluorescent 
lighted room, you will probably get sick. You 
will start accumulating DOR in your body; your 
vibrations will slow down and slowly get 
weaker. Eventually you will have to stop your 
work, probably for several month's time until 
your energy system can clear itself out again. 
You may not even notice your energy frequen¬ 
cies decreasing because your sensitivity will de¬ 
crease with them. 

Caring for the Healer 

If you find yourself accumulating DOR in your 
body, to dean your aura take a 20-minute bath 
in a warm tub of one pound sea salt and one 
pound baking soda. This may make you very 
weak as it draws large quantities of energy out 
of the body, so be prepared to rest afterward to 
replenish yourself. Lying in the sunshine helps 
recharge your system. Just how long to take a 
sunbath entirely depends on your system. Be in¬ 
tuitive; trust when your body says it has had 
enough. You may have to take these baths sev¬ 
eral times per week to clear yourself. 

One should always drink a full glass of 
spring water after each healing; so should the 
patient. Running water through your system 
helps carry away the DOR and prevents bloat¬ 
ing. Bloating, paradoxically, is caused by not 
drinking enough water in the first place. Your 
body will retain the water in an effort to hold 
the DOR in the water rather than let it go deeper 
into the tissues of your body. 

Crystals also help protect the healer's energy 
system. A clear quartz or amethyst crystal can 
be worn over the solar plexus to strengthen your 
field and make it less permeable. Rosy quartz 
helps protect the heart when worn over the 
heart chakra. There is much to be said about 
healing with crystals. I generally use four crys¬ 
tals on the client in healing, in addition to the 
ones I wear, which are an amethyst and a rosy 

200 Hands of Light 

quartz. I put a large rosy quartz in the left hand 
(heart meridian) of the patient and a large dear 
quartz in the right hand. These soak up DOR 
that is released in the healing. I use a large ame¬ 
thyst with iron deposits in it on the second or 
first chakras to keep the patient's field pulsating 
strongly. The iron helps keep the patient 
grounded. The crystals tend to hold the patient 
in the body. A smoky quartz at the solar plexus 
is very good for this. 

If you wear a crystal, you should be sure that 
you wear the right one for your body. If the crys¬ 
tal is too strong, it will increase your field vibra¬ 
tions and eventually deplete your field, because 
your basic metabolism rate will not be strong 
enough to keep up with the rate that the crystal 
induced on your field; i.e., you will not be able 
to supply enough energy to your field to keep 
up the higher vibrations. You will eventually 
lose energy. If, however, you choose a crystal 
that is slightly stronger than your field, you will 
then enhance your field. 

If you wear a crystal that vibrates slower 
than your field, it will put a drag force on your 
field and slow your vibrations down. You simply 
need to be aware of how each crystal affects 
you. As you become stronger you will be able to 
wear stronger crystals. You will also need differ¬ 
ent crystals at different times of your life, de¬ 
pending on the circumstances. 

Crystals in the form of old jewels or keep¬ 
sakes have imbued the energy of their former 
owners in them and should be thoroughly 
cleaned for a week in one-quarter teaspoon sea 
salt to one quart of spring water or in ocean wa¬ 
ter. Many crystal workshops are being presented 
now. I suggest if you want to use crystals, attend 
one and learn about them before using them. 

I use a massage table and a secretary's chair 
when healing. This way I do not have to stand 
all day, and my back gets plenty of support. The 
wheels on the chair allow free movement, and I 
can stand or sit whenever appropriate during a 
healing. I also use oil to anoint the feet. This 
helps the energy enter the body. 

One of the most important things a healer 
needs to stay healthy is private personal time 
and space. TTiis is not easy, for most healers are 
in great demand by their patients. It is impera¬ 

tive that the healer be able to say, "No, I need 
time for myself now," no matter how great the 
demand is. This means that when you need 
time you give it to yourself no matter what. If 
you do not, you will get depleted and have to 
stop practicing for a while anyway. Don't wait 
till there is nothing more to give. Rest now. Give 
time to your hobbies and other personal plea¬ 
sures. It is very important that a healer lead a 
full personal life that provides for her needs. If 
she does not, she will eventually try to get those 
needs met by her patients. She will develop de¬ 
pendencies on her patients, which will then in¬ 
terfere with the healing process. The golden 
rule for the healer is: first, the self and what nour¬ 
ishes the self ; then, deep pause for consideration; 
then, the nourishment of others. Healers who dp 
not do this will eventually suffer from burnout 
and may risk disease from energy depletion. 

Chapter 21 Review 

1. Describe exercises to open acupuncture 
channels. Why do they work? 

2. Describe exercises to clear the healer's auric 

3. What two things should a healer do before 
beginning a healing? 

4. Why must a healer drink a lot of water? 

5. How can you clear a room of dead orgone 
energy (DOR)? Give three ways. 

6. Why does a healer need to care for the heal¬ 
ing space? Her own energy system? What 
will happen if she doesn't? 

7. How can you prevent yourself from picking 
up DOR in a healing? In normal life circum¬ 

8. What three things does a healing space 
need to keep it dean? 

9. Why is it usually easier to heal in a healing 
space than in the home of a patient? 

10. How can you dear your field if you have 
picked up DOR in a healing? 

11. Describe at least three ways to heal with 

12. How can you get sick from wearing a crys¬ 
tal? What effect does it have? 

Chapter 22 


An important thing to know about healing is 
that one heals or works on different layers of the 
aura in a healing and that for each layer the 
work is very different from that for other layers. 
This will be understood more as I go into a de¬ 
tailed description of what takes place in a heal¬ 
ing, The other main point is that the energies for 
healing do go through the fire crucible of the 
heart chakra for transformation from spirit to 
matter and from matter to spirit, as stated earlier 
in Chapter 16. 

Exercises to Gather Energy 
for a Day of Healing 

Before you begin a session with any patient, it is 
important to align yourself with the highest en¬ 
ergies available and to do several of the exercises 
given in the last chapter to dear and charge all 
your chakras to allow the energy to come into 
your field. Do these meditation exercises for sev¬ 
eral months until you are comfortable with 
them. Before you begin a day of healings, it is 
very important for you to gather energy and fo¬ 
cus on your purposes. Meditate the evening be¬ 
fore or the morning of the healing day. Allow 
one minute per patient. Hold your mind com¬ 
pletely blank while drawing in energy for one 
minute for each patient. Another technique is to 
focus your mind, without other thoughts, on 
each patient while drawing in energy. Again 
concentration time is one minute per patient. 
Visualize or feel energy flowing into you. You 

also need to have lots of experience in discern¬ 
ment, which is discussed in Chapter 19. Be sure 
you are supported by a few friends who are ex¬ 
perienced in these matters. These two things 
(discernment and support) are not electives but 
prerequisites for anyone who wants to be a 
channel during healing. This is very profound 
work and should never be taken lightly or as a 
party game. Misuse of these techniques can, 
and often does, lead to very unpleasant experi¬ 
ences, which have the possibility of causing 
harm to the person trying to channel without 
the appropriate spiritual discipline. Channelling 
is actually a by-product of spiritual discipline. 
Once these requirements are fulfilled, one can 
proceed with the exercise to let the guides come 
into your field given later in this chapter. For 
now, do exercises in Chapter 21 before meeting 
with your patient. 

After greeting your patient, be sure to de¬ 
scribe briefly what you will be doing if the per¬ 
son has not worked with you before. It is 
important that the healer communicate as much 
as possible in the patient's language. Be as sim¬ 
ple as possible. If you discover the patient al¬ 
ready understands a lot regarding the aura and 
healing, then talk at that level of understanding. 
Quickly determine the general level of under¬ 
standing about healing and the aura to establish 
common ground for communication. This will 
set the patient at ease so you can begin work. 

In a healing session, I usually work with the 
lower auric bodies first and then move on to the 
higher bodies. A brief outline of the healing se- 


202 Hands of Light 

quence, given in Figure 22-1, may be useful as 
you follow the detailed description below. 

Figure 22-1 


1. General analysis of the patient's energy 

2. Alignment of the three energy systems to be 
used in the healing: that of the healer, patient 
and guides and the Universal Energy Field 

3. Healing the lower four bodies (1st, 2nd, 3rd 
and 4th layers of the aura) 

A. Chelation: Charging and clearing the 
patient's aura 

B. Spine cleaning 

C. Cleansing specific areas of the patient's 

4. Healing the etheric template (spiritual 
surgery) (5th layer of aura) 

5. Healing the ketheric (7th layer of aura) 
template (restructuring) 

A. Ketheric template organ restructuring 

B. Ketheric template chakra restructuring 

6. Healing of the celestial level (6th layer of 

7. Healing from the cosmic level (8th and 9th 
layers of aura) 


1. General Analysis of Patient's 
Energy System 

To begin a healing for the first time, I usually do 
a quick energetic body analysis to determine 
how the patient utilizes his energy system in 
general, noting the physical characteristics of 
the body to determine character structure. Once 
I can see that structure, I know I will probably 
be working a lot with the chakras that are habit¬ 
ually blocked. I simply have the person stand 
with his feet parallel and shoulder width apart. I 
then ask him to bend and unbend the knees 
while breathing in harmony with this move¬ 
ment. This reveals a lot about how the person 
directs and misdirects his energy, which ulti¬ 
mately causes the physical problem. For exam¬ 
ple, the energy will usually not be flowing 

evenly up the legs; it is usually stronger on one 
side of the body than another; there are areas of 
the body that get more energy than others. All 
these imbalances are related to emotional and 
mental issues the person needs to meet and 
work through. For example, someone who is 
afraid to love will probably send more energy to 
the rear part of the body near the heart area (the 
will center), misdirecting energy that is needed 
to nourish the loving heart center. 

After getting a good idea of how the person 
utilizes his system, I used to do a chakra analy¬ 
sis by dowsing with the pendulum. Now I sim¬ 
ply psychially "read" the problem. 

For the beginner, I suggest that you look at 
the structure of the physical body. Compare 
it to what you have learned about character 
structure. Which character structures are most 
predominant? What, then, will be the psycho¬ 
dynamics involved? Which chakras are most 
likely to be misfunctioning? Review the tables in 
Chapter 13. This information reveals a lot about 
the balance of reason, will and emotion and 
about the active and receptive principles in the 
personality. It also tells a lot about the way 
the person is functioning in each of the areas 
that each chakra represents psychodynamically. 
Look at the structure of the physical body. All 
this information can be used to guide the person 
to a deeper understanding of the self and how 
he functions from day to day. 

I now ask the patient to remove his shoes 
and any jewelry (which may interfere with his 
normal lines of energy) and lie on my massage 
table on his back. (At this point you may wish to 
do a chakra reading with your pendulum as 
given in Chapter 10.) I usually get out my crys¬ 
tals if it feels appropriate for the patient. As 
mentioned in the last chapter, when I use crys¬ 
tals, I put a large rose quartz crystal in the left 
hand of the patient and a large dear quartz in 
the right hand. I use a large amethyst with iron 
deposits in it on the second or first chakras to 
keep the patient's field pulsating strongly and to 
keep the person grounded in the body. A fourth 
crystal is my scoop. It is a dear quartz crystal 
about one and a half inches wide by three and a 
half inches long. A larger one gets very heavy in 
the hand, and a smaller one cannot take as 

Full Spectrum Healing 203 

much energy out. This crystal has a very strong 
beam of white light coming out its tip that acts 
like a laser beam in cutting loose accumulated 
junk in the aura. I use it in the "cleansing" part 
of the healing. 

2. Alignment of Energy System of Healer, 

Patient and Guides 

It is very important before first making contact 
physically with the patient to align oneself with 
the ever present higher energies. To do this, I 
again bring my energy quickly up the chakras as 
described in exercise 22. I make an affirmation 
to align myself with the Christ and the universal 
forces of light. I pray, either silently or out loud. 
"I pray to be a channel for love, truth arid heal¬ 
ing in the name of the Christ and the universal 
forces of light." If you do not have a connection 
with the Christ, please use the connection that 
you do have to the Universal Wholeness, God, 
the Light, the Holy of Holies, etc. I then silence 
my mind by closing my eyes and taking long, 
low, deep breaths through the nose while rasp¬ 
ing the air against the soft palate. 1 sit at the 
patient's feet and hold my thumbs on the solar 
plexus reflex point on the bottom of the feet. 
This point, as defined by the system of foot re¬ 
flexology, is located on the bottom of the foot 
just below the ball of the foot. (See Figure 22-2.) 
I then focus on my patient to adjust the three 
energy systems involved: his, mine and the 
greater forces of light. This can be done by scan¬ 
ning up through the crown of the healer's body 
and then up through the body of the patient to 
his crown. After this is done, one may make a 
quick survey of the organs of the body through 
touching the reflex points on the feet and sens¬ 
ing the state of the energy of each. The most 
important ones usually turn out to be the major 
organs of the body and the spine. 

The imbalanced points on the bottom of the 
foot will feel either too soft or too hard. The 
flesh of the foot may stay indented after you 
have pushed it with your finger tip, needing 
more resiliency. It may be too resilient and not 
indent at all. It may feel like a muscle spasm. 
Another way to describe the feeling you may 
pick up from imbalanced points in terms of en¬ 

ergy flow is that they will feel as if a little foun¬ 
tain of energy is squirting out of them or a little 
vortex of energy is going into the skin at that 
point. The same is true for imbalanced acupunc¬ 
ture points. The acupuncture points look like lit¬ 
tle vortexes of energy or tiny chakras. An 
imbalanced acupuncture point will have energy 
squirting out of it, or it will feel like a tiny whirl¬ 
pool that sucks energy in. You may want to run 
energy specifically into the points that need it. 

A. Channelling for Healing 

As you progress through the healing se¬ 
quence, you may add another dimension to the 
channelling used to receive information. In 
channelling for the healing itself, you allow the 
guides to utilize more of your energy field in 
two major ways. The first is simply to allow dif¬ 
ferent levels or vibrations of light to be chan¬ 
nelled through your field. Usually these colors 
and intensities are chosen by the guide. The 
person channelling simply keeps aligned with 
the white light or Christ light. A second way is 
to allow the guides to partially come into your 
field and do work on the patient's field through 
direct manipulation. In both case, allow your 
hands to be guided by the spiritual teacher. In 
the first case, the guidance and hand move¬ 
ments are general and may begin as soon as you 
put your hands on the patient's feet. In the sec¬ 
ond, they are both very intricate and very pre¬ 
cise and are usually done on the higher levels of 
the field (5-7). Many times the guide will reach 
his hand through the healer's hand and beyond, 
going right into the body of the patient. This 
requires the utmost attention of the healer to 
what the guides are doing, so as not to interfere. 
For example on fifth auric level healing, if your 
just get tired of holding your hand or moving it 
in a certain way and you want to stop, you must 
make it very clear to the guide and give him 
time to adjust the healing to allow for such an 
energetic break. Drawing a hand away prema¬ 
turely usually causes an energetic shock to the 
patient, who will usually jump. Then you have 
to go back and fix up the disruption you have 
caused. With experience you will become famil¬ 
iar with sequences of energetic phasing that al¬ 
low pauses if necessary. 

Full Spectrum Healing 205 

3. Healing the Lower Four Auric Layers 

A. Chelation: Charging and Clearing the 
Patient's Aura 

To "chelate," derived from the Greek word 
chele, or "claw," means to claw out. Rev. Rosalyn 
Bruyere, who founded and developed this tech¬ 
nique, adapted this word to mean simply to 
clear the field of the patient by removing auric 
debris. Chelation also fills the aura up with en¬ 
ergy, as in blowing up a balloon, and generally 
balances it. This is done by running energy into 
the body in steps starting at the feet. It is best to 
run energy in the most natural way; that creates 
balance and health in the whole system. Energy 
is therefore run into the body from the feet up 
because energy is normally drawn up from the 
earth through the first chakra and the two cha¬ 
kras on the bottom of the feet. These earth ener¬ 
gies are always needed in healing the physical 
body because they are of the lower physical vi¬ 
brations. Thus you are pouring energy into a de¬ 
pleted system in the most natural way it goes. 
This way, the energy body takes in the energy 
and carries it to where it is needed. On the other 
hand, if you start at the area of complaint, the 
energy body may very well carry the energy to 
another location before it actually begins nour¬ 
ishing the area of entry. Since that is not a natu¬ 
ral flow, it is not as efficient. Please see the 
chelation chart in Figure 22-3. Succeeding fig¬ 
ures in this chapter will show how one person's 
aura changed through a complete healing. 

When Mary first came to me, her auric field 
was clogged, dull and imbalanced (Figure 22-4). 
There were blocks shown as dark red and 
brownish colors at her knees, pelvic area, solar 
plexus and shoulders. She had disfiguration in 
the solar plexus chakra that looked as if the 
small vortex in the upper left section was pro¬ 
truding like a spring that had been sprung. This 
disfiguration extended through the fifth and 
seventh layers of the field. This configuration is 
associated with a hiatal hernia. Mary com¬ 
plained of pain in that area of her body and also 
had problems in her personal life in connecting 
deeply with people. The process of healing, 
which took place over a few weeks, not only re¬ 
balanced, charged and restructured her energy 

field, but also helped Mary to learn to connect 
to people better. This was done through chan¬ 
nelling information about her childhood experi¬ 
ences in which she had learned to block her 
energy field habitually and thus eventually cre¬ 
ated her psychological and physical problem. 

Let us now go over each step of the healing 
as if you are the healer. 


Figure 22~3: Chelation Chart 

206 Hands of Light 

Sit with your hands on the feet of the patient 
(Mary) until the general field is cleared and bal¬ 
anced (Figure 22-5). Energy flowing from this 
position activates the whole field. Do not try to 
control the color you are channelling; allow it to 
flow automatically. If you focus on a color, you 
will probably interfere rather than help, because 
the fields are smarter than your linear mind. 

As long as you clear your field so that your 
chakras are clear and can thus metabolize all col¬ 
ors from the Universal Energy Field, the field of 
the patient will simply absorb what it needs. If 
one of your chakras is blocked, then you will 
have difficulty channelling the color or fre¬ 
quency of light that is transmitted through that 
chakra. If this is the case, repeat the chakra 
opening exercise till all your chakras are open. 
Figure 22-6 shows the flow of energy into the 
healer's chakras through the healer's. vertical 
power current into the heart chakra and then 
out through the healer's arms and hands into 
the patient's auric field. 

As the energy is flowing, clearing, charging 
and generally rebalancing the energy field of the 
patient, you will probably feel it flowing 
through your hands. It is as if a fountain flows 
forth from them. It may feel warm or tingling to 
you. You may feel the pulsations which are slow 
and rhythmic. If you are sensitive in this way, 
you will sense the changes in this flow. Some¬ 
times there will be more energy flowing up one 
side of the body. Then the frequency of pulsa¬ 
tion will change, and so will either the direction 
of flow or the general location the energy is fill¬ 
ing in the patient's energy field. At this point, 
the flow is into general auric body areas. 

After several minutes work, the intensity of 
flow will diminish, and there will simply be an 
equal flow of energy up both sides of the body. 
This means that the overall field is generally bal¬ 
anced, and you are ready to move to the next 
position. Note that Mary's aura as shown in Fig¬ 
ure 22-5 is already a lot clearer than her present¬ 
ing aura shown in Figure 22-4. 

Now, move around to the right side of the 
patient. With one hand always on the patient's 
body, to maintain the connection, put your right 
hand on the bottom of the patient's left foot and 
your left hand on the patient's left ankle. You 

will have to reach across the patient's body to do 
this (Figure 22-7). Allow energy to flow from 
your right hand to your left hand through the 
foot of your patient. First the flow of energy may 
be weak; then as the rivers of energy flow fill 
up, the flow of energy becomes strong. As the 
foot fills with energy, the flow between your 
hands will again decrease. Now move your 
hands to the right foot and ankle and repeat the 
same procedure. Fill it with energy the way you 
did the left foot. Now move your right hand to 
the left ankle of the patient and your left hand to 
her left knee. Run energy from your right hand 
through the patient's lower left leg and into your 
left hand. At first the flow may be weak and 
probably stronger on one side of the leg than 
the other. When the filling is complete, move to 
the right ankle/knee position (Figure 22-8). As 
you chelate between the ankle and knee, the 
dark clouds on the right thigh and hip clear, and 
the field there brightens. Then some of the 
darkness on the left side of the solar plexus be¬ 
gins to clear. Continue working up the legs, 
joint to joint, knee to hip, left side, right side 
(Figure 22-9). As you continue to work up the 
body, the patient's aura will continue to clear 
and she will enter into an altered state of con¬ 
sciousness. Move from the hip to the second 
chakra (Figure 22-10). Now the patient's field in 
the pelvic area clears, especially in the area be¬ 
tween your hands. In this position your right 
hand is on the patient's hip and your left is in 
the center of the second chakra right above the 
pubic bone. Repeat on each side of the body. 
You will be aware of the changes clearing in the 
aura by the rising and falling of energy flow as 
you move from one place to the next. As you 
place your hands on a new place, the energy 
will first flow slowly until the connection be¬ 
tween your field and the patient's is made. The 
flow will increase and peak, then slowly de¬ 
crease, and either stop or continue at a very low 
rate. This means it is time to move. The energy 
flow will feel like tingling or heat waves. Always 
make sure you get an even flow of energy up 
both sides of any part of the body before moving 
on. This includes both sides of each leg as well 
as both sides of the body. 

After the second chakra is thoroughly 

_ \ 

f'j t ■» -s> .•* *■ \ 

*i .-tt *• *, e» ^ ift- * *• • •'«' < 

■*i *• «t tr a» * '!*■ > ■> * 

V# v* ■<<■ * t* * "* * * 1 «■ V; 

:»■ * ■■*. # .# ♦ * * i \ 

■'* %' * «p -9 * ?■: \ 

-4‘ i vs* «v* -v *J* ^ i 

* * # & #■ ■■* ■♦***' "f X' .*" *5 $ 

V .<i? ^ >»< * P $ •*' ?! -$-*'** 

»> * * ■# * **f * > *■ 

-.• SI *•*>*■*■* ^ ? * ? ■»: <\ 

•:• » ¥ >' V « £ ■* * '•* % ** M 
f ''* •«*&'* ** V-* -* **•» 
yu v « 4- * .<# ..'ft**** S 4 

*•. * »• fj 1 ■;,’* A <5 >■ #■ < iJ ““e v i- :; 

> «, * v > /V «•' '> *f -V ft .S tr Vi 

■1 *v i- > . >-' ■** ♦ A A Y *'* ■*■*■ 


lrit( «d«n*S* 

oat****' 9 '*®" 


Rim T£ne r 8V 


208 Hands of Light 

cleared, charged and balanced, move the right 
hand to the second chakra and the left to the 
third (Figure 22-11). With Mary, you would 
need to spend more time on the second and 
third chakras because they are the ones that 
have the most blockage. When you have cleared 
this area, put your right hand on the third cha¬ 
kra and your left on the fourth. 

As you begin to chelate directly into the cha¬ 
kras, you will enter into a deeper communion 
with your patient. You may find yourself breath¬ 
ing at the same rate she is. This means you are 
"mirrored." Once you have become mirrored, 
you can pace her breathing by simply changing 
your own; hers will follow. It may be important 
to do this at this point in the healing, because 

you will begin opening up emotional material 
when you move into the chakras. As soon as 
emotional material begins to release, the person 
will try to hold her breath in an effort to hold 
down the feelings. 

Mary is now beginning to try to hold her 
feelings as the second and third chakras become 
more connected. You encourage her to breathe. 
She does; and she cries. She feels her loneli¬ 
ness. So do you. You may feel or see Mary's 
childhood experiences that relate to it. Share 
them with her. She understands the connection 
now and cries some more. Her second and third 
chakra open and dear more as a result of ex¬ 
pressing her feelings. If you have trouble tolerat¬ 
ing the feelings, change your breathing to stop 

Figure 22-7: Energy Flow During Chelation of Auric Field 




l* *#**•*» ; . 
'*** **#*< 




r» **»-»** 
s% ******* 

r« ******* 

r** »J*Jfc4{* '1 
t«# •*-%**** 
I*.* *&$***• 
: «f * * * V $ * £ 

‘ ,*> * » ** » * 
"V*- V TV «%: »* ■ 

Ik** **%*f 


oi_R; Chelating 

Ij .A • JP J A 

Solar plexus clearer ; 

^ 'V'< 

Second chakra clearing’ j 

k ,: +*\ _ ■ •» • At 

'jjV' 7 



_ ^ t v 2 * i/j v v o 

¥'.. .,r 

Figure 22-10: Chelating Aura Between Hip Joint and Second Chakra 

Full Spectrum Healing 213 

pacing and lift your consciousness to a higher 
lever. Continue to send energy. As Mary's cha¬ 
kras clear, she becomes calm and quiet. Figure 
22-12 shows that the chelation has cleared the 
lower four levels of Mary's field, but it has not 
repaired the tear. The third chakra will need 
special attention on the fifth and seventh layers 
where the tear is. To chelate chakras four, five 
and six simply continue up the body, putting 
your left hand on the upper chakra and your 
right on the lower one. When you get to the fifth 
chakra, most patients are more comfortable if 
you put your left hand under the neck instead of 
on top of it. Then after that is finished, move 
each hand to each shoulder, as you slip your 
body into a sitting position above the head of 
your patient. Balance the right and left sides of 
Mary's energy field. Then slowly move your 
hands up the sides of the neck to the temples, 
running energy all the while. At this point, if 
you are a student, you will move to sixth level 
healing described under point six. Do sixth level 
healing and a closure on the seventh level as de¬ 
scribed under the heading Sealing Ketheric Tem¬ 
plate Level. In the beginning do not expect to do 
any more than this until you become more profi¬ 
cient in healing. At first, this will probably take 
you a good hour to complete. After many hours 
of practice, you will begin to perceive the upper 
layers of the auric field and will then begin to 
work on them as described under points four 
and five. Even later, you may perceive above the 
seventh layer and begin to work on the eight 
and ninth levels as described under points seven 
in the text that follows. 

I ask all new students to do a complete che¬ 
lation to ensure that they will not miss anything 
that needs to be cleared this way. Later, when 
they become more proficient in both running 
energy and perceiving the field, they will no 
longer need to chelate all the chakras. They will 
know how far up it is necessary to chelate. For 
heart patients it is important to reverse-chelate. 
That is, you draw energy away from the heart 
chakra, because usually it is clogged with dark 

At this point I will give a few more pointers 
about chelation. Remember, you are channel¬ 
ling, not radiating. This means that you raise 

your vibrations to the level of energy that is 
needed and then you simply connect yourself to 
the Universal Energy Field and let it flow (like 
putting an electrical plug into a wall socket). If 
you don't heal in this manner, you will get tired 
very fast. You cannot radiate or direct enough 
energy from inside your own field to heal; you 
must channel it. (Your job in channelling is only 
to raise your level of vibrations so that you can 
complete the circuit with the UEF.) To raise your 
vibrations to a higher energy level, the chakra 
opening exercises that you have done are very 
useful. By preparing for a healing ahead of time, 
you will start at a high energy and frequency 
level. Throughout the healing you will slowly 
rise to higher and higher levels simply because 
you are in a lifted state of consciousness. Most 
likely, the longer you stay in it, the higher you 
will be able to get, especially if you stay centered 
and focused with good breathing. The best type 
of breathing I use is taking long, continuous in- 
and outbreaths, with very little pause in the 
middle. Breathing is done through the nose, 
rasping the air against the soft palate, as in the 
exercises given in Chapter 18. You can also focus 
on expanding your auric field. The most impor¬ 
tant thing to do is to remain in a sensitive syn¬ 
chronic flow with the energy fields around you. 
A pause in energy flow may indicate that a 
higher frequency is about to come through. Wait 
a bit. If it doesn't come, then move on as stated 
earlier. As you become more attuned, you will 
begin to feel changes in frequency of the energy 
flowing through you. Eventually you will be 
able to hold certain frequency levels by adjust¬ 
ing your breath and focus. 

Hold your hands, slightly tensed, firmly on 
the body; direct the energy that you are receiv¬ 
ing with all your chakras through your hands 
and into the body, You may want to vibrate your 
body to get your chakras pumping more energy, 
using exercise 25 described in Chapter 21. 

In this part of the healing, you are probably 
using the energy through your lower chakras 
more than through your upper chakras. A lot of 
energy also comes up from the earth through 
the bottom of the feet. Be sure to have your feet 
well planted on the floor. Visualize growing 
roots to the center of the earth and drawing en- 


.. ~«***&$*# sissifti'Hf^ 

tr - ‘ »**##*#H*4fr**WS#*•#####jfc*JMWl* 

%* tr*MMOT***4s #***#********SfiSSSSSi 

<*.-*> £ * ji%4*$w£«re*#*#**»*#*.***«#***#*#M 

4 * * * * sfc 2 *-* % mSg!m 5 #* ** **Mr** * * # * »* 

J-* I * 4 * w 5 3 $ * • $SS %&> 4 # * 3 *«-«*#**’* #• 

53®W1aK 2* ***5fp** *** * ** *•♦** **** **f i 

: ift ;K &*%*?* 4 *4#**W*^*#** £'* *4* *•**■•# 

Si¥55SpM3%w*S^#5€5^ **«*•* 

5@5I * * *> * *m IS 4 * * v * * *• 4. ■*-** <5 «* * 4 * ; 

.J»- if S- *3 «■ «• 4 « * •#/* V * * #-M *-# *** 

- fi.^ * at* 4 w 4*4 r#¥ 4 * 4 * * * A* * A =4 * w %*.. 

*. Sta* 4 . *.w # 4 ^ 4 * *» 4 4 354** *«* * £■*#♦ *#£* * 

- '- ?W* ** *- 4 a 1» »■* ** 4 # ^«vi^ #mm* * * *'«■*•# * *■* * * 

■4 *.*- *•- -r 4 ’. '4KTJ 4 * *• -A- 4 * &M&* *■# **4 j* *A *■***♦#* 

■"‘ *'* :-j? -r Ev *. * * **#"+ W «■* **• ^2 

“ • ' ‘4,,r .#4 ■» * * k "* '¥ 4 ; 'f 0 ^ * € ■a&Jt #“- * 

rrj > < *4441 fX^ 14 >*.*;* *•#• 

-.«&. * «*. ■■* *v •>« *1« #. *■ ^rf '* ■■* * w*t-£ * S’-.^‘ ^ .4! # # i 

M@|t .v -■■ >•■ .-/ *> .«. v -f- 4 4*4 eff* 241 * 4'4 <? tr # *4 

'• • * if %.&<**. IV••«•<> # 4:24 4 * * 4 *'# .* 

•-. 4^-4# * *■•• ;S w1&% *H •* '* * 4>- <fe # ##!' # # 

'•, -v ^ ^ fc * »tf 4 ^ H m* 4 4 • 

x -- - ;• V > * i* «-* <? a 4 «#■* 

Tj&V'^v .. f -.-;■ .*■ J 4 +..., r- w* 4 **4& <^h* * * ***►•*«* 

4 •: ■ .n «• ^*W-- Jf 4 *fg» <» 4 * A 

JL ihr jfc 4 - 5 e»i 4 *> 4 * *?,*.***.**• 

^ * .v? ^ A *: *» 4 ' ^ * $- V 

* tfSr** 4 s- * :*J 

# « •- *• ❖ 

^ k- S ■* vl. ■;<■ ^ -“j;% rt ■»*» 

■ ^,, f .,. ,^.,, 5 * 



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a tvd^ r 


Full Spectrum Healing 215 

ergy up through those roots. This process nour¬ 
ishes and charges the lower energy bodies. 
Always make sure your body is in a comfortable 
position to ensure free flow of energy. 

The patient's energy system will take the en¬ 
ergy and automatically move it to the area in the 
body where it is needed. For example, although 
your hands may be at the feet, the energy could 
be going up the spine and into the back of the 
head. While the chelation is being done and to 
prepare the patient for more specific work, the 
healer can use this vital time to read the patient 
psychically and communicate with the patient. 
This is the time the patient starts opening up 
and sharing personal history more deeply. A 
greater mutual trust occurs as soon as the healer 
puts her hands on the patient. The healer will 
also continue to scan the body for problem ar¬ 

In Mary's case, her aura has cleared and is 
much lighter, as can be seen in Figure 22-12. 
During the chelation of the second, third and 
fourth chakra area, her emotional release has 
brought her into a deeply relaxed state. The first 
four levels of her field are clear enough to sup¬ 
port fifth and seventh layer work. Another pa¬ 
tient might not be, even after a full chelation 
through the sixth chakra, and might still need to 
have his field cleared more in specific locations 
of heavy disturbance. There are two major ways 
of such clearing. One is a spine cleaning. The 
other is either to push or scoop auric waste out 
of specific areas. 

B. Spine Cleaning 

At this point the patient may need a spine 
cleaning. (See Figure 22-13.) It is, in general, a 
good thing to do since it cleans the main vertical 
power current in the auric field. However, given 
a one hour session, most times I do not do it 
unless there is a spinal problem because other 
things are usually more important and a normal 
spine will clear during chelation. Part of this 
technique was taught to me by my teacher C.B. 

To do a spine cleaning, ask the patient to roll 
over onto the front of his body. Be sure you have 
a table with a face plate or nose hole so that the 
patient can look straight down. He should not 
have his head turned to the side for this work. 

Massage the area of the sacrum. Using the 
thumbs, massage the foramens (small holes in 
the bone through which nerves pass) in the 
sacrum. (That is the area above the gluteus max- 
imus where the dimples are.) Look up the 
sacrum in an anatomy book if you don't know 
what this part of the body looks like. It is a 
triangle-shaped set of fused bones with the tip 
pointed downward that has five foramens along 
each side of the triangle. The last lumbar verte¬ 
bra sits upon it, and the tailbone extends down¬ 
ward from its lower tip. Make small circles with 
your thumbs in the area of the foramens of the 
sacrum. You will be sending red-orange energy 
through your thumbs. Work in this way all the 
way up the spine, from the right side of the pa¬ 
tient's body, using your thumbs on each side of 
each vertebra. Circling clockwise with the right 
thumb and counterclockwise with the left usu¬ 
ally works best. 

Now cup your hands together over the sec¬ 
ond chakra. Channel red-orange energy from 
your hands into the chakra while making a slow 
clockwise movement with your hands. To do 
this you must be able to hold your energy flow 
at the red-orange frequency. This technique is 
taught in Chapter 23 on healing with color. 
Charge the chakra. When it is charged, begin to 
move your hands up the spine. Let the light 
turn to a blue laser-like beam as your hands 
leave the second chakra. Be sure you do not 
"drop" the energetic connection as you move 
up the spine. You will have to position your 
body in a way so that you can move comfortably 
along with your hands as they move up the 

With your blue laser light, you are /cleaning 
the spine and pushing all the clogged energy 
out the top of the head through the crown cha¬ 
kra. Repeat the whole sequence at least three 
times and until the main power current is 
cleaned. You may want to lightly tap the fourth 
and fifth chakras to help them open. 

C. Cleansing Specific Areas of the Patient's Aura 

During the chelation you will begin to sense 
through High Sense Perception where you will 
work next on the physical body. As you become 

216 Hands of Light 

Sharp blue light beam 

more advanced, you probably won't need to 
chelate through all the chakras before you start 
working more directly on an area of clogged en¬ 
ergy. After a lot of practice you should at least 
chelate up through the heart before concentrat¬ 
ing on one area. (Allow yourself to be led intui¬ 
tively.) More direct work is done by running 
energy into a clogged aura to energize it and 
knock the stagnated energy loose and/or by di¬ 
rectly pulling the clogged auric mucus out with 
the hands. 

To run energy directly into a specific area, 
you can use your hands either apart or together. 
With your hands on either side of the block 
(front to back on bottom to top of the body), you 

can direct the energy to move out of one area 
and into another by pushing with your right 
hand and pulling with the left (or vice versa). 
(See Chapter 7 for push/pull/stop techniques.) 
At times, this is right to do; at other times, you 
will feel it more appropriate to use both hands 
together. Either technique directs the energy di¬ 
rectly into a block and cuts deep into the aura. 
Each also floods new energy deep into the aura 
and is a good method to fill the chakras. Figure 
22-14 illustrates both hand positions. For the 
closed hand method, cup hands together with 
crossed thumbs and palms facing downward 
over the area into which you are directing the 
energy. Make sure your hands come together 

Full Spectrum Healing 217 

solidly, leaving no space between them or be¬ 
tween your fingers. Fingers should be slightly 
cupped. Vibrate your hands to increase energy 

You will find that by doing this you can di¬ 
rect energy like a beam of light deep into the 
body. It can fill, or it can knock things loose. The 
guides will direct you as to what is needed and 
run the appropriate energy through. If they are 
using this technique to knock blocks loose, then 
they will shortly change the frequency that they 
are sending through and probably reverse the 
energy flow and suck the block out. Simply al¬ 
low your hands to move as needed to accommo¬ 
date the outward pull. You may want to lift your 
hand with the dead orgone energy and allow 
the guides to lift it off your hand. 

Another technique is to use your etheric 
hands to pull the blocked energy out of the pa¬ 
tient's field. To pull this energy out, imagine 
that your etheric fingers appear to get very long, 
or the etheric parts of the fingers grow long and 
penetrate the body of the patient and simply 
scoop up the energy like a shovel or rake it to¬ 
gether to be scooped up. You simply pull it up 
and out of the aura and hold it in your hand 
while the guides enlighten it, i.e., energize it 
until it turns into white light, and let it go (that 
way you don't get your room full of dead en¬ 
ergy). Then you, as healer go in for the next 

When appropriate, you can also pull clogged 
energy out with the use of a crystal scoop, 
which catches the energy and pulls it out (see 

218 Hands of Light 

Chapter 24). A crystal is a very powerful tool in 
this kind of work, as it acts like a laser beam: it 
goes in, cuts and collects the energy, which you 
then pull out and let the guides turn to white 

It is not always good to use crystals. Some 
people are just too sensitive for this kind of cut¬ 
ting action. Never use crystals after the ketheric 
template work (a higher level work to be ex¬ 
plained later) is done. Using them then could 
just tear out the template work. The patient 
should not need crystal work after the template 
work; it should have all been done beforehand 
(that is, on any given area of the body). In 
Mary's case described earlier, no crystals were 

While this work is being done, the healer 
can scan the auric layers to see if the chakras or 
organs need restructuring on the template lev¬ 
els. The guides will choose whether to work on 
the etheric template level (fifth) or the ketheric 
template level (seventh). The template work can 
only be done after a good deal of cleaning on 
the first four layers of the aura has been com¬ 
pleted. In fact, if the aura is very dirty, some¬ 
times it is hard to see the etheric template level 
through the dark energy. 

If the guides decide to do ketheric template 
work (seventh layer), the healer must take the 
crystals away from the patient because the crys¬ 
tals help hold the patient in his body. For the 
ketheric template work, it is necessary for the 
patient to partially leave the body; otherwise the 
patient may experience a great deal of pain and 
the work could not be done. I tried to sew up a 
small tear in the seventh layer once without re¬ 
moving the crystals from the patient's body. The 
patient began to scream in pain after about two 
seconds work (my hands were not touching the 
body). I quickly removed the crystals, finished 
the sewing and healed the large red inflamma¬ 
tion I caused on levels 1, 2, 3 and 4 by the clear¬ 
ing techniques described above. 

If the guides decide to do etheric template 
work (fifth layer) at this point in the healing, it is 
not necessary to remove the crystals. I believe 
that this is because the etheric template works in 
negative space and is not connected to the body 
in a "feeling" way. 

D. Exercise to Let the Guides Come 
into Your Field to Work 

If you are having trouble letting the guides 
come into your field, I suggest the following ex¬ 
ercise. (This exercise can also be done before the 
healing starts if you wish.) It is only to be done 
after you have charged your field with exercise 
22 (visualization) in Chapter 21. 

Now that your field is charged and bal¬ 
anced, repeat the above exercise and change it 
slightly to help facilitate the entrance of the 
guides into your field for healing. 

If you have your hands on someone, gently 
remove them before doing this. Go back to your 
own first chakra. See it spinning red. Breathe 
the color twice. On the second inbreath, raise 
your consciousness to the second chakra and al¬ 
low the red to turn to red-orange. Breathe out 

Focus on the second chakra. Breathe in red- 
orange. Breathe it out. Breathe in red-orange 
again and let it turn to yellow while raising your 
mind's eye to the third chakra. Breathe in yel¬ 
low. Breathe it out. Breathe in yellow and let it 
turn to green as you move up to the heart cha¬ 
kra. Breathe in green; breathe it out. Breathe in 
green; lift yourself to the throat chakra; let the 
green become blue. Breathe in blue; breathe it 
out. Breathe in blue and lift yourself to the third 
eye as the blue turns to indigo. Breathe in violet; 
breathe it out. Breathe in indigo and let it go to 
white as you lift yourself to your crown and out 
the top of your head. As you lift through the 
crown, allow the guides to come into your field 
through the rear aspect of the throat chakra. You 
will feel them come around over your shoulders 
and down into your arms, like an overlay. 

You may feel your field become much fuller. 
At this point, you may be able to see a guide's 
arms interpenetrating yours and the light 
streaming from them. Relax. Get used to the 
feeling. If you feel the urge to put your hands on 
an area of your body, do so. (Later, help a 
friend. Allow your hands to be guided to a place 
on a friend's body that needs healing. It may not 
be where you think.) Let the beautiful healing 
energy stream forth from your hands in love. 
Never be afraid to put your hands on another 
with love. 

Full Spectrum Healing 219 

4. Healing the Etheric Template Level of 
the Aura (Fifth Layer of Auric Field) 

If the guides decide to do etheric template work, 
the healer will be signaled simply to lay hands 
on the body in two places, usually over two cha¬ 
kras, and to allow the hands to rest there. From 
this point on, the guides control everything that 
goes on, and the healer is largely passive. 

As I progressed in the etheric template heal¬ 
ing work, I began to witness whole operations 
taking place. At first, I found this hard to believe 
because they appeared to be so similar to an op¬ 
eration on the physical level performed by sur¬ 
geons in the operating room of a hospital. I also, 
of course, thought I was projecting the whole 
thing. I asked two friends of mine who are very 
clairvoyant to come and sit in on some healings 
to see if our experiences correlated. They did. 

This is what we regularly saw: As I allowed 
my hands to passively rest upon the patient's 
body, my etheric hands would detach them¬ 
selves from my physical hands and sink deep 
into the patient's body. Then the hands of the 
guides who do etheric template work (whom I 
call the surgeons) would reach through my 
etheric hands and literally perform an opera¬ 
tion. When they did that, the size of my etheric 
hands would expand greatly. 

To do an operation, the guides would stick 
tubes through my arms, down through my 
hands and into the body of the patient. Appar¬ 
ently, they use all the same equipment that a 
normal surgeon does—scalpels, clamps, scis¬ 
sors, needles, syringes, etc. They cut, scrape 
things away, cut things out, do transplants and 
sew things back up again. At one point, I saw a 
large syringe float down my arm and into the 
body of a patient whose spinal nerves were be¬ 
ing rejuvenated and sewn back together. I 
looked up at my friend and asked, "Did you see 
that?" She said, "Yes," and went on to describe 
the same scene I was witnessing. Since then, we 
have done many healings together, always corre¬ 
lating what we see. 

All this work is done on the fifth level of the 
auric field. This layer appears to exist in nega¬ 
tive space, as was described in Chapter 7. To me 
through my High Sense Perception negative 

space is similar to a negative of a photograph 
where all the dark areas are light, and all the 
light areas look dark. In negative space, all the 
areas that we expect to be empty are filled, and 
all those that we expect to be filled appear to be 
empty. On this level, all of what would be 
empty space looks dark cobalt blue, and all the 
auric lines appear to be empty spaces within 
that cobalt blue field. Once one has entered into 
that level of reality, it seems perfectly normal. 

The fifth level is the template for all form 
that exists on the physical plane. If a form is 
disrupted in the auric field, it will have to be 
reestablished on the fifth level of the field for it 
to regain its healthy form on the physical plane. 
Thus all auric surgery must be done on the fifth 
layer of the field. Etheric surgery, then, is essen¬ 
tially the task of creating a new negative space 
for the etheric body of the patient to grow into 
and become well. 

During this type of operation, which I have 
called spiritual surgery, the healer cannot under 
any circumstances move her hands. In fact, 
most of the time the hands are so paralyzed it 
would be fairly hard to do anyway. Whenever I 
have tried, it was a great effort. It takes a lot of 
patience to simply sit there, sometimes for 45 
minutes, while the guides do their work. 

After the guides are finished, they will steril¬ 
ize their work and begin slowly closing up the 
incision. The etheric hands of the healer slowly 
begin to surface and merge with the healer's 
physical hands. Again, this takes patience. 
(Sometimes I get bored.) Finally, the hand on 
the lower part of the patient's body (usually my 
right hand) comes loose, and the guides usually 
direct me to bring it up the body to the left 
hand. I then slowly remove the left hand and 
then, step by step, with delicate hand and finger 
movements I reconnect the newly restructured 
area of the etheric template with the template of 
the part of the body around it. This is done by 
slowly moving the hand up through the cha¬ 
kras. The healer's hands do not move away from 
the body until the incision is closed and the new 
and old fields are reconnected. 

Let us return to the patient, Mary. For the 
last parts of the chelation, Mary has been lying 
on the healing table in a serene relaxed state. 

Figure 22-15: Etheric Template Healing: Spiritual Surgery 

Full Spectrum Healing 221 

She has drifted a bit out of her body and is rest¬ 
ing. The auric field is continuing to utilize the 
energy it has received to heal itself. Mary is 
ready for etheric template work on her hiatal 
hernia. As you place your hands upon the third 
and fourth chakra (Figure 22-15), your etheric 
hands begin to float downward and you begin to 
become more aware of the inside of the body 
through whatever your best way of accessing is. 
You feel, hear or see it. You are sitting in nega¬ 
tive space, but it feels completely normal. Your 
energy field around your body expands as your 
vibrational rate increases. You sense a presence 
behind you, maybe even more than one. Gently, 
ever so gently, the guides slip through your au¬ 
ric field. It feels very familiar, very comfortable, 
and most of all, it feels wonderful. You have 
been lifted to a state of angelic serenity. You are 
at peace with the universe. As you sit in surren¬ 
der to your own higher creative power, you ob¬ 
serve the guide's hands slipping into the body 
of your patient through your etheric hands. You 
watch them sewing up the hernia in the dia¬ 
phragm. At first you are incredulous, but then it 
all seems so natural that you simply allow it to 
happen. What is important here is that the pa¬ 
tient gets well. You trust in knowledge that goes 
beyond your normal, narrow self-definitions 
and allows the healing to take place. The guides 
repair the tear and reconnect the new restruc¬ 
tured template with the rest of the fifth layer 
template. Then you feel them beginning to with¬ 
draw their energy. You will be surprised how 
deep your etheric hands were into the field of 
the patient. You didn't notice it so much going 
in, but now as the energy field begins to pull 
out, you will feel it moving outward. The pa¬ 
tient may notice it too at this point. Next, you 
will feel yourself gaining more control over your 
right hand. Its connection to your patient's aura 
loosens, and you begin to slowly withdraw it. 
When it is fully withdrawn, flex your fingers a 
bit to exercise the hand. Now with your right 
hand sink into the fourth chakra and loosen the 
left hand. Slowly, gently remove the left hand. 
You are ready to move to seventh layer work. 
But first, a few more tips on etheric template 

During etheric template surgery, the guides 
control the color frequencies, direction of flow 
and location of the work. The more you trust 
and follow, the more they will be able to do. In 
addition to "normal" surgical procedures, they 
sometimes direct you, the healer, to hold both 
hands and arms across the body very still and 
ask you to raise yourself to higher vibrations 
and allow the strong force of lavender and even 
sometimes silver to come through. You must not 
move under this circumstance as the flow is very 
strong and will disrupt not only your patient's 
field, but yours as well. After sufficient energy 
has been poured through to knock the configu¬ 
ration loose, the guides then reverse the energy 
flow and suck the loosened energy back up and 
out. This is a higher level of healing and proba¬ 
bly uses sixth level energies. It remoyes specific 
etheric template forms from the field, like the 
psychic forms of viruses, bacteria or, in one 
case, white seedlike objects from the blood of a 
leukemia patient so that they cannot regenerate 
themselves in the person's physical body. 

From time to time, a small group of us who 
have developed High Sense Perception meet to 
give mutual support to each other in regard to 
our personal lives and dealing with all the is¬ 
sues that arise in our lives from being clairvoy¬ 
ant, clairaudient or clairsentient. We also do 
exchange healings with each other (we each be¬ 
come the patient). This work is very productive 
because not only do the healers see what is go¬ 
ing on, but so does the patient. This work has 
verified many of my perceptions and also helps 
create a clear framework with which to describe 
these experiences. We are learning how to look 
into each layer of the aura, what that experience 
is like and what new healing procedures can 
come from the information we receive. 

5. Healing the Ketheric Template or 
Restructuring the Golden Auric Grid 
(Seventh Layer of Auric Field) 

Many times when the auric field is disfigured on 
the fifth level, it is disfigured on the seventh 
level as well. So ketheric template restructuring 
needs to be done. It is usually done before the 

222 Hands of Light 

healer concentrates on the sixth level healing, 
although, by this time in the healing some sixth 
level frequencies have automatically come 
through. Seventh level work is very different 
from fifth level work in that the healer is very 
active. In the fifth level the healer's main task is 
surrender and following. Here the challenge to 
the healer is to be very active in breathing and in 
finger and hand movement, yet still remain 
highly sensitized and focused at a high fre¬ 
quency level. It takes a great deal of mind focus 
and breath control to reach the seventh level. 
The golden light at this level is very strong and 
resilient. Many times it appears to be tiny 
golden threads that are extremely strong. 

The guides of the patient always come to 
healings and assist. If you are alert, you will see 
them walk into the healing room with the pa¬ 
tient. At this point in the healing they usually 
pull the patient out of his body and care for him 
so that a deep relaxation can take place and al¬ 
low for the template work to be done. Usually 
the patient's experience is that of floating in a 
peaceful state. He usually is not aware of how 
deeply he has moved into an altered state of 
consciousness until he gets up or tries to stand 
up at the end of the healing. 

Ketheric template work, which restructures 
the seventh layer with golden light, consists of 
two major parts: cleaning and restructuring the 
grid structure of the organs, muscles, nerves or 
other parts of the body and cleaning and re¬ 
structuring the chakras. The guide's hands work 
directly through the healer's hands in an overlay 
manner. The guides come down over the shoul¬ 
ders and into the hands and arms of the healer. 
Tiny golden threads come out of the fingers of 
the healer, which move very rapidly as guided. 
The golden threads move much more rapidly 
than the healer's intricate rapid finger move¬ 
ments. To restructure the ketheric grid of an or¬ 
gan, the guides usually remove the grid 
structure of the organ from the body. This can 
happen only if the consciousness of the patient 
allows it. I am referring to the deeper conscious¬ 
ness, not the conscious awareness. At these mo¬ 
ments, the patient is in an altered state, 
communicating with his guides, which he may 

or may not remember when returning to the 

A. Ketheric Template Organ Restructuring 

The hands of the healer will move with tre¬ 
mendous light-force and a strong burst of en¬ 
ergy to remove the ketheric field of the organ. 
The organ then floats above the body where it is 
cleaned and restructured by more rapid finger 
movements, which are weaving the blue etheric 
grid onto the golden template with white-gold 
threads. The space inside the body is cleansed 
and sterilized with light before the organ is re¬ 
placed. When the restructuring and sterilizing is 
completed, the organ simply slips back into the 
body. It feels almost as if it were sucked back in. 
It is then sewn back into place and filled with 
blue light to energize it. The area is then usually 
filled with a cottony, soothing white light that 
acts as an internal anesthetic. Then the whole 
area is usually covered with a golden energy 
bandage for protection. 

Examples of such a healing are shown in the 
Figures 22-16 and 22-17.1 received a phone call 
from a client who had a lump in her breast. Her 
doctors could not tell if it was an infection or a 
tumor. They had tried to aspirate it, but could 
not, and therefore had scheduled surgery. As I 
was speaking on the phone with her, I immedi¬ 
ately got a picture in my mind of a dark red 
lump in her left breast with dark gray spots ex¬ 
tending up under her armpit where her lymph 
nodes would be. To check my "seeing," I asked 
her if the lump was located in the left breast 
slightly below and to the left of the nipple. With 
that affirmed, I went on to tell her that I was 
quite sure it was not cancer and was some sort 
of infection like mastitis. I could tell this because 
of the color of dark red, which indicates infec¬ 
tion. I also heard the guides telling me that it 
was a form of mastitis. However, I also saw that 
the axillary lymph nodes were very dark gray. 
This disturbed me. I told her that the primary 
problem was not the lump in the breast, but the 
clogged lymph nodes, and that she needed to 
do some cleansing of her whole body and this 
particular system. In surgery a few days later, 
the doctors removed the infected mammary 

*>. r *■ *■' > * *' 

y ■> .-• « * + p 1*'#*''* 
,v v /. * Jr J£ $ 

* ,? »• r # *>* ■■* 

> < * * < * 
- * * * • ie v r .*, yk&& 
? * ?••* * *••* -t#*Qjfc 

*•*•*?. ».* *••<£ >,$m 

* > .-? * * ** #• <St «£ 

^r4 3£*&. w ** . 

4 •#? if * A *. * * '* * ****** j - : ^ 

I ?S *5ft *U£® **?-** « * ••> * * * * 

* *» * ;*•*- ******** +• * * * * A* * * * v v « 

4 * * ■;# lg * A * * « * * * * ^ ^ * ■** * * * '* * 

’**% # * << •* * * * * * * * * **; * 

^ ' *#******«»*' 

SSt* r k* f?st *#*% *•* «■*• ****** 4 * * * •* 

X ; ,• jt ^ •$}.*-•:*&'$» -4 * '¥# ^ ^ ^ *ft *■ &^ ^ ♦ 

J£m* : <*'%; *r*->*** * -■<? f ***••►* *••*<r* *'»'* * r * 

*. * v -fe* .* >*« f fr *= •* v. * * •* -f * f-ffi * fr * *- * *» 
>0« # A, « ***** $ •* 4* a. * % >« 4> * « # V * 'Hf S * * 

5 4 :Jr > * .# + *■*■*: * * » •» * •# •»• ^ ^ * * ♦ * H 

i A -W .* ^ ,f. ?, « ^ AV ^ VV © '#" ■'<•• « '«'»• ♦■• < ^ ♦ •>' ^ f V 


,,n g of Lymphatic Svstm 

re 22-1 

Full Spectrum Healing 225 

glands and diagnosed her as having mastitis in¬ 
fection due to clogged-up lymph nodes. 

When she came in for a healing about three 
days after the operation, her system looked very 
dogged. She had massive clogging of the lym¬ 
phatic system all over her body, which showed 
up in dark green areas on either side of her ster¬ 
num and on the left side of her abdomen. Her 
whole field was slightly gray. The red area on 
the left breast had mostly cleared, leaving only 
the scar showing as a bright red streak in the 
aura, with fainter red around it left from the op¬ 
eration. After the normal chelation and cleaning 
work had been done on the lower bodies, the 
guides removed her entire lymphatic system 
and cleaned it off before replacing it in the man¬ 
ner described earlier (Figure 22-16). Her whole 
torso was recharged and shielded with first blue 
light and then gold light, leaving the lymphatic 
system (on the seventh layer) looking very clear 
and golden. The red streak had disappeared. 
Note that Figure 22-16 shows the guides work¬ 
ing through the healer cleaning the lymphatic 
system, with the patient's guides at her head 
holding her out of her body while the template 
work is done. 

B. Ketheric Template Chakra Restructuring 
A similar sequence happens in the chakra 
structuring, but the chakras are never removed. 
There are several major ways that chakras be¬ 
come damaged. They can be torn open, the 
screen over them may be damaged, a vortex can 
be clogged and slowed in its spinning motion, 
the point of the chakra may not be seated cor¬ 
rectly into the heart or root area of the chakra or 
a vortex may be sticking out or flopping over 
and look like a spring that has sprung. The 
whole chakra can be almost gone, or a small 
part of it can be affected. For example, in the 
case of Mary with her hiatal hernia, one of the 
small vortexes of the solar plexus looked typi¬ 
cally like a sprung spring. To heal this, you need 
to push it back in and sew it down, restructure 
the protective screen and give it a protective 
cover in order to allow it to heal over a period of 

time. All this is done with the guides directing 
your hands and healing light. Your hands will 
move automatically. 

Let us return to the patient Mary, who is 
now lifted out of her body, in an altered state, 
and in the care of her spiritual teachers. Since 
you have finished the fifth level healing and can 
perceive the tear on the seventh layer, you know 
it is time to move your consciousness up to the 
seventh level to work. You begin by increasing 
your nasal rasping breath rate. As your breath¬ 
ing rate increases, you focus your mind as much 
as you can on lifting your consciousness. Don't 
worry about hyperventilation; you will be using 
all the energy you pull in for healing. As you lift 
up into the seventh layer, you begin to experi¬ 
ence Divine Mind, where all that is is under¬ 
stood to be perfection. Soon gold light begins to 
pour out of your hands, as the guides reconnect 
through your seventh layer (Figure 22-17). Your 
hands move almost involuntarily over Mary's 
third chakra. You begin to see the gold light 
threads sewing the small vortex in Mary's cha¬ 
kra. Your fingers are moving as rapidly as possi¬ 
ble; the golden threads move thousands of 
times faster. The golden light forces the disfig¬ 
ured vortex to return to its normal position. You 
don't believe how much energy is flowing 
through you. You wonder if your body can toler¬ 
ate it. You continue breathing as the protective 
shield is restructured. You may wonder if Mary 
is noticing all this and wants to know what is 
going on, but you can't talk. There is too much 
to do to keep all of your being focused. Finally 
the work is completed, and the chakra is nor¬ 
mal. Your breathing is slowing down. You are 
glad it is over. Your hand may hurt, but you feel 

Very swiftly, you chelate lightly through the 
upper chakras and take a position at the head of 
the massage table. Put your hands on each side 
of Mary's head, gently run energy into her tem¬ 
ples to balance any remaining right/left im¬ 
balance. Now that the fifth and seventh layers 
are restructured and can hold the auric form, it 
is time to recharge it on the sixth level, with ce¬ 
lestial love. 

226 Hands of Light 

6. Healing on the Celestial Level (Sixth 
Layer of Auric Field) 

To heal on the sixth layer of the auric field, you 
will be working primarily through your heart, 
third eye and crown chakras. Cup your hands 
over the patient's third eye with fingers together 
and thumbs crossed over each other; raise your 
vibrations to reach up for the light and then let it 
flow down through and in front of you into the 
central brain area of your patient (Figure 22-18). 
Psychically reach for the highest spiritual reality 
you know by first connecting through the heart 
with universal love and then reaching up with 
that consciousness for the light. It is very impor¬ 
tant to go through the heart and wait till you 
enter into a state of universal love before going 
up through the crown, otherwise the healing 
can become very mental. It must be accompa¬ 
nied by deeply loving every particle of being of 
the patient, Mary. Being connected to the Messi¬ 
anic consciousness or universal love entails 
holding someone in your heart and entering 
into a state of total acceptance and positive will 
for her well-being and continued existence. It is 
a celebration in love of the existence of the per¬ 
son. This means that you must enter into this 
state of being, not just imagine it. Maintaining 
this state, reach for the light and the highest, 
broadest spiritual reality you can experience. 

To raise your vibrations, you use both the 
active and the receptive principles. First, strive 
simply to increase the frequency of your vibra¬ 
tions. This is done through breathing, rasping 
air across the back of the throat, through medi¬ 
tative focus and by reaching up with the mind's 
eye into the light. Subjectively, it feels as if you 
look up into the light and reach for it. You feel 
lighter and less attached to your body as you go 
up. It feels like a part of your consciousness lit¬ 
erally goes up the spine and stretches up from 
your body and into the white light. Your feelings 
become more and more pleasurable as you enter 
into the light. You feel more and more universal 
safety and love surrounding you and interpene¬ 
trating you. Your mind expands and you can un¬ 
derstand broad concepts that you cannot 

understand in a normal state. You can accept a 
greater reality, and it is easier for the guides to 
get concepts through to you because you are not 
so prejudiced about the nature of the world; 
i.e., you have removed some of the blocks from 
your brain. Each step higher into the light re¬ 
leases you more. As you practice through the 
years, you are able to channel higher and higher 
energies and concepts. 

Now that you have accomplished a certain 
degree of Iiftedness, stop reaching and allow the 
white light to permeate your auric field, which 
has been raised to a vibration in harmony with 
the white light. It will flow down through your 
field into that of the patient. 

After the white light flows down into the 
central brain area of the patient and that area's 
vibrations are raised to that frequency, go up to 
the next level of vibration. When the patient has 
reached that level, move up to the next, and in 
this step-by-step fashion, the central brain area 
of the patient lights up. The patient's aura fills 
with white-gold light that is infused with opal¬ 
escent colors. The patient sometimes sees spirit¬ 
ual images during this phase of the healing or 
"falls asleep." (To me, this simply means she 
does not yet have the capacity to retain the 
memory of that experience when coming back to 
a normal state of reality. Some day she will, and 
this process helps develop it.) 

Because this way of channelling is so strong, 
you must lightly flick your hands to break the 
connection to the sixth chakra before moving on 
to the next step in the healing process. After 
lighting up the thalamus area of the brain and 
filling the aura with white light, if there is time, 
I generally do some work directly on the outer 
levels of the aura. With palms up, tracing paths 
with my fingers, I usually comb out the light 
rays of the celestial body. This motion is similar 
to running your fingers through hair as you pull 
it away from the head. You begin with your 
hands near the skin and move outward perpen¬ 
dicular to the body, as if you are lifting the aura 
up. This gives the patient a light feeling and en¬ 
hances the celestial body by adding light to it 
and broadening it. If you have time, try it. Mary 
will enjoy it. 

.. ik i i #.. > y * * 

228 Hands of Light 

7. Sealing Ketheric Template Level 

After the celestial level is brightened and broad¬ 
ened, I then move to the ketheric, the eggshell 
form that seems to protect the aura. I smooth, 
straighten and strengthen this form by moving 
my hands over its outer edge. It may be too nar¬ 
row around the feet, too broad in places, have 
lumps or restrictive bands in it. (Some of these 
bands are related to past lives and will be dis¬ 
cussed in Chapter 24). It may be thin in places 
and even have breaks or holes in it. These need 
to be repaired, and the whole form needs to re¬ 
gain the shape of an egg with a nice, firm shell. 
I do these things through simple manipulation. 
If something is a lump, I smooth it out. If it 
needs light, I run energy into it until it lights up. 
If it needs to be strengthened, I run strengthen¬ 
ing energy into it. The outer levels of the aura 
move and are manipulated very easily, so this 
part of the healing takes a very short time. 

To complete the healing on the seventh level 
of the aura, I reach out over the patient's head 
and bring my hands together. My hands are 
about two and a half feet above the head in the 
eggshell shield of the aura. I then make a large 
sweeping motion around the entire body of the 
patient. My left hand moves around to the left, 
and my right hand moves around to the right. 
Energy flows in an arc from my hands that 
reach from above the head to below the feet of 
the patient, enhancing the entire seventh level 
of the aura. As I slowly move my hands to cir¬ 
cumscribe a circle of golden light around the 
chest of the patient, the entire eggshell level of 
the aura is strengthened. 

To strengthen Mary's seventh layer and put 
her in a protective shield to allow the healing to 
continue to work in her aura, lift your hands 
above her body. You are still sitting in a position 
above her head as shown in Figure 22-19. The 
height of the seventh layer varies between two 
and one half to three feet above the body. If you 
can't see it, sensitively feel with your hands in 
the space above Mary. You will feel a very subtle 
pressure as you move into the seventh layer. 
Hold your hands, thumbs together, palms down 
at the outer edge of Mary's auric field. You will 
need your rasping breath to hold your energy 

level and your consciousness at the seventh 
layer. Now run golden light out of your hands 
creating an arc from the head to the feet in 
Mary's seventh layer. Hold the arc steady and 
slowly widen it by moving your hands apart to 
encircle the body. Your right hand moves to the 
right and your left arcs to the left. Complete the 
circle all around so that you have traced a whole 
egg shell around Mary. 

When this is completed, I break the connec¬ 
tion between my field and that of the patient's 
with a soft brisk shake of the hands and move to 
the right side of the patient. I now reconnect 
with the seventh layer from the outside. (When 
I was doing the healing before this, 1 was con¬ 
nected into the energy system. Now I have bro¬ 
ken away and am no longer part of that flow.) 
Gently placing my hands on the outside of the 
eggshell seventh layer, 1 silently honor my pa¬ 
tient and turn her healing back over to her. 1 
honor who she is, her power to create health 
and balance in her life, and my small part in 
reminding her of who she are. 1 then break con¬ 
tact with the field again, sit down and come 
back to a normal waking state of consciousness. 
(By the time I enter into seventh layer healing, I 
am also in a very high altered state of conscious¬ 
ness.) I pour myself back into my body, much 
like putting a hand into a glove. I concentrate on 
being inside every part of my body. I honor my 
incarnation, who I am and what I have come 
here for. I allow any healing energy that I may 
need to come through my body at this time. 

This last procedure helps the healer let go of 
her patient, so that she will not "carry" her with 
her all week. It is also good to honor the self in 
this way, so that the work of healing can be inte¬ 
grated into the personal life of the healer. This 
does not always happen automatically because 
during so much of the time spent healing, the 
healer is in an altered state of consciousness. 
Sometimes it may feel as if someone else is that 
nice person doing all that good work. I have 
found that most of the healers I know have had 
a hard life and need to honor themselves for it, 
rather than judge themselves for their experi¬ 
ences. I believe it is all part of the training to 
learn love and sympathy. 

Now repeat the above with the patient Mary. 



slfs s i*Bj» 





!g ?#*<*jtZ2 




MM*i- " 
N<r#* .* ■ 
H&fcVc -■ ., 







mms »m 



Figure 22-19: Sealing the Ketheric Template Level of the Aura to Complete the Healing 

230 Hands of Light 

Move to her right side; lightly make contact with 
her seventh layer from the outside. Honor her, 
and return her healing back over to her. Sit 
down away from Mary somewhere in the heal¬ 
ing room. Pour yourself back into your body. 
Honor yourself and your purpose. 

The patient usually needs to rest a while af¬ 
ter a healing and will probably be groggy for 
some time. This is a good time for you to make a 
brief record of the healing for future reference. If 
etheric template work has been done, I give 
strict orders not to do any physical exercise and 
to rest and eat very well for at least three days. 

After a brief rest, ask Mary to sit on the edge 
of the table a few minutes before she gets up, or 
she may be dizzy. She will be curious as to what 
you did. At this point, it is important not to go 
back to the linear mind too much since that 
would pull her out of the altered state of con¬ 
sciousness. Explain in brief terms what you did, 
just enough to satisfy her, but not enough to 
disturb her relaxed state. 

During the healing, you probably became 
aware of any further work Mary may need. If so, 
discuss this with her and make recommenda¬ 
tions about her coming back the next week if 
that is needed. 

You have just completed a full healing. You 
feel wonderful. Give both Mary and yourself a 
full glass of spring water to drink. Figure 22-20 
shows your patient Mary's aura after healing. 
Compare it to her aura before healing in Figure 

That is the outline of a basic full spectrum 
healing. During the first part of the healing in 
the chelation and cleaning before the template 
work, I may channel verbal information from 
the patient's guides who have come to the heal¬ 
ing. The patient may ask questions that the 
guides answer. However, as soon as the tem¬ 
plate work starts, I am unable to do both things 
at once. The energetic template work with high 
concentration simply seems to take up most of 
my "brain capacity." The patient also benefits 
from going into a deep relaxed state at this time 
and talking pulls them out. 

I continually receive new training from the 
guides. As soon as I learn one level, they move 
me up to the next. Sometimes a new set of spir¬ 

itual healers come in to work through me. 

8. Healing on the Cosmic Levels of the 

Aura (Eighth and Ninth Layers of 

Auric Field) 

Recently, I have begun to see two levels of auric 
field above the golden template. They appear to 
be crystalline in nature and of very fine, high 
vibrations. Everything from the seventh down 
is, in a sense, a vehicle to guide and support us 
through this lifetime. This includes the past-life 
bands in the ketheric, because they represent 
karmic lessons that we have incarnated to learn 
in this lifetime. 

The eighth and ninth layers on the cosmic 
level are, however, beyond that. They relate to 
who we are beyond this lifetime. We are souls 
reincarnating life after life, slowly progressing in 
our evolutionary path towards God. 

In the lower seven layers of our energy field 
are stored all the experiences we have had in 
this lifetime and also all the blueprints for possi¬ 
ble experiences we programmed when planning 
this lifetime. We also constantly create new ex¬ 
periences. Because we have free will, we do not 
always choose to have all these experiences. 
Other people have free will also, so that the pos¬ 
sibility of experience is a complex affair. In other 
words, the possible experiences far outnumber 
those that we actually have. All these possible 
experiences or probable realities are stacked in 
the energy field. They are all designed to teach 
our soul certain lessons we have chosen to 

Sometimes these possible experiences are no 
longer relevant to the growth of the soul and 
need to be removed from the aura. This is done 
from the eighth level of the aura. It is as if the 
healer projects herself beyond the dimensions of 
this lifetime, then reaches down into the seven 
lower layers and simply removes the possible ex¬ 
perience with what I call the Eighth Level 

A. The Eighth Level Shield 

The Eighth Level Shield is used to remove 
trauma from this lifetime that is either severely 
blocking a person's development or is simply no 

Full Spectrum Healing 231 

longer needed. That is, it no longer serves the 
purpose of teaching whatever soul lesson the in¬ 
dividual had intended to be learned. 

It is the higher consciousness of the patient 
that decides when an Eighth Level Shield is ap¬ 
propriate, not the personality level. Most of the 
time the patient will not be aware of it at all, but 
sometimes those who have heard of the power¬ 
ful effect of the Eighth Level Shield will ask for 
one. This usually does not work. The shield will 
be given to the healer by her guides only when 
it is appropriate. To lift a long-term trauma out 
of someone's field can be very shocking. Some¬ 
times a shield is needed to protect the individ¬ 
ual from the greater freedom experienced when 
a long-term trauma is lifted from the body. Basi¬ 
cally, the process consists of the healer putting 
the shield into a patient's aura, drawing or actu¬ 
ally coaxing an old trauma to leave, filling the 
hole left by the trauma with the rose light of 
unconditional love and sealing it off. The patient 
then has time to heal and get used to having 
lifted the burden he has carried around with 
him for years. (Not as easy as you might think- 
freedom is frightening.) Eventually the shield 
dissolves as the person develops positive experi¬ 
ence to remain in its place. 

The sequence of setting a shield is quite 
complicated and usually occurs after the general 
cleaning and some template work is done. The 
decision to do so is never made by the healer; it 
is suggested by the guides. The shield appears 
to be a flat blue "piece" of light of very imper¬ 
meable and durable quality. The shield fits along 
the lower edge of the chakra just above the 
trauma and is set into the root of the chakra. 
The left hand makes an opening for setting the 
shield. To do this, its energy field penetrates 
deep into the body to the root of the chakra, 
while the right hand slowly moves it into place. 
This movement is overseen by the guides. The 
shield protrudes out of the lower edge of the 
chakra and extends down over the traumatized 
area, slightly angularly out from the body. Its 
lower end is open to provide an exit for the 

The left hand anchors the shield and cannot 
be moved throughout the entire shielding and 
trauma-exit process since it separates the upper 

anatomical part of the auric field from what is 
being worked on and serves as an entrance for 
the guides to hold that part of the field separate 
from the area where the trauma is located. At 
the same time, the personal guides of the pa¬ 
tient usually take him out of his body to protect 
and teach him. 

Once the shield has been set, the healer 
reaches under it with her right hand and begins 
to communicate with the energy-consciousness 
of the trauma to coax it to leave by reminding it 
of its God connection. This method of healing 
from such a high level is very different than the 
way one removes blocks from the field from the 
lower levels. By connecting directly to the 
energy-consciousness of the trauma that is 
ready to leave, the healer provides a way, 
through shielding, for the trauma to leave. The 
trauma leaves of its own accord. Any amount of 
forcing simply disrupts the process and forces 
the healer to start over. This method allows the 
entire trauma to leave. In heeding from lower au¬ 
ric layers, many times the blocks in the field are 
energetic signatures of trauma, rather than the 
entire energy of the trauma itself. In a sense, in 
the higher level of healing, the trauma is treated 
as if it has its own being, since it is an integral 
piece of energy-consciousness. When the 
trauma leaves, all the effects of that trauma leave 
with it, and the patient is finished dealing with 
it. The shield allows for smooth integration of 
the change into the patient's life and prevents 
any disturbance in the patient's life which 
would occur if the patient were not shielded. As 
the trauma leaves, the guides lovingly take it 
and fill it with light. Once the entire trauma has 
left, the area is cauterized with gold or white 
light, and the cavity is filled with the rose light 
of unconditional love. The new rose field is then 
reconnected to the field around it, all of which is 
still located under the shield. The open exit area 
at the base of the shield is then covered with a 
gold seal, which is left in place. The healer then 
disconnects her left hand from the shield, which 
is left in. She slowly sinks her right hand energy 
into where her left hand energy is seated. This 
releases the left hand, which is then used to in¬ 
tegrate the new restructured and shielded area 
to the rest of the patient's auric field. The healer 

232 Hands of Light 

slowly moves the left hand through the upper 
part of the auric body, reconnecting the fields. 

After setting the shield, the healer then 
strengthens the main vertical power current of 
the aura by running pulsating gold light through 
it. The patient slowly reenters the body. This 
may be all that is done in a healing. The healer 
may go down to sixth level healing to enhance 
the patient's serenity or may simply dose the 
healing with the seventh. 

The thing that has been the greatest chal¬ 
lenge for me in this type of work is to learn sim¬ 
ply to sit and coax the trauma to leave. This is 
very different from scooping or pulling or 
knocking it loose with high vibrations. It is diffi¬ 
cult to rise above the seventh layer and to stay 
there in a complete state of peace and alignment 
with God's will. One must control the breathing 
with slow, long, in-out breaths and keep the 
mind focused on surrender to God's will. The 
Divine spark exists within every cell of a per¬ 
son's being, and that divine spark inexorably 
follows Divine will. The healer must sit within 
that Divine spark. In other words, I have to sit 
with the trauma, make contact with that energy- 
consciousness while I am in a state of alignment 
with the Will of God and simply remind each 
cell of that trauma and every cell of the body 
that it carries with it a spark of God. I remind it 
that it is God, light and wisdom and therefore 
inexorably flows with and is one with the uni¬ 
versal will. This is not an easy thing to do. In 
the beginning, I would tend to start pulling. If I 
did that, it would mean that my will got in the 
way, which meant I had dropped to a lower 
level. That would knock the guides right out of 
my body and my whole body would shudder. 
Either they left my body as a signal, or they 
could not tolerate my low-level "will" vibration. 
We would then have to start all over. 

An Eighth Level Shield is needed when pa¬ 
tients are unable to bear the freedom of a life¬ 
long trauma being lifted in a healing session; 
they are likely to fill that space with another 
negative experience. I was astounded one day 
when I witnessed such a thing. 

After a healing was completed, as the pa¬ 
tient was putting on his shoes, suddenly the 
whole restructured golden field fell apart before 

my eyes. In my astonishment I thought, "How 
did you do that so fast?" I wanted to put him 
right back on the table, but realized that was not 
right and that something more was involved. 
Later, Emmanuel, a spiritual teacher channelled 
through my friend Pat (Rodegast) De Vitalis, 
said that the patient now knew that he really 
couldn't accept what he said he wanted, that he 
was not ready to face certain aspects of his life 
related to the healing. That would mean con¬ 
fronting himself with issues that were very pain¬ 
ful to him, which he simply did not want to do. 

It was shortly after this experience that I 
learned to put the shield in. I also realized that I 
could not offer to give another healing to this 
person because that would confront him with 
his negative decision and possibly make things 
worse. I can only wait for him to come to the 
place in himself where he has decided to face 
those outer issues in his life. Then he may de¬ 
cide to come to a healing, and we can put in the 
shield so that he can be protected from the up¬ 
lifting of the burden while he heals internally. 
After that,, the shield will dissolve and he will 
slowly be able to experience the increased free¬ 

An interesting example of a shield healing is 
shown in Figure 22-21. The patient, whom I 
shall call Betty, was a businesswoman. Betty 
was a therapy client. Her mother had died when 
she was three years old. At the time she began 
therapy with me several years earlier, she had 
no idea what her natural mother looked like and 
could not remember ever seeing a picture of her. 
During the course of the therapy she was able to 
obtain pictures of her mother and began recon¬ 
necting and relating to her. This helped the 
woman develop more self-esteem since her nat¬ 
ural mother became a reality for her. She had 
never been able to accept her stepmother. This 
process also helped her improve her relations 
with her stepmother. She carried a lot of pain in 
her chest about the loss of her natural mother. 

One day after several years in therapy, she 
asked me why I never gave her a healing. I said 
it was because she was so healthy. However, in 
that moment the guides reminded me of the use 
of the "new shield I had just learned to put in." 
The next session was a healing. After going 

Full Spectrum Healing 233 

through the normal chelation and cleansing pro¬ 
cedure and checking her template level, which 
did not need work, the guides proceeded to set 
the shield and remove the trauma of losing her 
mother while a small child. I was very moved 
when I saw her mother appear in spirit form, 
supported by her own guides. Instead of a team 
of guides receiving and enlightening the energy- 
consciousness substance of the trauma, I saw 
her mother receive it with love. (See Figure 22- 
21.) In the meantime, the guides of my patient 
had pulled her out of her body to protect and 
teach her. In the next step of the shield process, 
the guides filled the cavity emptied of trauma 
with the rose light of love. The heeding then con¬ 
tinued with the sealing of the bottom of the 
shield with gold light as shown in Figure 22-22. 
Then we reconnected the shielded area to the 
upper and lower half of the auric field. We then 
enhanced the main vertical power current in the 
body. By the time this was completed, the 
trauma held by the mother had turned to white 

B. Healing on the Ninth Level of the Aura 

I know very little about this procedure. As I 
watch the guides working from this level, it ap¬ 
pears to me as if they simply remove a whole 
side of a person's energy bodies (and all the 
fields with it) and put in a new set. All this ap¬ 
pears to my view as crystalline light. This proce¬ 
dure, when done, has the effect of healing the 
patient very rapidly. My guess is that it has to 
do with simply reincarnating in the same body 
without having to go through the birth/ 
childhood experiences to set the life tasks. 1 
have witnessed this a few times. 

Guide Teams 

Sometimes it appears to me that different guide 
teams work on different levels, and at other 
times it seems to be the same guides at different 
levels. The guide teams who work on different 
levels seem to have different characteristics. 
Those who work on the astral level are con¬ 
cerned primarily with matters of the heart and 
loving. They are very comforting, loving and 
caring and speak poetically, teaching us to learn 

to love ourselves with all our faults, etc. The 
guides who do the ketheric and etheric template 
work look to me to be very serious and quite 
active and "want to get to work." They are con¬ 
cerned with the perfect template and simply 
healing efficiently. They do not appear to have a 
lot of feelings, but at the same time are very 
supportive and accepting. They are more direc¬ 
tive. The Eighth Level Shield guides give a 
sense of great acceptance and infinite patience 
with love. The Ninth Level guides are very hard 
for me to perceive but they seem a bit imper¬ 


As a help to the new healer, I will once again list 
the healing session format in a much shorter 
form. Following this is a healing session analysis 
that should help you analyze where you need to 
practice and where you need to do your own 
personal growth work. 

1. Before the person enters, align yourself with 
the light. Open your chakras using methods 
taught in the section called "Channelling for 

2. Listen to why the person has come to you. 
Why was she guided specifically to you? What 
do you have to give to her"? Open to your inner 

3. Explain what you do. 

4. Analyze the energy flow in her system. 
What are the main blocks? How does she utilize 
her energy? How does she misdirect it? What 
are the results of her long-term misdirecting? 
What is her major defense? (See Chapters 9, 10 
and 12.) 

5. Measure chakras with a pendulum. Record. 
(See Chapter 10.) 

6. Attune and align yourself with the light; 
give an affirmation; align and balance your en- 

Full Spectrum Healing 235 

ergy system with the person's. Become aware of 
your guides, if you have not yet done that. Peri¬ 
odically throughout the session you need to re¬ 
align and balance your system with the light, 
your guides and the person's system. 

7. Interpret the chakra's readings while run¬ 
ning energy through the solar reflex points of 
the feet: Find the balance of reason, will and 
emotion; the main closed center(s); the main 
open center(s) through which the person can 
work to deal with problems and to open the 
closed chakras. Find the main issues. Read psy¬ 
chically any information you can pick up. What 
is the initiating cause of illness? What are the 
high self qualities you need to appeal to in order 
to help the person heal herself? (See Chapters 9, 
10 and 12.) 

8. Chelate the lower auric bodies' chakras 
while scanning the body systems. If you are a 
beginner, you should skip to step 16. After more 
practice, add steps 9 if needed, 10 and 11. After 
you perceive the fifth, sixth and seventh layers 
of the field, you can do steps 12, 13, 14 and 15. 

9. Do a spine cleaning. 

10. Work directly on the places you are drawn 
to. Choose from various methods you know. As 
you do so, observe the person's emotional state. 
Does she take in energy or block emotionally? 
Be with her. Go through the blocks with her. 
Allow your guides to help you with specific ill¬ 
ness areas. Listen. 

11. Clean specific blocks in the lower energy 

12. If you know how, this is the point at which 
etheric or ketheric template work occurs. 

13. Go to the celestial level (sixth); send white 
light directly into the central brain area. Raise 
your vibrations by vibrating your pituitary. 
When the person's vibrations come up to yours, 
go up to the next level and repeat. Do this until 
the central brain area lights. 

14. At this point, if you have not already done 
so, you may see the person's guides, angels, vi¬ 
sions or get direct messages for the person. 
Gently break the connection and close the open¬ 

15. From the position at the head of the table, 
try to get a nice up-and-down vibrational cur¬ 
rent from the third ventricle through the spine 
using the double hand technique. 

16. At this point you may want to comb out 
the celestial and astral body (especially if the 
person is depressed or suppressed). 

17. Enhance and strengthen the eggshell or 

18. Move to the patient's right side; recontact 
the seventh layer; honor your patient and her 
self-healing power. 

19. Gently break the connection, closing all 
openings, and move away from the person. 
Give yourself a few minutes to return fully into 
your body and the earth plane. Allow the heal¬ 
ing energy to flow through you. Honor yourself; 
affirm who you are and your work. 

20. If the person has left her body and needs 
help returning, gently pull her back- by grasping 
the feet and sucking the energy towards you. 

21. After each healing, remind the patient to 
take a large glass of fresh water, and you do the 


1. What happened chronologically? How did 
each step of the healing go? Which steps were 
easy? Which did you have trouble with? 

2. Answer item 4 of the Healing Session For¬ 

236 Hands of Light 

3. Answer item 7 of the Healing Session For¬ 

4. What were the internal processes of the 
healer and the client? Did you lose your center¬ 
ing and perhaps waste energy where it wasn't 
needed? How? Relate this to the character struc¬ 
tures of the healer and the client. 

5. What was accomplished in the healing? Did 
you reach the person's inner light? What was 
the nature of her high-self qualities? How did 
you support her and bring her out? 

6. On the basis of the above, what personal 
work do you need to do? 

7. Draw a before and an after picture of energy 

8. What was the initiating cause of the illness? 
How did you deal with it? 

9. On the basis of the above, what healing work 
would you concentrate on next time? What is 
your prognosis? What is your guidance regard¬ 
ing this prognosis? 

Chapter 22 Review 

1. What is the first thing a healer does before 
beginning a healing? 

2. What is meant by running energy? By che¬ 
lating the body? 

3. What does chelation do? 

4. Does a healer consciously control the color 
of light when running energy for chelation? 
Why or why not? 

5. If a healer's first chakra is closed on the 

lower levels of the field, will she be able to 
use the color red effectively in healing? Why 
or why not? 

6. For a heart patient, describe the direction of 
chelation. Why is it done this way? 

7. Describe the process of spine cleaning. 

8. What is the difference between running en¬ 
ergy with one hand, two hands separately 
or two hands together? 

9. For fifth level healing, what happens if you 
do not follow guidance and move your 
hands before the guides are finished? 

10. Name three ways a person can tear the sev¬ 
enth layer. (Also refer to Chapter 15.) 

11. If there is a tear in the aura throughout the 
entire field, which layers need to be sewn 

12. Will the energy leak stop if you are unable 
to reach up into and sew the seventh layer if 
it is torn? 

13. Does chelation repair a torn auric field? 

14. Why does the patient leave the body for sev¬ 
enth layer work? 

15. In healing with white light, how does one 
focus one's energy and consciousness? 
Where do you hold your attention? How do 
you scan? 

16. Describe healing on each of the auric levels. 

17. What is an Eighth Level Shield? What is it 
used for? Who decides that it can be used? 

18. Describe a procedure to end a healing that 
allows you to psychically break away from 
your patient until you wish to make contact 

19. What is the difference between channelling 
for healing and channelling for information? 

Food For Thought 

20. Who does the healing? 

Chapter 23 


Healing with Colored Light, 

Color Modulation 

There are many times when a healer will need 
to hold a certain color that is being channelled 
through her. Holding a color also means holding 
your field in a certain frequency range, which 
you really must do throughout the entire heal¬ 
ing. You need to be sensitive enough to keep 
your energy level at the range that is needed at 
any given time by the patient. Some examples of 
holding a certain color have already been given 
in previous chapters on etheric template heal¬ 
ing, ketheric template healing (holding gold), 
sixth level healing in which you go up into the 
celestial frequencies, spine cleaning and chakra 
charging, in which you hold the specific color of 
a chakra until it is charged. At other times, you 
may be requested by the guides to pour certain 
colored light into your patient whenever and 
wherever it is needed. At these times, you must 
learn to be in a specific color and hold it. 

In the last chapter I stated that it takes prac¬ 
tice to learn to produce a color of your choosing 
to use in healing. For beginning students it is 
very important to practice color modulation be¬ 
fore trying to control the color coming through 
you. Most chelation is done without color con¬ 
trol. However, later in a healing the guides may 
want you to "sit in" or hold steady a certain 
color they wish to use. This means that if you do 
not learn to control color, you may very well in¬ 
terfere with the color being sent through you by 
changing your field unconsciously. Thus you 

need to be able to hold your field steady in one 
particular color. 

Dolores Krieger in her book Therapeutic 
Touch gives some very good color modulation 
exercises. Essentially you must learn what it is 
like to "be in" a certain color. It is not a matter of 
thinking the color as in visualization. If you 
think red, you will make yellow. If you think 
green, you will make yellow. If you think blue, 
you will make yellow. Healers call this "doing it 
in yellow" because when you think you make 
yellow. Many beginners do it in yellow; Thus to 
make blue, you must "be" blue, whatever that 
means to you. So you need to experiment for 
yourself what it is like to be in a state of blue. 

Exercises to Control 
the Color You Send 

How do you feel when you wear blue clothes or 
sit in blue light that comes from a cathedral win¬ 
dow? What does blue mean to you? Again, you 
must use the sense that you are most accus¬ 
tomed to using. Do you best access information 
through seeing, hearing or feeling? What does 
blue look like, sound like or feel like. Get one of 
those leaded glass crystals that you can hang in 
your window. Put your fingers in each of the 
colors of the rainbow it produces. How does 
each color feel? Get plates of colored glass, or 
sheets of colored, clear plastic. Hold them in the 
sunlight. Explore your relationship to each 
color. Take colored pieces of paper or material all 


238 Hands of Light 

the same size. Mix them up in a pile. Close your 
eyes and pick out two of them. Keep your eyes 
closed. Explore your relationship to that color. 
What does it feel like? Do you like it? Dislike it? 
Does it provoke any feelings in you? Does it en¬ 
ergize or deenergize you? Does it make you feel 
calm or uncomfortable? Place it on different 
parts of your body; Would you like to wear this 
color? Then after this, with eyes closed, decide 
which color you like the best. If you like, you 
can guess what color it is. Then open your eyes. 
You will be surprised at how much information 
you now have about your relationship to each 
color. You will find that you carry prejudice 
about what each color is "supposed" to do but 

Get a partner, hold hands, and each take a 
turn at running energy to the other in a certain 
color. See if your partner can tell what color it is. 
Practice, practice, practice. Remember that in or¬ 
der to run red, you must have your first chakra 
clear. To run orange, you must have your second 
chakra clear, etc. You should clear your chakras 
before doing these exercises. The exercises to 
clear your chakras are given in Chapter 21. 

The Meaning of Color 
in the Aura 

Many people come up to me and say, "What 
color is my aura?" And then they ask, "What 
does that color mean?" Many people get "Aura 
Readings" in which the reader will say, "Your 
aura is such and such a color and that means 
such and such." As you can see from this book, I 
don't normally do that. If someone says, "What 
color is my aura." I usually say, "On which 
layer?" Or I will simply read the predominant 
colors on the unstructured levels and say some¬ 
thing like, "Primarily blue, with some yellow 
and purple." 

My colleague Pat (Rodegast) de Vitalis, who 
channels a guide named Emmanuel, reads col¬ 
ors on the "soul" level. Emmanuel simply 
shows her the "aura" of the person on the soul 
level as it connects to the task in this lifetime. 
These colors have a specific meaning to Pat, and 

that is how she interprets what she sees. Her 
color meaning list is given in Figure 23-1. Re¬ 
member that to use this list to interpret what 
you are seeing, you must be looking at the same 
level Pat is. 

To read the colors of the soul level, clear 
your mind through deep meditation, and then 
ask to be given the colors of the soul level. After 
some practice, these colors will appear on your 
mind-screen. You may also see forms or figures 
with these colors that you can describe to your 
patients in order to help them understand the 
meaning of the colors. If you see red, it means 
passion or strong feelings. When mixed with 
rose, it means love. Clear red means free or ex- 

Figure 23-1 



Used for: 


Passion, strong feelings. Love, 
when mixed with rose. 

Clear red: moving anger. 

Dark red: stagnated anger 
Red-orange: sexual passion 






Healing, healer, nurturer 


Teacher, sensitivity 


Deeper connection to spirit 


Moving toward a deeper 
connection to spirit 






Connection to God. In the 
service of humankind. 

Godlike love. 




Absence of light, or profound 
forgetting, thwarted ambition 

Black Velvet 

Like black holes in space, 
doorways to other realities 


Moving into one's task 

Healing with Color and Sound 239 

pressed anger; dark red, held anger; red-orange 
implies sexual passion. When the color is 
orange, the person has ambition. When it is yel¬ 
low, it refers to intellect. A person with a lot of 
green has a lot of healing and nurturing energy. 
Blue is the color of the teacher and of sensitivity. 
When purple is seen on the soul level, the per¬ 
son has a deeper connection to spirit, while in¬ 
digo means moving toward a deeper connection 
to spirit. Lavender refers to spirit, and white to 
truth. Gold is connection to God and the service 
of humankind with godlike love. When a person 
has silver in her soul level, it means she is con¬ 
nected to or has gifts in communication and is 
able to communicate well. Velvet black is like 
holes in space, which are doorways to other re¬ 
alities. Maroon means moving into one's task. 
Black is the absence of light, or profound forget¬ 
ting, which leads to cancer, and which is seen 
on the soul level as thwarted ambition. 

Color in a Healing Session 

All the colors of the rainbow are used in healing. 
Each color has its own effect in the field. Of 
course each color can be used to charge the cha¬ 
kra that metabolizes that color. Red is used to 
charge the field, burn out cancer and warm cold 
areas. Orange charges the field, increases sexual 
potency and immunity. Yellow is used to clear a 
foggy head and help the linear mind function 
well. Green is used as a general balancer and 
healer for all things. Blue cools and calms. It is 
also used to restructure the etheric field and in 
shielding. Purple helps the patient connect to 
his spirit, while indigo opens the third eye and 
enhances visualization and clears the head. 
White is used to charge the field, bring peace 
and comfort and take away pain. Gold is used to 
restructure the seventh layer and to strengthen 
and charge the field. Velvet black brings the pa¬ 
tient into a state of grace, silence and peace with 
God. It is good in restructuring bones that have 
crumbled horn cancer or other trauma. Purple- 
blue takes away pain when doing deep tissue 
work and work on bone cells. It also helps ex¬ 
pand the patient's field in order to connect to 
her task. 

In general, I do not control the color coming 
through me when I do healing, but I am able to 
sustain a color that comes through me. On rare 
occasions I will send a certain color on purpose. 
Table 23-2 gives the colors used in healing and 
what I have seen them used for by the guides. 
Charging each chakra is done by running the 
color of that chakra into the field on whichever 

Figure 23-2 



Used for: 


Charging the field, burning 
out cancer, warming cold areas 


Charging the field, increasing 
sexual potency, increasing 


Charging third chakra, 
clearing a foggy head 


Charging fourth chakra, 
balancing, general healing, 
charging field 


Cooling, calming, restructuring 
etheric level, shielding 


Connecting to spirit 


Opening third eye, 
clearing head 


Purging field 


Charging field, bringing peace 
and comfort, taking away pain 


Restructuring seventh layer. 

strengthening field, 
charging field 


Strong purging of field 
(opalescent silver is used to 
charge sixth level) 

Velvet Black 

Bringing patient into a state of 
grace, silence and peace 
with God 

Purple Blue 

Taking away pain when doing 
deep tissue work and work on 
bone cells, helping expand 
patient's field in order to 
connect to his task 

240 Hands of Light 

level you axe working on. In general in our soci¬ 
ety, since we are already so mental, analytical 
and intellectual, the color yellow is not used a 
lot in the healing session. 

The colors lavender and silver have been 
used by my guides in a little different fashion 
from the healing techniques mentioned earlier 
in this book. When I have observed microor¬ 
ganisms in the field that need to be removed, 
the guides use first lavender and then silver to 
blast them out. First they send through lavender 
light, which makes the microorganisms vibrate 
at a high rate and apparently knocks them 
loose. If lavender light doesn't get them all, the 
guides will increase intensity and frequency and 
go up to silver. This powerful current seems to 
disconnect the microorganisms from their 
space. The guides then reverse the direction of 
energy flow through my body and suck all the 
lavender and silver light back out, carrying the 
microorganism with the light. This procedure is 
rather like vacuuming with light. In a particular 
case in which I was cleaning the blood of a leu¬ 
kemia patient, she received her first clear blood 
test the day after the healing. That is the only 
time I have had clinical results to check this pro¬ 

At one point I began experimenting with the 
effect of purple-blue light with a colleague. We 
were doing exchange sessions. Daniel Blake of 
the Structural Bodywork Institute (Santa Bar¬ 
bara, California) did deep-tissue work on me 
and, in exchange, took my classes. While he 
worked on me, we experimented with combin¬ 
ing color control with deep-tissue work. When 
he was able to hold a strong purple-blue flame 
coming out from his fingertips, he could go very 
deeply into my muscle tissue without causing 
pain. If he got distracted and "dropped" the 
color, my muscle would hurt. Controlling the 
color that came through made his work more 
effective because he could go much deeper and 
get a bigger change in muscle and structural 
alignment. At one point in this work, he was 
able to get to the bone level. By holding a 
purple-blue flame mixed with white light, he 
was able to straighten a slight twist in my femur. 
As I watched what was happening with HSP, I 
could see the cells of my femur realigning them¬ 

selves with each other. The physical sensation 
was extremely pleasant. Heyoan made the com¬ 
ment that this twisting of the bone is related to 
how the piezoelectric effect within the bone 
helps direct bone growth. The piezoelectric ef¬ 
fect in bones is the following: When pressure is 
put on bone tissue, as from walking, the pres¬ 
sure causes a small electrical current to flow 
through the bone. The bone then grows faster in 
the direction of the current. If pressure (through 
walking) is put on a bone in a misaligned fash¬ 
ion, it will cause the bone to grow in a mis¬ 
aligned or twisted way. The original 
misalignment in my body was the result of a car 
accident. Daniel's treatment removed the slight 
twist from my femur permanently. 

At a certain point in my healing career, the 
guides suggested I start using black light. This 
seemed unusual to me, since the dark colors in 
the aura usually are associated with illness. This 
black, however, was not the black of cancer, but 
a velvet black, like black velvet silk. It is like the 
life potential held in the womb. It is the black 
mystery of the unknown feminine within all of 
us, which teems with undifferentiated life. Sit¬ 
ting within the black velvet void is another way 
to be one with the creator, but this time without 
form. To sit within the black velvet void means 
sitting in silence and peace. It means completely 
being there, in fullness and without judgment. 
It means going into a state of Grace and bringing 
your patient into that Grace with you. It means 
completely accepting everything that is in that 
moment. Heyoan and the other healing guides 
and I often sit in this place with cancer patients 
or other very serious illnesses for a whole hour 
at a time. It is very healing. It brings the patient 
into a state of oneness with the Divine. 

Sounding for Healing 

I have found that color in the aura is directly 
related to sound. Sounding specific pitches into 
the field not only produces specific colors in the 
field but is also a powerful agent of healing. 

Multiple Sclerosis (M.S.) is known among 
healers as one of the most difficult diseases to 
work with. It is very hard to effect a change in 

Healing with Color and Sound 241 

the field of someone with M.S. During one of 
the intensive training weeks I offer, one of the 
students had M.S. At times during the week, 
the students and I would work on this student, 
Liz. Several students were able to perceive a 
large scar in her field in the sacral area. In the 
first group healing we did with Liz, she received 
a normal chelation and went through a lot of 
feelings. The group healed her, held her and 
cried with her. At the end of the second hour of 
healing, however, I and one of the students who 
had learned to use her HSP could see that the 
scar was not touched. As the week progressed, 
each student began to develop the particular 
form of healing she felt most connected with. 
Some liked crystals, some concentrated on love, 
others on spiritual surgery and some on sound¬ 
ing. At the end of the week we worked on Liz 
again. Each student gave her best in her chosen 
form of healing. There were several students 
sounding, two working with crystals, several sit¬ 
ting in love and some running energy. We 
worked synchronistically as a group. We found 
that the two of us who were working with crys¬ 
tals were able to lift the scar out of the field if we 
worked with the sounders. The sound they 
made would loosen the scar. We used the crys¬ 
tals as scalpels to cut the scar away once it had 
been loosened with the sound. Then we would 
direct the sounders to change the pitch just a 
little, and another part of the scar would loosen. 
After its removal another change in pitch would 
loosen more scar. We proceeded in this way un¬ 
til the scar was removed completely. After the 
healing Liz said that a certain pain that had been 
in her leg for 15 years was no longer there. Her 
walking was much improved and still is at the 
time of writing, which is about four years later. 
This is only one small part of Liz's self-healing 
story. She has succeeded in regaining all the use 
of her body, which was almost completely para¬ 

Since that time I have used sound regularly 
in the healings I give. I use it directly on the 
chakras to charge and strengthen them. I put 
my mouth about an inch away from the body 
where the chakra is located. Each chakra has a 
different pitch, and each person's pitch for a 
particular chakra is slightly different. 

To find the pitch for each chakra, I vary the 
range a bit until I hit a resonance. This reso¬ 
nance can be heard and felt by the patient. Since 
I can also see the field, I watch the chakra re¬ 
spond to the sound. When I hit the right pitch, 
the chakra tenses up and begins to spin rapidly 
and evenly. Its color brightens up. After holding 
the sound for some time, the chakra is charged 
and strengthened enough to hold its new level 
of energy. Then I move up to the next chakra. I 
start with the first and move up through all 

An interesting effect of this sounding, which 
is usually very powerfully felt by the patient, 
is to increase the patient's ability to visualize. 
If a person has a very undercharged chakra, 
chances are he will not be able to visualize that 
color in his head. However, after a few minutes 
of sounding over the corresponding chakra, the 
patient is able to visualize the chakra's color. 

Whenever I have done a sounding demon¬ 
stration in a group, everyone in the group can 
tell when I have hit resonance with a chakra. 

The same principles that are used for sound¬ 
ing into the chakras also work with the organs 
and bones of the body. I sound into the particu¬ 
lar organ by holding my mouth about an inch 
over the body surface where that organ is lo¬ 
cated. I watch the organ using HSP until I get 
the appropriate sound that causes the greatest 
amount of effect on the organ. The effect may be 
energy flow, cleaning the organ or strengthen¬ 
ing it. I simply watch the response and go for it. 
Over several months of regular healings, I was 
able to heal ulcerative colitis in this way. The 
patient was able to avoid a colostomy, which 
had been recommended by several physicians. 
Part of this patient's healing was to play a tape 
recording of that sounding once or twice a day. 

This type of sounding also works very well 
for healing injured disks, enhancing tissue 
growth, clearing stagnated fluids from the body, 
tuning up the nervous system, and tuning the 
organs of the body so that they impedance 
match or harmonize with each other to function 
better. I have found that different types of body 
organs, tissues, bones and fluid all require a dif¬ 
ferent tone and modulation to enhance their 
healthy functioning. In addition to sounding in 

242 Hands of Light 

the form of tones only, one can make different 
types of sound. Traditional Indian teachings 
give a Sanskrit letter and a particular sound for 
each chakra. I have not yet worked with these, 
but I can imagine that they are very powerful 
forms of healing. 

Some music groups, like Robbie Gass', per¬ 
form music to purposefully open the chakras. In 
a concert I attended, Robbie directed his choir to 
sing for two hours without stopping. Over that 
time period, songs were chosen specifically to 
open the chakras in a progressive series, starting 
with the first chakra. By the time they finished, 
most of the people in the audience had most of 
their chakras opened and charged. Everyone 
had a wonderful time. Music is very healing. 

Chapter 23 Review 

1. List examples of when a healer would con¬ 
sciously control the color of the light being 
channelled, and explain why. 

2. What is so difficult about channelling a cho¬ 
sen color? 

3. What does "doing it in yellow" mean? 

4. What, in general, do the following colors do 
in healing: red, red-orange, gold, green, 
rose, blue, purple and white? 

5. What is the main use of the colors lavender 
and silver? What is the difference between 
the two? 

6. How is black light used? 

7. What is the effect of purple-blue light when 
used with deep-tissue massage? 

8. How do you modulate (create) a color to 
channel? Give several ways. 

9. Is there a relationship between color and 
sound in healing? What is it? 

10. By what physical principle does sounding 
work in the auric field? 

11. How can sounding be used for each chakra? 
What is the effect on the chakra? 

12. How can sounding be used on an organ, 
and what is the effect of the sounding? 

13. How do you find the right note to sound? 
Give two ways by which you can tell it is the 
right note? 

14. Can you passively channel a sound your 
guide makes? How is that different from the 
active sounding we have been talking about 

Chapter 24 


Many people, at a certain point along their spir¬ 
itual path, begin to have transtemporal expe¬ 
riences that are referred to as past-life 
experiences. Someone may be meditating and 
"remember" being another person in another 
era. Someone else, in doing deep therapy work 
of reexperiencing traumas from this lifetime, 
may suddenly find themselves reliving a trauma 
that was experienced in "another lifetime." 

Transtemporal experience probably cannot 
be completely defined due to our limited sense 
of time and space. I personally think that the 
term past life is a very limited way to define such 
an experience. As we have seen in Chapter 4, 
both physicists and mystics agree that time is 
not linear nor space only three-dimensional. 
Many writers have spoken of multi-dimensional 
and multi-temporal realities existing within each 
other. Einstein speaks of a time-space contin¬ 
uum where all things of the past and future exist 
now, somehow interwoven in multi-dimensional 
reality. Itzhak Bentov says that linear time is 
only a fabrication of the third dimensional real¬ 
ity (into which I am trying to squeeze this book). 

Exercise to 

Experience Nonlinear Time 

In his book. Stalking the Wild Pendulum , he gives 
an exercise to illustrate this point: Sit quietly in 
meditation with a watch or clock clearly within 
visible range so that all you have to do is slightly 
slit your eyes to see the second hand as it moves 

around with each minute. When you have 
reached a high state of consciousness in your 
meditation, simply slit open your eyes and look 
at the second hand on the clock. What has hap¬ 
pened? Many people have the experience of this 
hand either completely stopping or drastically 
slowing down. Of course, as soon as you see 
this, your emotional reaction will probably pull 
you back into your normally comfortable reality 
of linear time, and the second hand will jump 
forward and resume its normal rate of move¬ 
ment. What has happened here? Bentov says 
that time is experienced subjectively, not lin¬ 
early, and that we create a supposed linear time 
structure for convenience. 

Both Edgar Cayce and Jane Roberts speak of 
multi-dimensional reality where all our past and 
future are being lived now, each in its own di¬ 
mension, and say that each personality in each 
dimension is a part of an expression of a greater 
soul or greater being. According to Roberts, we 
can penetrate into these other dimensions or 
"lives" to bring knowledge and understanding 
for transformation. By doing this, this dimen¬ 
sion or our present lives can transform our other 
lives and dimensions. Or, said in more popular 
terms, how we live now in what we call this life 
affects both our past and future lives. 

All of these things are quite hard to under¬ 
stand, but they serve to help point out and chal¬ 
lenge the limitations in our thinking about the 
nature of reality. 

On the therapeutic and healing levels, I have 
found working with past lives very effective 


244 Hands of Light 

when handled in a manner in which the trans¬ 
formation process is kept as the main objective. 
It is not something to play with or to use to 
boost the ego. We all would rather think of our¬ 
selves as having been a great queen or leader of 
some sort, rather than a peasant, beggar, mur¬ 
derer, etc. That is not at all the point. The use¬ 
fulness of reexperiencing past lives is clearly to 
free the personality from problems that now 
hold us back from attaining our greatest poten¬ 
tials and from completing our life's work (or life 
task). Problems related to past-life experiences 
always relate to what the personality is dealing 
with in this present life, when the past-life 
memory is unearthed in a natural and nonforc¬ 
ing way. This is a very important fact that must 
be kept in mind by the healer or therapist whose 
job it is to make sure that the interlife connec¬ 
tion is made. Past-life memory may then be ap¬ 
plied to this life circumstances to help heal this 
life's problems. 

Some therapists will spontaneously see a 
past-life of a client when they are making body 
contact with the client, for example, in a mother¬ 
ing type therapy where the therapist holds the 
client the way a mother would hold a child. The 
therapist can then utilize this information by 
weaving it into a session in a sensitive manner. 

"Seeing" and Healing 
Past-Life Trauma 

There are three major ways that I "see" and heal 
past-life trauma, each related to what level or 
levels of the aura on which the healing is done. 
All levels, from the ketheric on down, are af¬ 
fected by past-life trauma. In the first four auric 
levels, a past-life trauma looks like a normal en¬ 
ergy block in the field. On the etheric and 
ketheric template levels, it shows up as a struc¬ 
tural problem and, in addition, on the ketheric, 
the past life shows up as a ring or band in the 
eggshell level of the field. 

To "see" a past life, I may just be "given" 
the past-life scene relevant to the present heal¬ 
ing situation or illness as the client is speaking 
with me. Or I may hold my hands on a particu¬ 
lar block and then see the past life. To read the 

past lives related to the bands in the eggshell 
level, I simply put my hands in the band and 
see the pictures of the past life. I will now de¬ 
scribe these three methods of healing in more 

Healing Past-Life Blocks in the 
Lower Four Levels of the Aura 

A method of clearing past-life blocks, which I 
learned from Petey Peterson at the Healing Light 
Center in Glendale, California, is very effective 
in removing past-life trauma that has been 
blocking a person's freedom in this life. 

This kind of work really addresses the blocks 
from this lifetime, first. The healer focuses en¬ 
ergy into the block. This starts energy moving 
out of the block and usually the trauma is re¬ 
leased. Hie first layers will be blocks that oc¬ 
curred in this lifetime; then after they are 
cleared, the traumas from other lifetimes are un¬ 
covered and worked with in the same manner. 
The healer must be experienced with and be 
able to handle very strong, painful, fearful or 
angry feelings in the client in order to do this 
work. The healer must be there for the client 
through all types of feelings that are experienced 
and gone through. The healer must not with¬ 
draw her energy if affected by these strong feel¬ 
ings, but must continue to be there, steadily 
running a supportive foundation energy that 
sustains the client through the experience so 
that he can complete and clear it. 

To do this, one begins a healing in the nor¬ 
mal manner with alignment (Chapter 22) and 
balancing the three energy systems of client, 
healer and UEF guides. Then, during the chela¬ 
tion, the healer will become aware of the blocks 
in the system. The healer is lead through intui¬ 
tion or guidance to the block which is appropri¬ 
ate to concentrate on in that particular session. 
The healer then lays hands on that area of the 
body and runs energy into that area. Many 
times the left hand is on the back of the body 
and the right hand on the front. 

After a good amount of energy is flowing, 
the healer will ask the client to allow his mem¬ 
ory to open and go back to the first time the 

Healing Transtemporal Traumas 245 

client put that block there. The healer continues 
to run energy into the block while the client 
goes backward in time. The healer usually gets 
pictures of the event in question as the client is 
trying to remember. The client will also either 
see pictures or go into a feeling state (or both) 
that relates to the experience. The client may 
then reexperience that trauma fully as if living 
through it again or he may just see the experi¬ 
ence as an observer. The healer may or may not 
tell the client what the healer sees, depending 
on whether or not it is appropriate to do so. It is 
not always appropriate, especially if the client 
does not see it. The healer must always respect 
the client's energy system, which is what deter¬ 
mines how much information the client can tol¬ 
erate about any given trauma. If, however, the 
client reexperiences the trauma, it is always 
good for the healer to verify the information 
through the healer's gift of "seeing." 

The timing of discovery is very important in 
these things. When past-life information is un¬ 
covered in the right moment, it will help the 
person understand himself and learn to love 
themselves better. If it is done with the wrong 
timing, it can enhance a person's negativity ei¬ 
ther toward self or others. For example, if the 
person has done something very violent to an¬ 
other person in a past life, he may not be able to 
handle knowing about it in this lifetime without 
placing great guilt upon himself. If he knows 
the victim in this lifetime, the present life situa¬ 
tion may be made worse because of guilt. Or if 
the situation is reversed and the patient is a 
past-life victim of someone he knows in this life¬ 
time, he may find himself increasing and justify¬ 
ing a grudge he may already be holding against 
that person. 

After the trauma is experienced at whatever 
level was appropriate, the healer asks the client 
if he is ready to give it up and let it go. If the 
answer is yes, the healer removes it from the 
field by scooping it out. The process of experi¬ 
encing the trauma has loosened it from the 
field, so it is easy to remove. Both the healer and 
the client fill the open clear area where the 
trauma was with unconditional love, which is a 
rose colored light, working through the heart 
chakra, as discussed in Chapter 23. 

The client may say "no" to the question of 
letting the trauma go. This means there is more 
to be experienced, and he is not finished with it, 
or the healer may see more work to be done. 
The healer begins the process of running energy 
again and helping the client to experience more 
of the trauma. The healer increases both inten¬ 
sity and frequency of the energy s/he runs into 
the block. This is repeated until the area has 
cleared and the client is ready to let it go and 
allow the area to be filled with the rose light of 
unconditional love. 

If the area has not cleared, there is usually 
another trauma sitting under the first that was 
experienced. I have seen as many as five trau¬ 
mas from different lifetimes layered upon each 
other in the same area of the body. TTiese five 
layers were left after the client had cleared the 
layers of trauma from this lifetime. In other 
words the traumas that are experienced by a 
person are laid down in the field on top of each 
other, probably chronologically. When you clear 
one trauma, the next is left uncovered to be 
dealt with and cleared. 

Many times when a client reexperiences a 
past life, there is a very strong field effect called 
a direct current (DC) field shift by Rev. Rosalyn 
Bruyere. In the shift. Rev. Bruyere says that the 
whole auric field expands to a much greater size 
than normal but still maintains its high vibration 
rate. Almost twice as much energy stays in the 
field for about 48 hours, and the client is very 
vulnerable and impressionable. A great deal of 
the unconscious memory is opened during this 
time, so memories continue to flow into the con¬ 
sciousness of the individual. It is very important 
for him to stay in a quiet, safe and nourishing 
environment to allow the healing to continue 
and complete itself. Unpleasant experiences 
from external sources during this time will affect 
the individual very deeply and should be 
avoided. It is time for the field to reestablish 
healthy flow patterns that, if allowed to stabilize 
over 48 hours will, become part of the normal 
flow of the system, thus making the healing per¬ 
manent. It is important for the healer to explain 
to the patient what is happening and to empha¬ 
size the importance of the healing period and 
encourage him to take good care of himself dur- 

246 Hands of Light 

ing that time. The power in this time must be 
respected. This time period is similar to one 
when someone goes into shock. 

As the client goes backward in time, clearing 
trauma after trauma, usually starting with this 
lifetime and going to previous lifetimes, the 
blocked area becomes clearer and clearer. Each 
layer is filled with the rose light of unconditional 
love before going onto the next layer to be 
cleared. Thus, one can see that any natural puri¬ 
fication process that clears away body blocks 
(and most spiritual paths do) will eventually 
lead to past-life clearing. It is very important 
that the past-life clearing be done at an appro¬ 
priate point in a person's path. That point is 
reached when a good deal of clearing has al¬ 
ready taken place concerning this lifetime, when 
a lot of the person's personal life is in order and 
when he would not be so tempted to use past- 
life experiences to avoid issues that need to be 
dealt with in this lifetime, here and now. 

At the appropriate time, past-life clearing 
can release certain places in a person's life that 
cannot seem to change, even though a lot of 
spiritual work has been done to clear them. 
Then past-life clearing can sometimes initiate 
dramatic changes in a person's present life. 

For example, one client who was in a very 
destructive marriage where her husband would 
hurt her physically was unable to leave the mar¬ 
riage until she reexperienced about 15 past life¬ 
times where she had been physically abused by 
men in some form or another. She saw the con¬ 
tinuation of her pattern of dependency in which 
she thought that men have all the power (and 
also all the responsibility). She saw that she 
lived out her belief in situations that proved 
men did have more power than she on the phys¬ 
ical level. When she saw her pattern and knew 
she had to face her dependency, stand on her 
own two feet and face her fear of being alone, 
she was ready to leave the marriage and rebuild 
her life. Her life has dramatically changed in the 
year since this occurrence, and she is free, 
happy and healthy. She is letting go of her fear 
of being alone and through this is regaining her 
independence and taking responsibility for her 

Healing Fast-life Traumas on the 
Etheric and Ketheric Template 
Levels of the Aura 

To heal a structural problem in the aura caused 
by a past life, you follow the same procedure as 
healing any structural problem on the template 
level as described in Chapter 22. The important 
difference here is that as soon as the healer 
knows the trauma is from a past life, the healer 
must help the client connect present life issues 
to the past-life experience. The structural prob¬ 
lems on this level of the aura from past lifetimes 
usually result in congenital problems in the 
physical body. These issues are very important 
to deal with as they are held very tightly and 
deeply within the soul substance of the individ¬ 
ual. It is clear that part of the main task of the 
individual with birth-related problems is to deal 
with that problem both on the physical level and 
the psychodynamic level. This work will then 
lead to the spiritual issue that the soul has incar¬ 
nated to resolve in the first place. It is important 
for the healer to keep in mind the scope of the 
work that is being done. The object is not only 
to heal the physical body, although that is what 
usually brings the client to the healer in the first 
place. The object is to heal the soul. On the tem¬ 
plate level, it is to straighten the auric field and 
realign it with its natural flow—the universal 
flow of all life. 

In the case of a young man named John that 
follows, I first saw the structural problems in the 
aura. I also "saw" a picture of the past-life scene 
that was related to the auric wound. Figures 24- 
1 to 24-5 are drawings of the healing work that 

This young man didn't tell me ahead of time 
what the problem was. Figure 24-1 shows what 
his field on the ketheric template looked like 
when he arrived. Compare it to Figure 7-13 in 
Chapter 7, which shows what the normal field 
on the ketheric template level looks like. Instead 
of beautiful golden fibers forming the spinning 
petals of the chakras at his solar plexus, John 
had a formation that looked rather like a sun¬ 
spot. A large mass of tangled red, yellow and 

Healing Transtemporal Traumas 247 

Gray and Fed clogged mucus 

Figure 24-3: Past-Life Lance Revealed as Aura Clears 

black energy created little whirlpools flowing off 
from it that appeared mostly in gray. Most of the 
other chakras were intact (and are not shown 
here). The main vertical golden power current 
that runs up and down the spine had a large 
deviation to the right towards the sunspot area 
and was very dark in that area. Small gray sec¬ 
ondary whirlpools formed on the rear part of 
the aura too. As John talked about his life, I sud¬ 
denly saw him in a past life sometime around 
the era of Genghis Khan. The scene was in a 
battle where he was lustfully killing a soldier 
from the "other army" with a hand weapon. He 
had a rod with a chain, and on the end of the 
chain was a metal ball with spikes with which 

he impaled his enemy's head. At the same time 
this happened, the enemy was plunging a lance 
into John's solar plexus. Both were killed in this 
interaction. This experience left him with the be¬ 
lief that any lusty, powerful expression of the 
life-force energy leads to injury and death. 

In this lifetime, John tended to hold back 
any strong integrated expression of the life force 
from within him. Instead, he divided his power 
into separate parts for expression. His profes¬ 
sion of directing plays served as a tool to help 
integrate the parts of himself. By expressing dif¬ 
ferent aspects of strong life force in the different 
characters in the different plays, he could expe¬ 
rience the results of what a particular expression 


Healing Transtemporal Traumas 249 

caused. Thus, his plays gave him many mini¬ 
life-like experiences to help him learn how to ex¬ 
press his power. 

When he came into the office, I was unaware 
that John had scoliosis until he turned around 
and I could see it with regular sight. He had 
been bom with it and had never had an opera¬ 
tion to straighten his spine. Thus, my interpre¬ 
tation was that this congenital disease was a 
direct outcome of that past life. 

In the healing sequence, after chelation, I 
used a crystal to scoop out the stagnated energy 
in the wound near the solar plexus (Figure 24- 
2). This stagnated energy was from the auric 
bodies two and four. The crystal works very well 
for this purpose and speeds up the process of 
cleansing. It also protects the healer from ab¬ 
sorbing any of this stagnated energy. 

Figure 24-3 shows what could be seen once 
a lot of the stagnated energy from the second 
and fourth auric levels had been cleared. I found 
the lance embedded in his solar plexus on the 
fifth energy level, or etheric template level. The 
handle of the lance was completely embedded 
within the auric field and curled into a spiral. To 
remove it, first I had to straighten the handle 
and then yank out the lance by the handle, 
cleaned the wound more and revitalized the 

In the next few healings that followed, I 
worked with the guides to restructure the aura 
on the ketheric template (or seventh auric level). 
First, I restructured the template of the organs 
in that area and then the chakra. Figure 24-4 
shows what I see while doing the chakra re¬ 
structuring. Tiny lines of gold-white light come 
out of my fingertips which move very rapidly to 
weave a golden structure of vortices that consti¬ 
tute the structure of that chakra. The blue 
etheric level (first auric layer) is then filled in 
and rests upon the golden level, just as the cells 
of the body rest upon the blue (lower) etheric 
level. After restructuring, the chakra then looks 
like Figure 24-5, a beautiful lotus of golden spin¬ 
ning vortices. 

After the chakra was restructured, I and the 
guides restructured the main power current that 
was darkened and out of alignment and recon¬ 

nected the chakra to it. Thus, when the set of 
healings was completed, my client again looked 
like Figure 7-13 in Chapter 7 with a complete set 
of functioning chakras and main power current. 

During the five or so sessions that it took to 
do this work, the client progressively felt more 
freedom of movement in that area of his body. 
He felt less tension in the muscles of the back 
that he used to compensate for his imbalanced 
field. He also said that he felt more freedom in 
his personal life. 

I saw him a month later for a check up to 
make sure everything held and then referred 
him to someone who works primarily on the 
body level for further physical restructuring now 
that the energy restructuring was completed. 
Just how much straighter his spine will become 
is questionable. This would take a lot of very 
deep healing. (See the section on purple-blue 
light in Chapter 23.) 

Healing Past-life Bands in the 
Ketheric Template Layer 

As noted earlier, another way to read past lives 
is simply to put your hands into the bands of 
color that appear at the ketheric or eggshell level 
of the aura. By doing this and tuning into the 
energy there, you can see the past lives flow be¬ 
fore your eyes. 

The past-life band that is relevant to what is 
happening right now in the person's present life 
is found around the face and neck area of the 
client and in the aura about two and one half to 
three feet out. By putting your hands above the 
face and following the band to the right with the 
right hand and to the left with the left hand, you 
can see the past life pass by in linear time. Just 
what you do with this information is very im¬ 
portant. Again, it is not good to expose the cli¬ 
ent to something he is not ready for. If the client 
has done a lot of purification work on himself, 
then it may be okay to let him know what is 
there. It may be very related to his present life. I 
would never give this information out unless I 
was very familiar with the client's process and 
knew that he was ready for it. 

250 Hands of Light 

I have done very little to change these past- 
life bands and think that very little should be 
done with them. I sometimes run my hands 
through them to make them clearer or "lighten" 
them when they appear to be burdened. At 
times I have seen the energy in such a band all 
bunched up, in which case I usually spread it 
out along the band. The person usually feels 
some relief and a lightening of his load when I 
do this. 

It is my impression that these bands are re¬ 
lated to the task the person has undertaken in 
this lifetime and needs to do in order to grow. 
Many times I get the sense that I am invading a 
very private personal space when I reach into 
these areas, so I withdraw from them. It is very 
important for the healer to respect the power of 
the work that the client is doing in these high 
levels of the field and only do what the healer 
and client are ready for. This is actually a gen¬ 
eral rule for working on all levels of the aura: 
Respect the work and humility of your position 
in the great scheme of the universe while always 
focusing on unconditional love, the greatest 
healer of all. 

Chapter 24 Review 

1. How are blocks sometimes related to past-life 
experiences seen on the psychological level? 

2. Describe the relationship between blocks in 
the HEF from this lifetime and those from 
other lifetimes. 

3. How can one do past-life therapy with the 
use of laying-on of hands? 

4. What is a very important thing to do in heal¬ 
ing after a past-life trauma has been removed 
from the HEF? 

5. When is past-life healing appropriate? When 
is it not? Is it necessary? 

6. How are past-life blocks laid down in the au¬ 
ric field? 

7. What is a direct current (DC) shift? Describe 
how it is related to past-life experience. 

Food For Thought 

8. What is a past life anyway, if time is not lin¬ 



"Physician, heal thyself." 




You and only you are responsible for your 
health. If you have a physical problem you must 
make the final decision to follow a particular cu¬ 
rative program. Only with the greatest of care 
should you make these decisions. To start with, 
you choose from a vast array of help available to 
you. Whom do you trust? How long do you fol¬ 
low a cure when you cannot tell whether or not 
it is working? These questions can only be an¬ 
swered from your deep searching for what is 
right for you. 

If you don't trust a diagnosis, there is noth¬ 
ing wrong with a second or third opinion, or 
another technique altogether. If you are con¬ 
fused about what has been said to you about 
your particular ailment, ask the doctor more 
questions, find some books, learn about what 
you are involved with. Take charge of your 
health. Most of all, do not let yourself be limited 
by a negative prognosis. Rather take it as a mes¬ 
sage to look deeper into yourself and wider into 
the available alternative methods. Standard 
western medicine has rnany answers, but not 

all. If it is not efficient in curing a certain dis¬ 
ease, then look elsewhere. Cover all bases. You 
will be surprised about how much there is to 
learn about yourself and your health. The 
search will change your life in ways you would 
never expect. I have met many people whose 
illness has eventually brought them great joy, a 
deep understanding and appreciation of life and 
the fulfillment they were not able to achieve be¬ 
fore becoming ill. 

If we can only change our attitude toward 
illness to one of acceptance and understanding 
that it is a message to be learned from, we 
would alleviate a great deal of fear that we have 
about illness, not only on a personal level but 
perhaps on a national or global scale as well. 

In this section, I will present my suggestions 
on how to maintain your health. This includes 
daily practices from which to choose as well as 
comments on diet, space and clothing. But most 
of all, you need love to maintain your health. 
Self-love is the greatest healer, and self-love also 
requires daily practice. 


Chapter 25 


As our view of illness changes, so does our way 
of treating it. As we become more efficient in 
diagnosis and treating illness, we can individu¬ 
alize our curative programs more. Each individ¬ 
ual is unique and requires a slightly different 
combination of agents used in the healing proc¬ 
ess. Each healing session is different. The healer 
must be prepared with a wide background of 
information, lots of love and good contact with 
her spirit guides in healing and in channelling. 
As we move into a more refined way of doing 
healing, the practice becomes an art. Here is a 
detailed case study of a patient I worked with 
for over two years that demonstrates what I 
think is a small peek at what is ahead for us. I 
have chosen David because his work illustrates 
all levels and phases of healing. It shows how 
deep healing can go into the structure of person¬ 
ality when it is done over a long period of time. 
Heyoan has said that "the precise substance 
taken in the precise amount at the precise time 
acts as a transformative substance." In this case 
study I use a combination of laying-on of hands, 
direct accessing of information and psycho¬ 
dynamic analysis. These combined with the pa¬ 
tient's own initiative and self-responsibility 
effected not only a cure of the illness, but also 
very deep life changes. These profound changes 
were only possible because the patient took full 
responsibility for his own healing. 

Finding the initiating cause of an illness is 
always a key part of a healing. Direct accessing 

of information is always an invaluable tool for 
this. In the case presented, the cause of the ill¬ 
ness is discussed from the point of view of the 
physical life circumstance, the psychodynamics 
involved, the patient's belief systems and the 
patient's spiritual life plan. 

The Healing of David 

David grew up in California. His parents were 
psychologists. He loved the ocean, surfing and 
the sun. David received a Ph.D. in Kinesiology 
from the University of California and then be¬ 
gan to teach. Later he spent some time in India, 
where he fell in love with another American, 
Anne, and also became quite ill. He and Anne 
returned to the U.S. For the next four years, his 
search for healing took him over the U.S., where 
he received various diagnoses from possible 
mononucleosis, chronic persistent hepatitis and 
unknown viruses to "it's all in your head, there 
is nothing wrong with you." Meanwhile his en¬ 
ergy was decreasing rapidly, and it was getting 
more and more difficult for him to work. By the 
time he got to my office, his energy would be 
good for a day or two, then it would disappear, 
and he would spend a day or two in bed. 

David walked into my office with the energy 
field shown in Figure 25-1. The most obvious 
and serious problem was in the solar plexus cha¬ 
kra, which was torn open and needed to be 



Figure 25-1: Case Study of David (Diagnostic View) 

The Face of the New Medicine: Patient Becomes Healer 257 

sewn back into form on all the structured layers 
of the field, including the seventh. The second 
most important problem was the distortion of 
the first chakra. It was bent to the left and was 
clogged. This caused a lack of ability to take en¬ 
ergy into the energy system through the base 
chakra. The combination of a torn third chakra 
that leaked energy and a clogged first chakra 
caused a very depleted energy system. This de¬ 
pletion would be strongly felt physically because 
the first chakra metabolizes the majority of en¬ 
ergy associated with physical strength, as dis¬ 
cussed in Chapter 11. In addition to these 
problems, the aura also showed a depletion and 
weakness in the second chakra, which is associ¬ 
ated not only with sexual function (which was 
down), but also with the immune system. There 
is a lymphatic center located there. The heart 
center showed a block deep inside its vortex. It 
is also associated with the immune system 
through the thymus gland. This block was lo¬ 
cated two-thirds of the way down into the spiral 
of the heart chakra. Whenever I have seen this 
configuration in people, it has been associated 
with an issue regarding the individual's rela¬ 
tionship to God and his belief about what God's 
Will is. (More about that later.) The throat center 
was undercharged. This center is associated 
with communication, self-responsibility and 
also giving and receiving. The third eye was 
clogged and blocked all the way deep into the 
head and into the pineal gland. The crown cha¬ 
kra was weak and undercharged. The whole 
aura was deflated and dull. 

Upon examining the organs, I could see a 
great deal of clogging and dark energy in the 
liver. There were layers of discoloration in the 
liver. One was dark slimy green, one was an 
ugly yellow, and deeper inside near the spine 
there were areas that were almost black. The 
etheric matrix of the liver itself was tom and de¬ 
formed. Upon closer inspection, I saw multiple 
infectious organisms, some bacterial and some 
viral in size and appearance. These organisms 
spread throughout the middle abdominal area, 
including the pancreas, spleen and digestive 
tract. Over the pancreas there was a small, 
swiftly spinning vortex making a high-pitched 
screeching sound. This configuration is usually 
associated with sugar metabolism problems like 

diabetes or hypoglycemia. The overall field was 
undercharged and weak. Instead of nice, bright 
streamers coming from the sixth layer, they were 
limp and dull. This was a very sick man. 

For the student of healing, I suggest that at 
this point you stop reading, analyze the field 
and make out the healing plan that you would 
follow. Where would you start first? Would you 
use as much energy as you could possibly run 
into this system to charge it? Why or why not? 
When would you repair the seventh layer tear, 
and why? What would you imagine could be the 
initiating cause of this illness, and how does it 
show in the auric field? Will this be a rapid re¬ 
covery or a slow one? Why? All these questions 
will be answered in the following description on 
the healing process that occurred. 

The Healing Sequence: 

First Phase: Clearing, Charging 
and Restructuring the Field 

For the first several weeks, healings were cen¬ 
tered on first chelating the field, straightening 
the first chakra and then slowly but surely re¬ 
pairing the problem in the third chakra area. I 
would sit sometimes for a half to three quarters 
of an hour with my hands on David's liver and 
third chakra area. It was impossible to charge 
the aura very strongly because of the weakness 
in the third chakra area. A strong energy charge 
would have the possibility of ripping that chakra 
more. It was relatively easy during these weeks 
to straighten and clear the first chakra. This was 
done systematically, whereas most of the focus 
of each healing would center on the mid¬ 
abdominal area. Repairing the tears in the auric 
field took a long time because the changes 
needed were so great. The aura couldn't be 
charged fully because the tear in the third cha¬ 
kra would either tear more or certainly leak 
more energy if a strong charge were sent 
through it. Each time David came in we would 
chelate, charge and repair part of the area of the 
third chakra, put a temporary "seal" or "ban¬ 
dage" over the tear and let it heal for a week. 
The next week a little more was done. Each 
week I would go deeper into the field to repair 

258 Hands of Light 

the structure of the aura, first cleansing, then 
restructuring, in a step-by-step process. It was 
necessary to repair the structure of the etheric 
level first, then the etheric template level of the 
liver and other anatomical structures in that area 
as well as the chakra. As the weeks wore on, 
David's energy began to level out. Rather than 
the rapid up-and-down phases, he stayed at an 
even low. This did not seem like progress to 
him, but it did to me. I could see the field slowly 
readjusting itself. Rather than the strong energy 
flip-flops caused by his body's trying to com¬ 
pensate for the weakness, and then not being 
able to maintain the compensation, his energy 
leveled out to the actual level his body could 
maintain in his condition. For David this was 
very discouraging. 

David's first chakra began to hold its 
straightened position, and the second chakra 
began to charge up. Finally, he began to regain 
his energy and sexuality. He also started to feel 
less vulnerable emotionally. 

During most of David's first three months of 
healing, Heyoan would not make comments to 
him. Heyoan would simply say to me that David 
had had quite enough psychological or spiritual 
lectures, and it would be rather like "cosmic law 
jammed down his throat." So I refrained from 
doing much psychodynamics in this phase of 
the work. It was not the most important thing at 
this phase. Charging and repair were much 
more important. The healer can only move as 
fast as the patient is able to move. Finally, 
David's field was strong enough to run enough 
energy through it at a high vibration to repair 
the seventh layer. 

Then David began to want more informa¬ 
tion. He started asking questions about the 
meaning of his illness in order to understand it 
in terms of his personal life situation. 

The Healing Sequence: 

Second Phase: Psychodynamics 
and Some Initiating Causes 

David's inquiry came as his third chakra (the lin¬ 
ear mind) began to function more smoothly. 
Slowly a picture formed of the human level of 

causative factors of his illness. 

Every child has strong connections with the 
mother, as discussed in Chapter 8. This connec¬ 
tion is made when the child is in the womb and 
after birth that connection can be seen through 
the auric umbilical cord that remains between 
mother and child. This cord connects their third 
chakras. After birth there is also a strong heart 
connection formed between child and mother 
through their heart chakras. 

The original tear in David's third chakra 
happened at a time near puberty when he re¬ 
belled from a very domineering and controlling 
mother. Before this time, David had done all he 
could to please her. Both his psychologist par¬ 
ents had unwittingly misused their knowledge 
of psychology to exert control over their son. 

David's solution to gain autonomy was like 
that of many teenagers. He broke ties with his 
parents. Unfortunately, the only way he knew 
how to do this was literally to break the tie that 
bound him to his mother. He was left with loose 
auric umbilical cords and a hole in the solar 
plexus area. Of course the most natural thing to 
do is to find someone else with whom to con¬ 
nect and thereby to replace mother. (At this 
stage everyone thinks the problem is mother's, 
not one's self.) Unfortunately, he discovered 
that he kept connecting with women who were 
controlling. His energy system would automati¬ 
cally attract someone who was controlling, sim¬ 
ply because that is the kind of energy David was 
used to being connected to. That is what felt like 
"normal" to him. (Like attracts like.) These un¬ 
satisfactory relationships led him on a search for 
himself, and eventually to an ashram in India. 
He began to see that the problem was inside 

On the heart level, David's fourth chakra 
never really connected strongly to his mother's. 
She had, from the beginning, not accepted who 
he was. When he did connect to her with his 
heart, he found it necessary to become the per¬ 
son she wanted him to be. That meant self- 
betrayal. David felt betrayal in his heart. Every 
young man has a plight of the heart. Although 
he strongly connects through his heart to his 
mother, he must eventually learn to transfer that 
to his mate, so that he can become a full man 

The Face of the New Medicine: Patient Becomes Healer 259 

with sexual potency—an experience he can 
never have with his first love, his mother. If he 
does not connect to the heart of his mother, then 
he has no model for doing so when it is time to 
find a mate and will have a difficult time loving. 

David's problem in relationship was also one 
of not knowing how to connect with love 
through the heart. This brought him to India, to 
a guru who, in David's words, had "One Big 
Heart." Through this ashram experience, David 
learned how to make the heart connection. First 
with his guru, and then with Anne, who he met 
there. However, he found that when connecting 
through the heart to his guru, he also little by 
little gave up his will. He was trying to learn 
unconditional love, but conditions set in. As 
David gave up his will, he began again to feel 
betrayed, but this time the issue was not just 
loving another human being, but loving human¬ 
ity and loving God. The issue was now revealed 
in the form of David's will versus God's will. 
This showed in the heart configuration in the 
auric field. David had found that now that he 
was no longer a "good boy" for Mom, he was 
being a "good boy" for the guru and God. He 
and Anne decided to leave, and another tear in 
the third chakra was experienced when breaking 
away from the guru. But he had gained the use 
of his heart. For the first time in his life he was 
deeply connected to a woman from the heart, as 
well as through the solar plexus chakras. 

The search for acceptance and perfect love is 
very strong in the human soul and will lead it 
through many lessons. I have found that people 
who spent years living in a spiritual community 
in the 70s learned to open up their hearts, but 
slowly gave up a lot of autonomy—just as they 
did in childhood. Many found it helpful to expe¬ 
rience profound love within the confines of a 
structured community before they could bring it 
out into the world on their own. This is espe¬ 
cially true if it was not experienced in the child¬ 
hood home. After having experienced love in a 
community, and having unfortunately given up 
some of their free will to do so, they need now 
to hold that love in the heart and to surrender to 
God's will as manifested within their own 
heart—not to someone else's definition of God's 

As David's healing progressed, problems in 
his relationship with his girlfriend that were 
chronic became intolerable to David. He was 
changing in ways that were not compatible to 
his mate's vibrations because she did not change 
in the same way. Their fields no longer pulsed in 

Anyone in a long-term relationship knows 
this phenomenon. If you change and your mate 
does not change at the same rate, there is a time 
period when the two wonder who it is they are 
living with. Will the other change and be com¬ 
patible? This is usually possible if both live with 
patience and love. If not, eventually one will 
move on. David and Anne began to work to¬ 
gether to solve their problems. With a great deal 
of love and sincerity, they focused primarily on 
the psychodynamics of the situation. David's 
main interest had turned to his work, his free¬ 
dom and gaining his own personal power. 
Anne, however, wanted to continue following 
her guru and to build a different kind of life. 

In addition to the cords that grow between 
mother and child, people in relationships grow 
cords of energy between each other. These are 
connected through the chakras. In a healthy re¬ 
lationship these cords are clear bright gold, bal¬ 
anced and connected through most of the 
chakras. In a lot of relationships, these cords 
simply repeat the unhealthy connections that 
were there from childhood between parent and 
child. Many of these cords connect in the solar 
plexus and are dark in color. During the process 
of transforming a relationship from unhealthy to 
healthy, the unhealthy cords must be discon¬ 
nected, energized and reconnected deep into 
the individual's own core. They are cords of de¬ 
pendency that must be rooted back into the in¬ 
dividual so that he can rely upon himself. David 
and his friend slowly disconnected their depen¬ 
dent cords. This is a very scary process. The 
personal feeling sometimes is as if one is float¬ 
ing in space, not connected to anything. In do¬ 
ing this one leaves the "illusory safety" of 
rigidity and replaces it with a flexible self- 

If you have ever gone through a divorce or 
the death of a mate, you will understand this 
phenomenon. Many people refer to their 

260 Hands of Light 

spouses as their "better half." I have heard be¬ 
reaved people speak of feeling tom apart or of 
losing their better half. In such a serious 
trauma, one feels as if one's whole front has 
been tom off. This is literally true. Many times I 
see those threads from the solar plexus dangling 
about in space after such a painful separation. 

The Healing Sequence: 

Third Phase: Transformative 

As David took his power back, he took more of 
an active role in the healings. He began to ask 
Heyoan very specific questions. He asked Hey- 
oan what physical treatment he should be tak¬ 
ing. (I could still see the microorganisms in 
David's mid-abdominal area. He needed some¬ 
thing.) David had heard of a serum from Can¬ 
ada that helped people with debilitating 
diseases. Should he take that? "No," Heyoan 
answered. "Well, it might help a little, but there 
is another drug that would be powerful." Hey¬ 
oan told me it was related to what is used in the 
treatment of malaria, like quinine. Then Heyoan 
showed me a picture of a swimming pool and 
said the first part of the word was chlorine, as in 
a swimming pool. The drug's name was like 
chlorine-quinine. Chloroquine. Heyoan said 
that if David took that drug it would act to wash 
the liver clean. He showed me a picture of 
David's liver being washed clear with a silvery 
liquid. Heyoan then added that David could get 
this drug from a doctor in the New York area 
where we lived. Heyoan also stated that David 
should not take a standard dosage, but should 
vary the dosage according to his needs, check¬ 
ing every day to see what he needed by using 
his High Sense Perception and a pendulum. 

David began his search. I was stunned when 
he came back to my office the next week with 
some chloroquine. I had never heard of it. David 
had asked a doctor if he had ever heard of a 
drug like the one Heyoan had described. The 
doctor immediately took a book down from the 
shelf describing the uses of chloroquine. It was 
used in some cases of chronic persistent hepati¬ 

tis like David had. Since the doctor's diagnosis 
agreed with Heyoan's, he prescribed chloro¬ 
quine in the normal dosages. 

David began taking the drug and checking 
the dosage with his pendulum on a daily basis. 
The first five days on the drug affected David 
strongly, not only physically but also emotion¬ 
ally. He went into the depths of emotional ag¬ 
ony. He experienced his problems (described 
earlier) very strongly. He described one day's ex¬ 
perience as having spent the day "burrowing 
into his girlfriend's belly." He knew it was a 
cleansing. He wanted to reexperience the feel¬ 
ings in order to heal himself. After five days he 
stopped the chloroquine as his pendulum read¬ 
ing suggested. 

Heyoan told David to take cleansing teas and 
vitamins for a week or two after the first bout 
with the chloroquine. I could see from the auric 
field that after taking the drug for five days 
David's colon (slimy, yellow-brown) was clog¬ 
ging up from the discharge of toxins as he 
cleared his infections. Cleansing teas were 
needed. After several days off the chloroquine, 
David "read" with the pendulum that it was 
time to go back on it again. He did. He would be 
on it for several days, then off for several. Each 
time he took it, he would sink into another layer 
of his personality that needed clearing. Each 
time he did so, he would come out stronger, 
more alive and more powerful. Each time he 
took it, more of the microorganism cleared from 
his body, and his aura grew brighter and fuller. 
He was truly transforming himself. At times, 
Heyoan would suggest another vitamin or cell 
salt (like ferrum phosphate, iron phosphate) to 
help the healing along. 

I asked Heyoan why he had not mentioned 
the chloroquine earlier? He said that David's 
field was so damaged that he would not have 
been able to stand the strong effects of the chlo¬ 
roquine until the repair was completed. 

During the second phase of healing, when 
David began dealing with psychodynamics, he 
and Anne broke up several times. They had 
been together over a decade and had a lot to 
clear up between them. Slowly they got further 
and further apart and finally separated. From 
the auric point of view, since David's solar 

The Face of the New Medicine: Patient Becomes Healer 261 

plexus chakra was no longer torn and his auric 
field was so brightly charged, he was no longer 
compatible in vibrations with his old mate. Her 
choice was to change m another way, to walk 
her own path and to create her own new life. 

As David regained his power, he started 
dealing with his relationship to God and God's 
will. He began to meditate to find God's will 
within himself. As he did this, he began to clear 
the deep holding within his heart chakra. He 
began to surrender to his own heart. Emmanuel 
(1985) has said, 

Willing a release makes the 
release tighter 

because it does not yield to will. 

It yields to yielding. 

The final lesson for each soul 

is the total surrender to 
God's will 

manifest in your own heart. 

Sometime soon after David met a woman 
and started a relationship. This relationship was 
very supportive and nurturing to him. As I read 
the relationship for David, I could see him being 
soothed by the field of his new partner. It was as 
if the effect of her company alone expanded his 
auric field, whereas previously he had always 
contracted his field in the presence of the person 
he was in a relationship with. 

The Healing Sequence: 

Fourth Phase: Transmutation 
and Rebirth 

During the last month that I worked with David, 
I began to see a configuration within his field 
that I had never seen before. It appeared to be 
uncovered by the work we had done. It looked 
like a cocoon surrounding the spine. It is diffi¬ 
cult for me to say which level of the field it was 
on. But it appeared that this cocoon held a lot of 
dormant energy waiting to be tapped. I didn't 
speak to David about this cocoon, but quietly 
watched it as I worked primarily on clearing the 

sixth chakra. All the rest of the aura was clear 
and bright (Fig. 26-1B). 

David came to his last session looking very 
different. His aura was twice as bright and 
much larger than usual. The cocoon had 
opened. I asked what had happened to him? He 
said that he had taken a drug popularily called 
ecstasy or MDMA, a synthetic drug of the 
phenylethylamine class synthesized from meth- 
amphetamine and safrole, over the weekend. 
Upon closer inspection, I could see that the 
MDMA had opened the left side of the pineal 
gland. The mucus from the third eye that had 
been placed there partially from doing pot and 
LSD was cleared away on the right side. There 
was still work to be done, but the overall change 
in David's field was amazing. 

Since my observations had always shown 
psychotrophic drugs to have a negative effect on 
the aura, I asked Heyoan about it. He said, 
"That depends on who takes it, and what their 
field configuration is at the time of taking it. 
Since David's sixth chakra was clogged, and it 
was time for him to work on opening it, the 
drug had a strong effect. But if the individual 
involved needed to focus on a different chakra, 
the effect would most likely be negative." 

When a different patient asked if she could 
take MDMA, Heyoan said, "No, I would not 
recommend it for you. Rather take ovatrophine 
to strengthen your second chakra, where you 
need to work." (Ovatrophine is made of freeze- 
dried beef ovaries.) She took ovatrophine and 
had experiences similar to those David had 
when he took chloroquine. Heyoan wishes to 
emphasize that the new medicine deals on all 
levels to heal the whole person. It focuses on 
the soul's destiny as the main issue. What les¬ 
son is being learned, and how can the individ¬ 
ual best learn that lesson? Ultimately the lesson 
is that you are a spark of the Divine. The more 
you remember that, the closer to home you get. 
Drugs can be used as transformative substances. 
That is their purpose. They do not cure the dis¬ 
ease; they assist the individual to cure himself. 
"The precise substance in the precise amount at 
the precise times assists the individual to trans¬ 
form himself," says Heyoan. 

David asked Heyoan a lot of questions dur- 

262 Hands of Light 

ing our last meeting. What was revealed about 
his changing and the meaning of the cocoon 
was encouraging for all of us to hear. David 
asked what had happened to him about a 
month earlier when he began to feel a deep pro¬ 
found change within himself that seemed per¬ 
manent. That's when I had started to see the 
cocoon. At that time he began to feel he had 
control over his life that was beginning to turn 
out the way he wanted it. He had a beautiful 
relationship, and he decided to move to the 
west coast. Heyoan said that one month ago 
David had actually completed his incarnation. 
David had started the last round of completion 
six years previously when he went to India. 
That was the last cycle of this lifetime, in which 
he had chosen to incarnate, to open his heart. 
One month ago he had actually completed that 
task. He, at that time, was free to leave, but had 
chosen not to do so, but to reincarnate in the 
same body. Heyoan said that future lifetimes 
were laid down into the field before birth and 
could be taken on at the completion of a life if 
the individual so chose. This could be done 
without leaving the body. "Think of how much 
more efficient it is," Heyoan said. The cocoon 
energy manifest around David's spine was the 
energy consciousness of the life he was about to 
begin. Heyoan said that the next three years 
would be spent integrating two levels of his be¬ 
ing into one, and that would take some getting 
used to. He would have much more energy and 
much more knowledge available to him as he 
integrated this energy into his reality. Heyoan 
suggested that if David wished, he could change 
his name. Heyoan added that the future did not 
have to be like the past. Here is part of one of 
their dialogues: 

David: "What does it mean to reincarnate within 
the same body?" 

Heyoan: "In a sense, and here we must use 
metaphor, you sit down with your spirit guides 
before birth and choose your parents; choose a 
set of probable realities; choose work to do; and 
choose a set of energies that will then build a 
body. You in a sense separate a portion of your 
Greater Being, take that consciousness and cre¬ 

ate a body with it. You choose your parents and 
the physical inherited qualities gained from 

"You sit down and you choose all that for a 
specific purpose. If in a particular lifetime, you 
complete that purpose and reach a certain goal, 
then it is always very easy to add another life¬ 
time. You simply interweave the new conscious¬ 
ness that would be used in the next body into 
the old body and consciousness. 

"So you have done your work well and, as 
you fuse your new consciousness within the 
'old body,' you will find many changes occur¬ 
ring, for you are now integrating the two." 

David: "They already are." 

Heyoan: "Absolutely. Isn't it a wonderful thing? 
When you die, or we prefer to say leave or drop 
the body, and no longer need the body as a tool 
for transformation, transmutation and transcen¬ 
dence, you will no longer create one. The body 
is a tool, a vehicle that you have created to focus 
on certain points within the self that you wish to 
transform in a most efficient way. All of the sys¬ 
tems in your body are built precisely for that 
transformation. You will see that in your work, 
in the nervous system, in the automatic func¬ 
tioning of the body, down to the very cells of the 
bones. You will find each portion of the body a 
delicate and beautiful tool for the use of trans¬ 
formation. It is not a burden. It is a gift. It is 
unfortunate that most human beings do not un¬ 
derstand that. 

"If again we use the metaphor of sitting 
down at the conference table with us to choose 
your life, then you, the greater portion of you, 
that is not completely incarnated (and we must 
say that you couldn't possibly do that anyway), 
that greater portion of you decides whether or 
not the best place for you for the next transform¬ 
ative work is in a body or not. And when you 
have made full use of these physical vehicles, 
whichever one it may be, that is when you end 
the round of life and death, as it is called, or the 
wheel of incarnations on the physical plane. It 
simply is that you no longer need this tool to 
separate out a linear time, and a three- 
dimensional space that makes it easier for you to 

The Face of the Neu? Medicine: Patient Becomes Healer 263 

see the particular points that you wish to trans¬ 
form. It is at that point where you decide—you, 
the greater you, and you are a great soul, much 
greater than that small portion that is incar¬ 
nated. You then decide whether or not it is, 
shall we say, profitable to utilize the physical 
body It is more or less like picking up a hoe or a 
rake. Does the garden still need to be raked? If 
so, why not do it with a rake, rather than the 
hand, say?" 

David: "And after one finishes his rounds of in¬ 
carnation on the physical plane?" 

Heyoan: "Then enlightenment goes on in an¬ 
other way. We also are clearing ourselves and 
moving toward God. There are an infinite num¬ 

ber of stages. For if you were to be carried from 
one level of reality to the next to the next, you 
would go into an infinite space. At this point 
you can only go to a certain height because your 
perception ability is not that broad. The more 
enlightened one gets, the broader the percep¬ 
tion. There is really no end to it. Healing on the 
higher levels becomes creativity. 

"Your physical reality is now in transition 
into the next phase, where transformation will 
no longer focus on pain. Future transformation 
and healing will encompass movement, music 
and art in a creative way. Healing turns into cre¬ 
ativity as one moves into the light and holds it 
within. As the darkness fades, the transforma¬ 
tion process becomes one of creativity rather 
than of healing." 

Chapter 26 


This chapter focuses on specifics of self-care and 
self-healing. The most important thing to learn 
about your health is how to maintain it. In my 
opinion, the most important principles to main¬ 
tain your health are the following: 

1. Maintaining a deep connection to yourself 
and your purpose in this life, both on the 
personal level and the world level. This 
means self-love and self-respect. (Chapters 3 
and 26) 

2. Understanding what health and healing 
means to you and for you. (Chapters 14, 15 
and 16) 

3. Attending to yourself and taking care of 
yourself. This means listening to inner guid¬ 
ance that tells you as soon as there is an im¬ 
balance somewhere and following through 
on that guidance. (Chapters 1, 3, 17 and 19) 

Taking Care of Yourself 

To take good care of yourself, you need a daily 
routine that includes meditation, exerdse, good 
food, good hygiene, the right amount of rest for 
you when it is needed, the right clothes, home, 
pleasure, personal challenge, intimacy and 
friends. Mix these with a good amount of love, 
and you will reap great rewards. Your personal 

needs will vary over the weeks and years. Be 
flexible. What is right in one period may not be 
in another. Rather than being told what regimen 
you in particular need, it is most important for 
you to determine that for yourself. That is what 
the essence of heeding and good health is all 
about: Self-responsibility and bringing the 
power back home to the self. Here is a list of 
self-care tips and healing exercises found in this 
book. Remember, variety is the spice of life, and 
personal growth thrives on change. 

1. Meditation (Chapters 3, 17, 19 and 20). My 
favorite meditation is one that was given by Em¬ 
manuel in a workshop that Pat, Emmanuel, 
Heyoan and I gave. I call it the future/past medi¬ 

Sit comfortably, preferably with your back 
straight. Pay attention to your breathing. 
Breathe in and breathe out. With each inbreath, 
breathe in the future, and all its potent possibili¬ 
ties. As you breathe out, breathe out the past 
and all that went with it. Simply breathe in the 
future and breathe out the past. For what you 
breathe in is the future and what you breathe 
out is the past. Let the past go. Breathe in the 
future, and all that you wish to create. Breathe 
out the past, and all those false limitations you 
place upon yourself. The future does not have to 
have anything to do with the past. Let the past 
go. Continue to breathe in the future and 
breathe out the past. See all of your past going 


266 Hands of Light 

out behind you, and the future coming to you. 
See your past lifetimes flowing out behind you, 
and your future lifetimes flowing toward you. 
Breathe in the future and out the past. Watch 
the flow of time and see yourself as the central 
point of consciousness. You are the central point 
of consciousness, and experience moves by you. 
You sit in the center of reality. That you is un¬ 
changing. You exist outside the boundaries of 
time. Now, in that moment between the in¬ 
breath of the future and the outbreath of the 
past there is a pause. It is in that moment of 
pause between breaths when you will slip into 
the eternal now. 

2. Physical exercises (Chapter 21). In addition 
to these exercises there are lots of fitness centers 
around the country now that offer aerobics, 
nautilus, yoga and martial arts like t'ai chi. Do 
you like to swim or jog? What gives you the 
most pleasure? Do it. 

3. Good food. This is not mentioned much in 
this book. There are good diets listed in the 
many diet books to be found in bookstores. I 
recommend a diet that follows many of the rules 
of the macrobiotic schools. Very little meat, or¬ 
ganic if you want it. I especially do not recom¬ 
mend red meat. Plenty of balanced grains, 
vegetables, salads and some fruit. Eat what is in 
season. According to season, the winter diet 
leans more toward root vegetables and the sum¬ 
mer more toward fresh salads, vegetables and 
fruits. Grains are needed all year round. 

Be careful of the vitamins you take. Many 
people have strong negative reactions to some of 
the vitamins they take regularly, but don't know 
it. If you are doing healing work, you will need 
to supplement your diet with a good multi¬ 
mineral/multi-vitamin product and take extra 
amounts of calcium, potassium, magnesium 
and vitamin C. You may need some extra B vita¬ 
mins too. I am being purposely vague about 
this, because each person's body needs vary. 
You will want to find what you need to take, the 
amount you need, when to take it and for how 

Pay attention to your food when you eat it. 
Make it look appealing on the plate. Be aware 

that the food is going into your body to nourish 
you, give you energy and grow your cells. Chew 
it, taste it and, most of all, enjoy it since food is 
from the abundant earth. 

For an experiment some time, follow the 
food through your body once you swallow it. 

Pay attention to your apestat, which is the 
mechanism through which your body tells the 
taste buds what it needs. That is different from 
craving. What do you crave? Usually what you 
crave is what you are allergic to. Don't eat it. In 
three to ten days the craving will go away. Give 
your body what it needs. Listen to its messages. 
Of course if you crave one thing all the time, 
then something is wrong. If you always want 
sweet things, then find out why. You probably 
haven't been feeding yourself properly, and 
your body is making up for it by craving fast 

Of course you know that many of the addi¬ 
tives used in food to preserve them are very bad 
for you. Most of our foods also contain small 
amounts of poisons from the pesticides, herbi¬ 
cides, fertilizers and chemicals found in the en¬ 
vironment. The best way to deal with this is to 
eat only organically grown foods. Do not buy 
processed foods with preservatives. Yes, organic 
foods take longer to cook and cost more, but in 
the long run you will save the money in medical 
bills. Eat only fertile eggs. 

If you cannot get organic vegetables and 
eggs where you live, you can remove some of 
the poisonous effect by soaking them in Clorox. 
When you come home from the grocery store, 
simply fill the sink with water, add one quarter 
cup Clorox, and soak all your fresh produce and 
eggs in it for twenty minutes. Rinse thoroughly, 
wash off the dirt and put the food away. Also 
use extra rinses, especially with dishes, to en¬ 
sure no detergent residues are being ingested 
which can cause breakdowns of our defenses in 
the digestive system. 

Just remember, the fresher your food, the 
healthier it is and the more life energy it has to 
give you. 

4. Good hygiene. Cleansing your body and car¬ 
ing for your skin, teeth and hair are important. 
In cleansing your body use soaps or other skin 

Health, a Challenge to Be Yourself 267 

cleansers that are pH-balanced acid/alkali bal¬ 
anced for your skin. The skin has a natural acid 
mantle that prevents infection. If you work 
against that protection by using soaps and 
creams that are alkaline, you will be working 
against your body, rather than with it. Use a 
shower brush on your skin when you shower. 
This will help remove the old dead layer of skin 
which your body sloughs off regularly to leave 
room for the new cells to grow. Use a pH- 
balanced skin lotion if you are in a dry climate. 
It helps maintain the moisture in your skin. Use 
natural, hypoallergenic and nontoxic soaps and 
cosmetics whenever possible. 

The same holds true for your hair. Don't use 
rinses that leave heavy residue on the hair. 
Make sure your shampoo is pH-balanced and is 
nontoxic for you. 

Be sure to floss your teeth once a day. Brush 
your teeth at least twice a day. If you have gum 
problems, use a mixture of 1 part salt to 8 parts 
baking soda to brush with once a day. 

5. Rest. The amount of rest you need is again a 
personal thing. Are you a night or day person? 
Listen to your body. When does your body need 
rest? Does it like a full six to nine hours or 
would it prefer less sleep time at night and naps 
during the day? When you are tired, rest, no 
matter what time of day it is. You will find that if 
you lie down immediately, it will take only half 
an hour or so to regain your energy again. Lis¬ 
ten to your body's needs. If you can't get a half 
hour, try fifteen minutes. I bet you can find that 
in your busy day. 

6. Clothing. I have found that many synthetic 
fabrics interfere with the natural energy flow of 
the aura. These are acrylics, many polyesters 
and nylon. Nylon stockings strongly interfere 
with the energy flow up and down the legs and 
are, in my opinion, related to many of the fe¬ 
male illnesses we have in our modem societies 
now. I recommend that you only wear them 
when you really must. Find substitutes. It is 
best to avoid fabrics with aldehyde/ 
formaldehyde in them and made from petro¬ 
leum by-products—especially if you think you 
might be hypersensitive. 

Natural fibers have a strong positive effect 
on the aura. They enhance and sustain it. Cot¬ 
tons, silks and wools are best. Fabrics that are 
mixtures are also fine. 50% cotton fabrics are 
great. Some synthetics seem to be fine also. My 
body and energy field like rayon and some 
things made of orlon, like socks. 

When you look in the closet in the morning, 
and there is "nothing to wear," it may be be¬ 
cause the color you need is not there. What 
color do you need today? Your aura may be low 
in a color, and you need to energize yourself 
with that color by wearing it. 

Stock your closet. Stock it with different tex¬ 
tures of clothes too. Have a variety of textures to 
choose from, depending on how you feel that 

Does your style of clothes suit you, or do 
you dress for others? Make sure what you wear 
expresses who you are. 

7. Home. Do you have the space and amount 
of light you need? Is your home comfortable for 
you? If you have time to care for them, plants 
lend a nice healing energy to your space. Does 
your home have the colors you need? Is the air 
that you breathe fresh? If not, get an air ionizer/ 
precipitator. If you have fluorescent lights in 
your home or workspace, get rid of them. Turn 
them off. Use incandescent lights. 

8. Pleasure. If you do not give yourself enough 
time for pleasure, budget that time just as you 
do your work time. Pleasure is just as important 
as work. Do those things you always wanted to 
do to have fun. Now is the time. Laugh regu¬ 
larly, discover the child in you and enjoy every 

9. Personal challenge. Everyone has things they 
have always wanted to do but put it off to next 
year or assume they never can. Wrong assump¬ 
tion. This is the year. Whether it is a pleasure 
trip, a creative challenge or a change in profes¬ 
sion, you really need to give yourself the chance 
to at least try it. Is there a certain kind of work 
you have always wanted to do? Check it out. 
See what it would take and make a plan to deal 
with this inner longing. Remember that your 

268 Hands of Light 

deepest inner longing, that which you want to do 
more than anything, is precisely what you have come 
into this life to do. Your best assurance of health is to 
do it. Start now, explore what it would take and 
begin. Even if it takes a long time to get there, if 
you don't start out on the journey, you won't 
reach the goal. If you do and continue to walk 
toward it, you will. Your inner guidance will 
guarantee it. 

10. Intimacy and friends. We all need intimacy 
and friends. Find what that means for you and 
create it in your life. Make your own rules about 
this. If there is someone you have always liked, 
but haven't done anything about it because you 
are too shy, take a chance. Tell that person you 
like him or her and would like to be a friend. 
You will be surprised how well that works. If it 
doesn't, try another person. 

11. Self-care in accident and illness. Before you 
need one, find a local health care professional of 
your choice. There are many available now, and 
it is better to know what to do and where you 
will go before you have to do it. Pick a physician 
with whom you have a good rapport and whom 
you really trust. There are healers, homeopaths, 
naturopaths, acupuncturists, chiropractors, 
masseuses, people that do kinesiology, nutri¬ 
tionists, etc. 

For yourself, I suggest some courses on 
home care or care of the family. Homeopathy is 
a wonderful way for a woman or man to nurse 
her or his own family back to health. I have 
been using it for years and have found that in 
practically every case I have encountered with 
my children the right homeopathic remedy com¬ 
bined with a simple laying-on of hands did the 
trick. I have treated all the typical child's prob¬ 
lems from strep throat to crunched fingers suc¬ 
cessfully with homeopathy. 

12. The simple healing techniques I recommend 
that you use for your family are the following: 
Start with the chelation (Chapter 22). Everyone 
can learn it. Then, after going through all the 
chakras, put your hand directly on the place 
that hurts. Sit in a state of love for the person 
involved. It will make both of you feel wonder¬ 

If the area seems to be clogging up with en¬ 
ergy, you may want to pull some clogged stuff 
out. Simply imagine your fingers growing three 
inches longer and becoming filled with blue 
light. Now reach into the place that is clogged 
and scoop up handfuls of it and hold it up into 
the air. Let it turn to white light. Since your fin¬ 
gers are now three inches longer than normal, 
you can reach right through the skin and three 
inches into the body. Go ahead, try it. It works, 
and it is very easy. 

Complete the healing by holding your hands 
on your wife's/husband's/daughter's/son's head. 
Then after a few minutes, comb their whole au¬ 
ric field with your long fingers. Make long 
strokes from the head down to the toes holding 
your hand about six inches away from the body. 
Cover the whole body on all sides. 

End by holding your hands in running water 
for a while. Use a pleasant temperature. 

If you are the one who is sick or has had an 
injury, do as much of this for yourself as you 
can. Get a friend to do it for you. If you have an 
illness, each night when you go to bed put your 
hands on that area. Send it love and energy. Vis¬ 
ualize yourself well and balanced. Ask what the 
message is that is coming to you from your 
body. Where and how have you not been listen¬ 
ing to yourself? What is the meaning of this in¬ 
jury or illness to you both on the personal level 
and on the life task level? And most important, 
love yourself, accept yourself. If you have a seri¬ 
ous illness, don't judge yourself for it. Love 
yourself. You have the courage to make the mes¬ 
sage strong enough to hear. Y>u have decided to 
face whatever it is that you need to face in order 
to learn what it is you want to know. That is a 
very courageous act. Respect yourself for it. 
Love yourself. Love yourself. Love yourself. You 
are a part of the Divine. You are one with God. 
Here are two of Heyoan's self-healing medita¬ 
tions. They will help you: 

Heyoan's Meditation 
on Self-healing 

1. "Scan your body in any way that you wish: 
inner sight, intuition, feeling sense. 

Health, a Challenge to Be Yourself 269 

"Find the area of your body, with help of 
your guide if you wish, that you are most 
concerned about. 

"If you do not find a problem area, you can 
focus on something that is happening in 
your life right now that you are concerned 
about. Find the area in the body or life. 

2. "If you wish, give it a form, color, substance, 
shape, density. Is it sharp, dull? If it is a par¬ 
ticular pain, does it last a long time? Does it 
ache? Is it sharp? Does it come and go? 

"Is the situation in your life new? Old? How 
do you feel when you are confronted with it 
and what has your chronic or habitual re¬ 
sponse been? Consider any particular situa¬ 
tion that we arc; speaking of. 

"Example: If there is a pain in your body, 
what happens in your mind when you feel 

"Does your mind read and put terrible labels 
on it? 

"In the circumstances in your life, do you 
feel anger or fear? Do you feel fear about 
what is happening in your body? And what 
do you do then with the response? What is 
the habitual response that has (in a sense) 
gotten you nowhere. You know the habitual 
response doesn't work, because the pain is 
still there. Especially if the pain is a chronic 
one, the habitual response has not worked. 
The message (the lesson, if you will) has not 
gotten through. So, I would venture to say, 
my dear, that whatever that response is, it is 
completely wrong because it does not solve 
the situation. 

"Look at your life and your body—you have 
fashioned it as a schoolroom in which to 
learn, and any illness, any pain or any dis¬ 
ease is a message, a message to you to teach 
you a lesson. 

3. "So the next question I ask you is why 
would you create such a pain in your body? 

Why would you create such a situation in 
your life? What is it that you can learn from 
this? What is the situation or the pain saying 
to you over and over again until you under¬ 
stand it? Or get it? For until you learn that 
lesson you will continue to create the situa¬ 
tion, for you are your best teacher and you 
have designed your lessons well and you 
will not pass yourself into another lesson 
until you have learned this one. 

"If you have found that place in your body, I 
would recommend that you put your hand 
or hands there. Allow your greater con¬ 
sciousness to begin merging into that place 
in your body. And as you do it, if you have 
not already discovered it, find the nature of 
the fear. When you have sensed the essence 
of the nature of that fear, I recommend that 
you feel it with love. What kind of love is 
most suitable for this fear? Do this for any 
area of your life or area of your body. Any 
illness you have is a direct result and any 
negative experience in your life is a direct 
result of the fact that you have not fully 
loved yourself—you have not fully followed 
what you wish to do. How have you not 
harkened to that inner voice? How have you 
not let yourself be fully who you are? Any 
illness is a direct message to you that tells you 
how you have not been loving who you are, cher¬ 
ishing yourself in order to be who you are. This 
is the basis of all healing. 

4. "Another clue: The lesson is never ever 
about something you have done wrong or 
something bad about you. 

5. "And so, having found the answer, you will 
immediately find, most likely, pain and fear 
when you have blocked yourself from doing 
what you have really desired to do. And at 
that point the Choice is to face the fear and 
allow yourself to feel it and to work with it in 
your life. For whenever there is fear, there 
has been then the absence of love, for fear is 
the opposite of love. So wherever there is 
fear, you can be sure you are not in truth, 
and most likely what you fear is not real, but 
illusion. For you are not centered, you are 

270 Hands of Light 

not within the wholeness of your being 
when you are afraid. When you take courage 
to step into that fear you begin the healing 
process on a new level. 

"Homework before going to bed: 

1. List your fears. 

What do you fear? 

Perhaps it will focus on your body. 
Perhaps it will focus on your life situa¬ 

Perhaps they are general fears. 

2. "Connect that fear with circumstances in 
your life. Fear is always directly related to 
something you are not doing that you 
want to do. It blocks you from your great¬ 
ness and is also the doorway to it. 

Make a list that says: 

How You Have Not 
Life Loved Yourself— 

Fears Situations What/How You Wish To Be 

"What does this all have to do with the aura? 
It can be seen in the aura. There is form and 
substance to these things. When you open 
your perceptions wider you will be able to 
look at people and see how they have not 
loved themselves. And then you as a healer 
will be the link to help them remember who 
they are and help them love themselves. You 
as a healer become love." 

Meditation to Dissolve 

"This is a good meditation for those who find 
themselves confined in areas of their life in 
which they do not wish to be confined. It is 
good for self-exploration, good for practice of 
healership, because illness is nothing but a 

result of confining oneself within limited defini¬ 
tions of self. As a healer, you must be able to 
first understand that process in yourself to sense 
it in others—to help them define it and to help 
them release those boundaries. 

"All of these things have their form in the 
auric field. They are energy and consciousness 
that limits you. And thus while working with 
the aura and healing, you can directly work on 
the energetic form that is the substance of the 

1. Lift yourself to an expanded state. 

2. Drop in the question: Who am I? 

3. When you find an answer, search for a limi¬ 
tation that you have placed upon yourself by 
the simple definition of who you are. When 
you find that limitation, know that it is a 
boundary you have placed upon yourself. 

4. Throw that limitation outside the boundary, 
and thus the boundary grows. 

5. Again drop in the question, Who am I? 
Whatever the answer will be, it will give you 
another definition of self. 

6. Separate out the Essence from the limited 

7. Throw the limitation outside the boundary, 
expand again. 

8. Ask the question again, etc. 

"Practice this meditation regularly during the 
next coming week. No, I will not define Es¬ 
sence. It is something that you will define in the 

If you wish to become a healer, you can. 
Your first challenge is to heal yourself. Focus on 
that, then focus on finding ways to help others 
heal themselves. This will lead you to your de¬ 
velopment as a healer. In the next chapter I will 
talk about what that road may be like. 

Health, a Challenge to Be Yourself 271 

Chapter 26 Review 

Food For Thought 

1. Grade yourself on a scale of 1-10 on the 
eleven self-care points listed in this chapter, 
starting with (1) Meditation. 

2. For the points where you gave yourself a low 

score, find your lower self or shadow self re¬ 
action that blocks you. What is the belief and 
limited conclusion that this reaction is based 

3. Relate this to an imbalanced chakra or cha¬ 

4. Do Heyoan's meditation for self-healing. 

5. Do Heyoan's meditation to dissolve self¬ 

Chapter 27 


Becoming a healer is a very individual and per¬ 
sonal process. There are no set rules on how 
that should happen. Everyone's life is unique. 
No one can bestow healership upon another. It 
is something that grows from the inside. There 
are many courses to take, a lot of technical mate¬ 
rial to study and different schools of thought as 
to what is really happening in the healing proc¬ 
ess. Some do not call their practices spiritual at 

My path to healership was guided along the 
spiritual way, which was most natural for me. 
What is most natural for you? Walk your own 
path, not the well-formed trail. You can take 
what you choose from the well-formed trail and 
use it to support and help you create your new 
ideas. My guide Heyoan has made the following 
comment about becoming a healer. 


"To become a healer means dedication. Not to 
any specific spiritual practice, religion, or set of 
rigid rules, but dedication to your particular 
path of truth and love. This means that your 
practice of that truth and love will probably 
change as you travel through your life. There are 
many roads to 'Heaven/ I dare say, as many as 
there are souls returning home. If we were to 
search throughout the history of the human be¬ 
ing, we would find many who have traveled be¬ 
fore us and found enlightenment. Many of 
those particular ways that were traveled are no 

longer known by the human race at this time in 
history. Some are being recovered; others are 
still lost. But no matter, for new ways are contin¬ 
ually being formed from the depths of the hu¬ 
man soul, from wherever each soul is at any 
moment, to provide a way home. You see, my 
dear, this is the process. It is the ever renewing 
process of the creative force welling up inside of 
you and everyone else. It is what coming home 
is all about. When you learn to flow completely, 
without resistance, with that inner creative 
movement, then you are home. This is what be¬ 
ing home is." 


As soon as you decided to dedicate yourself to 
your true path and make that the central priority 
of your life, you become aware of an overall 
process taking place in your life. This life proc¬ 
ess carries you through inner landscapes that 
change the nature of your personal reality. You 
begin to see cause and effect relationships be¬ 
tween your inner personal reality and the 
"outer" world. 

I was carefully led (by my higher self and 
guides) through a step-by-step process which 
was designed to help me learn spiritual law. I 
spent fairly long periods of time concentrating 
on and learning about the nature of truth. Di¬ 
vine will and love. After a period of time con¬ 
centrating on one of these principles, I felt as if I 
was being tested. I continually found myself in 


274 Hands of Light 

situations where it was very difficult to stay with 
the truth, love, or to even have much of an idea 
as to what Divine will might be. At times it ap¬ 
peared that my guides, the angels or God was 
testing me, and I couldn't do much about it. 
Eventually, I could see that these tests are de¬ 
signed (with my full agreement) by a conscious¬ 
ness much greater than mine. I am part of that 
greater consciousness. Ultimately then, in a 
sense, I design the tests. The small "ego-me" 
usually wants no part of it. The wiser part of me 
knows better. 

The first thing you will face after committing 
yourself to your path is your fear. 

Dealing with Fear 

Fear is the emotion that is associated with being 
disconnected from the greater reality. Fear is the 
emotion of separation. Fear is the opposite of 
love, which is being connected to the unity of all 

Exercise to Find Your Fears 

Ask yourself: What is my worst fear at this time 
in my life? What assumptions about reality is 
that fear based on? What really is so terrible 
about that happening? Whatever you try to 
avoid is related to your fear of feeling the emo¬ 
tions involved. What are they? Deep inside you 
is a place where you know you can face and go 
through anything. 

If you look within, you will feel your de¬ 
mand that you do not have to experience what¬ 
ever it is you fear. However, if you let go and 
surrender to your Divine Spark, you will see 
that you probably need to face it. As you go 
through the feared experience, your fear will 
transform into loving compassion. This includes 
the experience of dying. For, as Emmanuel says: 

It is not a matter of 
destroying fear, 
but of knowing its nature 
and of seeing it as a less 
powerful force 
than the power of love. 

It is illusion. 


is only looking in the mirror 
and making faces 
at oneself. 

When looking back at my path, I can see 
clear patterns of development. I was not so 
aware of the greater pattern when it was hap¬ 
pening. I spent most of the time being aware of 
the issues at hand in each moment. 


When I first moved to the Phoenicia Pathwork 
Center and began to practice "the Pathwork" in 
the form of private sessions, groups and partici¬ 
pation as a member of a spiritual community, I 
found myself immediately faced with the issue 
of the truth. Was I speaking the truth, or was I 
convincing myself of a certain reality for my 
convenience? I was stunned at how I rational¬ 
ized myself into believing things to validate my 
behavior and explain unpleasant experiences in 
my life. My major defense was to blame some¬ 
one else. How much do you do this? Look for 
the subtle ways, not the obvious ones. 

Slowly, after examining your behavior you 
will see that cause and effect works in much 
clearer ways then you thought, and that you, in 
fact, are creating those negative experiences in 
some way or another. This is a tough one to 
face. Buried under these painful creations, you 
will find an intent to actually live your life that 
way. This is called "negative intent." My nega¬ 
tive intent was based on two things. One was a 
belief system that life is basically hard, a lot of 
work and painful. This belief system is not just 
general, but it is very specific for each person. 

Exercise to Find Your 
Negative Beliefs 

For example, fill in the following sentences for 

yourself. "All men are_All women 

are_In a relationship I will be hurt 

The Development of a Healer 275 

the following ways_Maybe I will 

get sick and die of_I will be ripped- 

off in the following ways_I will lose 

__ if I don't__." The other 

thing my negative intent was based on was neg¬ 
ative pleasure; that is, I actually enjoyed nega¬ 
tive experiences. 

Warning, don't fool yourself, no matter how 
many workshops you have attended and how 
much you have worked on yourself, you will 
benefit from answering the questions. We all 
have these patterns, though they may not be as 
overt as they were before. 

Everyone does this on some level of her per¬ 
sonality. For example, by blaming someone else 
for your problems (mother, father, wife or hus¬ 
band), you have the pleasure of being the "good 
one," while they are the "bad ones." Negative 
pleasure has many variations and forms. You 
can actually feel the pleasure in being hurt, in 
being sick or in being a loser. Most of us repeat 
patterns of being victimized because as the vic¬ 
tim we always receive a secondary gain. To ex¬ 
plain why we haven't succeeded, we pretend 
we are the good ones that could have made it in 
life if only someone else had not messed it up. 
Hear your pleasure in why you can't do some¬ 
thing. Statements like, "I wanted to do it, but 
my mother/father/wife/husband wouldn't let 
me, or my back was too sore, or I didn't have 
time because I have to work so much." These are 
all excuses that contain a lot of negative plea¬ 
sure. Listen to yourself the next time you ex¬ 
plain why you haven't done something. Are you 
in truth? 

Why would we, as humans, behave this 
way? Let us look at the etiology of negative plea¬ 

Negative pleasure is distorted natural or pos¬ 
itive pleasure. Negative pleasure is based on 
separation. Positive pleasure is based on unity. 
It does not in any way separate you from others. 
Positive pleasure comes from your center or 
core. It flows from deep within and seeks to cre¬ 
ate. It flows with movement and energy which 
are pleasurable. Negative pleasure is created 
when the original creative impulse flowing with 
movement and energy from the core gets dis¬ 
torted or twisted and partially blocked in some 

way. This happens primarily through early 
childhood experiences which are crystallized 
into our personalities. For example, a child 
reaches for the pretty bright red burner on the 
kitchen stove. The mother slaps away the hand 
before it is burned. The pleasure impulse is 
stopped. The child cries. The union of pain and 
pleasure begins in a way as simple as this. 

There are many other much more compli¬ 
cated experiences in childhood that link the neg¬ 
ative experience with pleasure. We are 
constantly being told we cannot be who we are, 
we cannot let our life force flow. Our choice is to 
opt for negative pleasure, because it is con¬ 
nected to the original life impulse. We still feel 
the life impulse. Even if the pleasure is negative, 
it is still life; it is better than no movement and 
no energy, which is death. Our distorted plea¬ 
sure impulse becomes habitual as we grow up. 

In a sense, each time we distort our pleasure 
impulse and do not allow ourselves to be who 
we are, we die a small death. The purification 
process is then to resurrect ourselves from each 
of those small deaths and to regain the full flow¬ 
ing pleasure of energy, movement and con¬ 
sciousness which enhances our creative force. 

I spent the first two years of living at the 
Phoenicia Pathwork Center being meticulously 
honest with myself, finding and separating out 
the negative pleasure from the positive, finding 
just how I created the negative experiences in 
my life, and why. I looked for the faulty beliefs 
or misconceptions on which my actions were 

Doing this will completely change your per¬ 
spective of reality as it did for me. If you are, 
after all, responsible for creating negative experi¬ 
ences in your life, then you can change and cre¬ 
ate positive ones. It will work. It did for me, and 
old problems began to clear away. 

Divine Will 

After two years of concentrating mostly on liv¬ 
ing by the truth as much as possible, I realized I 
was having trouble with my will. The way I 
used my will was creating problems in my life. It 
was unsteady. I would change my decisions 

276 Hands of Light 

about things. I found many levels of "wanting" 
or will issues inside. All of us have these. They 
are from the defended self and are often found 
in the will of the inner child, the teenager, or the 
young adult. Most of these wills are rather de¬ 
manding. Out wills need to grow up. Deep in¬ 
side of us there exists a spark of the Divine will, 
God's will. Many people experience Divine will 
as outside of themselves. This means they must 
always find someone else to tell them what to 
do. This leads to a feeling of worthlessness. I 
have found that a spark of Divine will exists 
within every human being. It is essential that 
you allow yourself time to search for it inside 
yourself until you find it. It is there, you are not 
the exception. What does it mean to follow 
God's will anyway? It certainly doesn't mean to 
follow God's will as defined by an outer author¬ 
ity. I decided to find out. I realized that I needed 
to align all the little wills inside with the spark 
of Divine will inside. I decided the best way to 
do this (for me) was to develop a positive use of 
my will by committing it to a daily practice. 

I found a beautiful commitment from the 
Guide Lectures (lectures coming through the 
channel of Eva Pierrakos (1957-80), upon which 
the Pathwork is based). It stated: 

I commit myself to the will 
of God. 

I give my heart and soul to God. 

I deserve the best in Life. 

I serve the best cause in Life. 

I am a divine manifestation 
of God. 

Each day, several times a day, I made this 
commitment. I did this every day for two years, 
until it became apparent to me that I was pretty 
good at finding the Divine will inside. 

Emmanuel said, "Your will and God's will 
are the same . . . when something brings you 
joy and fulfillment, it is the will of God speaking 
through your own heart." 

Examine your use of will. How much do you 
"should" yourself according to an external set of 
morals? How often do you listen and follow 
your heart's desire? As you align yourself with 
your Divine will, you may find it is time to con¬ 
centrate on loving as I did. 


Many of us have a very narrow view of what 
love is. As I spent the next two years concentrat¬ 
ing on giving love in whatever way I could in 
whatever way it was needed, I found many 
forms of love, all of them saying: "I care for your 
well-being in any way I can"; "I honor your soul 
and respect your light"; "I support and trust 
your integrity and light as a fellow traveler along 
the way of life." You begin to learn that giving is 
receiving, is giving, is receiving. 

The hardest is to learn self-love. If you do 
not infuse yourself with love, how can you give 
it to others? Self-love takes practice. We all need 
it. Self-love comes from living in ways that do 
not betray yourself. It comes by living by your 

Self-love needs to be practiced. Here are a 
couple of simple exercises that will challenge 

Find the thing that is easiest for you to love, 
like a small flower, a tree, an animal or a work of 
art. Then simply sit with it and give it your pre¬ 
cious love. After doing so a number of times, 
see if you can extend a bit of that precious love 
of yours to yourself. Anyone having such a pre¬ 
cious gift as that love of yours is certainly worth 

Another exercise is to sit in front of the mir¬ 
ror for ten minutes and love that person that 
you see there. Do not be critical of her. We are 
all so good at looking in the mirror and finding 
every little flaw. That is not allowed here; only 
positive compliments are allowed in this exer¬ 
cise. If you want a real challenge, every time you 
criticize yourself, start all over. See if you can 
make it to ten minutes without one criticism. 


As I look back on it, after the completion of that 
six-year period, great changes had taken place 
within me. A great deal of the time, I was 
aligned with a strong faith in the benign abun¬ 
dance of the universe. You can do this too. By 
constantly trying to let go of your demanding 
will, align it with Divine will, to find the truth in 

The Development of a Healer 277 

any situation and to respond with love in that 
situation, you will develop faith—faith in your¬ 
self, faith in spiritual law, faith in the unity of 
the universe, faith that whatever happens in 
your life could be a stepping stone to greater 
understanding, love and growth, and ultimately 
self-purification toward the light of God. 

Faith means carrying on with your truth 
when all the outer signs that come to you tell 
you that it couldn't possibly be true, but deep 
inside, you know it is. This does not mean blind 
belief. It means to keep aligned with your intent 
to become aware of and follow through with the 
truth and love as best you can, even though you 
feel terrible. 

When he was on the cross, Christ had the 
faith to acknowledge that he no longer felt his 
faith. He exclaimed, "Father, why hast thou for¬ 
saken me?" He was being meticulously honest 
with himself. In that moment, he had lost his 
faith. He did not hide this fact or try to change it 
into something else. He loved himself by hon¬ 
estly expressing his dilemma. Later, he regained 
his faith when he stated, "Father, into your 
hands I commit my soul." 

I have seen that people of a spiritual path go 
through stages of faith. At first they begin to 
learn the connections of cause and effect. They 
find that a positive belief and positive actions 
bring positive rewards. Their dreams begin to be 
fulfilled. They begin establishing faith within 
themselves. "It works!" They exclaim with de¬ 
light. However, after a while, they are ready to 
test their faith from a deeper level. They are 
probably not aware of this inner decision to test 
themselves because that would change the na¬ 
ture of the test. What happens? All outer verifi¬ 
cation of the process of positive cause and effect 
seem to disappear from life for awhile. Things 
start going wrong. The positive feedback wanes, 
and the person begins to waver. The old pessi¬ 
mism rears its ugly head. Where is spiritual law? 
"Perhaps it was a Pollyannaish view of the uni¬ 
verse after all." This will probably happen to 
you, too. 

When this happens in your life, it is a sign of 
greater growth. You begin to deal with much 
longer-term cause and effect, both in your own 
life and ultimately in your own life as part of the 

evolution of the human race. The reward for liv¬ 
ing in truth becomes the pleasure of life in each 
moment you live it. No waiting for the spiritual 
goody. You are receiving it right now. Being in 
the here and now means accepting the slow 
process of human evolution, accepting your im¬ 
mediate limitations as perfection. 

Dealing with Time 

Faith helped me deal with something I have al¬ 
ways had trouble with: doing things in time. I 
once asked my Mom what was the thing she 
remembered me having the most trouble with 
when I was growing up. She said, "Whenever 
you wanted something, you had to have it right 

In these past few years, I have been learning 
patience, and I am finally beginning to under¬ 
stand what it is about for me. Here is a thought 
that may work for you too. Having patience is a 
direct statement of faith in the Divine plan. It is the 
acceptance that everything is right for you as it 
is now, for you have created it this way. It means 
also that you can change what exists now 
through your own efforts of transformation. Im¬ 
patience ultimately means that you do not believe that 
you can create what you want. It means lack of faith 
in the self and the Divine plan. It takes time to 
manifest what you wish on the physical plane. 
To help me accept that reality, I developed the 
following affirmation: "I want to honor my com¬ 
mitment to being on the physical plane by hon¬ 
oring the time that it takes to accomplish things 
here." The apparent slowness between cause 
and effect that is built into this plane is here for 
a reason. We need to be able to see dearly the 
cause and effect connections in relationships 
that we do not understand. These relationships 
are ultimately between parts of ourselves that 
are not yet unified. 


At one point in my training in healing, I had a 
sudden increase in the power flowing through 
my hands. It came with what appeared to me to 

278 Hands of Light 

be a new set of guides. I was working on a per¬ 
son's infected toe. I would hold my hands a cer¬ 
tain way, which would send very strong 
blue-silver light streaking through the toe. My 
hands were about one inch away from the toe. 
The patient would cry out in pain when I did 
this because of the increased energy flow. When 
I moved my hands differently, I could make a 
soft white cloudy energy come out of my hands. 
This would take all the pain away. The guides 
kept directing me to switch between the two. I 
was tired, and every fifteen minutes or so the 
guides directed me to go to work on this 
woman. There seemed to be an urgency about 
it. The results of the little healings were power¬ 
ful. No infection, and no need to operate. I was 
ecstatic, and told my healing teacher. I said, "C., 
there was so much power flowing through me!" 
Her answer was, "Well, that is it; do you want to 
heal with love or with power?" I decided I was 
not ready to have that much power flowing 
through me. I enjoyed it too much in a "Wow! 
Look at me!" kind of way. I sent the guides 
away. I didn't work with them until two years 
later. Then I was ready. I had learned a great 
deal more about love. Later I understood that it 
was the spiritual surgeons from the fifth level 
who were working with me. 

Faith based on truth. Divine will, and love 
brings power. Power that stems from deep 
within the individual, from the Divine spark 
within. Power is the result of aligning with, con¬ 
necting to, and allowing the Divine spark of life 
within to flow. It comes from the core of the in¬ 
dividual, or what my guide Heyoan calls the 
Holy of Holies. Having power means to be 
seated within the center of one's being. 

Power brings you the ability to be in and to 
practice unconditional love. This means return¬ 
ing all that comes to you with love, without be¬ 
traying the self. You can only do this by loving 
yourself first and being in truth. That means be¬ 
ing honest with yourself as to what you feel, 
and committing yourself to move through that 
place to another place of loving. You see, if you 
deny the negative reactions you have by push¬ 
ing them down, you are not loving yourself or 
others. If you feel and acknowledge them in 
some way, you then make room for your love to 

flow. You release yourself to move to a loving 
place inside. Unconditional love allows the 
action of grace in our lives. 


With the practices of Truth, Divine will and 
Love leading to Faith which leads to power, we 
make room for the action of. Grace to come into 
our life. Grace is received by letting go to Divine 
Wisdom and is experienced as Bliss. It is experi¬ 
encing the unity in all things and our complete 
safety no matter what happens. It is the state of 
knowing that every experience we have, includ¬ 
ing pleasurable and painful experiences like ill¬ 
ness and death are simply lessons we create for 
ourselves along the pathway back home to God. 
It is living in synchronicity. Emmanuel said. 

The state of Grace 
needs the recipient 
in order to be complete. 

You are held in the hand of God 
and totally loved. 

And when that love can 
be received 

the circuit is completed. 

Who Is Healed? 

The healer must remember that it is the healing 
of the soul that we are working for. It is impor¬ 
tant for healers to understand death in this way 
and to treat the whole person, not just this in¬ 
carnation of the person. The healer must not 
give up healing someone simply because he 
may be physically dying. 

It is important to keep two things in mind 
when we are trying to understand just what we 
are doing as healers. One is that there is deep 
meaning in each person's experience of his ill¬ 
ness, and two is that death does not imply fail¬ 
ure, but probably healing. In order to remember 
this, the healer must live in two worlds, the 
spiritual and the physical. It is only by being 
centered within herself and the universe that 

The Development of a Healer 279 

she can go through the experiences of contin¬ 
ually witnessing the deep pain that is so wide¬ 
spread in humanity. I asked my friend 
Emmanuel about this with the following ques¬ 
tion: "If we create our illness, isn't going to a 
healer a way to distract us from working on our¬ 
selves, working on the source of the disease?" 

Emmanual said, "That all depends on why 
you go to the healer, and which healer you go 
to. That is an excellent question, and one, may I 
dare say, that our healer has asked herself a lot. 
What is the responsibility and, therefore, what 
is to be given and what is to be received, and if 
something is envisioned, is it to be said? The 
questions never end, and yet there is a basic 
fundamental reality that should give you com¬ 
fort. When there is the moment of realization 
that perhaps there is another mode of healing, 
then already a door has been opened, already 
the consciousness has reached beyond the phys¬ 
ically manifested available medical care. Now, I 
am not in any way degrading the medical pro¬ 
fession. Doctors do excellent work; some are 
most guided and would be free to admit it to 
you behind closed doors. There are others who, 
whether they be in the medical profession or an¬ 
other form of making a living, simply are not 
aware and are not at this point able to be aware. 
This does not mean that they are mean, cruel, 
vicious or evil; it simply means that they have 
yet to come into the area of knowing. It be¬ 
hooves you to be willing to bless them and go 
on your way and find someone who feels more 
compatible with your consciousness, and you all 
know how to do that. When you find the calling 
to move into the area of spiritual healing (I do 
not say psychic healing; I say spiritual healing), 
then there is the awareness of spirit, and you are 
welcomed by the healer and the spirits who are 
there to work with that healer. Now often there 
is not the healing that is expected. Often there 
is, perhaps, identification and easing of discom¬ 
fort, but no miracle. Well, what does that mean? 
It means that is as far as your consciousness will 
go at that point. It means that there is some¬ 
thing else to learn; there is something else to 
know. For every physical body is a schoolroom, 
and every disease is a lesson. Not in a punitive 
way, for you have written your own text; you 

have chosen your own bodies that carry with 
them all of the weaknesses that, yes, may be 
said are genetic because your grandmother or 
grandfather had something. But remember you 
chose them as well. So you need to trust your 
body not only in illness, but especially in ill¬ 
ness, for what is it saying to you? There are 
many ways of hearing this, and a qualified spir¬ 
itual healer can be most effective there, to help 
you hear what it is that your body is saying to 
you. Certainly you are the one who is able best 
to understand it for it is within your language 
that your body has been formed, and it is to 
you, directly, that it is speaking. But a spiritual 
healer can alter that consciousness to the one¬ 
ness again and can bring you into alignment 
with the truth. Whether you are able to sustain 
that truth or whether you are able to heal an 
ailing body at that moment depends on so many 
factors that I could not even begin to enumerate 
them now. But you, yourselves, are perfectly ca¬ 
pable of doing that. If there is, ultimately, what 
in your human terms is a failure—if someone 
would, heaven forbid, die—then you must see it 
all as a blessed event. That soul has completed 
its task, and there is a great and joyous welcom¬ 
ing committee greeting it in the primary reality. 
After all, your physical being was not meant to 
be infinite. You are not here to sit in these 
clothes forever. I hope that pleases you. There¬ 
fore, there are no failures in spiritual healing; 
there are only steps. Never be afraid to put your 
hand on another with love and compassion. 
Never hesitate to pray for someone. Do not de¬ 
mand results, for there is no way of knowing for 
sure what a particular soul requires. I under¬ 
stand that this demands, or seems to demand, 
an incredible amount of faith. Yes, it does." 

As the body and mind become more puri¬ 
fied through the transformative processes de¬ 
scribed in this book, the amount of power 
flowing through the healer increases and so 
does the range of vibrations. The higher the 
power, the more effective the healing, and the 
more sensitive the healer. 

Each time I have been given new insight and 
power, this insight came after a self-initiated 

To go through such tests, one must be metic- 

280 Hands of Light 

ulously honest with the self. It is in the little 
self-delusions where we tend to avoid looking at 
our own lower seifs intent or actions that we 
betray our integrity and decrease our power 
from within. Each test is related to whatever is¬ 
sues we are dealing with in our lives at the 
present time; we design our tests well, so that 
when we have learned, there is no question 
about graduation. 

Exercises to Find 

Your Readiness to Be a Healer 

How truthful am I? How well do I use my will in 
alignment with the universal will? How do I use 
power? How well do I love? Can I give uncondi¬ 
tional love? Do I respect the authority of those to 
whom I have chosen to give authority in order 
to learn from them? Can I do this without sell¬ 
ing out my own inner authority? How do I be¬ 
tray my integrity? What is it that I long for? 
What do I wish to create in my life? What are 
my limitations as a woman, as a man, as a hu¬ 
man being, as a healer? Do I respect the integ¬ 
rity, the personal power, the will and the choices 
of my patients? Do I see myself as a channel that 
evokes the power from within the patient so that 
they are healing themselves ultimately? What is 
my personal stake in having someone get well? 
Do I see death as a failure? 

Exercise to Consider the 
Nature of Healing 

What is a healer? 

What is a healing? 

What is the main purpose of 
a healing? 

What is giving a healing? 

Who heals? 

Who is healed? 

Heyoan has recently said, "Now, dear 
reader, do not set judgment upon yourself from 
the above questions. We are all walking a path of 
purification, and love is the most healing agent 

of all. Do not reject yourself, saying you can 
never do all of this. You can and you will. It is 
simply a matter of accepting where and who 
you are now as perfect in your imperfections. 
We of the spirit world hold you in great honor 
and respect. You have chosen to become physi¬ 
cal beings as a great gift not only to yourselves, 
but to the physically manifest universe as well. 
Your personal changes toward health and 
wholeness affect those around you, not only 
those within your immediacy but all those senti¬ 
ent beings upon the face of the earth; indeed the 
earth herself. You are all children of the earth. 
You are of her; she is of you. Never forget that, 
for as we move more and more into planetary 
consciousness in the near future, you will be¬ 
come leaders of this great adventure into the 
light. Above all, love and honor yourselves as 
we honor you. After all we are in the presence 
of the Divine when we are with you. You are 
fully held in the arms of God and loved. Know 
this, and you shall be home free." 

When you understand that life is experi¬ 
enced as a pulsation, you expand and feel joy¬ 
ous, you move into the silence of peace, and 
then you contract. Many people experience that 
contraction as negative. Many of you will experi¬ 
ence wonderous joy, like being in the company 
of angels during a workshop, or a healing. So 
will the patient. But remember, by the very nat¬ 
ure of the expanded high energy state, you will 
later contract, and feel more of the separated 
consciousness that is inside of you. The sheer 
force and intensity of the spiritual energy 
knocks loose and begins to enlighten the stag¬ 
nated dark soul substance. As it comes back to 
life again, you experience it as real. All of its 
pain, anger, and agony. You may say to yourself. 
"Why now I'm worse than I was before I 
started." Let me assure you that this not true. 
You are more sensitive. After experiencing these 
ups and downs, these expansions and contrac¬ 
tions many times for each personal issue, you 
will find that they do clear away. Months later 
you will say, "Wow! I don't do that any more." 
And you will weep with joy, just as you did the 
first several times you came back into and expe¬ 
rienced the light. Remember, patience is the 
word of faith. 

The Development of a Healer 281 

Chapter 27 Review 

1. What are the main personal attributes a 
healer must develop to remain clear? 

2. What are life tests all about? 

Food For Thought 

3. What has your personal process of purifica¬ 
tion been to bring you to where you are now 
on your path? 

4. Are you ready to be a healer? On what levels? 

5. In what area of your being would you be 
most likely to misuse the power you have as 

a healer? What is your lower self or shadow 
self intent there? Upon what erroneous belief 
is that intent based? How can you heal that 
part of yourself, and realign yourself with 
your inner Divine will? 

6. Answer the questions under the heading 
"Exercise to Find Your Fears." 

7. Answer the questions under the heading 
"Exercise to Find Your Negative Beliefs." 

8. Do the self love exercise under the heading 

9. Answer the questions under the heading 
"Exercise to Find Your Readiness to Be a 


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284 Hands of Light 

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acupuncture lines, 185 
exercises to open, 187-90 
acupuncture points, 44, 45, 81, 203 
adolescence, development in, 67 
adrenal exhaustion, 75 
adulthood, development in, 67-68 
aggressiveness, 82, 84, 85-86, 87-88 
AIDS, 143 
akashic records, 155 
alcohol, effects of, 92 
allergies, 150 

amethyst, 39, 199-200, 202 
anger, 91-92 
and defense systems, 106 
and energy blocks, 101 
angina, 101, 143 
arthritis, 150 
asthma, 150 

astral body (fourth layer), 43, 51-52, 137, 138, 140, 141, 

healing on, 148 
astral plane, 137, 138 
auditory sense, 154 
aura, 3, 4, 5, 26, 89-90, 137 
in adolescence, 67 
adult development of, 67-68 
anatomy of, 42 
and anger, 91-92 
in babyhood, 63-64 
balance of energies in, 140-41, 147 
and chakras, 43, 45, 48 
charging, 195, 205 

childhood development, 65-66, 67, 107 

cleaning, 96-97, 199, 205 

colors in, 33-34, 89-92, 97-98, 238-39 

dissociated thought forms in, 93-95 

drugs, effect on, 92, 142-43, 151, 261 

dualistic field pattern of, 42-43 

energy blocks in, 101-104 

energy flow in, 43, 48 

exercises to see, 41-42, 55-56, 90-91 

in human development, 61-70 

of inanimate objects, 39 
interactions, 52 

layers of, 42-43, 47, 51, 54-55, 137, 174-75 
See also specific headings, i.e. etheric body 
main vertical power current, 43, 45, 53-54 
measurement of, 33-34 
mucus in, 92-93 
observing, 41-42, 90-91 
of plants, 38-39 
in pregnancy, 91 

ana psychological development, 59 
scientific observation of, 31-35 
spiritual distortions in, 142 
in spiritual tradition, 29 
in transformation, 126 
trauma, removal from, 230-33 
of hees, 5, 38 
weight in, 92-93 
Azrael, 68-69 


babyhood, development in, 63-65 
Bach Flower remedies, 150 
Bailey, Alice, 61 
Bandler, Richard, 153 
base chakra See first chakra 
Becker, Robert, 20 

beings, spiritual, 51 See also spirit guides 
beliefs, negative, 78, 126, 274-75 
belief systems, 10, 61, 93-95, 142, 147, 149, 274 
Bell's Theorem, 27 
Bell, J.S., 27 

Bendit, Lawrence, 31-32 

Bendit, Phoebe, 31, 32, 61, 68 

Bentov, Itzhak, 154, 243 

“beside himself" (defense), 104, 105, 114 

Bio-Energetics, 32, 93 

bioenergotherapy (BET), 150 

bioenergetic stool, 96, 97 

biofield, 33 

bioplasma, 33, 34, 40 

bioplasmic fields, 20 


288 Index 

birth, 62 

"blah" block, 101, 102 
Blake, Daniel, 240 
Blavatsky, Madame, 61 
Bohm, David, 25, 27, 179 
Boirac, 30 

boundary containment, 105, 106, 124 

Brahman, 177-79 


holographic structure of, 25-26 
breastfeeding, 65 
colors, 195, 196 
"mirrored", 208 
brooding, 105, 106, 123 
Bruyere, Rosalyn, 33, 42, 150, 205, 245 
Buddhist tradition, 177-79 
Burr, H., 20 
Butler, William, 94 


cancer, 7, 143, 144, 150, 155, 159 
Cayce, Edgar, 243 

celestial body, (sixth layer), 43, 53, 126, 139, 140, 141, 

healing on, 148, 226 
centering, meditation for, 198 
chakra(s), 32, 34 

accessing information through, 172-75 

in adolescence, 67 

adult development, 67-68 

area of body governed by, 48 

and auric field, 43, 45, 48 

balanced, 82 

blocked, 71, 82 

childhood development, 65-66, 67 

clearing, 205-15 

colors in, 34, 48, 239-40 

cords, 52, 64, 75-76, 259-60 

at death, 69 

diagnosis of, 81-88 

ana disease, 143 

disfigured, 143, 144, 145 

and endocrine glands, 48 

energy flow in, 45, 48, 49, 71-72 

feeling centers, 46, 72, 73 

functions, 45, 48 

imbalanced, 143 

in infancy, 63-64 

location of, 44, 45 

and mam vertical power current, 43, 45, 53-54 
major, 44-45, 46, 48 
mental centers, 46, 72, 73 
minor, 44 

open, 43, 45, 48, 71, 82, 190-95, 196-97 
paired, 44, 45, 72-73, 74, 75, 76 
and physical senses, 45 
protective screen, 64, 65 
psychological functions, 48-49, 71-79 
restructuring, 225 

rolfing, effect on, 34 
roots of, 45, 51, 54 
senses, 45, 172-75 
as vortices of energy, 143, 144, 145 
will centers, 46, 72, 73 , 85 
channelling, 7, 14, 201 

for healing, 203, 213, 218, 219-21, 222-25, 226 

preparation for, 187, 203 

receptive, 154 

spirit guides, 170, 171-72 

through chakras, 172-75 

verbal, 169 

character structure, 109-10 
and life task, 126-27 
masochistic, 121-23 
oral, 116-17, 118 
psychopathic, 117, 119-20 
rigid, 123-25 
schizoid, 110-16 
chelation, 148, 205-15, 268 
chemotherapy, 143, 157, 161 
ch'i, 29, 33 

childhood, development in, 67, 107 
child, inner, 15-16 
chloroquine, 260 
clairvoyance, 5 
Clairvoyant time, 24 
cocaine, 92 

coccygeal center See First chakra 
coccyx, injury to, 4, 26 
colitis, 101, 241 

in aura, 33-34, 89-92, 97-98, 238-39 
breathing, 195, 196 
in chakras, 34, 48, 239-40 
exercises to control sending, 237-38 
in healing, 237, 239-40 
colorizer, 32 
compaction, 101, 102 
complementarity, 24, 25 
conception, 62 
connectedness, 26, 76 
human, 75 

superluminal, 26-27, 28 
expanded, 5, 6, 28, 42 
expression of, 138-39 
levels of, 137-39 

cords of connection (chakral), 52, 64, 75-76, 230-33 
Core Energetic therapy, 32, 94, 96 
cosmic level, 54 
healing on, 230-33 
Cox, Jim, 110 

crown chakra (seventh), 44, 48 
in babies, 63, 64 
in channelling, 173, 174 
at death, 68 

and psychological functions, 73, 79 
and auras, 39 
polarity in, 30, 31 
use of, 199-200, 202-203, 217-18 

Index 289 


death, 68-70, 278, 279 

defense systems See energetic defense systems 

De La Warr, George, 31 

de Vita Us, Pat (Rodegast), 232, 238 

diaphragmatic center, (third chakra), 73, 76 

Direct Current Control System, 20 

discomfort, as guidance, 14 


dynamic processes of, 141-45 
displaced character structure See psychopathic structure 
Divine will, 275- 76 
divinity, inner, 7, 109, 137 
Dobrin, Richard, 32 
DOR (dead orgone energy) 
cleaning, 199-200 
Drown, Ruth, 31 

drugs, effect of, 92, 142-43, 151, 261 
duality, 25, 26 


Eidson, William, 32-33 
ego will, 76-77 

Eighth Level Shield, 230-33, 234 
Einstein, Albert, 23, 243 
Emmanuel, 161, 232, 238 
on Divine will, 261, 276 
on fear, 274 
on Grace, 278 

on healer responsibility, 279 
emotional body (second layer), 43, 50, 138, 139, 140, 
141, 175 
healing on, 148 
emotions, 89 
negative, 91-92 
and solar plexus, 75 
and thought forms, 93-94 
endocrine glands, 48 
energetic defense systems, 104-107 
of masochist, 123 
of oral personaUty, 117 
of psychopathic personality, 119 
of rigid personaUty, 124 
of schizoid, 114 
energy, 24 
balanced, 147 
depletion, 103 
drawing in, for heaUng, 201 
physical, 72 

physical vs. spiritual, 51 
sexual, 72-75 
energy blocks, 96, 127 
"blah" block, 101, 102 
compaction, 101, 102 
depletion, 103 
leaks, 103-104 
mesh armor, 101-102 
plate armor, 102-103 

energy field(s), 3, 5, 6, 10, 19, 21, 26 See also aura 

bioplasmic, 20 
colors in, 7, 10 
dynamic, 19 

perceiving information in, 26 
rebalancing, 205-15 
vibrational level, 175, 177, 185 
energy leak, 103-104 
energy system 

aUgnment (healer/patient/guides), 203 
analysis of, 202 
Erikson, Erik, 59 

etheric body (first layer), 32, 43, 49-50, 138, 139, 140, 
141, 175 

healing on, 148, 149 
past tire healing, 246-49 

etneric template body (fifth layer), 43, 52-53, 139, 140, 
141, 175 

heaUng on, 148, 218, 219-21 

to bring guides to field of work, 218 
for charging aura, 195 
to control color sending, 237-38 
to enhance perceptions, 153-54 
to experience nonlinear time, 243 
to find negative beUefs, 274-75 
on finding fears, 274 
to gather energy for healing, 201 
for grounding, 195, 198 
on inner wall, 134-35 
for internal vision, 165-66 
joint, 187-90 
on nature of healing, 280 
to open acupuncture Unes, 187-90 
to open chakras, 190-95, 196, 197 
on readiness to be healer, 280 
to see human aura, 41-42, 55-56, 90-91 
to see universal energy, 37-39 
for spiritual guidance, 170-71 
explicate enfolded order, 25 

faith, 276-77 
faith heaUng, 5 
Faraday, Michael, 22 
fear, 92, 274 
avoidance, 101-102 
Ferguson, Marilyn, 35 
fibroid tumors, 159 

morphogenetic, 27-28 
odic, 30-31 
thought, 20 
field theory, 22-23 
fifth chakra See throat chakra 
first chakra, 44, 48 
and psychological functions, 72, 73 
in channelUng, 172-73 
fluorescent lights, 199, 267 
"flukey flu", 93 
foot reflexology, 203, 204 

290 Index 

forehead chakra (sixth), 44, 48 
and psychological functions, 73, 78-89 
fourth chakra See heart chakra 
free will choices, 61, 62, 155 


Gabor, Dennis, 25 
Gass, Robbie, 242 
germ plasma, 64 
Gestla, Karen, 33 
God/Goddess force, 25 
Grace, 278 
Graves' disease, 32 
Great Time, 23, 24 
Grinder, John, 153 
grounding, 93, 195, 198 
growth (personal), 10, 61 
and chakras, 45 

guidance, spiritual, 14-16, 61, 62 See also spirit guides 
exercises to receive, 170-71 


harmonic induction, 40, 139, 185 
healer, 147 
dedication, 273 
and diaphragmatic center, 76 
and Divine will, 275-76 
and energy depletion, 200 
as energy transmitter, 185 
and faitn, 276- 77 
and fear, 274 

and full spectrum healing, 149 
and love, 276 
and patience, 277 
and physicians, 149-52 
and power, 277-78 
preparations for healing, 187-200 
responsibility of, 155, 243-44, 278-80 
role in spiritual surgery, 219-21 
self-care, 185, 187, 199-200, 265-68 
tests, 273-74 
training for, 13-14 
truth, search for, 274-75 
and universal creative power, 28 
healing, 28, 131-32 
case study, illustrative, 255-63 
and character structure, 124, 126 
with color, 237-40 
full spectrum, 147-49 
gathering energy for, 201 
heart chakra in, 76 
holistic, 151-52 
inner, 147-49 
nature of (exercise), 280 
outer, 147, 149 
past life trauma, 244-50 

as remembering, 131-32, 147 
and self-love, 269 
sounding in, 240-42 
space, care of, 198 

with spirit guides, 169-72, 218, 219-21 
and therapy, 99 
types of, 150-51 
Healing Center, 76 
healing sequence, 202, 203, 235 
chelation, 205-15 
cleansing specific area, 215-18 
cosmic level healing, 230-33 
energy system alignment, 203 
energy system analysis, 202-203 
etheric template healing, 219-21 
ketheric template restructuring, 222-25 
ketheric template sealing, 228-30 
preparation for, 201 
spine cleaning, 215, 216 

creative process of, 139-40 
and energy field, 7 
maintenance, 265 
and self-responsibility, 253 
heart, pain in, 4 
heart attack, 102-103, 161, 162 
heart chakra (fourth), 44, 48, 49, 51, 53, 143, 201 
in adolescence, 67 
in channelling, 173, 174, 226 
and psychological function, 71, 73, 76-77 
Helmont, 30 
hepatitis, 142 

hernia (hiatal), 205, 220, 221, 225 
Heyoan, 170, 240 
on becoming a healer, 273, 280 
on death, 69-70 
on drugs, 261 
on healing, 179, 182 
on incarnation/reincamation, 262-63 
on the inner wall, 69-70, 134 
meditation on self-healing, 268-70 
metaphor of reality, 177-72 
High Auditory Perception 169-72 
higher self, 7, 61, 109 

High Sense Perception (HSP), 3, 4, 5, 6, 19, 29, 155, 
177, 178, 179 
developing, 10, 153 
in diagnosis, 7, 81, 150 
in research, 150 
holistic medicine, 149, 151-52 
hologram, 25-26, 35, 131 
hook, 104, 105, 106 
human body 

and light emissions, 32-33 
polarity in, 31 

Human Energy Field (HEF), 5, 10, 11, 20, 34, 41 
See also aura 
holographic view of, 35 
measurement of, 32-34 
perceiving, 9 
scientific observation, 31 
in spiritual tradition, 29-30 

Index 291 

Hundredth Monkey Principle, 27 
Hunt, Valorie, 33, 34, 35 
hysterectomy, 3 
hysteria, 117, 124 


llliaster, 30 

illness, 7, 131-32, 141-45 
and chakra disturbance, 32 
and energy flow, 45 
and etheric body, 32 
long-term, 68-69 
personal meaning of, 145 
and psychological problems, 99 
psychosomatic, 7 
^'reading" cause of, 166-67 
imagination, 5 
impedence matching, 32 
implicate enfolded order, 25 
incarnation, 61-62 
individuation, 131, 133 

direct access of, 153-56 
from spirit guides, 169-72 
intercourse, pain during, 4 
internal vision, 154 
examples of, 157-60 
exercises to establish, 165-66 
microscopic, 161-63 
and precognition, 161 
process of, 163-65 
lnyushin, Victor, 20 
"1-thou" relationship, 67, 68 



exercises, 187-90 
problems with, 104 


Karagulla, Schafica, 32, 143 
karma, 14, 61, 62, 142 

ketheric body (seventh layer), 43, 53-54, 61, 139, 140, 
141, 175 

chakra restructuring in, 225 
healing in, 147-48, 221, 222 
organ restructuring in, 222-25 
past life healing in, 246-50 
sealing, 228-30 
Kilner, William, 31 
kinesthetic sense, 153-54 
Kirlian photography, 39 
koan, 26 

Krieger, Dolores, 150 
Krippner, Stanley, 40 
kundalini yoga, 74, 194 

Kuna, Dora, 32 


lapis, 38 

latency period, 67 

laying-on of hands, 5, 9, 147, 149, 150 

Leibnitz, 30 

Le Shan, Lawrence, 24 

leukemia, acute myeloblastic (AML), 161, 163 
Liebeault, 30 
life force, 72, 73 
life plan, 61-62 
life task, 61-62, 109 
and character structure, 126-27 
for masochist, 123 
for oral structure, 117 
for psychopath, 119, 121 
for rigid structure, 124 
for schizoid, 114, 116 
liver, 157 

love, 51, 53, 66, 67, 72, 76, 172, 276, 278 
Lowan, Al, 110 
LSD, 92 


main vertical power current, 43, 45, 53-54, 68, 69, 

manifestation, 179-82 
marijuana, 92 
masochistic structure, 121 
energy field of, 121-23 
life task of, 123 
mastitis, 222, 224 

as energy, 24 
fifth state of, 20 
mutable, 24 
Maya, 177-79 

Maxwell, James Clerk, 22, 30 
MDMA, 261 

medicine, holistic, 149, 150-52 
case study, illustrative, 255-63 
meditation, 6, 26, 28, 51, 53 
for auric level experience, 175-76 
for centering, 198 
color breathing, 195, 196 
to dissolve self-limitations, 270 
self-healing, 150, 268-70 
memory-tension, 34 

mental body (third layer), 43, 50-51, 138, 139, i40, 
141, 175 
healing in, 148 

mental executive center, 73, 78- 79 
mental grasp, 105, 106, 117 
mesh armor, 101-102, 124 
Mesmer, 30 
microorganisms, 157 
migraine, 150 

292 Index 

"mirrored" breathing, 208 
miscarriage, 3 

morphogenetic fields, 27-28 
Motoyama, Hiroshi, 33, 185-86, 188 
multiple sclerosis (MS), 240-41 


nadis, 48 

Native American Indian tradition, 23, 68, 199 
negative intent, 274, 275 
negative ion generators, 199 
nerve plexus, 44, 48 
nervous system diseases, 
and BET, 150 
Newton, Isaac, 21 

Newtonian physics, 21-22, 23, 24, 133 
ninth auric level, 54 
healing on, 233 
Northrop, F., 20 


odic force, 30-31 
Oh-Shinnah, 199 
oral structure, 116 
energy field of, 117 
life task of, 117 
oral sucking, 104, 105, 117 
organ restructuring, 222-25 
orgasm, 72, 73 
inability to achieve, 74 
pain during, 4 
orgone, 31 

dead orgone energy (DOR), 199- 200 
ovarian cyst, 150, 159, 160 

performer-audience phenomenon, 91 
ersonal task, 61-62, 109-110, 127 
eterson, Petey, 244 
phantom leaf effect, 39 
physical body 
healing of, 148, 149 
physical plane, 51, 137, 138 
physicians, 149-50 
Pierrakos, Eva, 32, 61, 62 
Pierrakos, John, 32, 49, 72, 82, 110, 143 
iezoelectric effect, 240 
lanck. Max, 24 
plate armor, 102-103, 124 
leasure, negative/positive, 274-75 
opow, A.S., 33 

possessions, attachment to, 65-66 
polarity, 30-31 
porcupine, 104, 105, 114 
power- will display, 105, 106, 124 
prana, 29 

precognition, 161, 162 
Pribane, Karl, 25-26 
probability wavws, 25 
professional center (fifth chakra), 


progression, principle of, 61 
projection, 71-72 
psychic spaces, 66 
psychopathic structure, 117, 119 
energy field of, 119, 120 
pubic center, 72, 73, 74-75 
Puthoff, Harold, 155 
psychopathic structure, 
life task of, 119, 121 



P ain, 145 
ap Smear, 4 

in subatomic world, 24 
Paracelsus, 30 
parents, choosing, 62 
passivity, 82, 85 
past lives, 15, 24, 54, 243-44 
bands, 54, 244, 249-50 
blocks, healing, 244-46 
trauma, healing, 244, 246-48 
Pathwork Helpership Training, 13 
patience, 277 
patient as healer 
case study, illustrative, 255-63 
pelvic inflammatory disease, (PID), 101, 159, 160 

in chakra diagnosis, 32, 81-88 
perception, 174 

beyond manifest world, 179-82 
cone of, 177-79 
enhancing, 153-54 

Qigong masters, 33 
quanta, 24 

quartz, 199-200, 202-203 
quickening, 62 


radiation therapy, 143 
radionics, 31, 150-51 
radiopaque dye, 142-43 
Ravita, Leonard, 20 
"reading", 24 
cause of illness, 166-67 
long distance, 155 

"frequencies of', 51 
holographic framework of, 26 
metaphor of, 177-82 
multi-dimensional, 28, 243 
spaces of, 93-95 
regressional therapy, 23 
Reich, Wilhelm, 31, 109, 110 
reincarnation, 262-63 

Index 293 

relativity, theory of, 23, 24, 27 
rigid structure, 123 
energy field of, 124, 125 
life task of, 124 
Roberts, Jane, 243 
Rodegast, Pat, 161, 232 
rolfing, 33, 34 
Rongliang, Zheng, 33 


sacral chakra (second), 44, 48, 65 
in channelling, 173 

and psychological function, 72, 73, 74-75 
Sarfatti, Jack, 28 
scanning, 163, 165 -66, 203 
schizoid structure, 110-13 
energy field of, 113-14, 115 
life task of, 114, 116 
Schwarz, Jack, 42, 54, 171 
scientific method (western) 
and self-definition, 20, 21-28 
second chakra See sacral chakra 
"seeing", 153, 154 
past lives, 244 
self-care, 265-68 
self-hatred, 110 
self-healing, 4, 7, 9, 11 
as self transformation, 9 
self-love, 113, 253, 268, 276 
seventh chakra See crown chakra 
sexual energy, 72-75 
Sheldrake, Rupert, 27, 28 
shin splints, 103 

shoulder blades, chakra between (fourth), 76-77 
sixth chakra See third eye 
"smoking", 199 

solar plexus (third chakra), 44, 48 
in channelling, 173, 174 
in latency, 67 
in maturity, 68 

and psychological functions, 73, 75- 76 
sounding, 52, 240-42 

and illness, 131-32 
space-time continuum, 23, 24, 243 
spine cleaning, 215, 216 
spirit guides, 14, 16, 61 
channelling, 169-72, 203 
in healer's field of work, 218 
patient's, 222, 230 
teams of, 223 
spiritual healing, 5 
spiritual plane, 51, 137, 138-39 
spiritual traditions, 29-30 
spirituality, 79 

SQUID (superconducting quantum interference 
device), 20 
sterility, 150 

superluminal connectedness, 26-27 
surgery, 143 

and etheric body, 32 
spiritual, 219-21 
sympathetic resonance, 40 


Tansley, David, 44 
Targ, Russell, 155 
teacher, spiritual See spirit guides 
tendonitis, 103 
tension, 102-103 
tentacles, 105, 106, 123 
third chakra See solar plexus 
third eye (sixth chakra), 44, 48 
in channeling, 173, 174 
and internal vision, 157, 163, 166 
psychological functions, 73, 78- 79 
thought fields, 20 
thought forms, 50 
dissociated, 93-95 
throat chakra (fifth), 44, 48, 68 
in channelling, 173, 174 
psychological function, 73, 77-78 
thyroid, enlarged, 4 

Clairvoyant, 24 
Great Time, 23, 24 
linear vs. relative, 23-24, 26 
nonlinear, exercise to experience, 243 
-space continuum, 23, 24, 243 
tissues, post surgery, 32 
toxins, release of, 93 
transactional analysis, 75-76 

transformation, 37, 53, 86, 114, 126, 127, 260, 262-63 
transtemporal trauma, 243-50 
truth, 274 


ulcers, 102, 142 
umbilicus, psychic, 64, 66, 75 
universal energy field (UEF), 31 
accessing information from, 155-56 
and aura, 41 
and chakras, 45, 46 
characteristics of, 39-40 
exercises to see, 37-39 
in healing, 147, 185, 206, 213 
and health, 82 

and Human Energy Field, 41 
incoming path (to oody), 48, 49 
and radionics, 150 
in scientific tradition, 30-31 
in spiritual tradition, 29 

as dynamic whole, 21, 25, 26, 28 
holographic view of, 21, 25 
multi-dimensional, 177 
uterus, abnormal cells in, 3 

294 Index 

V Watson, Lyall, 27 

— weakness, 4, 103, 104 

veil weight, auric, 92-93 

between spiritual/material world, 179, 180 exercises to experience, 93 

verbal arrows, 105, 106, 117, 123 Westlake, Aubrey, 150 

verbal denial, 104, 105, 117, 119 White, John, 29, 40 

vibrational levels, 40, 61, 67, 68, 175, 177, 185, 213 withdrawal, 104, 105, 110, 114 

vision, internal, 131, 157-59 wholeness, universal, 25 

microscopic, 161, 163 Williamson, Samuel, 20 

process of, 163-65 Wirkus, Mietek, 150 

with precognition, 161, 162 womb, etheric, 62 

visualization, 174 world task, 62, 67, 109 

to open chakras, 191 wrists, weakness in, 4 

visual sense, 154 

Von Reichenbach, Wilhelm, 30-31 

W Y 

wall, inner, 69-70, 134-35 yin/yang, 29, 31, 82, 140, 142 

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